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AWS Training in Chennai at Besant Technologies, one of the top-notch AWS Training Institute in Chennai, aims to build your flourishing career in the field of cloud computing. The course teaches aspirants the fundamentals of AWS Troubleshooting, AWS Architecture and Design, AWS Networking, AWS Security Management, AWS Management Console, AWS Marketplace, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, EBS, Amazon VPC, RDS and various other AWS Services.

In addition, aspirants will gain a thorough understanding of Linux, DevOps and other topics related to cloud computing.

Build your skills to the next level to advance your career and pass AWS certifications such as Cloud practitioner, Developer, SysOps Administrator, Solutions architect, DevOps engineer, Advanced networking, Data analytics, Database, Machine learning, Security, SAP on AWS with the Best AWS Certification Training in Chennai that allows you to work on Real World Projects.

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AWS Training In Chennai - Course Overview

Industry experts meticulously prepare Besant Technologies AWS course curriculum. The entire training period will aid course participants in gaining comprehensive knowledge and skills on AWS through real-world projects and case studies. The course covers key concepts such as Advanced Developing, Cloud Provisioning, DevOps Engineering, System Operations, AWS CloudFormation, and Advanced Architectures. The institute’s trainers, who have more than a decade of experience, will guide course participants throughout the course in understanding the theory and the practical aspects to help them crack job interviews with ease. Participants will receive a globally recognized certificate upon successfully completion of AWS Course in Chennai.

Available AWS Certifications

Eligibility for AWS Training in Chennai

The AWS Training is appropriate for Networking and Cloud Professionals, Cloud Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Linux Admins, Software Programmers, and Individuals who want to learn AWS for hosting high-availability and scalable web applications in the cloud without prior knowledge of coding skills. This AWS training at the Best AWS Training Institute in Chennai requires no prior knowledge. However, to become a complete Cloud and DevOps Professional, understanding basic hardware and networking, DevOps ideas, and Linux fundamentals is recommended.

Training Option: The AWS Certification Training in Chennai is available in Online Live Instructor-Led Classes and Classroom Training Classes in Our Chennai Branches – Velachery, OMR, Tambaram, Anna Nagar, and Porur with Placements and Certifications.

Key Deliverables from AWS Training in Chennai – Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is dedicated to providing AWS course attendees with the knowledge they need to land their dream job. The following are some of the key takeaways from Besant Technologies AWS training:

  • Amazon Web service, Security Pricing, Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Support are all well-understood.
  • The learning resources are intended to assist participants in developing valuable AWS Cloud skills.
  • Participants will gain hands-on experience with cloud computing during the training course.
  • Participants will learn how to optimize, automate, and design cloud setups.
  • Participants will be prepared for fantastic internship and employment chances thanks to the curriculum developed by industry professionals.
  • Participants may become in-demand members of the global cloud workforce due to their new abilities and AWS course Certification Training in Chennai.
  • With only a few clicks on the AWS platform, participants will be able to deploy their applications in numerous regions worldwide.

Why Should You Attend AWS Training in Chennai with Besant Technologies?

The reasons why Besant Technologies is an ideal choice for an AWS certification course in Chennai are as follows:-

  • Mock interviews are held at the institute to help students prepare for difficult interviews and the AWS exam, whichever they prefer. Students who want to ace their interviews can access AWS’s most recent interview questions and answers, as well as free study materials.
  • Students will be given projects to assist them in enhancing their AWS Architecture, AWS Cloud, AWS WAF, and other AWS Services skills.
  • Expert instructors provide AWS Online Training in Chennai that is 100 percent practical, helping students to learn various Amazon Web Services Training Concepts.
  • To assist students in achieving their goals, separate batches for freshers and experienced candidates are available.
  • To ensure that students succeed in their jobs, the institute keeps abreast of industry advances and adapts its teaching methods regularly.
  • The institute employs some of the best professors and AWS-certified specialists with a track record of helping students launch their careers.
  • Students will never miss a lesson because of the affordable AWS course fees in Chennai and flexible course dates.
  • Besant Technologies, Chennai’s Best AWS Training Institute, promises to help job seekers enhance their professions through superior classroom and online training.

Are you still looking for job opportunities in Chennai? Or are you interested in making a successful career change to AWS?

All you have to do is take Besant Technologies AWS Beginner to Advanced course.

Why Should You Hold Off? Enroll in a 100% Placement Assurance AWS Course in Chennai to jumpstart your career.

Hands-on AWS Training

  • Besant Technologies AWS Training provides flexible training options for your learning needs, including online and classroom training delivered by AWS Accredited Instructors in a hands-on learning environment.
  • Demo classes are available for free.
  • Enquire at: 9791273737 or Mail at info@besantechnologies.com

AWS Certification

  • AWS Certified Professionals have a distinct advantage over the competition as they receive globally recognized course completion certificates that help them land an excellent job for sure.
  • Make the most of your abilities.
  • Become certified, show off your abilities, and share what you’ve learned. Certification helps you establish credibility with your workplace.

100% Placements and Job Support

  • Besant Technologies placement support is noted for regularly scheduling learners for interviews with Top MNC companies like TCS, Wipro, CTS, Google, Amazon, and Flipkart.
  • Learn how to sway an interview in your favor by connecting your needs with the company.

AWS Training and Certification Course Content

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
This updated digital course is for individuals who want to develop a fundamental understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of any specific technical role. You’ll learn about AWS Cloud concepts, core AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support to build your AWS Cloud knowledge. This course will also help you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.
Download Curriculum
AWS Technical Essentials
In this introductory course, you will learn about AWS products, services, and common solutions. You will learn the fundamentals of identifying AWS services so that you can make informed decisions about IT solutions based on your business requirements.
Download Curriculum
Architecting and Advanced Architecting on AWS

Architecting on AWS

Through a series of use case scenarios and practical learning, you’ll learn to identify services and features to build resilient, secure, and highly available IT solutions in the AWS Cloud. Expert AWS Instructors emphasize best practices using the AWS Well-Architected Framework and guide you through the process of designing optimal IT solutions, based on real-life scenarios. At the end of the course, you’ll practice building a solution and apply what you’ve learned with confidence.
Download Curriculum

Advanced Architecting on AWS

Through a series of use case scenarios and practical learning, you’ll explore AWS services that can be applied to solve architectural problems. You’ll find opportunities to combine your new knowledge with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This course culminates in a final review project to reinforce what you’ve learned throughout the three days.
Download Curriculum

Developing and Advanced Developing on AWS

Developing on AWS

In this course, you will learn how to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications. We will explore how to interact with AWS using code and discuss key concepts, best practices, and troubleshooting tips.
Download Curriculum

Advanced Developing on AWS

This course covers advanced development topics such as architecting for a cloud-native environment and deconstructing on-premises legacy applications and repackaging them into cloud-based, cloud-native architectures. It also covers how to apply the tenets of the Twelve-Factor Application methodology.
Download Curriculum

Systems Operations on AWS
This course teaches systems operators and anyone performing system operations functions how to install, configure, automate, monitor, secure, maintain, and troubleshoot the services, networks, and systems on AWS necessary to support business applications. The course also covers specific AWS features, tools, and best practices related to these functions.
Download Curriculum
DevOps Engineering on AWS
DevOps Engineering on AWS teaches you how to use the combination of DevOps cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to increase your organization’s ability to develop, deliver, and maintain applications and services at high velocity on AWS. This course covers continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), infrastructure as code, microservices, monitoring and logging, and communication and collaboration. Hands-on labs give you experience building and deploying AWS CloudFormation templates and CI/CD pipelines that build and deploy applications on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), serverless applications, and container-based applications. Labs for multi-pipeline workflows and pipelines that deploy to multiple environments are also included.
Download Curriculum

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Upcoming Batches for AWS Training in Chennai

Besant Technologies provides flexible timings to all our students. Here is the AWS Training Course in Chennai Schedule in our branches. If this schedule doesn’t match please let us know. We will try to arrange appropriate timings based on your flexible timings.

  • 17-06-2024 Mon (Mon - Fri)Weekdays Batch 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session Get Fees
  • 20-06-2024 Thu (Mon - Fri)Weekdays Batch 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session Get Fees
  • 22-06-2024 Sat (Sat - Sun)Weekend Batch 11:00 AM (IST) (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session Get Fees
AWS Training in Chennai

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Syllabus of AWS Course in Chennai

Module 1: Linux Fundamentals

  • Overview of all basic commands
  • Vim editor modes
  • Filesystem hierarchy – Basic topics
  • File and directories creation
  • Grep
  • Filter commands (head,tail,more,less)
  • Creating users and groups
  • Important files related
  • Modifying,deleting users and group
  • Linux permissions
  • Basic permissions overview
  • Software management
  • Yellowdog update modifier(yum)
  • Yum commands
  • Different runlevels
  • Services and daemons

Module 2: Why Cloud?

  • Why Cloud and What is Cloud Computing?
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
  • Virtualization – An essential in cloud
  • Virtualization in Cloud model
  • Different types of virtualization
  • Hypervisor – Benefits
  • Different types of services and its difference in Cloud computing
  • Identify the features and benefits of cloud computing
  • Different types of Cloud Computing deployment model
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Importance of scaling in cloud computing
  • Different types of scaling and its applications
  • Issues we overcome using cloud and applications
  • Cost model that we use in cloud computing

Module 3: AWS – An overview

  • Describe the features of AWS
  • The features of AWS marketplace
  • Describe the features of Amazon Compute Services
  • Describe the features of Amazon Storage Services
  • Describe the features of Amazon Network Services
  • Describe the features of Amazon Database services
  • Describe about various services in AWS
  • Global Infrastruture – Regions and Availability Zones
  • Create a free tier account in AWS and onboarding
  • Introduction AWS management console

Module 4: Understand Identity Access Management of AWS

  • Protect your AWS by different authentication system
  • Password policies set for users
  • AWS User Account and Groups in detail
  • Creating custom policies in AWS
  • Introduction about Roles and its use
  • Creating Roles and associating policies
  • Creating programmatic access and management console access for users
  • Associating policies to the user and groups

Module 5: EC2 Instance

  • Describe AMI and AWS Marketplace templates
  • Launch a basic EC2 instance
  • Different types of Instances Reserved, On-demand, Spot, Dedicated
  • Security groups and tags for EC2 instance
  • Public key – Private key introduction and protecting EC2 with keys
  • Attaching and detaching EBS volumes
  • Launch an ec2 instance from an AMI
  • Create custom AMI and working with different region
  • Make use of amazon EBS volume and create snapshots
  • Manage the configuration of your application
  • Deploying a new instance from the created AMI

Module 6: Auto-scaling

  • Get Started with Auto Scaling Using the Console
  • Creating Launch configurations and make use of it for autoscaling groups
  • Maintain a Fixed Number of Running EC2 Instances
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • The lifecycle of autoscaling
  • Policies of autoscaling

Module 7: Load Balancing

  • Introduction to Loadbalancer (ELB)
  • Different types of Loadbalancer in AWS
  • Application Load balancer
  • Network Load balancer
  • Classic Load balancer
  • Migrating classic load balancer to new load balancer
  • Components and types of load balancing

Module 8: EBS (Elastic Block Storage)

  • Create EBS volumes
  • Delete EBS Volumes
  • Attach and detach EBS volumes with EC2 instance
  • Creating and deleting snapshots

Module 9: Object Storage in Cloud

  • Understanding S3 durability and redundancy
  • Introduction about S3 Buckets
  • How S3 Uploading works and how to Download
  • How to S3 Permissions
  • How to implement S3 Object Versioning S3 Lifecycle Policies
  • Storage Gateway
  • Import Export
  • S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Glacier storage

Module 10: Cloud Front

  • Describing cloud front
  • Creating a cloud front distribution
  • Hosting a website of cloud front distribution
  • Implementing global restrictions
  • Configuring origins and behaviors

Module 11: Route53

  • Describe Hosted zones and Domain name understanding
  • How to create hosted zones
  • Hosting a website with custom domain name
  • Understanding routing policies

Module 12: AWS Security Management

  • Describing Security Practices for Cloud Deployment
  • AWS Shared Responsibilities and Securities
  • Importance of Cloud Trail
  • Describing Trust advisor

Module 13: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  •  Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • VPC Advantages and understanding IP addressing CIDR
  • Default and Non-default VPC
  • Different Components in VPC
  • Describe, create, and manage Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  • Amazon VPC, Private Subnet, and Public Subnet
  • AWS Networking, Security Groups, and Network ACLs
  • Configuration and management of VPN connectivity
  • Subnet and Subnet Mask

Module 14: Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • Introduction to RDS
  • Different database services of AWS: Amazon RDS, Dynamo DB, Redshift etc.
  • Create MYSQL RDS Instance, Oracle RDS Instance, MS SQL RDS Instance
  • Configuring the database
  • Configuring backups
  • Configuring the maintenance windows
  • Connecting to the database

Module 15: NDynamo DB

  • Creating a dynamo dB
  • Adding data manually
  •  Learn about strong and eventual consistency
  • Calculating Read write consistency
  • Configuring alarms

Module 16: Monitoring Services

  • Knowledge on Cloud watch – A monitoring service
  • Create and Configuring Monitoring services
  • How to perform Setting thresholds and Configuring actions
  • Creating a cloud watch alarm
  • Getting statistics for ec2 instances
  •  Monitoring other AWS services
  • Configuring Notifications
  • Integrating cloud watch with Auto scaling

Module 17: Application Services – An Overview

  • What is SNS
  • Creating a topic
  • Create subscription
  • Subscribed to the subscription
  • SQS & SES
  • Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk

Module 18: AWS Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting EC2 instance
  • Troubleshooting using Cloud watch
  • Troubleshooting using ELB
  • Troubleshooting by using Cloud front

Module 19: AWS Architecture and Design

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • How to manage Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • Best Practice for DR and Backups
  • AWS High Availability Design

Module 20: DevOps Fundamentals

  • An understanding of DevOps and the modern DevOps toolsets
  • The ability to automate all aspects of a modern code delivery and deployment pipeline using:
  • Source code management tools – CVS, Git
  • Build tools – Apache ant, Maven
  • Test automation tools – JUnit
  • Continuous Integration Tools – Jenkins, Team city
  • Configuration management tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible

With an AWS Training in Chennai you will be able to build a flourishing career in the field of cloud computing. Our AWS Course in Chennai is comprehensive and helps you gain command over the cloud technology, so that you can easily take up roles such as Security Specialist, Advanced Networking Specialist, Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator, Developer and Cloud Practitioner. AWS Certification in Chennai is valuable as it transforms you into an extremely in-demand resource for the job market. AWS offers a reliable cloud platform to businesses, helping them grow.

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Trainer Profile of AWS Training in Chennai

Our AWS Trainers are provide complete freedom to the students, to explore the subject and learn based on real-time examples. Our trainers help the candidates in completing their project and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. Candidates are free to ask any questions at any time. Our technical team gives a quick response to the query requested by the student in no time. Companies Hiring Amazon Web Services Developers: Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, Adobe Systems, Pinterest, etc.

  • More than 7+ Years of experience in AWS® Technologies.
  • Trainers are expert level and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have Experienced on multiple real-time AWS projects in their Industries.
  • Are working professionals working in multinational companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, Birlasoft, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Scope, Philips Technologies etc…
  • Trained more than 2000+ Students in a year.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade.
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies.

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400+ Students getting placed every month from startup to top level MNC's with decent package after doing course.

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AWS Certification

Besant Technologies Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at Besant Technologies is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

AWS Training in Chennai

Get AWS certified

Looking to build a career in AWS? We asked AWS professionals what essential skills you need on your resume to supercharge your cloud career. With an industry-recognized credential from AWS, you can showcase your cloud fluency. Earning the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.
An Amazon cloud certification can act as a power-up for your resume, helping you get your foot in the door to a cloud career or take the next step from your
current role. Take a deep dive into our Best AWS certification training Course in Chennai today!

AWS training in Chennai from Besant Technologies is catered to include every advanced and industry trend AWS concept. Therefore, aspirants learn the best practices, upcoming trends, and core concepts in the AWS architecture and easily crack any interviews and exams. The AWS course training and certification is outlined to include top AWS elements, namely VPC, EBS, CDN, EIP, KMS, RDS, Snowball, Dynamo DB, Auto Scaling, Elastic Cache, Security, IAM, EC2, ELB, S3, Route 53, Glacier, CloudFront, Redshift, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and many more.
AWS Certifications available from AWS training and certification course in Chennai are Associate and professional AWS certified solutions architect, Associate AWS certified developer, Professional AWS Certified DevOps engineer, and Associate AWS certified SysOps administrator. When it comes to job opportunities, there is a promising scope for AWS aspirants as the world is moving to the cloud in every way. AWS professionals fall under the highly paid sector, and many researchers have stated that cloud computing to be the trending platform in the IT industry.
Top companies that use the cloud platform for their growth include Facebook, Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Amazon, and many more. AWS training course in Chennai from Besant Technologies help in advancing your career path. The trainers make the aspirants crack the AWS certified solution architect associate exam and get placed in top MNC companies globally. Some of the leading job roles for the AWS aspirants include clouds operations engineer, Linux system engineer MySQL, senior cloud engineer, senior server-side engineer, and many more. According to Glassdoor.co.in, the average salary received by AWS professionals in Bangalore is about S$78,190per annum.

This AWS Certification Course will guide you to become an AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate by clearing the 80 Minutes exam Conducted by Amazon. You can take up this exam through our PSI Authorized Training Center or Online with our Support.  AWS Certification Exam Cost is $150 Paid to Amazon Corporation.

To unlock your AWS Course Completion Certificate on Besant technologies you must complete the Course and the Project works on Deploying and Maintaining tasks.

You Can Share this AWS Certifications in Social Media Networks and Shareable in Job Sites and LinkedIn Group to explore your Cover Skills on AWS.

aws training in chennai AWS Training in Chennai will build confidence in you to crack the interview and grab the job. The candidates with AWS Training in Chennai Certification will stand out in a group, and they offered an excellent package. The average salary AWS engineer is around $85,000 – $166,000, AWS Training in Chennai will help you to achieve your dream. The salary structure differs for the Senior Server Side Engineer, Senior Cloud Engineer, Linux Systems Engineer MySQL, and Cloud Operations Engineer.

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Key Features of AWS Training in Chennai

Besant Technologies offers AWS Training in Chennai in more than 9+ branches with 10+ years of Experienced Expert level Trainers.
Here are the key features and Advantages of Enrolling on AWS in Besant Technologies,

  • 35 Hours to 45 Hours Course Duration
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Certification Guidance
  • Learn to Design AWS Infrastructure
  • Best Practices from an Expert Instructor
  • Master AWS and DevOps using Best Practices
  • Learn to building-on existing IT Skills
  • Sharpen your cloud knowledge
  • Build and validate your skills
  • Get Noticed and Hired by Top Companies
  • Our Online Job Guidance Program
  • Multiple Career and business Options

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Training Courses Reviews

I have completed my AWS Course in Chennai at BesantTechnologies. Sanjib is a really good trainer. I took the time to solve my doubts and explained all the concepts very well and his way of teaching is really good. It makes the concepts clear and is very easy to understand. Thanks a lot for the effort.



I am completed Bsc [cs]in 2009.my percentage is 51% still I am a working customer support engineer. I want to learn AWS with placements. An excellent method of teaching on AWS with good patience and having extensive knowledge in AWS which helps the students to learn more.Thanks to Besant Technologies.



I have completed AWS Training at Besant Technologies, the training was more flexible and in a convenient manner, My trainer having more knowledge in AWS, he was very good in Training. There are trainers real-time corporate people. He also guided me to learn the latest things in AWS to get knowledge up to date. The trainer was too good and friendly. I had flexible timing for classes. Thanks so much for your valuable time. And Thanks again to Besant Technologies & Personally my Trainer.



Student's Testimonials

Student's Testimonials

Student's Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Why enroll at Besant Technologies for AWS Certification Training in Chennai?

Besant Technologies is the top AWS Training Institute in Chennai. Each trainer at the institute is an industry expert with more than ten years of experience. The trainers ensure that the participants thoroughly understand each AWS service and AWS solution. The AWS Training course schedule is flexible, and course participants should not be concerned if they miss a class. If you want to become an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Developer, or any other AWS certified professional, you are welcome to enroll in the course at Besant Technologies.

What are the different types of AWS certifications?

  • AWS Solutions Architect Certification
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Certification
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Certification
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Certification
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Certification
  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty Certification
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty Certification
  • AWS Certified Database – Specialty Certification
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Certification

What career opportunities are available after receiving the best AWS Training in Chennai?

Following are the career opportunities after the successful AWS Training with Placements in Chennai:-

  • AWS Serverless Developer
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Solution Architect
  • AWS Cloud Engineer
  • AWS DevOps Consultant
  • AWS Cloud Sales Director
  • AWS Cloud Data Engineer
  • AWS Data Migration Service Application Developer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Amazon Web Services-AWS-Administrator
  • AWS Architecture Application Lead
  • AWS Big Data Application Developer
  • AWS Developer
  • AWS Certified Sysops Administrator
  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Administration Security Architect

How long does it take to learn AWS?

Generally, it takes 3-4 months to learn the basic concepts of AWS. These concepts include Management of the AWS instance and permissions, EC2 Configuration, Troubleshooting, and Security Management.

Is AWS Certification enough to get a job?

This question is often asked by the students. And the short and crisp answer is that an AWS Certification will not get you a job. Several other factors help you get a job after this certification.

Can a Beginner Learn AWS?

Yes, a beginner can learn AWS and the best place to start as a beginner is with the Cloud Practitioner Exam. This exam will give you a solid basis in AWS.

Does AWS Certification Expire?

Yes, it does expire after a specific time. Generally, the AWS certification is valid for 3 years and to maintain your certification status, you are required to constantly show your expertise through recertification.

Is AWS Cloud Easy?

AWS is a comprehensive and easy to use computing platform offered by Amazon. It is developed with a combination of infrastructure such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS offerings.

Why Do Customers Choose AWS?

It enables you to select the operating system, programming language, database, web application platform, and other services you need. AWS gives you a virtual environment that lets you load the software and services that your application needs.

How AWS Training is Helpful for Companies?

AWS training is provided by Amazon group and it is among the best cloud computing skills training in the market. Many companies use AWS for the placement

What do individuals learn in AWS?

AWS offers many different skills and learners get exposed to the major functionalities of core AWS Services, main concepts, Security, Application, and architecture pattern. This hands-on practice will help the learners to connect with real-world scenarios.

What is the target audience of AWS Training?

The target audience of AWS training is:

System Administrator


Software Developer

IT Manager

What are the well-known servers among AWS?

Under the Amazon group, Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 are the most well-known server. These servers are providing huge computation capacity that is faster as well as cheaper compare to building a server farm.

How Worth is doing AWS Certification?

It is no surprise to know that almost 82% of the IT Specialists in the U.S. and Canada have at least one AWS Certification. Of course, it is worth having AWS Certification.

Does AWS have a future?

Yes, cloud computing is the future to store every data in the present world of computers and technology. It is the finest way to store and access all the user data around the world with just a few clicks.

How much does the AWS Training exam cost?

In general, the cloud practitioner exam cost $100 and the associate level exam costs$150. And the professional and speciality level AWS Training exams cost $300.

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Besant Technologies AWS Training in Chennai View 9 Locations Nearby


No.8, 11th Main road, Vijaya nagar,
Velachery, Chennai – 600 042
Tamil Nadu, India.

Landmark: Reliance Digital Showroom Opposite Street
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1st Floor, No.2A Duraisami Reddy Street,
West Tambaram, Chennai – 600 045
Tamil Nadu,India.

Landmark:Near By Passport Seva
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No. 5/318, 2nd Floor, Sri Sowdeswari Nagar,
OMR, Okkiyam Thoraipakkam, Chennai – 600 097
Tamil Nadu, India.

Landmark:Behind Okkiyampet Bus Stop
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First Floor, 105C,
Mount Poonamallee Rd,
Sakthi Nagar, Porur,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 116

Landmark: Near Saravana Stores
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Anna Nagar

1st Floor, No 54, 1633, 13th Main Rd,
Bharathi Colony, H Block, Tirumaniamman Nagar,
Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600 040
Tamil Nadu, India

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48/4 ,2nd Floor, N Usman Rd,
Parthasarathi Puram, T. Nagar,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Landmark:Opposite to Pantloons Showroom
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22/67, 1st Floor, North Mada street,
Near Valmiki Street, Thiruvanmiyur,
Chennai 600 041 Tamil Nadu, India

Landmark: Above Thiruvanmiyur ICICI Bank
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Maraimalai Nagar

No.37, 1st Floor, Thiruvalluvar Salai,
Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai 603 209,
Tamil Nadu, India

Landmark: Near to Maraimalai Nagar Arch
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No. 4/76, Ambedkar Street, OMR Road,
Egatoor, Navallur, Siruseri, Chennai 600 130
Tamil Nadu, India

Landmark:Near Navallur Toll Gate
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Additional Info of AWS Training in Chennai

AWS Training in Chennai Overview

Besant Technologies Provides Job Oriented AWS Courses with Hands-on lab Sessions and get guidance on your Project to Complete Successfully from the Scratch. This Specialization Course will make you Master in AWS Cloud Skill and get a Valid Professional Shareable Certificate to the Potential Employers. From our Digital Classes you can learn from your Home at your flexible timing. Get Self-Paced videos and One-to-one Training Option with an Individual Trainer.
Amazon Web Service – AWS is a subsidiary of online shopping that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to the individuals out there. And, AWS Training in Chennai is a comprehensive solution-based training program that needs to be known by the individuals who are looking to develop their skills in cloud computing.  New learners will be able to receive a high-quality AWS Training Experience from the industry experts.

AWS Certification Training in Chennai helps you to become expert  in 100+ AWS Services Such as Compute, Containers, Storage, Database, Migration & Transfer, Networking, Content Delivery and more with Classroom and Online Learning Options. This AWS Certification Course will enable you to work on Real world Projects to deploy reliable & Scalable web Applications with Professional Certified Trainers. Build your Cloud Skills to the next level to advance your Career and Pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam (SAA-C02) with our Best AWS Training Course in Chennai.

AWS Course in Chennai is the best option to build knowledge on cloud computing from AWS. It is essential and highly useful for System Administrators. It will help you accelerate your AWS knowledge to cloud adoption and meet organizational goals.  The technology allows the subscribers to have a full-fledged visual cluster of computers that is available all the time through the internet.
To help transform their business, the organizations need individuals who have cloud skills. And, they can get these skills through AWS Certification in Chennai. The certification course content is created by experts at AWS to keep your skills up-to-date and fresh.
Now, you can easily combine a digital AWS course with virtual classroom training and learn AWS from home.

Learn how to Design High Scalable Applications

This AWS Certification Course Covers the Basic to Advanced Level Compute Techniques like EC2, LightSail, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, Serverless Application Repository, AWS Outposts and EC2 Image Builder with lab Sessions. Become Expert in Building Containerized Applications on AWS using ECR, Elastics Container Service, Elastics Kubernetes Service to deploy Stable and efficient web apps.
This Comprehensive Course will give introduction to AWS Storage S3, EFS, FSX, S3 Glacier, Storage Gateway and AWS Backup Techniques to design highly scalable applications.
Learn how to create and Manage Relational Database Offered by AWS Cloud like RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Neptune and Amazon KeySpaces for your Applications with our unique Course materials. Our AWS Training in Chennai will help you to get Practical Knowledge on Migration & Transfer techniques using AWS Migration HUB, Application Discover Service, Database Migration Service and Data Sync with Sample Projects.

AWS Machine Learning & Analytics Training

Our advanced AWS Training Courses will make you a specialist in Deploying Machine Learning Model like Amazon SageMaker,Amazon Augmented AI, Amazon CodeGuru, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Forecast, Amazon Fraud Detector and Amazon Kendra. Become expertise on Amazon RedShift, Athena, CloudSearch and Data Pipeline for Analytics.

Training Option

This AWS Course is available in our 9+ Branches in Chennai at Velachery, OMR, Tambaram, Porur, Annanagar, T.nagar and siruseri with Placements. We also offer Online Training for AWS Courses with Live Instructor Led Classes and Self-Paced Video Options. Get more discounts for Corporate Training delivered by Amazon Certified Trainers.


This Recommended AWS Training will Suitable for DevOps Engineers , IT infrastructure operations, Cloud Engineers, Linux Admin, Networking & Cloud Professionals, Software Programmers and Individuals who wish to Learn AWS for hosting a high availability and Scalable web Applications in Cloud without any Prior Coding Knowledge. There are no Prerequisites for taking this AWS Certification Course and Exams.
However, the AWS Solution Architect Course will Covers the Basic Hardware & Networking, AWS Linux fundamentals and DevOps Concepts to Become a Complete Cloud & DevOps Professional.
According to the Student’s Timings we have kept the AWS course in Chennai duration as flexible. Besant Technologies Provides AWS Training in online, classroom, fast-track & one-to-one classroom training is provided during weekdays and weekends at flexible timings. Besant Technologies have modern lab facilities with the latest technologies to help students avail successful AWS Training in Chennai and Certification from us.

About the Course:

Amazon Web Services is a steadily expanding business unit within amazon.com. It has delivered companies of various sizes with an infrastructure platform in the cloud. Companies of multiple organizations use it for computing power, storage, cloud, and other services. For maintaining complete AWS, it requires some curriculum developers, cloud support engineers, software development engineers, etc.

What are the objective of our AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Training?

Why should you go for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Training?

Who should go for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Training?

For AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

For AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification

For AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification

What are the prerequisites for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Training?

For AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

For AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification

What Skills will you learn in AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification Training?

Amazon Web Services Training in Chennai

If you are the look-out for the Best AWS Training in Chennai to sharpen your skills then make the right choice by joining Besant Technologies. We provide Hands-on practical training provided by 10+ Experienced Amazon Web Services Trainers equips with live projects and simulations. The practical section of AWS training in Chennai will help our students to secure jobs in top MNC Companies. The trainers at Besant Technologies are subject specialists and Industry professionals providing in-depth study in the AWS course in Chennai. Students completing the AWS certification in Chennai have huge job opportunities in the industry.

Are You Looking for Best AWS Training in Chennai with Certification?

For More Details Call us at: +91- 996 252 8293 or walk into our AWS Training Center in Chennai – Velachery, Tambaram, OMR, Anna Nagar, T.Nagar, Porur, Thiruvanmiyur, Siruseri, and Maraimalai Nagar Branches.
Don’t miss the immense opportunities in AWS certifications that offers you. Get enroll for this AWS Training in Chennai from industry experts in real-time projects.

Best Amazon Web Services Training Center in Chennai

Besant Technologies is the emerging AWS Training in the Chennai institute which offers industry demanding courses to the aspirants. We have well-qualified professionals across the globe. We cover the complete syllabus according to industry needs that will be easy for the students to clear the AWS certification tests. AWS is the most demanding skill in the market. Prominent organizations are looking out for the right skilled employees in the organization. If you are interested in grabbing the exciting opportunities in it, get enrolled in this course. We are here to help you out in all possible ways.
We don’t regret our students at any point in time. We always strive hard to achieve best from our end and even further, we improve our teaching methods for a better learning experience. We make our students learn from real-time projects which help them to get the knowledge of getting various challenges at the workplace. Our trainers make our students ready to deploy at the workplace. AWS is the top field to start a career in it, it provides a new experience and challenges and offers the opportunity to jump to the next levels with some efforts. When you reach us, we will help in all possible ways that can be beneficial for you to get the job of your choice.

Best AWS Training Institute in Chennai

AWS training in Chennai with placement assistance is the main feature that rated us five stars in the reviews by our alumni. Reviews and honest feedback are mentioned on our Reviews and Testimonials page. Besant Technologies is one of the best AWS training centers in Chennai delivering out-of-box thinking professionals to the IT industry. Besant Technologies has a modern lab equipped with all latest facilities, Students will have hands-on AWS Training in Chennai through live projects.
These type of AWS training in Chennai will boost the confidence level of students to face the real-time challenges successfully in a job. The AWS Training in the Chennai syllabus includes the AWS course module on real-time projects along with placement assistance. AWS topics covered are Introduction of AWS, Linux Fundamentals, Installation and Initialization, Cloud Computing, AWS Sysops Administrator, Relational Database Service (RDS), Dynamo DB, Management Tools, AWS Troubleshooting, AWS Architecture and Design, DevOps Fundamentals, & Many more. Check the duration, course content, and syllabus given below.
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What is AWS? What learning outcomes can you expect from your training at Besant Technologies?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a globally popular cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. Its most important service offerings include packaged software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). It’s an evolving and comprehensive platform.
Learning outcomes to expect-

AWS training in Chennai from Besant Technologies, one of the top-notch AWS training institute in Chennai help you acquire complete knowledge and skills on AWS with real-world projects and case studies. IN CHENNAI, the AWS course enables aspirants to learn essential concepts, including DevOps engineering, advanced developing, advanced architecting, cloud practitioning, and system operations. The trainers of AWS training in Bangalore have a decade of experience in AWS. They are working professionals as AWS professionals in top-notch MNC and IT companies across the world. After completing the AWS training in Chennai from Besant Technologies, every aspirant acquires a course completion certificate on AWS, which is valid across top enterprises in the globe. The trainers of Besant Technologies help aspirants to understand the Amazon Web Services concept in an easy way and crack different job opportunities in the cloud computing world. Enrol today at the best AWS training in Chennai!

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is introduced in 2006 to provide IT infrastructure services to organizations in the form of web services. Amazon Web Services are commenced by the Amazon.com to provide a comprehensive, secure cloud computing platform and online services for client and websites side applications. It’s also called as remote computing services or cloud computing services.
It delivers a broad set of infrastructure services such as computing power, networking, content delivery, storage options, databases and other functionality to assist businesses to extend and grow. Learn how people are benefited from using Amazon Web Services cloud products and solutions to build applications with increased scalability, flexibility, and reliability. It provides complete security capabilities to ensure the most demanding information security needs. Click Here to Check Latest Updated – AWS Interview Questions and Answers .

AWS Job Opportunities

AWS Job Opportunities are available in a well-diversified range of expertise. Depending on your interest, current skills, job role, and targeted job role, you can choose a suited AWS Certification through guidance and suggestions from experts. Check Latest Our Job openings of AWS in Chennai.

What are the jobs available after AWS Training?

An AWS Certification will open the doors for the following jobs. Want to make Career in Cloud? Then Join AWS Training!

How much does an AWS Engineer Make?

According to the Global Knowledge 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey, an AWS-certified IT professional can make around $113,000. This is the highest paid certification in the US and Canada. Note that the packages vary with the certification done and the skills and experience of the professional. Understand that AWS is the future of the Cloud and will have a tremendous demand in the coming future across the Globe.

What is the salary for AWS Certified Professional?

The salary ranges of AWS Certified professional depends on the skills, experience and the Certification title.  Typically, an Amazon AWS Solution Architect Professional’s salary can be $143,091. The salaries of Solutions Architect at Amazon can range from $121,510 – $162,560. An AWS Certified Developer – Associate professional can have a starting salary of $116,456; while an AWS Certified DevOps Professional can earn around $108,315.

How much do AWS consultants make?

AWS Consultants can earn anything in the range of $21,000 and $191,500. On an average, an AWS consultant in the USA can draw a pay of up to $68,500. This can be negligible and based on experience, work for location and company too.  Besides, the AWS Certified consultants can also make $75/hour on a limited engagement basis.

What are the Top Companies hiring AWS Professionals?

AWS Professionals are in high demand from the top companies almost in every country. The top companies that are looking for skilled and certified AWS professionals include Amazon, CapGemini, Microsoft, Sabre, Informatica, Pearson, Liberty Mutual, Deltek, Mitel, Cisco, Sony, Accenture, Open Text, UHG, MindTree, Netensity, Prokarma, Genesys, Compunnel, TCS, HoneyWell, etc.

How do I shift my career to AWS from any other domain?

AWS has wide range of opportunities that can suit any software, sales, system, networking and admin professionals to start their journey with AWS. For example, database admins can map their skills to Amazon’s RDS database and start with AWS. AWS is the great way to increase your company profit. Software developers can dig into AWS by starting with native cloud platform calls and applications such as queues, I/O services, and the management of provisioning and de-provisioning of resources. If you are from any domain, for any further clarification, seek the guidance of training experts and shift your career to AWS.

What is AWS Certification?

AWS Certification is a credential or a title awarded to IT professionals who successfully clear the Amazon Web Services’ examinations to upgrade their expertise, knowledge, and skills pertaining to services provided by the public cloud provider. Amazon Web Services is a global cloud platform that helps companies and institutions to host and manage services and applications on the internet. It is currently used by a majority of Fortune 500 companies to host their infrastructures such as servers, platform, and software and storage.

Which AWS Certification is the best?

Choosing the right value of AWS Certification out of the above nine depends on the goal of each professional. The foundation course tends to test a broad understanding of the cloud services, while the specialty certification tends to get more specific and narrower. The best way to approach AWS certifications is to take the associate level tests, to begin with, followed by the specialty test and lastly the professional test.

How many questions are there on AWS exams?

The number of questions may vary. The foundation and the specialty test have around 65 questions with a mix of multiple choices and multiple answer method and time limit of 170 minutes. The Professional test can have anywhere between 65-80 questions. The associate level exams have 55-60 questions.

What is the passing score of AWS certifications?

There is no single passing score. The examiners use a statistical method to arrive at the passing score and are subject to vary. The AWS will score examinees anywhere from 100 to 1000. An effort to get closer to 100% would be ideal.

How long is the AWS certification valid?/ Does AWS certification expire?

Each AWS certified professional would be required to update their certification and recertify every two years. AWS will send a notification to the practitioners six months before the certification expires. Recertification would help to keep abreast of new features and services released by AWS every year.

What is the salary of an AWS certified Developer?

According to the job portal Glassdoor, AWS certified developers and engineers in India earn anywhere between 4 lakh-14 lakh per annum. Check the AWS Job Expectations and Reality.

How do I study for AWS certifications?

Besant Technologies provides AWS Training in Chennai material for AWS certifications such as training classes and whitepapers written by AWS, technical analysts. Sample questions and test certification exams can also be found on their website. Similarly, going through external sources of study material and videos on the internet also prove to be helpful. Hands-On experience at the workplace further strengthens the learning process.

What can you do with AWS certification?

An AWS certification will certainly help employees advance in their careers and earn credibility as a professional and even lead IT projects that mandates transition to AWS.

How long does it take to get AWS certification?

It may take anywhere between 2 months to a year for clearing all the exams especially if you are professional balancing work and study.

If I fail the AWS certification, how soon can i retake it?

If a person fails the AWS certification, he or she can retake the exam after 14 days. There is no limit to the number of re-examinations that can be taken. However, beta exams or a new exam released by AWS can be taken only once.
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How many AWS Certifications are there?

There are nine AWS Certifications recommended based on the roles and the expertise of the professional.

AWS certification includes

All these AWS certifications help the professionals to get a better position and advancement in their career.

How many AWS Certifications are there?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has always been the market leader in the cloud computing platform. To pursue a career in this ever-growing cloud business, you need to have certifications pertaining to AWS that lets you learn and expertise in design, deploy and manage the cloud applications.
Currently, AWS is offering nine diverse range of certifications, out of which you shall have to choose the one that is the best fit for your career needs and current skill set. AWS offers different types of certifications that suits the needs of candidates and employers needs separately. This blog gives a comprehensive idea of various certifications for individual candidates offered by AWS.

List of AWS Certifications

As mentioned, AWS has in total 9 certifications of varying expertise. Accordingly, they are classified into the following categories:

Foundational Level – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the basic AWS certification especially designed for entry-level professionals.

Who can take this up?

Anyone who is a new entrée to the AWS can take this exam. The prerequisites for this exam are a basic understanding of AWS architecture, deployment and operating principles, basic use cases of AWS along with strong knowledge in the fundamentals of AWS.
Remember that you need to have at least 6 months of hands-on experience in any role pertaining to AWS if you have to become eligible for this exam.

What is the pattern of this exam?

This beginner level certification validates your skills as a certified AWS Cloud practitioner and lets you make a solid foundation in moving up in a career in AWS. The exam is of 90-minute duration and cost $100 and is of entirely multiple choice questions based.

Associate-Level Certifications

There are three different exams at this level:

This certificate is an intermediary level and is designed for those professionals who have a working knowledge of using key AWS services such as AWS databases, services and storage.

Who should take this up?

An AWS professional who has enough expertise in designing, developing, and maintaining AWS application and a deeper understanding of basic of AWS architecture and core services can take up this exam.
Understand that you shall have to know how to write code using AWS software in your business applications.

What is the pattern of this exam?

This exam mainly focuses on developing and maintain AWS applications in real time. The exam spans 80 minutes and costs $150. The questions of the exam are both in multiple choice and multiple answer based.

Associate Level – AWS Certified Solutions Architect

This exam focuses on testing the ability of the candidates to design, manage and deploy applications using AWS tools and services.

Who should take this up?

A professional with hands-on experience in designing scalable systems and with strong knowledge in AWS concepts can appear for this exam. As a potential candidate, you should have a solid grasp on deploying hybrid systems using AWS components and on-premise data center concepts. This exam also checks your understanding of data security, disaster management and network technologies of AWS and their troubleshooting.

What is the pattern of this exam?

Some changes were made to this exam last February. Since then more focus is being laid on AWS best practices. The exam is of 130 minutes long and is both multiple choice and multiple answer type. Currently, the exam costs $150USD.

Associate Level – AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

If you are from a system administrator background, this certification from AWS would be a great boost to your career in cloud services.

Who can take this up?

Any system administrator with previous working experience in Linux or Windows administration can take this exam confidently. If you have enough practical understanding on how data is received between data centers and AWS, and how to select suitable AWS service that meets the company’s needs perfectly and if you can deploy applications to AWS with confidence, you can crack this exam easily.

What is the pattern of this exam?

This exam, specifically designed for system admins, tests the candidate’s expertise both theoretically and practically. The exam is 80 minutes long and costs $150. The questions in the exam are both multiple choice and multiple answer type.

Professional -Level Certifications

There are two different exams at this level:

Professional Level – AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

This exam focuses on the automation of processes and continuous delivery of DevOps.

Who can take this up?

To be eligible to appear for this exam, you should be at first AWS Certified Developer – Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certified. Besides, you should have a solid understanding of the agile methodology of developing applications and provisioning and managing AWS based applications.

What is the pattern of this exam?

As said, this exam focuses mainly on continuous delivery (CD) of DevOps. Hence it is important to have a solid understanding of the basics of modern methodologies of CD and their implementation. Topics such as setting up and monitoring highly scalable and available systems would also be focused.
The exam is of 170 minutes long and costs $300. The questions are both in multiple choice and multiple answer type.

Professional Level – AWS Certified Solutions Architect

If you are aspiring to become a Solutions Architect in the AWS range, this certification is designated for you.

Who can take this up?

To take this test, you should have a prior certification of AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. Besides, you should have at least two years of working experience in deploying applications in AWS.
Understand that this certification needs a high level of technical expertise and hence you should be thoroughly strong enough in the architectural principle of AWS and designing and deploying systems in AWS cloud. You should have enough capability to estimate with technical perfection the needs of an organization and make suitable recommendations.

What is the pattern of this exam?

The exam tests various strategies for cost optimization, best architectural practices and migrating from any other cloud or on-premise storage to AWS cloud. The exam is 170-minutes-long and costs $300.

Specialty – Level Certifications

There are three different exams at this level:

Specialty Level – AWS Certified Big Data

This is the highest level of certification to any aspiring person with strong knowledge in data analytics and intending to make a career in AWS.

Who can take this up?

A candidate who has strong knowledge in automating data analysis using AWS tools and hands-on experience in using AWS services such as Kinesis and Athena can take up this exam. Besides, as a potential candidate, you should have solid knowledge of designing and maintaining big data and its best security practices.

Specialty Level – AWS Certified Advanced Networking

This a certification that tests your skills in networking concepts on the whole including optimization, security practices, architectural principles, and complex networking tasks.

Who can take this up?

A professional who is an expert in implementing network solutions in AWS and comfortable working with hybrid IT networks can crack this exam. The candidate is also expected to have sound experience in security and compliance design and implementation in AWS services.

Specialty Level – AWS Certified Security

This is the ultimate certification that tests the security best practices and skills at a pro level. The certification mainly focuses on testing the skills of the candidate in data protection and encryption, incident response and cloud infrastructure security, besides their monitoring and logging principles.

Who can take this up?

Any candidate who is master at using AWS services to secure the deployments using the best data protection techniques can take up this exam. You should be strong enough to analyze security vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of an organization and implement best practices to seal them.

Advantages of AWS Certification Training

Placement Assistance after AWS Training in Chennai

Cloud Masters Program

Want to Become Masters in Cloud?

Highway to Cloud Pathways Cloud Learning how to get a coach for all passengers today. Learn how to manage, manage and design work and day-to-day services through video classes, regular exams and practical steps.
Cloud Designer is designed to make you an expert in cloud and construction instructions. This enables you to manage the basic skills required to design and use as much as possible, opportunities to access and rely on two top companies: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The program will give you a deeper understanding of day-to-day services, such as AWS cloud training, azure resources, EC2, S3, Route53, VPC, Azure services and more. Get the skills and skills needed to prove architecture, such as the AWS Architect and the Azure Architect.

What else you should know about AWS Certification?

Any AWS certification is valid for two years and to stay up to date with changes in technology and market, you need to get recertified once your certificate’s validity expires. The cost of recertification is $75 and the recertification exam spans 80 minutes.
64% of enterprises are preferring for AWS as their preferred platform and this will grow further in the near future. This just means that an AWS certification of any sort would help you to enjoy a secure and rewarding career with pay and perks at the industry best standards.
So, why wait? Besant technologies are renowned for its expert training in AWS Certifications that will give you the confidence to crack the exam at the first shot. The institute has its branches in Chennai and Bangalore and is catering the training needs of thousands of students across many IT training domains.
Looking for additional online help for AWS certification? Check out Gangboard! An amazing platform that lets you learn any IT skill with expert help virtually at your own pace.

All you need to know about AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has always been the market leader in the cloud computing platform. To pursue a career in this ever-growing cloud business, you need to have certifications pertaining to AWS that lets you learn and expertise in design, deploy and manage the cloud applications.
Currently, AWS is offering nine diverse range of certifications, out of which you shall have to choose the one that is the best fit for your career needs and current skill set. AWS offers different types of certifications that suits the needs of candidates and employers’ needs separately. This blog gives a comprehensive idea of various certifications for individual candidates offered by AWS.

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