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Besant Technologies provides flexible timings to all our students. Here is the AWS Training in Bangalore Schedule in our branches. If this schedule doesn’t match please let us know. We will try to arrange appropriate timings based on your flexible timings.

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Best AWS Training in Bangalore

Get enrolled for the most demanding skill in the world. AWS Training in Bangalore will make your career a new height. We at Besant technologies provide you an excellent platform to learn and explore the subject from industry experts. We help students to dream high and achieve it.

About AWS Course

What are the objective of our AWS Certification Training?

  • Comprehensive coverage on design and deployment of AWS systems and applications.
  • Extensive coverage on Elastic Load Balancing on multiple EC2 instances.
  • Ensure hands-on experience on data ingress and egress techniques of AWS.
  • Design cost-effective on-premises applications using AWS.
  • Crack any level of AWS Certification with confidence.

Why Should you go for the AWS Certification Training?

  • AWS certifications top the Top Paying Certifications list of Forbes.
  • AWS is the monarch in the field of Cloud business – Yes, it is bigger by ten times than all its competitors combined!
  • AWS has a proven track record as an innovator as per Gartner’s magic quadrant.
  • Intended for any individual who aspires to take advantage of Amazon’s proven platform and explore career options worldwide.
  • Affordable and achievable. You can crack the Certification without the need of leaving your current job!

Who should go for the AWS Certification Training?

  • Absolute beginners who have absolutely no prior AWS experience.
  • Software developers with any expertise in any software development experience.
  • Current AWS Developers who already have hands-on experience in AWS systems.
  • Any web developer, an IoT developer, a system admin, a Big Data analyst, an AI developer, database admin, managerial, sales, purchasing and financial experts or any other who is interested in designing and hosting scalable and fault-tolerant applications on AWS cloud.
  • Students keen on cracking AWS Certification and targeting high paying jobs worldwide.

How will AWS Certification Training help your Career?

AWS Certifications range across various levels suited for multiple levels of expertise. Any aspirant can choose the suited AWS Certification and get certified easily:

  • Support Engineers performing various operations can upgrade their existing skills and job opportunities. Software professionals working on Python, C++, JavaScript, and Ruby can easily learn AWS and get certified for better prospects. These certified professionals get paid $81,000 per annum.
  • Cloud developers can pursue AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, and enjoy the higher pay and recognition of being of a certified AWS Developer. The salary range for a certified AWS Cloud developer is around $95,000 per year.
  • Server maintenance and DevOps professionals can choose AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification. Professionals with these certifications are being paid $93000-$144000 per annum.
  • If you are already an experienced professional in AWS, aim higher and be AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certifications. The salary for a certified AWS Architect is $145,000 per year approximately.

What are the prerequisites for AWS Certification Training?

Basically AWS Certifications range for various levels of expertise – From a beginner to an experienced AWS professional. Depending on the choice of the exam and your current expertise, the following skills may be required for AWS Certification Training:

  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Windows
  • Concepts of Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Basic Networking Concepts such as IP Addresses, Hosts, Public and private networks
  • Basic coding skills on any software programming language.

What Skills will you learn in AWS Certification Training?

With AWS Certification Training, you will build and enhance your overall expertise on AWS Cloud. Gain deeper knowledge in cloud fundamentals and best practices for designing your next cloud-based application. You will understand how to design standardized, reusable and deployable cloud applications, networks and systems based on AWS technology.

Why Amazon Web Services Training?

We all are aware of the fact that all forms of technology in the entire world is moving cloud computing. In the coming years, it is for sure that all major companies will move their applications to the cloud because of its high-security standards. Keeping this in mind, with the current technology trends of India where a number of startups are more, there is a lot of scope for cloud engineers. This should motivate a lot of people to take AWS training in Bangalore quite enthusiastically. AWS training in Bangalore is better than many of its competitors because of the following reasons:

  • AWS does not try to try to recreate legacy data center environments
  • AWS focuses on simplicity, security, robustness, and scalability
  • It works on the principle of building simple and primitive services
  • These robust and scalable services are later composed into higher-order services
  • It’s engineered based on long-term thinking and roadmaps
  • The breadth of work allows velocity of unmatchable feature releases
  • The business model works on cost + pricing and has a fixed margin

Why AWS training in Bangalore at Besant Technologies?

One of the main reasons as to why AWS dominating today’s world with its hundreds of services is because of its very cheap cost. AWS Certification is one of the most demanded certifications in the IT industry. It is not only the most in-demand but also one of the highest-paid jobs as per various surveys. Having an AWS certification with good knowledge about AWS will land you in a very good job for sure. If you too want to make yourself competent enough to join such companies, it would be advisable that you take AWS Training in Bangalore. The good news is that you don’t need any special educational qualifications to be eligible for AWS classes. So, why waste time? Join Besant Technologies right away.

Benefits of AWS Training in Bangalore

  • 100% Placement Support in Top MNC Companies Like TCS, CTS, Wipro, Google, Flipkart, Amazon
  • Trainers will help you to prepare a resume according to your Skill Set & Experience
  • We will Provide Top 200+ Latest AWS Interview Questions & Answers
  • Middle of this AWS Course we will Conduct Mock Tests on AWS Concepts
  • Our Expert Team will Conduct Mock Interviews
  • Lifetime Access for BEMS (Internal JOB Portal)
  • Our HR Team will Keep Update AWS jobs via mails, message, and WhatsApp
  • AWS Course Duration 60 hrs with Hands-on Training Classes
  • From this Class, you will get basic and Advance techniques on AWS Tool
  • Weekdays Classes will be Daily 1.5 hrs Starting from 7.30 am to 9 am, Flexible Timings available
  • AWS Weekend Classes Start from every Sat Morning 9 am to 11.30 am and different slot available for working Professionals
  • Separate Batch for Fresher’s and Experience Candidates
  • Training Venue: Courses are available in our Besant technologies Bangalore Training Centers( BTM Layout, Marathahalli, Jayanagar, Kalyan Nagar, Indira Nagar, Rajajinagar, HSR Layout, and Electronic City)
  • Fast Track Classes also Available
  • 100% Job Oriented Training Program
  • In-Depth AWS Syllabus
  • Sample Projects to work out
  • Project Support after the Course Completion
  • Besant technologies Course Completion Certification
  • World Class Infra with Free Wi-Fi and 24/7 Lab Facility
  • Two Demo Classes Available as free
  • Low Cost for AWS Course in Bangalore
  • Live Project with AWS visualization Tool
  • Interview Preparations
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Preparations
  • Internship Certification
  • Interview Tips

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Besant Technologies

Syllabus of AWS Course in Bangalore

Module 1: Linux Fundamentals (Duration-2hrs)

  • Overview of all basic commands
  • Vim editor modes
  • Filesystem hierarchy – Basic topics
  • File and directories creation
  • Grep
  • Filter commands (head,tail,more,less)
  • Creating users and groups
  • Important files related
  • Modifying, deleting users and group
  • Linux permissions
  • Basic permissions overview
  • Software management
  • Yellowdog update modifier(yum)
  • Yum commands
  • Different run levels
  • Services and daemons

AWS Solution Architect Certification Training

Module 2: Why Cloud? (Duration-1hr)

  • Why Cloud and What is Cloud Computing?
  • Identify the features and benefits of cloud computing
  • Different types of Cloud Computing deployment model
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud
  • Virtualization – An essential in cloud
  • Virtualization in Cloud model
  • Different types of virtualization
  • Hypervisor – Benefits
  • Different types of services and their difference in Cloud computing
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Importance of scaling in cloud computing
  • Different types of scaling and its applications
  • Issues we overcome using cloud and applications
  • Cost model that we use in cloud computing

Module 3: AWS – An overview (Duration-1hr)

  • Describe the features of AWS
  • The features of the AWS marketplace
  • Describe the features of Amazon Compute Services
  • Describe the features of Amazon Storage Services
  • Describe the features of Amazon Network Services
  • Describe the features of Amazon Database services
  • Describe various services in AWS
  • Global Infrastructure – Regions and Availability Zones
  • Create a free tier account in AWS and onboarding
  • Introduction AWS management console

Module 4: Understand Identity Access Management of AWS (Duration-2hrs)

  • Protect your AWS by a different authentication system
  • Password policies set for users
  • AWS User Account and Groups in detail
  • Creating custom policies in AWS
  • Introduction about Roles and their use
  • Creating Roles and associating policies
  • Creating programmatic access and management console access for users
  • Associating policies to the user and groups

Module 5: EC2 Instance (Duration-4hrs)

  • Describe AMI and AWS Marketplace templates
  • Launch a basic EC2 instance
  • Different types of Instances Reserved, On-demand, Spot, Dedicated
  • Security groups and tags for EC2 instance
  • Public key – Private key introduction and protecting EC2 with keys
  • Attaching and detaching EBS volumes
  • Launch an ec2 instance from an AMI
  • Create custom AMI and working with a different region
  • Make use of Amazon EBS volume and create snapshots
  • Manage the configuration of your application
  • Deploying a new instance from the created AMI

Module 6: Auto-scaling (Duration-2hrs)

  • Get Started with Auto Scaling Using the Console
  • Creating Launch configurations and make use of it for autoscaling groups
  • Maintain a Fixed Number of Running EC2 Instances
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • The lifecycle of autoscaling
  • Policies of autoscaling

Module 7: Load Balancing (Duration-2hrs)

  • Introduction to Loadbalancer (ELB)
  • Different types of Loadbalancer in AWS
  • Application Load balancer
  • Network Load balancer
  • Classic Load balancer
  • Migrating classic load balancer to new load balancer
  • Components and types of load balancing

Module 8: EBS (Elastic Block Storage)  (Duration-2hrs)

  • Create EBS volumes
  • Delete EBS Volumes
  • Attach and detach EBS volumes with EC2 instance
  • Creating and deleting snapshots

Module 9: Object Storage in Cloud  (Duration-3hr)

  • Understanding S3 durability and redundancy
  • Introduction about S3 Buckets
  • How S3 Uploading works and how to Download
  • How to S3 Permissions
  • How to implement S3 Object Versioning S3 Lifecycle Policies
  • Storage Gateway
  • Import Export
  • S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Glacier storage

Module 10: Cloud Front  (Duration-1hr)

  • Describing cloud front
  • Creating a cloud front distribution
  • Hosting a website of cloud front distribution
  • Implementing global restrictions
  • Configuring origins and behaviors

Module 11: Route53  (Duration-2hrs)

  • Describe Hosted zones and Domain name understanding
  • How to create hosted zones
  • Hosting a website with a custom domain name
  • Understanding routing policies

Module 12: AWS Security Management  (Duration-1hr)

  • Describing Security Practices for Cloud Deployment
  • AWS Shared Responsibilities and Securities
  • Importance of Cloud Trail
  • Describing Trust advisor

Module 13: Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)  (Duration-5hrs)

  •  Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • VPC Advantages and understanding IP addressing CIDR
  • Default and Non-default VPC
  • Different Components in VPC
  • Describe, create, and manage Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  • Amazon VPC, Private Subnet, and Public Subnet
  • AWS Networking, Security Groups, and Network ACLs
  • Configuration and management of VPN connectivity
  • Subnet and Subnet Mask

Module 14: Relational Database Service (RDS)  (Duration-1hr)

  • Introduction to RDS
  • Different database services of AWS: Amazon RDS, Dynamo DB, Redshift, etc.
  • Create MYSQL RDS Instance, Oracle RDS Instance, MS SQL RDS Instance
  • Configuring the database
  • Configuring backups
  • Configuring the maintenance windows
  • Connecting to the database

Module 15: NDynamo DB  (Duration-1hr)

  • Creating a dynamo dB
  • Adding data manually
  •  Learn about strong and eventual consistency
  • Calculating Read-write consistency
  • Configuring alarms

Module 16: Monitoring Services  (Duration-1hr)

  • Knowledge on Cloud watch – A monitoring service
  • Create and Configuring Monitoring services
  • How to perform Setting thresholds and Configuring actions
  • Creating a cloud watch alarm
  • Getting statistics for ec2 instances
  •  Monitoring other AWS services
  • Configuring Notifications
  • Integrating cloud watch with Autoscaling

Module 17: Application Services – An Overview  (Duration-1hr)

  • What is SNS
  • Creating a topic
  • Create subscription
  • Subscribed to the subscription
  • SQS & SES
  • Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk

Module 18: AWS Troubleshooting  (Duration-1hr)

  • Troubleshooting EC2 instance
  • Troubleshooting using Cloud watch
  • Troubleshooting using ELB
  • Troubleshooting by using Cloud front

Module 19: AWS Architecture and Design  (Duration-1hr)

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • How to manage Disaster Recovery and Backups
  • Best Practice for DR and Backups
  • AWS High Availability Design

Module 20: DevOps Fundamentals  (Duration-1hr)

  • An understanding of DevOps and the modern DevOps toolsets
  • The ability to automate all aspects of a modern code delivery and deployment pipeline using:
  • Source code management tools – CVS, Git
  • Build tools – Apache ant, Maven
  • Test automation tools – JUnit
  • Continuous Integration Tools – Jenkins, Team city
  • Configuration management tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible

Trainer Profile of AWS Training in Bangalore

Our Trainers provide complete freedom to the students, to explore the subject and learn based on real-time examples. Our trainers help the candidates in completing their projects and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. Candidates are free to ask any questions at any time.

  • More than 7+ Years of Experience.
  • Trained more than 2000+ students in a year.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • Certified Professionals with High Grade.
  • Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies.
  • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have Experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.
  • Our Trainers are working in multinational companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, Birlasoft, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Scope, Philips Technologies etc

About Our AWS Trainer

  • Overall 15 years of Software (IT) industry experience with 8+ Years in AWS.
  • Strong Practical Knowledge on data warehousing, Cloud Computing, Devops and In-depth Knowledge in AWS.
  • Up to Date on Latest Technologies like Cloud, Big Data Analytics, etc.
  • Trained More than 12340+ Students in Bangalore City.
  • Having 3+ Years of Corporate Training Experience
  • Very Good Communication Skills and friendly teaching Tutor who understand the need of the Student.
  • 100% Success rate on Batch Completion
  • AWS Specialist, AWS Qualified Associate, and AWS Certified Expert.
  • Referred 350+ Students in MNC Companies
  • Expert in Preparing Skill and Experienced based Resume
  • Having Strong Experienced on Banking, Telecom, E-Commerce Sectors
  • Meet Our Best AWS Trainer at Our Besant technologies Branches
  • To Talk to Our Classroom Instructor Please call us +91 8767 260 270

Corporate Training

If you want to give the Trending technology experience to your esteemed employees, we are here to help you!

Besant Technologies

Amazon Web Services Exams & Certification

Besant Technologies Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at Besant Technologies is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

Complete Your Course

a downloadable Certificate in PDF format, immediately available to you when you complete your Course

Get Certified

a physical version of your officially branded and security-marked Certificate.

Key Features of AWS Training in Bangalore

Skill Level

We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Experts level.

Course Duration
30 Hours

Course will be 30hrs to 45 hrs duration with real-time projects and working models.

Total Learners
3655 Learners

We have already finished 1000+ Batches with 100% course completion record.

Assignments Duration
15 Hours

Trainers will provide you the assignments according to your skill sets and needs. Assignment duration will be 10hrs to 15hrs.

24 / 7 Support

We are having 24/7 Support team to clear students needs and doubts.

Group Discount

If you have Three or more people in your training we will be delighted to offer you a group discount.

Besant Technologies

Additional Info of AWS Training in Bangalore

Introduction to AWS

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is an extensively evolving cloud computing platform that is provided by Amazon. Web services are also called as remote computing services and cloud services. The 1st AWS offerings were launched in the year 2006 which provided online services for client-side applications and websites. It is by enlarging one of the cloud computing platforms which are used for data storage and data processing. It provides various services among which software, infrastructure, and platform are a few of them. It delivers services that are high in quality and demand and ensures that their businesses save on their cost since it functions based on a “Pay as you go” model. If you are aspiring to become anAWScertified professional, enroll in a good AWS Training Institute In Bangalore.

What is AWS and how might it work?

AWS is one of the primary Public Cloud Provider and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an entire, progressing dispersed processing stage given by Amazon. It gives a mix of the system as an organization (IaaS), arrange as an organization (PaaS) and packaged programming as an organization (SaaS) commitments.

What can AWS do?

Above 100, administrations contain the Amazon Web Services portfolio, including those for the register, databases, the framework the executives, application improvement and security. These administrations, by classification, incorporate

What is AWS accreditation?

After you learning AWS Course, to get into the best dimension association accreditation is obligatory to be considered as an Added Advantage.

What number of AWS confirmations are there?

Numerous AWS confirmations are accessible dependent on the job Mainly

  • Arrangements Architect Associate,
  • Engineer Associate,
  • SysOps Administrator Associate,
  • Arrangements Architect Professional,
  • DevOps Professional

What aptitudes are required for AWS?

To learn AWS there are no requirements, even though fundamental comprehension about systems administration and server foundation will be included preferred standpoint, yet don’t stress we will begin from the rudiments.

What is AWS utilized for?

  • Propelling server foundation in minutes, there is no forthright cost associated with the open cloud,
  • For moving on-premises servers to AWS.
  • Essential of AWS
  • To learn AWS we require the following essentials Web Browser, RDP and Putty.

What is the passing score for AWS confirmation?

Test Results The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C01) examination is a pass or fall flat test. The examination is scored against a base standard set up by AWS experts who are guided by affirmation industry best practices and rules. Your outcomes for the examination are accounted for as a score from 100-1000, with a base passing score of 720. Your score demonstrates how you performed on the examination all in all and regardless of whether you passed. Scaled scoring models are utilized to liken scores over numerous test shapes that may have marginally unique trouble levels.

Click Here to Check Latest Updated – AWS Interview Questions and Answers

Placements in AWS Training in Bangalore

AWS certifications have great demand in the market. The entire world is moving to the cloud platform. How many of us are aware of the fact that everything that we access using our mobile phones or computer are downloaded from the cloud. This makes the cloud as one of the standard ways of providing any solution to customers. This necessitates that you take an AWS certification course and make yourself a globally-recognized AWS professional.

Different Modes of AWS Training

Besant Technologies, one of the best Software (IT) training institutes in Chennai and Bengaluru, offers superspecialized services in AWS training certification to make your future bright.

AWS Classroom training, One to One and Fast Track Training:

Besant Technologies started our journey from Chennai’s Velachery in the year 2011 and now extended services to train students into the IT city Bengaluru since 2017. However, with the growing demand of the students, we established many more branches in between these years of the extension. Now we are one of the leading institutes which provide the best AWS training in Chennai.
Besant Technologies gives every notch to get your nerves on AWS Training from beginning to advance level. We provide specialized classroom training with one to one and fast track classroom training and make it available for you on weekdays and weekends on flexible timings. If you are not comfortable with our given timings please let us know we customize our timings according to you. Therefore, learn the deep knowledge of the subject with Industry experts and modern lab facilities to take care of your essential AWS certification.

AWS Online One to One Training:

AWS Online One to One training in Besant Technologies is designed for the students who have tight schedules and limited timings. We provide professionals in the field for individuals to make questions without any hesitation and clear all their doubts. This will focus more on the difficult areas which need more focus with good retention.

AWS Online Classroom Training:

Want to explore your career globally? Join the Besant Technologies Amazon Web Services Online Classroom Training program which is now emerging as the prominent certificate for any IT professionals. This online course is designed to make you an expert in cloud computing. Online Classroom Training in Besant Technologies is conducted through Live Online Streaming. Through which you can participate in interactive sessions scheduled in the class timings that have been attended by global audiences.

Corporate Training:

As of the growing demand of the big corporate houses, Besant Technologies started Corporate Training Sessions on various sectors. In our training center Bangalore, we have specialized Trainers of IT fie makeable for corporate executives to get the nick on the latest technologies and trends. We also offer Corporate Training in the companies itself with feasible terms and conditions apply.

AWS Sample Resumes:

Model Resume 1 - To Applying for AWS Job



Nearly 3 years of total IT experience and currently working as a cloud consultant at Syntel international private limited, have created and implemented public and private cloud strategy based on Amazon web services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). Deep expertise in database migration from on-premises to AWS cloud.

Extensive Experience in working with AWS services such as S3, IAM, EC2, ELB, RDS, EBS, Auto Scaling, Route53, VPC, Cloud Front, AMI, Snapshot. Worked with IAM service creating new IAM users & groups, defining roles and policies and identity providers.


Company: Syntel International Private Limited

Current Location: Chennai

Duration: September 2015 to Present

Designation: Associate Consultant

Total Work Experience: Nearly 3 years as Cloud Consultant

Project Name: AWS data migration.


  • Database migration system:
  • Aws data migration service helps migrate databases and their data to AWS.
  • The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database. It also supports database schema conversion and real time data synchronization.
  • Implementation and maintenance of Identity and access management
  • Authorization code grant (15+ application)
  • Client credential grant
  • Implicit grant
  • Resource owner password grant


  • Extensively worked on database migration from on-premises to AWS cloud.
  • Extensively worked on database schema conversion tool for converting source database schema which will be compatible to the target database.
  • Successfully migrate on-premise database such as oracle, server, dynamo DB to AWS cloud.
  • Worked on a different scenario such as a full load from source database to target database and captured change data capture during ongoing migration.
  • Built EC2 instances using AWS AMI for Linux and windows platform in DEV Environment.
  • Good experience of AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS), different volume types and use of various types of

EBS volumes based on the requirement.

  • Designed and implemented highly scalable and fault tolerant, highly available and secured, distributed infrastructure using AWS Virtual private cloud (VPC), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), S3, Auto Scaling, RDS, Cloud watch and other AWS services.
  • Understand security best practices, policies and standards to design highly secure cloud architectures for internal and external cloud solutions.
  • Support the setup, configuration, and maintenance of an effective AWS cloud environment.
  • Architect’s and Implemented AWS Cloud cost-effective solution for Non-Production environment such as Development, Testing, etc.
  • Build servers using AWS, launching EC2, Creating security groups, auto-scaling, load balancers (ELBs) in the defined virtual private cloud
  • Experience in maintenance and configuration of user accounts for DEV, QA and production servers and created roles for EC2, S3, CloudWatch, EBS resources to communicate with each other using IAM.
  • Managed and configure AWS services as per the business needs (ELB, EC2, S3, IAM, VPC etc)
  • Costing, Design, Building and managing the infrastructure environments needed for the projects in the AWS hosting platform.
  • Created S3 backups using versioning enable and moved objects to amazon glacier for archiving purposes.
  • Configured security groups for EC2 window and Linux instances.
  • AWS Data backup (Snapshot, AMI creation) techniques, along with data-at-rest security within AWS.
  • Implemented security groups for inbound/outbound access.
  • Deployed and managed applications in the AWS cloud with elastic beanstalk.
  • Picking the right AWS services for the application and implemented cost control strategies.
  • Good understanding of ELB, auto-scaling, VPC, Security Groups.


  • Experience of working and delivering in extreme stressed and demanding conditions
  • Worked with IAM service creating new IAM users & groups, defining roles and policies and Identity providers.
  • Knowledge of Basic Linux commands.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Windows servers
  • Linux Servers


  • Database – Oracle 11g,12c, Redshift
  • Putty


Window 7,8,10


Degree/Certificate Year Institute/School, City %/CGPA

B.E. in Electronics &Telecommunication 2011-2015 Satyabhama University, Chennai. 7.2

Certifications and Training Completed

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – From Besant Technologies


  • Received Spot Recognition Award several times for the stretch and dedication I possessed.
  • Quality spoc for the team and handled several PQI and SSAE audit.
  • Part of Syntel cricket and won various corporate level tournaments.


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Model Resume 2 - To Applying for AWS Job


I am a Project Engineer with 5 years and 9 months of experience in Wintel & Active Directory administration. I pursued B.E – Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. Currently pursuing MBA-Finance, Anna University. Also, I am equipped with DELF- A1 – French language certification. I am looking forward to utilizing skills in a challenging environment to enhance career and personal growth.

Project Engineer – Directory Services Infrastructure Support -L2.1

Wipro – Nestle

2016 – 2018

Key responsibilities included:

  • Administration of Directory Services – A.D
  • Implementing, configuring, and troubleshooting of DNS service, forward and reverse lookup zones.
  • Configuring and troubleshooting of DHCP service.
  • Implementation of control points
  • Managing User administration, Groups, Organizational Units (OU), Group Policy management.
  • Creation of claims in Active Directory Federated Service (ADFS)
  • DFSR installation and configuration
  • Risk monitoring and administration
  • Incident and Change management coordinator role
  • Monitoring and reporting on health check activities
  • Supporting for Managed services transmission.

Project Engineer – Wintel / A.D Infrastructure Support -L2.1

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG)

2014 – 2016.

Key responsibilities as AD administrator included:

  • Monitoring of Directory Services infrastructure
  • Administration of Dev and test environment.
  • Daily health check report monitoring.
  • Implementing, configuring, troubleshooting of DNS service, forward and reverse lookup zones.
  • Load balance testing in the dev environment.

Key responsibilities as Wintel Administrator included:

  • Administration of Windows Server
  • Incident management, Problem Management, Change Management – coordinator.
  • Monitoring of daily health check report.
  • Troubleshooting hardware related issues in windows server.

Monitoring and administration of MTMI and MTTR for Incidents and Changes. Providing reports to clients

  • Team lead for freshers – handling 5 members.

Key responsibilities as VMware Administrator included:

  • Deploying VM’s by using templates
  • Creation and Management of Virtual Machine.
  • Installation of software through PADMN application.
  • V2V and P2V migration of Physical servers to VMware ESX hosts

Key responsibilities as Client System Administrator included:

  • Installation of software through PADMN application.
  • Adding or removal of the package in PADMN and SCCM.
  • Liaising with end-user for application related issues.

Project Engineer – Messaging Administrator – Infrastructure Support -L1.2

Capital One

2013 – 2014

Key responsibilities included:

  • Supporting Exchange 2007 for 4000+ mailboxes and 16 exchange servers
  • Implementing, configuring, and troubleshooting of Exchange server 2007, 2010, Blackberry servers.
  • Performing HAT and TLS entry request in the IronPort console
  • Administration of OCS, Monitoring of GFE & BES servers E-mail synchronization for mobile devices.

Team Rainbow – Global Infrastructure Support -L1.1

TRB- Trainee Engineer

2012- 2013

  • 3 months Training on various platform


DELF – A1 – French Language.

Alliance Française of Madras


B.E- Electronics and Instrumentation

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College

2008 – 2012

GPA: 7.5

MBA – Finance – Pursuing

Anna University

Nov 2014- Present

Intensive English Language Course – Pursuing

British Council.


Planning to appear for IELTS by January 2019
Knowledge in AD infrastructure (Directory Replication, group policy, security, schema changes, etc.)

  • Created basics scripts for health checks
  • System Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Systematic Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • French A1 Certified
  • Team Lead
  • Lean (Basic)
  • Best Performer award for incident reduction and multiple team handling
  • Received client appreciation for implementing emergency changes on -time
  • Received Outstanding and Excellent contribution rating in previous appraisals

1. Tushar Punekar

Company: Wipro Technologies, UK

Designation: Senior Project Manager

Telephone: +44-7448200963

2. Mohammed Asif

Company: Wipro Technologies, UK

Designation: Project Manager

Telephone: +44-7723483823

Model Resume 3 - To Applying for AWS Job

Professional Summary

6+ Years of experience in IT industry. AWS Certified SysOps Engineer (EC2, ELB, VPC, S3, CloudFront, IAM, RDS, Route 53, CloudWatch, SNS,). Team-Oriented DevOps and AWS engineer with 3 years of experience in developing, deploying, Integrating and managing application and server infrastructure across multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, and UNIX). Experienced on version controlling using GIT.

Hands on experience with configuration management using Ansible and container management using docker. Experienced in Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) Using Jenkins. Expert level knowledge of Amazon EC2, IAM, S3, RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, VPC, EBS and cloud formation.

Worked on installation and configuration of webservers, DB and application servers. Hands on experience in developing utilities using Python. Experienced in developing web and windows application with technologies (. NET3.0/3.5/4.0,ASP.NET, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS#, Ajax, JQuery, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Web services and Window services). Strong Perseverance and diligence towards attaining challenging goals and possess good communication skills and good quick learning ability.

CloudAmazon Web Services (EC2, ELB, VPC, S3, CloudFront, IAM, Route 53, CloudWatch, SNS)
Programing, scripting Languages and other tools.NET Framework 3.0/3.5/4.0, ASP.NET, Ajax, XML, Java script, JQuery, Linq, CSS3, HTML5, IIS,VSS 6.0, C#.NET VB.NET and Logi Analytics.
IDE ToolVisual Studio
DatabaseMS SQL Server 2008
Operating SystemsWindows, Unix


Cognizant Technology ServicesSenior Infra DeveloperFeb-2015 – Till Date
Anjusoft India Pvt., LTDSoftware EngineerMay 2012 – Jan 2015


  • Around 6+ years of experience in the IT industry comprising of Development, and 3.5 Years of experience in Software configuration management (SCM) includes DevOps Build/Release Management.
  • Hands-on experience in creating users and groups using IAM and assigned individual policies to each group.
  • Configured Load Balancers (ELB) and used Route53 with failover and latency options for high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Experienced on configuring the VPC and configured the subnets and provided internet access to the instances.
  • Experienced in python to automate the jobs.
  • Deployed AWS resources using Cloud formation templates.
  • Used the Cloud watch to create the alert for the Instances and ELB and achieves on-time decommissioning using cloud watch.

Project Details

Project#6: Capital One

Company: Cognizant

Client: Capital One

Duration: Jul2016 to Current

Project#5: Abbott Diabetic Care Client

Company: Cognizant

Client: Abbott

Duration: Feb2016 to Jun 2018

Project#4: Promontory Staff Augmentation

Company: Cognizant

Client: Promontory

Duration: Feb2015 to Dec 2016

Project#3: DocxOnline

Company: Anjusoft

Client: Anjutech

Duration: Jan 2014 to Jan 2015

Project#2: Legosys

Company: Anjusoft

Client: FastGrade

Duration: May 2013 to Jan 2014

Project#1: DocXLogic(Electronic Content Management)

Company: Anjusoft

Client: Anjutech

Duration: Nov 2013 to Apr 2014

Languages Known:Telugu & English
Marital Status:Unmarried.
Passport number:K1405055


I hereby assure that the above information furnished is true to the best of my knowledge.

DATE: Yours Truly,

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