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Besant Technologies provides the best Ansible online training with Ansible experts. Become an expert in Ansible, the popular, agent-free, open-source automation tool. With our training, you will be able to use Ansible for automation, configuration, and management. Besant Technologies Ansible training will enable you to install and configure Ansible, create and run playbooks, and handle a comprehensive cloud set-up with skill and configure network devices in Linux, UNIX-like, Mac and Windows operating systems.

Ansible Course Online

We will ensure your Ansible online training success with certification. Our training focusses on hands-on and real-time training followed by placement assistance. Besant Technologies Ansible course is handled by a Red Hat-certified trainer who has 10+ years of professional experience in automation and DevOps.

According to Glassdoor, professionals with Ansible skill can get a salary in the range of $66k-$102k. In India, an Ansible expert can earn up to one lakh rupees a month. Ansible-qualified DevOps personnel is high in demand in sectors like Marketing and Advertising, Computer Software, Telecommunications, Information and Technology, Finance and Internet.

We do provide practical Ansible training which will enable you to make use of all the possibilities of the OSS configuration automation tool Ansible. Join Besant Technologies Ansible Training and Certification course today and lay a foundation for your great leap in career.

About Ansible Certification Training Course

Besant Technologies Ansible training certification course will help you to know the advantages and power provided by Ansible in the automation of operations and configuration management. In this Ansible training course, you will know the basic Ansible modules and learn to use roles and playbooks for the automation of operations. This high-end Ansible course will also enable you to use Ansible Galaxy for the creation of playbooks.

At the end of the course, you will be an expert in using playbooks and in integrating Ansible into the DevOps Pipeline.  Ansible online course is intended for system administrators who are considering using Ansible for automation, configuration, and management.  This Ansible online training course is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. The course environment is Ansible 2.0 and Ansible Tower 2.4.5. This Job Oriented Training is available as Live Online Training, as well as Live Classroom Training.

What will you learn in this Ansible Training Course?

As a result of attending this Ansible online course, you should be able to use Ansible for the purpose of automation, configuration, and management. In the Ansible certification training course, through hands-on training, you will learn

  • how to use Ansible to realize the automation of system administration works on managed hosts
  • create and standardize Ansible playbooks and task execution
  • schedule recurring web interface runs using Ansible Tower
  • how to manage Ansible encryption with Ansible Vault, organize and accomplish Ansible Tower with it
  • centrally deal playbooks
  • employ Ansible in a DevOps setting with Vagrant.

Who should take up this Ansible training and Certification Course?

Integrating IT automation is inevitable to manage oodles of systems and apps in an efficient, consistent and scalable way. Those who are involved in this process must take up this Ansible certification course.  This Certification Training is best suited for

  • DevOps specialists
  • Infrastructure automation professionals
  • Those who do Systems design
  • System and cloud administrators

What are the prerequisites for learning Ansible?

  • Linux system to set up Ansible
  • Basic Linux administrator skills
  • Basic skills in managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Enterprise Linux knowledge and experience
  • It is desirable to have the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification
  • A Red hat account is required to take this Online Ansible Training.

Why should you take up this Ansible Online Training?

Automating repetitive tasks and standardizing environments is a problem that affects the IT world both on the side of systems management (Ops) and on the development side (Dev). The proliferation of platforms and in particular the use of Cloud solutions has accentuated the problem, making it necessary to have fast, reliable and easy tools for managing configurations and for the continuous release of code. Ansible is a tool to orchestrate the installation and configuration of systems and applications: it allows you to define the status of one or more servers in a predictable, replicable and consistent way. Ansible Training and Certification course makes you an expert in Ansible with Real-time Training and Project support.

Introduction to Ansible

What is Ansible?

Ansible is a Python configuration management tool developed in an open-source project. According to the setting file written in YAML format, settings for servers and network devices can be executed automatically. Now it extends beyond configuration management and can be used for application deployment and orchestration. Anyway,  Ansible is primarily an automation tool.

Red Hat is supporting Ansible. Born in 2012, Ansible has been developing at a rapid pace in recent years, with new releases coming every few months. The current version is 2.7 and we expect a 2.8 release soon. There are two types of Ansible: community version provided by OSS and enterprise version supported by RedHat.

What is Ansible used for?

Ansible is an open-source software used for configuration management, automation and large-scale orchestration of IT systems and infrastructures. Red Hat Ansible Automation is used in the enterprise sector. It can be used effectively across the various teams and functions operating in IT, from the system and network administrators to developers and managers. The Ansible Tower component adds the features that make Ansible usable in a complex context such as dashboard, web-based user interface, centralized authentication, multi-tenancy, role-based access, job scheduler, auditing and a complete set of RESTful APIs.

Benefits of Ansible

Ansible provides quality assurance processes that guarantee companies the necessary stability, technical support and much more. The main benefits of Ansible are:

  • the elimination of malfunctions due to human errors
  • the description of the infrastructures as a code that makes it possible to deploy (or redeploy) entire data centers automatically and in extremely short times;
  • the ability to manage growing complexity in an increasingly heterogeneous context;
  • greater control and rationalization of existing infrastructures and systems, rationalizing costs and creating the conditions for enabling transformation processes;

Ansible Vs Chef Vs Puppet

A configuration management tool is a tool for deploying applications to multiple servers at once, injecting and managing configurations. Ansible, Chef, and Puppet are Configuration Management Tools. Differences between these three tools are given in this table:

(Runs on a single active node, called the primary instance. If the primary goes down, the secondary instance becomes active as master)(If the primary server goes down, the backup server will replace the primary server)(Multi-master configuration. If the active master goes down, the other masters make up./.)
Easy setupSimpleSomewhat difficultSomewhat difficult
(A feature of Ansible is that there is no need to install an agent on the client. You can log in to clients and nodes using an SSH connection. It is very easy to set up in that no client configuration is required.)(Chef is made up of masters and agents. The Chef server runs on the master machine, and each client has an agent installed on it. So it doesn't feel like it's easy to introduce.)(Puppet is also made up of masters and agents. It is no different from Chef in terms of ease of installation.)
ManageabilitySimpleSomewhat difficultDifficulty
(Creates a configuration file using a notation called YAML. YAML can be created in various languages ??such as Ruby and Python.)(Programming technology is required because a program called Ruby DSK is used. The client is managed by pulling the configuration from the server.)(Because it uses a proprietary language called Puppet DSL, it is not manageable. It feels like a system for system administrators.)
LanguageYAMLDSL (Ruby)DSL (PuppetDSL)
(Ansible supports Windows clients, but the Ansible server must be a Linux / UNIX machine.)(The Chef server must be Linux / UNIX, but the Chef client also supports Windows.)(The Puppet master must also be Linux / UNIX, but the Puppet agent also supports Windows.)


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Ansible Online Training Syllabus


  • Why configuration management is a critical part of any DevOps team
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Ansible
  • Webscale
    • How Ansible is different from other CM tools like Chef and Puppet
    • Getting started with Ansible terminology
    • Ansible and YML for describing your environments

Getting set up

  • Some prerequisites
  • Getting set up on a Mac
  • Getting set up on Linux
  • Getting set up on Windows
  • Testing with Vagrant
  • Using SSH keys to connect to your target nodes


  • Basic inventory example
  • Hosts and groups

Ansible Playbooks

  • A useful directory structure to keep your Ansible code organized
  • Using git to manage your Ansible code
  • A first look at a playbook to install and configure NTP time synchronization


  • Connecting Ansible to your preferred cloud provider (we’ll use DigitalOcean)
  • Creating a new server instance
  • Dynamic inventory
  • Dynamic inventory on Amazon AWS
  • Mixing static and dynamic inventory

Highly available infrastructure with Ansible

  • Spec up our inventory and host groups
  • Using roles
  • Configure our database backend
  • Configure our web server front-end
  • Configure a replicated filesystem
  • Configure centralized logging

Application deployments with Ansible

  • Deploying our app from SCM to our local Vagrant environment
  • How we would deploy that code to production once tested by QA
  • Updating our application
  • How Ansible compares to alternatives such as Capistrano

Docker containers with Ansible

  • A brief intro to Docker
  • The synergy of containerization and automation
  • Using Ansible to build Docker containers
  • MySQL containers
  • Web application containers
  • Data storage containers

Testing and continuous integration

  • Unit, integration and functional testing
  • Automating your testing using GitHub and Travis CI

Preparing for Ansible back at work

  • Real-world use case: Using Ansible to automate CM and application pipelines through continuous integration, release, deployment, and operations
  • We’ll review your own environments and processes and evaluate how to best integrate Ansible’s configuration management for your own needs

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Ansible Training

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Ansible Training

Ansible Exams & Certification

Besant Technologies Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at Besant Technologies is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

Ansible Training

After completing the Ansible certification training course, participants can try for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in the Ansible Automation exam. Getting this certificate will prove that you are qualified to use Ansible to execute automation in an enterprise environment. The code of this exam is EX407. DevOps engineers, infrastructure automation engineers, and systems design engineers. When you complete Ansible online training successfully, you will be given a proficiency certificate which is respected and valued by most of the employers.


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Key Features of Ansible Training

30+ Hours Course Duration

100% Job Oriented Training

Industry Expert Faculties

Free Demo Class Available

Completed 800+ Batches

Certification Guidance

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Training Courses Reviews

The content of the Ansible online training course is very good and complete, just as it is very easy to attend the training without much prior knowledge. Likewise, the trainer’s attention has been excellent. My Linux administrator skills were minimal, but the trainer helped me to catch up with the complexities of Ansible.


Krishnakumar PB

I have been doing front-end development for two years and wanted to learn Ansible to progress in my career. The certified trainer at Ansible certification training course really helped me to understand the Ansible Modules, Playbooks, Roles, and Variables.


Shalini Iyer

I found the Ansible online training a superb introduction to Ansible. The trainer was very helpful and he gave us brief lessons with online coding exercises. I was very happy when I first created my own Playbook.  I strongly recommend this course to all Ansible aspirants.


Mahesh Kumar

I am delighted with the Ansible certification training course, the help received was personalized so as to solve my doubts. I could get a good understanding of various aspects of Ansible, especially in Ansible playbooks and Ansible Vault.


Ahmed Ansari

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  • Trained more than 2000+ students in a year.
  • Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.
  • Are certified professionals with high grade.
  • Are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies.

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Ansible career opportunities

According to LinkedIn, proficiency in Ansible will be one of the most valued skills in 2020 that will land you in a lucrative job. Red Hat services claim that Ansible is the highest-paid DevOps skill. Ansible skill will be much in demand in key sectors like Marketing and Advertising, Computer Software, Telecommunications, Information and Technology, Finance, Internet. Ansible is inevitable if you want to get the job of Site Reliability Engineer which will fetch you an annual salary of around Rs 11 lakhs.

Technical Operations Engineer, another highly paid job, also need to know Ansible. To perform DevOps in a Microsoft Azure context also, Ansible knowledge is desirable. If you check the job site, Naukri, you will find Ansible-related jobs like Ansible YAML, Splunk administrator, Ansible Automation consultant, Lead deployment engineer, Ansible developer, Big data testing in Python and Ansible, Blue planet (Enterprise automation), Ansible Playbook developer, Open stack deployment engineer, Ansible automation developer, etc. Salary of these jobs obviously varies, but always best in the industry.

You can easily grab one of these jobs with the placement assistance provided to you after you complete Ansible online training.

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