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Primavera Online training will help you to become expert in Primavera P6 with Real time Projects. This Primavera P6 Certification Course Provides Hands-on experience to enhance your Career. Our Primavera Training Course covers different aspects of project management, portfolio management and resource management in Primavera P6’s Web‐based Application, such as creating and building a Work Breakdown Structure, assigning resources, resolution of schedule delays, etc.  This Primavera P6 course will enable you to pass the Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 Essentials exam (1Z0-567) and Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials Exam (1Z0-1057).

Primavera P6 Online Training Overview

Oracle Primavera P6 Training  will help you learn to visualize and streamline project management at the organization level using Primavera P6, Oracle’s enterprise project portfolio management software. In this best Primavera P6  course online,  you will be trained to provide project information in real-time and to detect project delays and cost overrun trends and make appropriate decisions to prevent project deficits, so as to improve your company’s profits.

This best Primavera P6 course online is Ideal for getting lucrative jobs in project-centric business areas like Engineering and construction, Aerospace / Defense, Public utilities, Oil and gas, industrial product manufacturing, Public institutions, and Financial Services.  Successfully completing this Primavera P6 training course will help you to get a job in the project management field, which offers an average salary of INR 608k. For a bright future as a highly-sought project manager, join now Primavera P6 Online Course.

What are the objectives of Primavera P6 Online Training

The main challenges in project management are Progress management of multiple teams, Creation of management materials for each submission destination, Worker load management, Managing plan changes. Primavera P6 Online Course with Hands-on Training will help you to meet all these challenges successfully. The main objectives of the Primavera P6  Certification Course are the following:

  • Learn Primavera P6 to plan, manage and control the project effectively with Primavera P6
  • Create the greatest business value for successful projects and programs by learning Work Breakdown Structure
  • Learn Primavera P6 to: Create a project, analyze resource usage; and find solutions for schedule delays. Waterline analysis will be given special emphasis in this Best Primavera P6 Course Online
  • They will be able to: build portfolios; observe return‐on‐investment data; utilize earned value, capacity planning.
  • Participants at the end of the Primavera P6 Online Training will have the skills of portfolio management, using high‐level resource planning and to analyze resource usage.

To put it briefly, at the end of the Oracle Primavera P6  Course, participants will be able to configure and create tasks, prepare projects, allocate resources and costs, create Activity Network Diagrams (PERT), Gantt Diagrams, track and control activities and use various necessary complements for a proper planning and control of projects through Primavera Project planner.

What you Learn from this Primavera P6 Online Course?

In this Primavera P6  Certification Course, you will learn how to execute the following with Primavera P6:

  • Maximize utilization of limited resources
  • Improvement of collaboration by establishing collaboration within and outside the company
  • Management of large programs involving multiple suppliers and subcontractors
  • Improve team productivity and speed up project execution
  • Launch the right product at the right time
  • Manage issues and documents.
  • Improve governance and accountability and meet regulatory requirements
  • Management of short-term projects with heavy loads that include operations stoppage
  • Claim avoidance and prevention measures related to construction projects
  • Know the Primavera P6 web access, Browse and customize the Project Workspace.
  • Create a portfolio of projects, portfolio views
  • Create and analyze control panels.

At the end of each day in the Primavera P6 Online Training, questionnaires and workshops are applied with controlled results that allow the live instructor to verify that the student is correctly assimilating the topics. The student will be able to make analogies between the examples of the course and their projects in real life.

Who Should go for the Primavera P6 Online Course?

All the professionals who want to create the greatest business value for successful projects and programs must join this Best Primavera P6  Course Online. This course will be ideal for the following:

  • End users
  • Project managers
  • Application administrators
  • Program office members
  • Core team members
  • Report writers
  • Those who aim at Rel 6, Rel 6.2 and Rel 7
  • Those who want to get jobs in the project management sector
  • People who presently work in the project management sector and want to improve their skills in order to get a higher position.

What are the Prerequisites for P6 Course

The following are the prerequisites for joining this Online Primavera P6  Course.

  • Knowledge of basic project management principles
  • You must have a personal computer and know the basics of the operating system.
  • The participant of this Primavera P6 Training course must be well-versed in Microsoft Excel.
  • The participant’s PC has to be loaded with a free trial version of Oracle Primavera P6.

Why should one go for Primavera P6 Course?

Primavera P6 is now a highly-sought skill in the job market. Job seekers and those who look for promotions or better jobs should go for this Primavera P6 Online Training.

  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, project management jobs will grow by 8 percent in the coming years. Due to government-sponsored mega schemes like Make in India, demand for project managers is on the rise in India too.
  • Have a look at LinkedIn or any job site like Naukri and you will see hundreds of job opportunities for skilled project managers. Primavera P6 is now a required tech skill for project management-related jobs.
  • com informs that the average salary of Primavera P6 skill is $ 61k in the U.S. In India, it ranges from ₹ 426K to ₹ 2m across industries.
  • Successfully completing the Primavera P6 Training course, which strictly follows the official Oracle University curriculum, will enable you to grab a job in the project management domain with an attractive salary.

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Primavera P6 Training Syllabus

Introduction to Primavera                                            (Duration: 2Hr)

Learning objectives:

This session will help you understand the ultimate purpose of primavera is to build a model that allows you to predict the activities and resources critical for the timely completion of the project


  • EPS
  • OBS
  • WBS
  •  Activities
  • Resources
  • Baseline
  • Tracking
  • Report


A brainstorming session on the trends in current industries 

Project Management Life Cycle                           (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how project management life cycle  is currently being used on Primavera 


  • Initiating Process Group
  • Planning Process Group
  • Executing Process Group
  • Monitoring and Control Process Group
  • Closing Process Group


This Session Will help to understand the process of the project management life cycle in any project we carry out.

Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)                              (Duration: 1Hrs)

Learning objectives:

This session will help you understand why the hierarchical breakdown of the divisions of organization.is required.


  • How to represent the view of your company
  • Companies different divisions
  • Differentiation of cost & time division wise.

Hands-on Lab:

Creation of Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) and assigning to the project.

Organization Breakdown Structure                  (Duration: 1Hrs)

Learning objectives:

This session will help you understand OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure) is a hierarchical arrangement of an organization’s management structure.

The OBS usually reflects the management structure of an organization, from top-level personnel down through the various levels constituting the business


  •  How to represent the view of your Project
  • Managers with different divisions
  • Differentiation of  area & scope division


Creation of Organisation breakdown structure (OBS) and assigning to the project.

Calendar                                                           (Duration: 2 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

This session will help you understand how a project should follow specific working days and times. According to the timing, project duration can be scheduled and analyzed. The calendar will display the working and non-working time of an organization. The calendar will also represent the working days and working hours in a day.


  • Global calendar
  • Project calendar 
  • Resource calendar


Creation of  Calendar and assigning to the project.

Work Breakdown Structure                   (Duration: 2 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

This session will help you understand how significantly work breakdown structure (WBS) to define and organize the project elements so as to clearly breakdown the elements into small components for a better understanding of the project.


  • Using Primavera to create an outline of your project 
  • Creation of manageable components in terms of size, duration, and responsibility


  • How to create and assign tasks from the higher level to lower level.

Activities                                      (Duration: 2 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

This session will help you understand how activities are the fundamental work elements of a project. They are the lowest level of a Work Breakdown Structure.


  • Start Milestone
  • Finish Milestone
  • Task Dependent
  • Resource Dependent
  • WBS Summary
  • Activity ID
  • Activity Name
  • Duration


  • How to setup or create and assign tasks individually.

Relationship                                  (Duration: 2 Hrs)

Learning objectives      

After defining the calendars and assigning them to the required activities, the next step is to assign relationships to the activities to arrive at the schedule of the project.


  • how the activity relates to the start or finish of another activity
  • Predecessor
  • Successor
  • Finish to Start
  • Start to Start
  • Finish to Finish
  • Start to Finish


  • How to set up the relationship between individual activity and create a link between each activity to create a schedule.

Scheduling                                       (Duration: 4 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

When the list of activities, duration and the relationship assigned for each and every activity have been completed, the activity dates and full schedule of the project can be calculated. 


  • Critical Path Method
  • Total Float
  • Free Float


  • How to create the project and to know which is the critical path.

Roles                                      (Duration: 1 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

Roles represent personnel job titles or skills needed to execute projects.


  • Proficiency level
  • skill requirements


  • How to setup or create and assign roles individually.

Resources                                      (Duration: 3 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

A Resource can be defined as an entity that is assigned to an activity and is required to accomplish the task The resource includes people, materials, equipment, and money. It is recommended to create and assign the minimum number of resources to activities.


  • Labour
  • Non-Labour
  • Material
  • Resource Analysis
  • Leveling


  • How to setup or create resources and assign individually.

Baseline                                     (Duration: 3 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

A baseline is a copy or snapshot of project data at a given time. Since the baseline is a static representation of a project plan, it can be used in comparison to measuring performance as the project progresses.


  • Assigning the target project(s) to the schedule
  • Marking the progress
  • Updating the schedule
  • Calculating the schedule and
  • Comparing and reporting actual  progress against planned progress and changing the schedule if needed


  • How to setup or create a Baseline and assign individually.

Tracking                                   (Duration: 3 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

The update is very essential in a project. The update helps in analyzing project status and gives a clear idea about the project for efficient decision making.

Normally a project has a specified status date that could be typically either once a week or once a month. Progress is recorded according to the status date and the scheduler updates the schedule when the information is received.


  • Actual Start Date
  • Remaining Duration
  • The percentage complete and
  • The finish date of completed activities
  • Duration % Complete
  • Physical % Complete


  • Update the status of the project which will help to analyze the project.

Earned value analysis                           (Duration: 2 Hrs)

Learning objectives: 

Earned Value analysis is the most frequently used performance measurement method. simply stated, it compares what you got to what you spent. Earned value looks at the schedule, cost, and scope performance measurement of a project together.


  • Planned Value Cost
  • Earned Value Cost
  • Actual Cost
  • Cost Variance
  • Schedule Variance
  • Budget At Completion
  • Estimate At Completion Cost
  • Variance At Completion

Reports                                                 (Duration: 2 Hrs)

Learning objectives:

Reports play a vital role in an organization for taking timely, effective, and efficient decisions and actions. Reports are a very useful method for keeping track of important information. The information contained in reports can be used to make very important decisions that affect our daily life.


  • Tabular Report
  • Graphical Report


  • To provide the report about the current and future tense of the project.

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Primavera P6 Certification Training Key Features

Online Primavera P6 Course Key Features

Best Primavera P6  Course Online is a Project Management Course aimed at preparing for ePM Ability Certification: ORACLE PRIMAVERA P6.

  • 48 hours of interactive live instructor-led training
  • Self-paced videos: 34 hours
  • Practicals and project work: 58 hours
  • Practice sessions on Oracle’s Primavera Server
  • Certified and experienced instructor
  • Course completion certificate
  • After course too, trainer will be available for clearing your doubts, if any.
  • Job assistance will be provided till you get job



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Training Courses Reviews

The Oracle Primavera P6 training course I attended two months ago was very interesting and fruitful. I had been working as an assistant project manager in an MNC located in Electronic city, Bangalore. I learned many new methodologies in Project management. The oracle primavera P6 training course is clear and with a practical approach oriented to the context in which the participants work. Soon after this Oracle Primavera P6 course, I got a better job in a famous company in Manyata Techpark, Bangalore. I strongly recommend this course to all those who presently work as project managers and those who want to enter this field as freshers.



Competence, professionalism, and sympathy lavished by all the staff, teachers and administrative staff, to the Online Primavera P6 training course participants. I can say that I will miss people, the willingness to compare one’s work, the professional openness to change. Thank you all for making me a much better project manager.


Maria Lopez

I don’t know how to summarize the extraordinary days of the Oracle Primavera P6 training course and the image that keeps coming to my mind is that of a full backpack because, figuratively, this is what I eventually took home with me. For me, who arrived there with just a year’s experience in project management returned as a Primavera-loaded expert project manager. Thank you all for the Primavera P6 certification course.



After the Oracle Primavera P6 course I had good confidence that as a project manager I can add good business value to the projects in my company. The trainer at Primavera P6 certification course was very helpful and cleared all our doubts. I never thought I could master the Primavera project planner so quickly.



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Multiple users and multiple types of relations Primavera can be worked upon by different users at the same time. In Primavera P6, multiple types of relationships between activities, like FF and SS, can be created. Only a single user can work on Microsoft Project. Only a sort of relationship can be had between two operations.
Baselines In Primavera P6 you can add many baselines at any juncture to a schedule.


In Microsoft Project, 11 baselines can be created for a project
Risk possibilities and issue cases Risk possibilities and issues can be found and followed with Primavera P6 features like Qualitative Risk Register and Risk Register Reports. MS Project doesn’t offer a facility to find and follow the issues and risks that the project confronts
Web support Documents, plans, etc, are HTML compatible. Information in MS Project cannot be converted to HTML.
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