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How to Prepare for AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam?

How to Prepare for AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam?

A Complete Guide to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification is an AWS Certification targeted at engineers who design systems using AWS. If you can pass this AWS Certification, you can pass other AWS associate certifications with less difficulty.

In this AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification Exam, the knowledge of building and deploying secure and robust applications using AWS technology is tested. Your skill to do it according to the customer’s requirement and to define the solution according to the AWS architecture design principle will also be examined.

In other words, AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification has been designed for people who design and manage applications on the Amazon platform, i.e., Amazon Web Services. It tests your technical skills and expertise in many aspects: from the design to the distribution of AWS systems according to the main AWS guidelines.

Preferred pre-requisites to attend AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification exam

Before attending the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification Exam, candidates must have a year of AWS experience and expertise in one of the main programming languages, among other qualifications.

Besant Technologies offer the best AWS Certification Training which helps you to advance your technical skills and get familiar with the best practices for working with AWS. We also provide you with AWS SAA-C01 Certification Dumps, Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Simulator and Mobile App.

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Who should take the Solutions Architect Certification?

This coveted certification is for those who intend to demonstrate their abilities in designing complex IT architectures using AWS services. With this certification, you can certify your ability to design scalable, secure and reliable architectures directly on AWS, as well as the ability to migrate multi-tier applications from an on-premises solution to an on-cloud solution.

Introduction to AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam

The difference between certification and an exam is that a certification is a credential that an individual receives when they meet a series of certification requirements, which usually include passing an exam.

Once you meet all the requirements, you will receive the certification credentials.

AWS certification exams are administered at Pearson Vue exam centers in India. You can register online to fix your exam date.

You can sign in to AWS training official site and click Certification above. You can press the AWS Certification Account button. pressing Schedule New Exam will allow you to find the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification exam. You can either fix your exam at PSI or find the date at the Pearson VUE button.

As per the latest information this exam will have 65 questions to be answered in two hours and ten minutes. Some questions will have one correct answer and others may have more than one. A passing score is not revealed.

Candidates must present two forms of personal identification (ID). The main form must be a valid identity card issued by the government, containing a photograph and a signature. The second form of primary identification must be valid and contain a signature. At the time of the exam, it is not allowed to use reference material or electronic devices at any time during the exam.

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What should you do on the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification Examination Day

  • Arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the start of the exam
  • Two identity verification documents and one 2×2 inch photo in color are required. Primary ID like passport, driving license, etc, must be current and valid. The secondary ID must have your signatures like debit or credit card.
  • All luggage except identity verification documents will be stored in the locker
  • Wait in the waiting room
  • You will be taken to the examination room
  • Test start
  • Test end (the result is displayed on the screen)
  • Leave the examination room
  • Tell the receptionist that the exam is over
  • Take out the luggage from the locker
  • Go back

What is the passing score of AWS Certification Exams?

Amazon uses statistical analysis to fix the passing score. It’s never made available to the public. As soon as you finish the exam, you can see your results on your computer screen.

Can you repeat the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification exam?

If you couldn’t reach the score needed, you can reappear for the exam after a time-lapse of two weeks. You can attempt two more times within a year. You’ll have to pay the exam fees for additional attempts. 

When you pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification exam

When you pass the exam, you will get an Amazon certificate and the corresponding credential. You can use this title on your personal cards.

Will the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification expire?

Yes. You’ve to renew certification every two years.

Some general tips from Mohit Goyal, a former student of Besant Technologies who got success in AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam :

Prepare with a minimum of 1 month if you have knowledge and experience in AWS.  If you have little of the either, you must spend 2 months of preparation.

Knowledge without practice is useless, so take time to create an AWS account with a pre-paid card and PRACTISE.

Try to spend time, every day in two parts: theory and practical part.

When you’re traveling in BMTC buses or Bangalore Metro or traveling in your office cab practice in the various mobile apps for preparation of the AWS Solution Architect exam. Exam quiz apps are there.

If you can discuss or resolve doubts before the exam with a colleague or acquaintance who is already AWS Certified, it will help you.

Apart from reading books and attending an AWS certification training course, you may also get practical experience. A good institute like Besant Technologies will provide you hands-on experience using AWS.  I also checked the SAA-C01 Exam Dumps on the Internet.

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Remya Menon, another successful student who got certified has the following guidelines to share with you
  • Confirmation of exam outline

You must first get a good idea about the AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate certification exam. Read in official AWS page the exam outline carefully to understand the knowledge points and outlines of the exam design. The contents of the test have been revised since September 2018, so the contents are updated. Check not only the exam schedule and exam fees but also the Exam Handbook.

  • Get AWS account

If you do not have an account to study AWS, please get it. You can do many practices with this account. Take the Amazon sample exam for this certification. This will give you a pretty close idea about the type and style of the questions you will face in the exam.

Do not fail to review the papers such as the reference to the Well-Architected Framework. Here you will find questions about real-life scenarios where you should apply what is specified in the papers. These are available to download as pdf from the Amazon official site and even to download in kindle.

Some “SAA-C01 Exam dumps Free” claiming to be from past AWS Solution Architect exam will come out if you search the internet for “SAA-C01 Exam Dumps”, but basically it is a non-public content, so it is forbidden to over-trust it.

Amazon makes various Labs, Quizzes and Video courses available on its website to help prepare for AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam, but the best way to reach the necessary preparation to take an exam is to join the preparation classes conducted by Besant Technologies, the pioneer company in this field,

Courses of Besant Technologies are structured to allow you to easily face an exam session and our teachers are highly qualified having followed a training course directly at the Amazon Web Services training centers.

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Ajay Reddy, a successful candidate who completed the course at Besant Technologies, gives this testimony

Last year, with the training at Besant Technologies, I passed the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification exam. The truth is that it was not easy, as the AWS Certification exam covers virtually the entire Amazon cloud, with great emphasis on its IaaS, especially on machines (EC2) and networks (VPC).

I took the test at the Pearson Vue test center in Bangalore. The previous two days I did the following:

  • Read the exam preparation book (2 books)
  • Did a mock exam
  • I identified the points that I was still not good at’
  • Re-learned the points that are not good

It was my first experience, so I was nervous and feared I could take the exam properly.

The exam took 65 questions to be answered within 130 minutes.

The AWS SAA-C01 Certification Dumps cannot be introduced in detail because of the AWS Certified Program Agreement on AWS Certification Questions and Dumps, but there were more questions that require a more specific understanding of the AWS service about more specific use cases than the mock problems. I think the websites that claim that they have AWS SAA-C01 Certification Dumps are dubious.

When you join the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification training at Besant Technologies, you’ll be provided with AWS Certification Questions and Dumps. Their training very much helped me in passing this exam.

During the exam, I felt that it was a very meaningful challenge because I could understand the basic services and functions of AWS related to security and availability, such as VPC, subnets, security groups, IAM and autoscaling.

The biggest thing I wanted to tell all the AWS Solution Architect certificate aspirants who want to join is that in this certification exam nothing is asked about the development, rather it is focused on the creation of infrastructure solutions, problem-solving and cost optimization.

I also warn you that you should keep a close watch on all the current developments in the AWS solution architecture environment because the questions on newly introduced features can be asked. In my exam use, some questions about the Gateway API and the Lambda were asked which I thought should not be asked.

Guidelines by Sahana Muhammed, one of our former students who got the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification after training at Besant Technologies.

For training, I strongly recommend the AWS Associate Certified Solutions Architect course at Besant Technologies. After a few days of training,  I began to create my personal Amazon AWS notes while practicing at the same time.

Along with attending AWS Certification preparation classes at a good institute like Besant, read books and practice. But when you start reading, you’ll be confused about what to read from a plethora of books. At first, I didn’t even know what an EC2 instance was. AWS Certification Material provided by Besant trainers was very helpful for SAA-C01 Exam Crack. Do not depend too much on AWS SAA-C01 Certification Dumps available on the Internet.

I created an AWS account to learn. If you don’t start creating huge environments, the cost will be a few dollars. When you register, they ask you for a credit card and you can have “free tier” servers (free) for one year.

Here is a description of what I did on the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification exam day, my D-day!

  • Read the exam preparation book (2 books)
  • Did an AWS official mock exam
  • Identified points that I was not good at
  • Re-learned bad points
  • Read the exam preparation book
  • Explored Black Belt

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Role of books

You can buy several books that were explained to everyone in an easy-to-understand manner and read them. Of course, you cannot understand just by reading them once, and you need to read over and over again.

But remember, AWS regularly updates its services, so real-time information cannot be covered with books that have not been updated since publication. Therefore, the content is different from place to place. (Time, function, etc.).

You may buy the official certification book AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam and study in thoroughly. Do not rely on AWS Certification Dumps and Free AWS dumps. Many websites cheat AWS Certification aspirants by selling the so-called SAA-C01 Dumps. Do not fall prey to the AWS Certification exam dumps free gimmicks too. But you can rely on AWS SAA-C01 Practice Test Questions and SAA-C01 Mock Test provided by Besant Technologies during the AWS Certified Solution Architect Certification Training.


AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification is one of the highest-paid IT certifications. This certification opens the door to a career in which an average salary is Rs IM in India and $130,883 abroad. AWS certification salary is the main attraction of this certification.

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