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Besant Technologies is providing DevOps Training in Delhi by the highly skilled trainers at a very cost-effective price. Our Live instructor provides hands-on training to the students and makes them capable to handle multiple projects of the MNC and IT companies. Our professional defines every topic in detail of DevOps techniques for using Jenkins, Git, Chef, Docker, Nagios, Vagrant, Ansible, Aws DevOps and Puppet, etc.

DevOps Certification Course in Delhi

Our DevOps Course in Delhi provides you a brief knowledge about Managing cloud, configuration management, alert configuration, Linux administration, version control tool, and to construct Automation Monitoring. Our DevOps Training in Delhi where the professionals are highly experienced to clear all the concepts of DevOps one by one in brief. Our trainer is available to give you 24/7 live support to solve all the queries for DevOps issues for students as well as professionals.

We are one of the Best DevOps Training Institute in Delhi for providing practical training to make the student confident. After completing the Besant Technologies of DevOps Online Training Course we provide the certificate at the end of the session in DevOps Training Institute in Delhi. Come and make yourself perfect in DevOps to get your dream job with an average salary of 571,851 in India. Want to go aboard then come and wide your DevOps knowledge under the guidance of our experienced trainers of DevOps Training in Delhi.

DevOps Certification Training Course in Delhi is the best course to uplift your career to a new horizon. You will vastly learn The course Agendas, Continuous Integration, Containerization, and many more throughout our syllabus. The trainers of this course are world-class, and most of them are right now continuing their career with IT DevOps Leadership roles. AWS Certified DevOps professional, Kubernetes Certification, Docker Certified Associate, AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solution Certification; all these are considered a global certification. The average salary of a DevOps certified professionals in varies within $99000 – $130000 annually.

Best DevOps Training Institute in Delhi

Besant Technology is a suitable place to explore your DevOps knowledge. We are the Best DevOps Training Institute in Delhi to provide DevOps Online Training. Our certificate oriented DevOps Online Course syllabus is well designed by our experienced engineers. Our DevOps Certification Course is proper and briefly curated by our experienced trainer for the candidate to clear the certification and the interviews of topmost IT and MNC companies in India as well as in aboard.

We are one of the best real-time training for DevOps Training in Delhi to offers hands-on training on real-life base projects to build confidence in the candidate. Our trainer of DevOps Training Institute in Delhi also takes responsibility for the placement of each student in companies. As compare to other DevOps Training Institute in Delhi, Besant Technologies offers DevOps Training at affordable prices for every student and professional.

About DevOps Course in Delhi

The DevOps Course in Delhi covers all the topics for reducing the stress of communication, integration continuously, collaborating, continuous testing, continuous Deployment, monitoring continues briefly. We provide live classroom training and real-life industry projects to clear the DevOps certification. Our skilled professionals teach the student the techniques to decrease the gap in the middle of software development and operation.

The DevOps Certification Training Course covers concepts of Puppet, Chef, Ansible, setting the server, using Git for storing the application code, use of Cloudformation, integration, deployments, and AWS autoscaling. Our DevOps Course in Delhi makes students learn the advanced technology on various real-time projects on Kubernetes, Nagios, Selenium, Gradle, ELK Stack and many more.

DevOps Certification Training Course in Delhi enlarge your career and knowledge both by guiding you to achieve your goals appropriately. You will learn about the concept of DevOps, Continuous Integration, Build and Deploy, Automation and configuration management, etc. throughout our syllabus. All these scratch from core theories and inputs will help to get you the prospect career in the IT field. The DevOps training course is a job oriented program in Delhi with Lab facilities.

DevOps Certification Course is the real-time training that covers all the important concepts to handle real-world projects quickly and smartly. Our trainers provide hands-on training on live projects on various domains like travel, retail, insurance, banking and in the government sector.

Why Learn DevOps Course

Learning DevOps software is very necessary and demanding to enter in the field of IT sector which open numerous path for building your future easily. According to the Harvard Business Review, the skills of DevOps software is the highest paying and demanding job of the 21st century. Our live instructor defines you as to why we need to learn DevOps for your career.

  • In this globalization world 80% of the MNC and IT companies using DevOps to increase the speed of deployment and collaboration.
  • To remain updated in this globalization world using advanced technologies, so you have to know the use of DevOps.
  • Mostly students as well as professional is lacking the real knowledge of DevOps so there are many jobs in the market and the topmost companies are searching for a candidate who knows deep understanding and use of DevOps.
  • According to NASSCOM, in the market for DevOps, there are 1.4 lacks jobs with vacant seats. So the candidate can easily grab the job with the highest salary without any struggle.
  • You will get the job title after completing the DevOps Certification course such as DevOps engineer, Data analyst, product manager, release engineer, reliability engineer, software tester, security engineer, integration specialist, system admin, developer of applications, quality analyst and many more.

What will you learn in this DevOps Training in Delhi?

The skillsets that would be achieved by you after completing the DevOps training program are

  • GIT command Overview
  • Artifacts storage and deployment
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Ansible, Jenkins, Docker tool usability and functionalities from scratch
  • Continuous Build and Integration Techniques.

The DevOps Course in Delhi offered by the DevOps trainers to clear all the doubts of DevOps by providing you the real-life projects and many case studies in DevOps Training in Delhi. We provide online and classroom training with project support for each candidate. After completing the DevOps Course in Delhi with theory and practical, the candidate clears the certification very easily and quickly.

  • In DevOps training you will get deep knowledge of testing the functions, monitoring, operating, and process of deployment, coordination, etc.
  • Deep understanding of latest and updated technologies for managing and applying the function properly to deploy code.
  • Learn how to reduce the time by streamlined software delivery and increase the application quality.
  • Learn to decrease the crashing and failure rate of new release, to break the long code into small and manageable pieces.
  • Ability to understand and analyze various functions and detect the bugs in the production.

Objectives of DevOps Certification Training Course in Delhi

Most Certainly, the goals of this course are plenty, but we are going to focus on the points given below.

  • Creating a unified platform for applicants to learn and perform.
  • Secure a solution for integrating and automating configuration management.
  • Layout a plan and guidance throughout the program to make you secure a job after completion of the program.

Who should take up this DevOps Certification Training Course in Delhi?

There is no bar in learning any IT skills, especially DevOps as the usage of these IT tools are plenty in the global IT market.

The following people can attend this certification program

  • Fresher
  • IT developers
  • IT test engineers
  • Security engineers
  • System Administrative Engineers/Specialists
  • Integration Specialists

The necessity of qualified DevOps engineers is increasing day by day in every industry. The professionals from IT background to go ahead in the career can go for the DevOps Training in Delhi. The DevOps Course in Delhi is well designed for

  • Who wants to work as a technical project manager, software tester, security engineer, integration specialists, software developer.
  • Professional who wants to expand their knowledge with the help of the latest and advanced technologies of DevOps should go for DevOps Training in Delhi.
  • Business professionals who want to decrease the system development lifecycle for frequent delivery.
  • To the people who want to understand deeply the system of the collaboration of development and the operation staff.
  • People who want to become perfect in maintain the application on AWS.

What are the Prerequisites for learning DevOps Certification Training Institute in Delhi?

A few skillsets are required to learn DevOps, but it is not mandatory.

  • Linux or Unix knowledge
  • Understanding about at least one computer programming language, preferably Java
  • Basic understanding of testing tools
  • Command Line Interface

The instructor of DevOps gives us detailed knowledge of beginning to end. To gain the certificate of DevOps Online Course holds some of the prerequisites.

  • The candidate should be from a Technical background.
  • The candidate should have a basic understanding of Linux and scripting concepts.
  • Familiar with the process of deployment and building, maintenance and backup knowledge.
  • We should know the basic knowledge of tools, infrastructure, and core Java.
  • Understanding of command-line interface.

No need to worry if you did not require the above prerequisites. The best Training center of DevOps Course in Delhi and the instructor of Besant technologies invites every student without having the above prerequisites because we believe to teach the candidate from stating level till the end for building a successful and stable career of our students in our DevOps Training in Delhi.

What are the DevOps job opportunities in Delhi?

Delhi being the capital of India, there are plenty of opportunities. It is known as one of the busiest cities in India. More people indicates more business. Most of the IT organization has its IT business branch here. We can see plenty of IT development, Testing, Business Development, Data Communication, Data research, and analysis related vacancies every now and then.

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DevOps Training in Delhi Syllabus

Introduction to DevOps                                                (Duration: 1Hr)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand the purpose and the scope of DevOps in the current market, tools and the skills the market is looking for and how the culture is applied in the industries


  • DevOps Principles in detail
  • DevOps Engineer Skills in the market
  • Knowing DevOps Delivery Pipeline
  • The market trend of DevOps
  • DevOps Technical Challenges
  • Tools we use in DevOps


A brainstorming session on the trends in current IT industries

DevOps on Cloud                                                            (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how DevOps is currently being used on cloud infrastructure by automating entire setup. Learn cloud setup helps faster releases, fewer software failures and how trendy it is.


  • Essentials of Cloud computing?
  • Cloud and virtualization architecture
  • Cloud deployment architecture
  • Cloud providers – An overview
  • Why we need DevOps on Cloud?
  • Introducing to Amazon web services


  • How to setup AWS account
  • Various AWS services for Devops – An overview
  • DevOps using AWS – Demo

GIT – A version control tool                                       (Duration: 5Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand why version control system streamlines the development of working with different people and makes very easy to collaborate on projects.


  • Knowing about Version control
  • Git – A CLI
  • Essentials of GIT in industry
  • How to setup GIT
  • Working with various commands in GIT
    • Recording Changes to the Repository
      • How to check the Status of Your Files
      • How to track New Files
      • Staging our modified files
      • Ignoring Files from GIT
      • Viewing Your Unstaged and Staged Changes
      • How to commit Your Changes
      • Skipping the Staging Area and commit
      • Removing Files from GIT
    • Viewing the Commit History
      • Limiting Log Output
      • Using a GUI to Visualize History
    • Undoing Things
      • Changing Your Last Commit
      • Unstaging a Staged File
      • Unmodifying a Modified File
    • Working with Remotes
      • Showing Your Remotes
      • Adding Remote Repositories
      • Fetching and Pulling from Your Remotes
      • Pushing to Your Remotes
      • Inspecting a Remote
      • Removing and Renaming Remotes
    • Branching and Merging in Git
      • What a Branch Is
      • Basic in Branching and Merging
      • Branch Management in GIT
      • Branching Workflows and its usage
      • Remote Branches – create and delete
      • Rebasing
    • Git workflows
    • Git cheat sheet

Hands-on exercises:

  • Installing Git
  • First-Time Git Setup
  • Getting a Git Repository
  • Working with various git commands
  • Working with Local repository vs remote repository
  • Managing remote repository
  • Stashing operations and various local repository operations
  • Branching and merging operations
  • Resolving conflicts during merges
  • Managing access on repository managements

Jenkins – Continuous integration                             (Duration: 8 Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand why Jenkins is evolving as a must tool in the current DevOps practices. Understanding how Jenkins allowing current industries to set up their build pipelines with a more quickly and sophisticated build process by drastically reducing the risks in the software development lifecycles.


  • Essentials of Continuous Integration
  • An example scenario where CI is used
  • Know about Jenkins and its architecture in detail
  • Jenkins tool Management in detail
  • Know about User management in Jenkins
    • Authentication
      • Jenkins own database user creation
      • Options to enable integration with LDAP
    • Authorization
      • Matrix-based authorization
      • Project-based authorization
    • Overview of Maven
      • Maven project structure
      • Maven plugins
      • Project Object Model (POM) – the fundamental unit of work in Maven project
      • Maven build lifecycle
      • Adding external dependencies to maven pom.xml
      • Maven build and test project
    • Creating jobs and automatic build settings
      • What is Jenkins Pipeline?
      • Why Pipeline?
      • Integration with GIT
      • How to enable project-based authorization for a job
      • Source code management while creating jobs
      • Triggering automated build
      • Maven job setup
      • Know about post-build options for jobs like notifications, trigger another build, publishing reports, etc.
    • Adding a slave node to Jenkins
    • Building Delivery Pipeline
    • Notification settings in Jenkins
    • Plugin management in Jenkins

Hands-on Lab:

  • Installing Jenkins
  • Post-installation setup wizard
    • Unlocking Jenkins
    • Customizing Jenkins with plugins
    • Creating the first administrator user
  • Administration of Jenkins
  • User management – Authentication and Authorization
  • Master-slave set up on Jenkins
  • Creating basic jobs to pull code from GitHub
  • Jobs to perform individual operations
  • Setup build pipeline
  • Understanding build triggers, build and post-build operations
  • Deploying an application to a container using Jenkins

Docker – A containerization technology              (Duration: 8Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand why Docker knowledge is required in order to master DevOps cultures in the current IT industry Understanding containerizing the application is also isolating that into a completely separated environment.


  • Introduction
    • Real-world Shipping Transportation Challenges
    • Introducing Docker and its technology
    • Understanding of Docker images and containers
  • Working with container
    • How to Share and copy a container
    • Container Life Cycle
    • How to use Base Image and customize
    • Creation of Docker File
    • How to Publish Image on Docker Hub
  • Introduction to Docker Networking
    • Network Types in docker technology
    • Docker Container Networking
    • Docker Compose – An introduction
  • Docker Swarm – An introduction
    • Use Docker Compose to create PHP, WordPress, MySQL
    • How to Start Containers on a Cluster with Docker Swarm
    • Creating and Scaling an application in Docker swarm


  • How to setup docker-engine
  • How to run docker container from pulling image from public repo
  • How do we create a docker file
  • Creating different docker files for different application
  • Creating a docker-compose file to deploy multi-container
  • Creating docker custom bridge networks
  • Creating docker swarm cluster
  • Orchestration of container using swarm cluster

Kubernetes                                                              (Duration: 4 Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how Kubernetes helps to orchestrate the Docker containers. How the opensource system helps to automate the deployment, scaling and managing the containers.


  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Cluster Architecture – An overview
  • Understanding concepts of Pods, Replica sets, deployments and namespaces
  • Understanding the concepts of services and networking
  • Persistent volumes and persistent volume claims – an overview
  • Design of Pods
  • Understanding labels, selectors, jobs, and schedulers


  • Setting up the Kubernetes Cluster
  • Deploying an app through Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Accessing the application through service
  • Rolling updates in Kubernetes
  • Creating and adding volumes

Ansible – A configuration Management                    (Duration: 9Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how significantly Ansible reduces your coding hours with the configuration management tool. Understanding most popular configuration management tool to set up easily, configure easily and deploy IT infrastructure easily.


  • Introducing Ansible – A configuration management tool
    • Basics / What Will Be Installed
    • Understanding Ansible architecture
    • Control Machine Requirements
    • Managed Node Requirements
  • Inventory
    • Hosts and Groups
    • Host Variables
    • Group Variables
  • Learn various Ansible Modules
  • How to use Adhoc commands
    • Parallelism and Shell Commands
    • File Transfer
    • Managing Packages
    • Users and Groups
    • Deploying From Source Control
    • Managing Services
  • Introduction to YAML script
  • Playbook
    • About Playbooks
    • Playbook Language Example – YAML
    • How to Write Playbooks
    • Tasks in Playbooks
    • Understanding about various tasks in the playbook
    • Introduction to Handlers and variables
    • Learn about using handlers, variables in the playbook
    • Become (Privilege Escalation)
  • Roles
    • Role of Directory Structure
    • Using Roles
    • Role Duplication and Execution
    • Role Default Variables
    • Role Dependencies
    • Role Search Path
    • Ansible Galaxy
  • Including and Importing
    • Includes vs. Imports
    • Importing Playbooks
    • Including and Importing Task Files
    • Including and Importing Roles


  • How to setup Ansible server and target servers
  • Writing Adhoc commands to install and configure the servers
  • Writing a playbook to install and configure webservers and deplo0y an application
  • How to create Ansible Role and use it
  • Using an ansible role in a playbook
  • How to use Ansible Galaxy to download roles.
  • Example – Install and use Jenkins roles from ansible-galaxy

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Our certification at Besant Technologies is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

DevOps Training in Delhi

DevOps Certification

The DevOps Online Course and classroom course is specially designed to remove all the doubts by explaining every topic practically and theoretical on the live projects of the companies. Our every candidate is provided DevOps certificate after completing the regular session of DevOps online and classroom training. Besant Technologies DevOps Certification Training is the key to open the gate to enter and crack the interviews of MNC and IT companies in India and aboard. Besant Technologies DevOps Training Institute in Delhi provides DevOps Certification Training will show your sincerity, deep knowledge, and smart working with problem-solving at the time of Interview.


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I am very happy and thankful to Besant Technologies for guiding me to start my carrier again after a long break. I can develop my lost confidence by joining Besant Technologies is one of the best DevOps Training Institute in Delhi. I want to give a special thanks to my trainer who provided me hands-on training on a live project of various companies.



After joining Besant Technologies DevOps Training Certification Course in Delhi now I have cleared my all doubts of theory and practical.



I am very happy to get my dream job with the highest salary in the top MNC company, it is possible because of Besant technologies trainers. Who help me to understand each topic briefly in a very easy way. Now I am very comfortable using all the latest tools and technologies that is why I have cleared the interview very quickly and get a job.



I want to say that Besant Technologies is the Best DevOps Training Institute in Delhi to remove the confusion and starting and restarting the career to make a bright future. The trainer provides hands-on training and the real-life project of the industries to make us perfect.



The polite and cool nature of the trainer of Besant technologies makes my learning easy without taking any burden. I want to say to join DevOps Training in Delhi for getting the real knowledge of DevOps for getting the job quickly for the bright future. All the instructor has many experiences in DevOps for providing us real-time example with guidance.



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  • Trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their industries.
  • Are working professionals working in multinational companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, Birlasoft, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Scope, Philips Technologies, etc…
  • Trained more than 2000+ students in a year.
  • Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.
  • Are certified professionals with high grade.
  • Are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies.

No worries. Besant technologies assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.

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DevOps Carrier Opportunity

Besant Technologies provides placement oriented certification course for every student and professional to provide online DevOps Training in Delhi. DevOps Course in Delhi provides hand on-training to the candidate to build their confidence to use advanced tools and technologies. Our Job oriented classroom and online training provide deep knowledge of DevOps Course in Delhi. Our trainer provides 24/7 live support to the candidate with the solution and guidance to crack the interviews of top MNC and IT companies. As soon as the candidate completes the DevOps Certification Training, some of the companies visit our DevOps Training Institute in Delhi to hire the candidate frequently as a software tester, security engineer, integration specialist because they are keenly searching a well-qualified candidate for DevOps for increasing their productivity and to reduce their time-consuming activities.

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