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DevOps Vs Agile

DevOps Vs Agile

DevOps Vs Agile

There is no arguing with the fact that Agile and DevOps are completely diverse. To understand in a comprehensive way, a lot of individuals usually assume Agile is more about Scrum and Kanban. On the other hand, DevOps involves Infrastructure Automation and Test Automation.

What is DevOps?

DevOps can be defined as the software development method that majorly emphasis on communication, collaboration, and integration among IT professionals in order to enable faster deployment of products.

As a whole, DevOps is a culture that promotes collaboration between operations and development team. This would ultimately allow in deploying code to production faster and in the best way possible. In addition, it helps amplifies the capability of an organization to deliver application and services. It can be defined as an alignment of development and IT operation.

Benefits of DevOps

It’s observed that the companies that incorporate DevOps practices got more jobs done in a hassle-free manner. With the help of DevOps, members working in organizations can deliver with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation.

Business Benefits:

  • Faster delivery of features
  • Improved cooperation and communication
  • More stable operating environments
  • More time to change, modify or innovate

Technical Benefits:

  • Continuous software delivery
  • Faster resolution of problems
  • Less complexity to manage

Cultural Benefits:

  • Higher employee engagement
  • Happier, more productive teams
  • Greater professional development opportunities

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What is Agile?

On the other hand, Agile Methodology involves non-stop iteration of development and testing in the SDLC process. Being iterative in nature, this kind of method usually focuses on incremental and evolutionary development.

Agile development process breaks the product into smaller pieces and later integrates them for final testing. With the help of scrum, kanban, scrum, and XP, it can be implemented in many ways.

Benefits of Agile

Following are the benefits of using Agile.

Excellent Product Quality:

Talk of the cycle phase; testing is integrated in agile, meaning there are regular checkups in order to ensure that the product is working during the cycle of development. This would ultimately allow the product owner to make changes if needed and at the same time, ensure that the team is aware of any possible change.

Customer Satisfaction:

Keep this in mind that there is always a product owner, and the progress of development is subject to change, which eventually implies customer satisfaction and engagement.

Rapid Return on Investment:

Undoubtedly, agile development is iterative means that the features are delivered incrementally, and as a result, benefits are realized early while the product is in the process of development.


From prioritizing features to iteration planning, an agile allows the involvement of the clients significantly.

Focus on the Value of the Business:

There is no arguing with the fact that the agile team clearly understands the importance to the business, and can provide the options that would benefit a business in the long run. 

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Comparison between Agile Vs DevOps

Here’s a brief comparison between Agile and DevOps.

1. Agile development includes Agile Kanban & Agile Scrum. On the contrary, DevOps involves Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Development, Continuous Testing (CI), Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Deployment.

2. In Agile, feedback is mostly given by customers. In DevOps, feedback is analyzed by the internal team.

3. DevOps mainly focuses on achieving automation while Agile mainly focuses on working with Speed.

4. DevOps is a kind of method which mainly focuses on communication, integration, and collaboration among IT developers and professionals.

5. Agile software development method emphasis on incremental, iterative, and evolutionary development.

6. Agile emphasis on iterative approach which focuses on, customer feedback, team cooperation, and small, rapid releases.

7. DevOps consider as a practice of bringing operations teams together in order to improve work efficiency.

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