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DevOps Engineer Roles & Responsibilities

DevOps Engineer Roles & Responsibilities

Are you ready to kick start your DevOps career? Then you are at the right place to learn the important roles and responsibilities of DevOps engineers. A DevOps is a product of AWS and also used as a platform where developers execute the program without using any code. In this DevOps engineer’s roles and responsibility blog, we are going to explain the DevOps overview, the importance of using DevOps, and the DevOps engineers’ roles in any organization. Are you excited to explore more knowledge about the DevOps engineer career? Then let’s begin;

Let us start with a quick introduction to DevOps:

What is DevOps operation?

The below diagram explains the brief about DevOps:

The below points will explain the overview of Dev and Ops:

  1. DevOps tool helps any organization to collaborate between the development team and operation team to deploy the program codes to perform quicker automation and repeatable way.
  2. DevOps tool is used to increase the operations of overall organization speed to deliver effective software applications, services, and products.
  3. We can also define the DevOps as a sequence of Information technology operations and software development lifecycle to provide better communication and also helps to offer better collaboration with end-users.
  4. DevOps tool is now considered a valuable business asset and with the help of this tool organization can speed up the operations and quality of any software application.
  5. DevOps is all about integrating business operations, so this type of integration helps to increase 22% of the quality and 18% of the frequency of software development applications.

Important DevOps tools used:

In this section, we are going to explain the important tools of DevOps:

Tool name Description Features
Puppet Most popular tool and widely used in the application market. Provide real-time context, modeling, continuity infrastructure, detection free software tool
Ansible This is a leading DevOps software and Open source tool. Offers quick automation, application deployment, intra service, and cloud provisioning.
Docker High-end DevOps tool and multiple systems. Assembling multiple components, configurations, productivity, save the starms.
Nagios More valuable DevOps tool and rectifies the errors. Helps to monitor, log server, bottleneck search, and bandwidth utilization
CHEF This tool is used to achieve speed, consistency, and scalability Maintains high availability, offers multiple cloud environments, isolated tools, and port publications.
Jenkins This is monitoring and execution DevOps tool Allows us to perform continuous integration, server-side installation, scalable automation, and increase of concurrency
Git Software distribution tool Helps to handle a minor project, better efficiency, and speed
SALT STACK This is a light weight tool. Check with real time errors and queries, workstation activities, messy configuration, and web request type
Splunk Helps to make a more valuable tool Deliver operations, secured system, monitoring solution, and built solution
Selenium This is a software testing framework Mainly used for test automation, open-source tool, test scripts, and helps to perform regression testing

Who is DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer is one who works with various operations, tools, and software methodologies to balance the overall software development life cycle. The main functions of any DevOps engineer included are creating programming codes, deploying, maintaining, and updating software. Even they need to work with development team to keep track of coding; scripting the test cases, and manages the software development tool kit or SDKs. With the help of DevOps engineer it’s possible to integrate the software resources like SQL database, and other messaging tools.

Roles and Responsibilities of DevOps engineer:

The following are the important roles and responsibilities of DevOps engineer:

  1. A DevOps engineer works closely with development teams and any department to generate and implement various software systems.
  2. In general, DevOps engineer holds IT experience, due to this reason; they will collaborate with software development teams, QA testers, and Information technology code teams.
  3. They need to multitask, flexible enough to work with multiple software teams, and need to deal with any complex situations.
  4. The DevOps engineer involve in writing the specifications, and software documentation that includes server-side features.
  5. Analyzing the software technologies, developing plans, processes for improving the software codes, and expansions.
  6. The main operations of DevOps engineers included are software developments, generating codes, software install, configuration, and Maintenance.

Key skills for DevOps engineer:

Below are the basic skills required for DevOps Engineer:

  1. They should have a team working skills and excellent communication skills.
  2. They must have knowledge of various programming languages.
  3. Must possess complex problem-solving techniques.
  4. Giving good attention to any development details.
  5. They should have strong organizational knowledge, time management skill, and must be able to work on multiple software projects.

DevOps Engineer salary:

The average salary for any DevOps engineer is Rs. 6, 75,000 and an experienced DevOps engineer earns more than Rs. 15, 00, 000 this depends on their knowledge.

AWS DevOps engineer roles and responsibilities:

Who is an AWS DevOps engineer?

As I said earlier, DevOps is a product of Amazon web service or popularly known as AWS. DevOps is a kind of platform and a combination of two major tools are Development and operations. AWS was first developed by Amazon Company, and it can be used as a medium to promote organizational development and operation process. The important aim to make use of the DevOps tool is to allow any single development team to manage various software applications such as business lifecycle development, software testing, deploying the software products, and performing various operations. The major purpose to use DevOps tools is to reduce any type of disconnection between the software development team, quality assurance team, software testers, and system administrators.

Roles and Responsibilities of AWS DevOps engineer?

The following are the important roles and responsibilities of AWS DevOps engineer:

  1. The Aws DevOps engineer needs to facilitate the overall software development process and major operations in an organization.
  2. They need to keep track of issues and shortcomings.
  3. The main tasks included are building a continuous environment that helps to speed up the software development process.
  4. Designing the software development plans and overall blueprint.
  5. Deliver comprehensive software best practices.

AWS DevOps engineer salary:

An average salary for an AWS DevOps engineer earns Rs. 7, 50, 000 and an experienced one earns more than Rs. 15, 00, 000 depends on their experience and skillset.

AZURE DevOps engineer roles and responsibilities:

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is popularly known as “Azure” and it’s a cloud computing product developed by Microsoft Corporations. The Azure is mainly used to build, manage, test, and deploy software applications or any service with the help of the Microsoft data management global center. This Azure is also known as a public cloud platform and offers popular services like IaaS ( Infrastructure as a service), SaaS ( Software as a service), and PaaS (Platform as a service).

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is nothing but a Software as a service platform that offers an end-to-end toolchain for software development. It also helps to integrate the many top software tools in the tech market and also enhances the orchestration.

Roles and Responsibilities of Azure DevOps:

The following are the important roles and responsibilities of Azure DevOps:

  1. Azure DevOps should understand the software development life cycle and familiar with various automation tools to develop digital pipelines.
  2. They work with the software development team during the time of code release, networking operations, and code deployment.
  3. Azure DevOps is someone who involves in frequent code changes, continuous automation, and integration of several SQL database servers.
  4. The main task of any Azure DevOps is to manage and coordinate the product design and developing business-related operations.
  5. In some situations, they may need to work with the Quality assurance team to keep track of issues that are related to software applications.

What Azure DevOps engineer do?

The tasks included are;

  1. Agile planning, visualization, tracking applications, and development life cycle.
  2. Cloud agnostic, developing CI/CD platforms, and support the Kubernetes teams.
  3. They provide cloud based GitHub repository management system.

Azure DevOps engineer salary:

An entry level Azure DevOps engineer earns Rs. 6, 00, 000 and an experienced Azure DevOps engineer earns Rs. 23, 00, 000 as per the naukri.com job portal.

Final words:

As per the latest report, there is a huge DevOps engineer job opening across the globe. In this blog, we have explained the important roles, and responsibilities of DevOps engineer, AWS DevOps engineer, Azure DevOps engineers, salary details, and their job description. If you hold the master’s in the respective field, there is more chance of getting more salary. If you are interested in learning more about DevOps technology, then please visit our website www.besanttechnologies.com for more details.


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