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Top 10 Highest paying Certification Course in 2021

Top 10 Highest paying Certification Course in 2021

Top 10 Highest paying Certification Course in 2021

With the headway of innovation, IT has come into the spotlight with more students needing to be doing these ten courses. Numerous job openings have come up on behalf of these 10 courses: trending software courses.

IT area is having the capacity to create the presentation of new projects and software. Experts cherish being the pieces of this field. Arranged interviews are led to numerous university buildings in India where students look for occupations in the IT area. IT area has possessed the capacity to contribute around 54% to India’s Gross domestic product. Numerous fields are emerging in the IT area.

The rise of computerized concepts in India acquired to confront the developing needs of innovation for the improvement of the nation all in all. Numerous new companies have been begun in this field, and individuals in business can develop their business to gain gigantic benefits.


Certification Training is the buzz word in the software world used to ramp up the changes and specialization. People with similar interests will fall into the same certification criteria to be specialized in their arena of the profession. Certification makes it easy to group the professionals as per their specialized knowledge and recent knowledge. The past experiences are gauged with the recent trends which are essential to optimize productivity in their respective job roles.

Employers or HR professionals search the resumes with certification name and the certification boosts the skills as a first introduction to the employer. The narrow area of focus from the employer requires certification and the focus of the employer broadens as knowledge-based after they get into the job. Let us shed light on the topic that the Top 10 Highest paying Certification Course in 2021. With the hold of experience into training for the Certification Exams, we want to discuss some valuable points to give an open statement regarding the job industry to make the learners plan their careers.

Top 10 Highest paying Certification Course

1. Web Development

PHP Certification Training from Besant Technologies will promote the learners to the higher positions where they want to place in the hierarchy of the organizations. In the web development portfolio, the different certifications encompass Adobe certified expert certification, ZEND Certified PHP Engineer, Microsoft Developer certification, AWS Certified Developer, and Google Certified web developer.

Adobe is the provider of the cloud products and digital marketing products. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe experience manager, and adobe campaign are the products that promote the graphics, videos, publishing, designs and web development. Zend PHP Certification can be taken from the Pearson VUE testing center and it is the framework-specific certification for the web developers. Microsoft, AWS and Google are the providers of cloud products for the different platforms. These three giant providers are the best options for the web projects as it works with reasonable cost and provides the optimized security with ISO/IEC 27001. PHP certifications will evaluate the skills of the candidate towards the job and the validity for these certifications goes for several years.

Adobe Certification exam covers topics such as rich internet applications, web design, video, e-learning, and technical communications. The cost of this certification is $120 in India and $180 for learners outside India. Companies looking for Adobe solutions will give high priority to the Adobe certified expert certification holders. Zend Certified PHP Engineer is the standardized certification that measures the skills of the web developer. The wide range of topics that are covered when writing this certification is PHP basics, Data format, and types, Object-oriented programming, web features, strings and patterns, databases and SQL, I/O, Functions, Error handling and arrays.

MCSD certifications are from Microsoft and these certifications will teach the beginners all about web development, web design, software development, mobile development, game development, and windows development. These certifications cost is $150. AWS Certified Developer educates the learners about the amazon web services. For this certification one year of designing experience or maintenance experience with AWS applications is essential. CSA is the certified solution architect exam from AWS which is for the beginners. AWS will train the learners about cloud servers and web services. Google has a new certification for web developers and the cost of this certification is $99 or INR 6,500.

Facebook, Yahoo, Etsy, and Wikipedia are some of the popular companies using PHP for web development. To place in popular companies like the above listed procuring the Certification Training and Certificate pays the way for the growth of the web developers.

2. BI & ETL Tool Certifications

BI and ETL Tool Certifications Training is the global certification that is accepted for entry into any overseas job after the experience. Power center Developer Certification, MCSA BI reporting certification, MCSA SQL 2016 BI development certification, SAP-certified Application associate BI, Oracle BI foundation suite, Tableau Desktop certified professional, Tableau server certified professional, Qlikview certification, and IBM certified designer are the wide range of certifications for the business intelligence personnel working with a focus towards business analytics.

IBM Certified Designer demonstrates the basic skills into database concepts, JavaScript, customization, and creation of dashboards. This exam is accepted from the Pearson VUE test center. All these certifications charges are $125 to $500 for registration. MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development Certification validates the knowledge on topics such as data warehouse skills, ETL, multidimensional data models, OLAP, tabular data models, and online analytical processing. The fee for appearing for this certification exam is $165. MCSE Data Management and Analytics Certification will demonstrate the skills required to hold positions like database engineer, business intelligence analyst, and data analyst. This exam is suitable for candidates with knowledge into MCSA in SQL Server 2012/2014, database development, 2016 database administration, BI development, BI reporting, data engineering and machine learning with Azure.

SAP business warehouse and business intelligence knowledge come to a materialized form with SAP Certified Application Associate Business intelligence certification. There is no expiration date for this certificate and the cost of this certificate is approximately $500. Tableau Desktop certification professional certificate requires one year or more experience. This certification is acceptable for the three years from procuring the certificate and the cost of this certificate is $600. Learners with experience in tableau server can apply for Tableau Server Certified professional exam which is valid for 3 years. The cost of this examination is $800.

Qlikview Business Analyst Certification is for candidates with experience in Qlikview applications design. Candidates with BI, reporting and data analysis knowledge can transform their knowledge into certification as proof to proceed in the business analyst profession. Informatica Power center developer Certification will test the ability to use transformations, handle the workflows, and PowerCenter objects. Informatica PowerCenter Administrator Certification will test the topics like installation, deployment, configuration, and handling web services. Oracle business intelligence Certification Exam encourages the skills like installing oracle, building BI server, building dashboards, defining security, constructing queries, managing cache files and defining the security settings.

Business analyst, marketing specialist, delivery manager, business consultant, product manager, system analyst, requirements manager, and technical writer are the different roles of the business analyst profession. Certified professionals play a vital role in the development of projects and businesses as they analyze business efficiently.

3. Big Data Certifications

CCA Spark and Hadoop developer certificate, CCA Data Analyst certificate, CCA administrator Certificate, HDP certified developer, HDP certified Apache spark developer, HDP certified Java developer, HDP certified administrator, Horton works certified associate are the different certifications for big data and Hadoop platform. Big Data and Hadoop Training from Besant Technologies will prepare the learner for all these certifications. The cost of all these certifications falls under the slab of USD 250 to USD 300.

Big data and Hadoop use OLAP for using complex queries and handling big volumes of data. Big data speed up the operations of traditional data and modern days big data. There is soaring demand for big data certified professionals and the demand is thrusting the companies to fix more budget for the big data professionals. Amazon, Netflix, American Express, and Starbucks are the different companies using big data to optimize performance.

4. Data Science

Cloudera certified professional, IBM certified data architect, Microsoft MCSE data management and analytics, MCSE Data management and analytics, SAS certified advanced analytics professional, SAS certified data scientist, and HDP data science is the certificates available for the data science professionals to choose the best as per the plans of the learner. The cost of these certifications falls under-slab USD 200 to USD 695.

Teradata, Alteryx, Oracle, Cloudera, and Looker are some of the popular companies using data science for the analysis. These companies use data science along with machine learning and automation to optimize productivity and there is no unemployment problem for a data scientist as there is a huge demand for the data scientist profession.

5. Project Management

PMP certification, Agile certified practitioner, and certified associate in project management are the certification courses available to optimize the project management skills for the project managers. The cost of these certifications ranges from USD 200 to USD 1400.

Amazon, Capgemini, PayPal, Uber, Dropbox, and MTV are some of the popular companies using the project management tools for ensuring the accuracy in the work process and enhancing the communication with the clients.

6. Networking

CompTIA certification, CCNP, CCIE, VMware VCP6-DCV, AWS Certified solutions architect associate exam, and Wireshark certified network analyst exam are the certifications available for the entry-level networking professionals and experienced networking professionals. The cost of these certifications ranges from USD 300 to USD 400.

Networking professional’s jobs fall into many specializations like system design, implementation management, and computer network management. The salary of network professionals ranges from $73,335 to $154,325. The Networking Certification Training from Besant Technologies will bring success in the examinations as professional guidance is very imperative to clear these examinations. Our trainers understand the pattern of the certification exams and accordingly guide the learners.

7. Programming

C#, Java, Python, Swift, Scala, SAS, R, JavaScript, and Typescript are the different programming certificates for beginners and experienced. All these coding certifications cost around USD 10 to USD 250 as per the tenure and syllabus. Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle certified professional, Oracle certified Expert, and Oracle certified Master are the different certifications in Java for the professional level competent knowledge. The cost of Java certifications is approximately 245 USD. PCAP is the associate-level certification in Python. The cost of writing the PCAP certificate is 295 USD. SAS Programmer Professional Certificate from SAS cost USD 180 and price differ from country to country.

Programming is the evergreen profession that is on-demand and knowledge of programming is required to use certain tools also. Apart from software industry programmers can work with finance, health care, and manufacturing domains.

8. DevOps

Docker certified associate, Kubernetes certification, AWS certification for DevOps Engineer, Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certificate, chef certification exam, certified Jenkins engineer and puppet professional certification are the different types of exams for the DevOps professional.

Docker certified associate exam is for the professionals with at least 6 months of experience. In this exam, 55 objective types of questions will be given with a time frame of 90 minutes. This examination cost is $195 USD. In the case of Kubernetes certification, there are two models one for the developer and the other one for the administrator. The cost for writing administrator exam and developer examination in Kubernetes is $300 USD.

AZ-400 DevOps Solutions certification exam from MS-Azure is the best DevOps certification to record the knowledge with Azure development or Azure administration. Puppet professional certification is the administration certificate from DevOps. This exam consists of choice based multiple questions with 60 numbers and it takes 90 minutes time. The cost to complete this certification is 200 USD.

The salary of DevOps engineer is approximately $133,378 and high-performance delivery is very much needed in big applications which demand the DevOps professionals. In future DevOps will be dominating the software as it requires multi-disciplinary skills.

9. Security

CISSP, CISA, CEH, and CISA are the wide range of certifications available for the security process in the companies. The cost of security certificates ranges from $600 to $800.

As there is a rise in cloud security and data security the demand for security professionals is on the upsurge. IT security specialists, security engineers, information security analysts, and application security engineers are the different job roles of networking professionals.

10. Cloud

AWS certified solution architect, AWS Certified SysOps Engineer, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified solution architect, AWS certified DevOps engineer, Microsoft Azure certification exam, Google Cloud platform certification exam, MCSA Linux or Azure certification, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Server Infrastructure certified exam are the different certifications in the cloud.

According to one report, the top-paying cloud-based job certification is Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, AWS certified solution architect associate level certificate, AWS Certified developer associate, and Microsoft certified solutions expert server infrastructure. Salary for Google certified professional is $139,529, AWS associate developer is $130,369, AWS solution architect is $132,840, and Microsoft certification holder is $121,288. Learning Cloud technologies will be the path to become an expert in different job roles.

Certification Training is the investment of time and money with a purpose to determine value to the profession. In some courses, knowledge is the proof as there will be frequent changes and these courses are not provided with certification exam but in some courses, changes are periodical and standardized with certification. As the IT industry is dynamic in nature there are myriads of follower’s community to follow the technical happenings. The Manifestation of the new version and new tools partner with certification name to reach out to the global population. Certification can be selected as per the interest of the learner or the experience of the learner. Certain certifications demand the minimum experience from a job to understand the basic knowledge. Creating the platform to proceed in the profession is the prime responsibility of our training institute and we believe that this platform will take them to the successful professions.

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