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Selenium Online Training helps the professionals to handle the script writing to fix the bug with functional areas of the website as it is the crucial job to reach ROI as per the budget of the company. Browser extensions of Selenium are used for functionalities with a browser like remembering passwords, GPS coordination, block ads on web pages, and translate the language with the text. Nowadays, spending on automation, digital media, and cloud and security measures are increasing trends in IT for enhancing revenue. So, there is an upsurge of demand for automation and Selenium Training Online.

About Selenium Training

What will you learn in this Online Selenium Training Course?

  1. Efficient automation testing with multiple languages
  2. Parallel Testing execution with Selenium Grid
  3. Continuous Testing with DevOps Tools Like Jenkins & Maven
  4. Testing  on Multiple Browsers and Operating Systems
  5. TestNG & Junit Integration with Selenium for Reports
  6. Find Bugs at initial Stage using automation testing and Improve ROI
  7. Instance Testing on multiple mobile device
  8. Writing Scripts for Sample Websites to test automate
  9. Selenium with Python & JavaScript for better Performance
  10. Cucumber for Web Application automation Testing

From this Live Instructor Online Selenium Course you will get Practical exposure on web & mobile automation Testing using Selenium & appium.  This Selenium course will make you understand how to handle real-time Projects using Selenium 3.0 in an efficient manner. Get 100+ Hours Hands-on Selenium Training Online with Industry Experts and Become Certified Selenium Tester. This course will be helpful for your Career to Boost your Skills and get new jobs in Selenium & Appium Automation Testing.

Besant technologies Selenium Online Course Syllabus is designed for both working Professionals and fresher’s who want to start their career in Software testing field. This Course Syllabus contents both theory and Practical examples will complete in 70+ hours / One Month Course. You will get an assignment on live web site trail testing with writing Scripts with Java, Python using Selenium Framework.

Besant Technologies Selenium Certification Training Course is curated and designed by leading Selenium experts having 12+ years of substantial working experience in top MNCs. By choosing to sign up for our Selenium course, you will pick up every important concept of Selenium and its uses in different scenarios. Further, you will become proficient in Selenium applications, IDEs, WebDriver, frameworks, architecture, and its components. As an aspiring Selenium talent, you will find our courses to be project-based, pan-industry, up-to-date, and thorough. Therefore, do not let go of this opportunity and enroll in this online Selenium training now!

  • Live Instructor-Led Online Selenium Classes
  • World-Class Trainers for you
  • Learn Selenium from Basics to Advanced level
  • Resume Building & Mock Interviews for Students
  • Learn Python & Java to Become Expert in Selenium Automation
  • 75+ Hours In-Depth Online Courses & Sample Projects
  • Job Oriented Practical Training & 100% Placement Training
  • The Complete 12+ Self-Paced Selenium Videos
  • Demo Web & Mobile Testing using Selenium and Appium Testing
  • Quality Course Content Prepared by Industry Experts
  • Selenium Certification Courses for Working Professionals & Fresher’s
  • Unique Course Material for Selenium Training & Free Selenium Software
  • 2000+ Happy Learners & 30+ Batches Completed with 100% Success Rate
  • Mixed Online & Classroom Selenium Training for Chennai & Bangalore Students
  • Best Training Institute for Selenium Testing Online Courses in India
  • Become Master in Java, Python, Selenium web driver, Appium, RC, IDE, Maven, Jenkins, GitHub TDD, Selenium Framework, TestNG, Sikuli and JaCoCo
  • Work on Real-Time Projects Using Selenium Automation which improves your Practical Knowledge
  • Enroll for Selenium Course & Get 50% Hike in your Career. Register Now for 1 Hour Demo Trail Session
  • This Selenium Course Designed as Purely Focus on Certification Training. Guaranteed on Certification.
  • Fast Track & Small Batches for Online Course. Pick up a Separate Trainer for your one to one Training.

Program USP:

  • Flexible pricing
  • 12+ years experienced trainers
  • Instructor-led online sessions
  • Immersive course curriculum designed by SMEs
  • Practice tests and project work
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Job assistance
  • Python course completion certificate
  • 24*7 learner support

About Besant Technologies Selenium Training Course

Our Selenium course is designed to help the testers/developers leverage the Selenium tool to fully automate web applications. Besides, each training course hosted by a live instructor begins with a refresher course on how to use Selenium and the role of automation. This way, you will able to learn various Selenium tools such as Auto IT, Maven; Selenium IDEs, Web Driver, Grid, and more. Moreover, we will put our extensive efforts in getting you placed with our job assistance program. Thus, by choosing to enroll for our Selenium online training, you will get immersive courseware as well as placement training, 24/7 real-time support, etc.

What are the learning objectives of this Selenium Course Training?

Ours is one of the best Selenium online training that is focused on the factual outcome. We conduct our courses in a step-by-step approach by inculcating exercises and assignments at the end of each module. Moreover, you will work on various industry-specific projects that will give you the opportunity to enhance your core Selenium skills.

A few of the many topics/modules that you will cover in this Selenium certification course includes:

  • Evolution and applications of Selenium
  • Automation testing vis-à-vis testing automation, framework, and ROI
  • Selenium suite components: Selenium RC, IDE, GRID, WebDriver, etc.
  • Regression and functional testing
  • Selenium setup, test cases
  • TestNG, and more.
  • Understand the importance of using automation testing in a quality-driven environment.
  • With this Selenium Online Training, learners can perform distributed testing with Grid.
  • Handle the web elements with locating techniques, write efficient test cases with the TestNG framework and understand other frameworks as self-explanatory after Selenium Training. Join Selenium Classes to become an expert in testing.
  • The experience of automation testing is associated with several other latest technologies like RPA, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, DevOps and user experience development. Selenium Training is conducted with a prediction to understand future technologies.
  • Appium, J Meter, SOAPUI are java based tools that are easy to learn after Selenium Training Course. Appium is a web driver protocol-based and SOAPUI is for web services which are also easy if you understand to use one testing tool to maintain quality.
  • Hub spot, Edify, Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, and Facebook use Selenium testing to handle the new features and keep the old functionalities working effectively for the users. Selenium Test Engineers get huge openings after completing Selenium Training online.

Join the Best Selenium training and placement Institute to proceed in the career path of testing with updated knowledge. After completing Selenium Online Training the learners look forward to work with multiple types of clients and the experience from automation testing will guide the learner to understand user experience, handle machine learning tasks, involve in implementing the RPA path, involve in an agile process and handle DevOps related jobs. Learning with the Best Selenium Training Institute is a step towards success and will always put the learner in the right path towards success.

What is this course about?

Our Selenium Online course about automating the web-based applications in an effective way using Selenium Webdriver. Further, it gives you knowledge about all kinds of testing frameworks with Java-TestNG combinations. The Selenium course content is real-time project-oriented. We have customized this Selenium certification curriculum to meet the current industry standards. We guarantee that even a non-programming background participant can attend this Selenium Online Training and can enrich themselves about all the advanced subjects.

What are the Course Objectives?

At the end of this expert online Selenium training and certification, you will be able to,

  • Learn to write advanced Selenium Webdriver programs
  • Build an independent automation script
  • Understand the different locators and handling them in an easy way
  • Work on two industry-specific projects
  • Learn how to work with the TestNG framework with Data-Driven framework concepts
  • Gain industry exposure and hands-on training in Selenium
  • Obtain excellent training from certified experts
  • Get benefited by 100% placement assistance

Spoiler title

Automation tester should know the domain in which the candidate is working before Selenium Training and through domain experience, the learner understands the ways to increase the user experience. Testing has many other new faces also as mobile testing, API testing, and big data analysis. The future for Selenium is good as many big companies are using Selenium for enhancing the quality of the product delivered.

Who should do this course?

Selenium online training is the initial step to instill a programming thrust within you. This training will be suitable for,

  • Fresh Graduates
  • College / School Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Who wants to learn coding from beginner level
  • Anyone wants to build their own web application from scratch

Selenium Training is the best option for beginner level learners as it is an open-source and many companies adopt selenium for its low cost. Programming knowledge has not required the basics of web development like HTML and DOM is enough to learn Selenium Course.

Why should I go for Selenium Training?

In India, the average pay for Selenium professionals ranges from ₹350,000 to ₹500,000. If you want to make a career transition and take advantage of the lucrative salary that it offers, you must take our Selenium certification course.

As of now, companies are quickly leaning towards using automated open source testing tools on some/all of their projects to reduce the cost and energy that goes into manual testing. One of the most widely-accepted such tools is Selenium that provides automated open-source testing features with outstanding performance, and speed. In addition, Selenium works perfectly on all sorts of operating systems and programming languages, such as Python, PHP, Pearl, Java, .NET.

Selenium Online Training is rendered by the industry best trainers who can clear all the doubts of the learners with an example from the complex web applications that they have handled. This is called as Real-time live instructor-led Selenium Training. The projects towards the end give a chance to know all types of testing frameworks and cover all aspects required with testing.

Is there any prerequisite for attending this Selenium training program? If so, what are those?

Although having some working knowledge of QA processes, programming languages can be helpful, at Besant Technologies, we do not stress any kind of prior expertise.

List out the key benefits of Selenium Training Online?

  • There are various frameworks with Selenium and it is easy to make changes with the code for different frameworks after Selenium training. By learning the basics of Selenium testing one get the skill to use the frameworks.
  • It is easy to understand other automation tools like DevOps, Jenkins, and Junit after the Selenium Training course.
  • After completing the Selenium Course the learners get access to the interaction with the trainer and get Selenium learning materials for continuity with learning.
  • Learning support and job support are continuous and beneficial to the different age group of learners.

Introduction to Selenium

Various updates have come up related to Selenium owing to which it ranks first in importance in the market related to automation. In the latest released versions, functionalities have been added to support native events. Added support is provided for Internet Explorer by adding a set of Web driver bindings for Internet Explorer which is named Internet Explorer Driver.

Selenium 2.0, called the Selenium Webdriver API is the most predominant framework choice. Drivers were also used to write automation scripts by merely using the appropriate driver in the place. The next version Selenium 3.0 is waiting for due release.


The testing tool should be good in handling networking issues, providing high power of computing, consistent in monitoring data for the user and troubleshoot immediately to fix the bug. The importance of automation and the different automation tools are known through Selenium Training. There are many automation tools around the software industry to satisfy the multiple requirements of automation like Datadog, Ansible, Puppet, and Docker. Among all these selenium is very important as it a robust tool with high performance for web applications testing. Besant technologies Selenium Training cover Selenium 3.0 suite and provides insights about Selenium 4.0 Alpha version such as W3C standardization, improved grid with node and hub, UI changes, better observability, detailed documentation, and change in the architecture of API communication internally.

The value to the Certified Selenium Professional is high for the manual testers and beginners. Selenium Classes conducted through online and offline mode with quality standards to match the requirement of testing professionals in the industry. Selenium Course starts with the theory of manual testing and automation testing and then move onto the lab sessions with Selenium components, selenium tool, IDE, Dev scripts, and Selenium 3.0 web driver with Java. The introduction part is to understand the learning style of the learners and then accordingly the trainer drives the Selenium Training Certification Course to the interesting sessions to engage the learners. As Selenium is a process-oriented and functionalities oriented tool the domain knowledge or business knowledge is also essential to understand the client requirement. Selenium Web Driver Online Training provides a project from different business processes to make the learners use the input and output for a better understanding of real-world scenarios.

Answer 3 Simple Questions

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Syllabus of Selenium Online Training


  • Introduction of selenium
  • Selenium components
  • How differs from other automation tools
  • Advantages of selenium
  • Overview of the Testing framework
  • Overview of Eclipse

Object-Oriented Programming

  • Creating Packages
  • Accessing Classes and Methods
  • Class, Object and Method
  • Concept of Inheritance
  • Overloading and Overriding Functions
  • Usage of Inheritance in Selenium
  • Good Features of the eclipse
  • Accessing modifiers – Public, Private, Default, Protected
  • Exception handling – try-catch block and throwable class
  • The need for exception handling in Selenium framework

Core Java Basics

  • Conditional and concatenation operators
  • Usage of loops – While Loop, For Loops
  • Data Types – String, Integer, Arrays, etc
  • Functions – Input Parameters, Return Types
  • Local, Global, Static and Non-Static Variables
  • Creating Objects and Object References
  • Call by reference and Value
  • Constructors
  • String class and functions
  • Concept of jar file
  • POI API in java

Selenium Architecture

  • Types of Selenium
  • Types of Webdriver
  • Selenium RC Architecture
  • Webdriver Architecture
  • Webdriver Vs Selenium RC
  • A brief explanation about the advantages of web driver

Locator Techniques

  • Introduction about locator concept
  • A brief explanation of different locator techniques
  • Xpath techniques explanation with different kind of real-time scenarios

Selenium IDE

  • Download and Installation
  • Record and playback techniques
  • Modifying the script using IDE
  • Convert the IDE script into RC script
  • Validate the locator value using IDE

Selenium setup

  • Explanation of step by step instructions for setup
  • Integration of eclipse and Testing


  • Configuring Webdriver with Eclipse
  • A detailed discussion about web driver commands
  • Handling different browsers
  • Create our own methods in web driver
  • Handling links and Dynamic links
  • Extracting and writing your own XPath
  • Handling Multiple Windows
  • Interacting with dynamic objects
  • Working with Alerts
  • Locating objects using different objects – ID, Name, CSS, Class, etc
  • Handling Frames on the web page
  • Taking Screenshots
  • Working with textbox and buttons
  • Working with a group of Objects
  • Test data management in Excel
  • Calling Dynamic values from Excel


  • Brief about the Testing framework and TestNG
  • Annotation concept and different types
  • Testing Configuration
  • Suite execution from eclipse
  • Parallel script execution
  • Grouping the Test Cases
  • Parameter configurations
  • Suite creation methodology
  • Report generation
  • Assertions and Verifications


  • The need for AutoIT tool
  • Basics of AutoIT tool and create a simple script
  • Converting AU3 file to excel  file
  • Calling AutoIT script from selenium project

Selenium Grid

  • Introduction of Selenium Grid
  • Installation and setup of Hub and node
  • Script changes for Selenium grid execution
  • Simple script execution using grid
  • Parallel execution using grid

Configuration Management

  • Jenkins Installation
  • Maven Installation
  • Dependencies and configure Maven Project
  • Integrate Maven projects in Jenkins.


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Upcoming Batch Schedule

Besant Technologies provides flexible timings to all our students. Here are the Selenium Online Training Schedule. If this schedule doesn’t match please let us know. We will try to arrange appropriate timings based on your flexible timings.

  • 27-05-2024 Mon (Mon - Fri)Weekdays Batch 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session Get Fees
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Selenium Online Training Certification Course

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Corporate Training

If you want to give the Trending technology experience to your esteemed employees, we are here to help you!

Selenium Trainer Profile

  • Having expertise in Automation Testing like QTP, Selenium with Strong Hands-On Knowledge
  • Currently Working as Senior Selenium Tester with a Top MNC in Chennai City
  • Great Exposure of Software development life cycle, Scrum, Agile, and DevOps methodologies as Automation Tester.
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Tester (ISTQB), Certified Programmer for Java (SCJP 5.0) and DevOps Certified Engineer
  • Trained More than 2000+ Students in Selenium Testing with 100% Course Completion Record.
  • Strong Knowledge on Web Automation (Selenium with Java, Python, C#, and Ruby) and Mobile automation (Appium +Java).
  • 10+ Hours Resume Building & Mock Interviews Classes for Students to get better Jobs
  • Starting from Manual Testing for non It Students to get a better idea on Software Testing Courses
  • Having Very Strong Communication Skills to deliver the Course with Proper Examples.
  • Awarded as “Best Selenium Trainer of 2019 & 2020” by Besant technologies.
  • Worked as a Selenium tester & Java Freelancer Developer for Small & Medium Companies

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Selenium Online Training Certification Course

Selenium Exams & Certification

Besant Technologies Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at Besant Technologies is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

Selenium Online Training Certification Course

If you want to become a Certified in Selenium testing field enroll now with Besant technologies and Become QA Certified Expert in Just 6 Weeks. This Certification Training will make you Subject Matter Expert on Selenium 3.0. Get Online Selenium Certification Training with Besant Technologies and Get highly Paid Selenium Jobs.

Group Discount

If you have Three or more people in your training we will be delighted to offer you a group discount.

30+ Hours Course Duration

100% Job Oriented Training

Industry Expert Faculties

Free Demo Class Available

Completed 800+ Batches

Certification Guidance

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Project of Selenium Online Training

At the end of our online course, you will be assigned to work on a real-time project. Once you complete the assigned projects with expected results we will verify and issue Selenium Automation Tester Certificate. If you are not able to deliver the expected results in a project we will support you by clarifying doubts and help you to re-attempt the project.

Project for Selenium Course

Project1: Automating Bank transactions

Functional areas of Testing:

Bank application requires test cases from different perspectives like user functionalities, manager functionalities, and administrator functionalities and all these test cases are created, executed with guidance during Selenium Online Training. The application module can be banks, customers, transactions, accounts, and branches. In the case of banking application security testing, integration testing, regression testing, and checking the governing policies of the government regarding the banking application are essential. Security testing is to check the exposed vulnerabilities to hackers. Hackers will try for different types of malicious attacks to penetrate the security and thus it is essential to remove the security risks. Broken authentication, injection, insecure object references, sensitive data handling, control the functional level access and handle CSRF are some of the security checks.

Data masking, testing system integration and synthetic test data are done through Selenium to check the security of the application. As banks offer different services for the same account number like mobile banking, internet banking, and direct banking it is essential to do the integration testing. And also banks offer different new schemes where regression testing is essential. Selenium Course will cover all the aspects of testing with the industry best trainer to make the learners acquaint with all types of dynamic circumstances in the organizations.

Skills learned:

After completing the live project from Besant technologies during Selenium Training the learners know about Database testing, functional testing and UI testing of bank applications which will ultimately improve the regression testing skills, integration testing skills, security testing skills, and improve the user experience. The high amount of transactions, user interaction through the browser, validation of input and output by the server and the secure transactions of bank applications give an idea about the characteristics of bank applications. Cucumber, Maven and TestNG frameworks can be used in this project to enhance the frameworks’ knowledge of the learner.

Project 2: Flight ticket booking

Functional areas of Testing:

In airline application the process involves the flight searching with location, maintain the login details of the user and get the status of the booking. The admin will feed the new flight details, changes associated with the flight time is updated by the admin and check the records of the booking details. Security is a key point in the aviation industry to make safe travel to passengers. Invalid input test for the login of the user, cost calculation test and payment page test are some of the areas where it is essential to check the security. As flight booking is online it increases the digital sales where quality is very important. Selenium Online Training will give all the guidance in the form of examples and explanations to complete the project and get multifaceted knowledge as a tester.

Skills learned:

BDD is used to explain the behavior of the application in English, Test Runner is to automate the behavior test, set the proxy server settings with IDE and cucumber, .feature files help for adding the features or domain-specific behavior of the application and selenium Grid is used to check the test with different parallel testing and cross border testing. Frameworks, security testing, and regression testing are the skills learned with this project. Selenium Course will fortify the learners about all the challenges associated with the testing process using the Selenium tool.

Training Courses Reviews

Possibly, the best part of the entire Selenium course was the instructor-guided real-world projects. It helped channelize my learning’s in the right direction. Now, I am well aware of the Selenium suite and can confidently work on all kinds of complex projects. Thanks!



Thank you so much Besant Technologies. Selenium training was really very helpful. All my Selenium trainers had very good technical knowledge and helped me finished my course in a very short period. 100% placement assistance was also provided which helped me get recruited in an MNC company. Thank you once again for Besant Technologies and their Selenium course.



I learned Selenium Training in Besant Technologies. A friend of mine referred to this institute to me. My trainer was too good and was a very friendly person. He helped me at all times to clear my doubts. Now I am working in a Software Company. I am feeling very content by the change that has happened in my life after taking up the Selenium course in Besant Technologies. Thanks to my trainer and Besant Technologies.



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  • Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.
  • Are certified professionals with high grade.
  • Are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies.

No worries. Besant technologies assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.

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Additional Info of Selenium Online Training

Besant Technologies Rated as the Best Selenium Online Training Provider with Most Experienced Tutors. Learn how to use Selenium from beginner level to advanced techniques which are taught by experienced working professionals. With our Selenium Online Training, you’ll learn concepts in expert level in a practical manner.

Best Selenium Training

Our Institute is the Best Selenium Training Institute as our trainers are the top employees in the MNC companies with client management skills and business analysis skills. Trainers have 10 plus years of experience and they are the authorities who interview the newbies stepping into the software industry. After heap years of experience, trainers know about the skills from the basic level and they know the tactics to take it to the advanced level to gain maximum from a potential candidate.

The projects for selenium 3.0 Online Certification Course consist of applying the tool for web transactions to check the process of bank transactions, the process of ticket booking for a flight, and check the process of patient transactions with Health care website. We have partner websites to give as examples to the learners and learn from the real-time live environment. Learners will learn about topics such as Java basics, WebDriver, test framework, Test NG, and Maven from Best Selenium Training. The average salary of automation tester is $58K to $111K. Learning the Selenium Course is the best option for the professionals to reach new heights in professional life.

Selenium with TestNG, Selenium with cucumber, Selenium with TDD, Selenium with agile practices as BDD, Selenium with Java, Selenium with C#, Selenium with Python and Selenium with ruby are some of the specifications in learning selenium Training Online for experienced manual testers and these are the keywords for our training. After getting, experience in manual testing testers would know about the different usage of the Selenium automation tool and would love to learn Selenium Course as per their professional value. Selenium Training Cost is reasonable at Besant technologies as we provide end to end solutions to the learners till they get placed and give support for complex project completion also. Experienced guys will join the Selenium Training to finish the project which is challenging and the trainers will give customized Selenium courses to train the learner in such cases.

Job Opportunity for Selenium

Selenium is having tremendous job opportunities as it is the fastest-growing automation tool than any other tool. And it provides lots of options in scripting languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python, and PHP). So learning this Selenium automation tool will give you lots more opportunities in getting a pleasant job in the IT industry.

How placement assistance will help the beginners after Selenium Training?

Selenium Training is suitable for beginners as it requires zero knowledge to start and it gives more opportunities to the beginners after Selenium online Training. Besant Technologies have partnered companies for placement and also check the market opportunities through job portals to help the students with interviews. As beginners are more concerned with the placement we help them with interviews and interview tips to clear the interview.

Quality standards of Selenium

  • Using the right locator is one of the advantages of the Selenium tool which helps for running the test in a dynamic situation. Even the marketing team can run the test by using class and ID locators. Choose the best Selenium Training Institute to know the importance of quality standards followed in companies to increase client satisfaction.
  • With parallel testing, the execution time is minimized. Selenium Grid is explained with parallel testing during Selenium Training Online.
  • There are 90 libraries for the function to help the client to start the automation process. This aids in reducing the cycle time spent on automation. Certified Selenium professional’s course is the best course to bring perfection in the transaction process and improve client satisfaction. Selenium is based on the GUI library and features of one framework can be integrated with other frameworks.
  • Selenium is used for functional testing and GUI testing.
  • Using page object aid for the page code and the test code separation with ease. It helps for code readability and elimination of duplication.
  • Client-side application monitoring is essential to improve performance and maintain quality standards. Load time and HTML DOM along with Ajax give more details about the bottleneck of the application. Selenium Training Certification Course improves performance by analyzing every function associated with the client.
  • Selenium can be used for web application testing, system functional testing, and browser testing with the same code. Code reusability is the best part of Selenium which will reduce the cycle time.
  • Selenium makes use of comparatively fewer hardware resources than another automation tool. For script execution, it uses less RAM and CPU which is the reason for saying Selenium as the best tool. Learning Best Selenium Training will give more opportunities as big companies like Microsoft use Selenium and they don’t have their tool for automation.
  • Selenium Grid can be hosted with cloud and Selenium cloud is suitable for automating web tasks with browsers and devices. Hardware, infrastructure, and software resources are used for cloud application and these applications are tested using the Selenium cloud. Join Selenium Online Training to know about testing the cloud application.
  • Selenium is supported by many programming languages which is an advantage for the learner to understand the tool with wide knowledge. C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, and PHP are the programming languages that support the Selenium tool.

Selenium Tools

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Selenium IDE is the development environment for the Selenium test which is used along with the prototyping tool. To create advanced level test cases before running the test Selenium Web driver is used. Selenium Course live Instructor will help to download the Selenium IDE, install the Selenium IDE and use the features of Selenium IDE during Selenium Web driver Training with Java.

Selenium Remote Control (RC) Introduction

Selenium RC is introduced along with Selenium 1 and now it supports for maintenance. RC is used for java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C# and Perl. Selenium RC is currently not used but still included in the syllabus of Selenium Training Online to train the learners from the basics.

WebDriver 2.0 and 3.0

With Selenium 3.0 the web driver implementations can be tightly coupled and the browser can be understood better. Before Selenium 3.0 browser was developed by the Selenium project and now browser vendors create their web drivers. Selenium 3.0 is tuned towards bug fixes and mobile automation. The difference between the previous version and the current version is understood through incremental Selenium Course Training.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid has two versions and they are Selenium Grid 1 and Selenium Grid 2. It is used when applications require multiple tests with different operating systems, browsers, and machines. The different users from different locations use different machines or devices and it is essential to check the performance with different models to satisfy the end customer. The real-time project after Selenium Online Training consists of easy testing tasks and complex testing tasks. To encourage the beginner level knowledge and to encourage the advanced level knowledge both types of tasks are crucial during Selenium Training.

Frameworks of Selenium

WebDriver Framework, BDD Frameworks, and unit testing frameworks are different frameworks which support for Selenium. TestNG is one of Java-based framework which is used for unit testing, functional testing, and integration testing, and an end to end testing. Cucumber falls under the BDD framework which is one of the popular frameworks of Selenium and many learners ask for the customized Selenium Training and Tutorials for frameworks alone. Besant Technologies has complete the Selenium course and customized Selenium Training course as per the requirement of the learners. Predominantly Selenium frameworks are divided as data-driven, keyword driven and hybrid frameworks. There are approximately more than 13 billion websites and Selenium is widely used to make the testing process of web application easy. Building a framework that is maintainable in terms of programming language, architecture, reporting mechanism, CI/CD support and integration with other tools is important.

Most Common Questions for DevOps Certification

What should be my system requirement for attending the online Selenium training sessions?

To join the selenium training online, you must have:

  • A minimum of 4gb RAM configuration
  • A good pair of headphones/speaker with microphone
  • 64-bit OS

What if I miss a Selenium Course Session?

Well, no issues. Just convey your issue, and we will try our level best to allot another live batch to you.

Will I be getting placement assistance at the end of the Selenium testing certification program?

Of course! We leave no stone unturned to make sure that all our learners get the best support in technical/non-technical areas. Even, in case of job assistance, we will help you with our resume creation services, mock-interviews, etc.

How impactful is Besant Technologies Selenium Certification Course?

You would be glad to know that we have exclusively tied-up with multiple MNCs from India and abroad. Our alumni work across the time-zones in top companies. Thus, after completing the Selenium course, you will be confident of seeing yourself working in this domain.

How Selenium instructors are selected at Besant Technologies?

All the trainers that we shortlist have at least a decade of working experience. Plus, we test them on several parameters such as English proficiency, skills, and more.

How would I unlock my Selenium Course Completion Certificate?

The certificate will be uploaded on the LMS. Also, we will send it via email.

What payment options do I have, once I decide to enroll in this Selenium Training?

You can pay via MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal, etc. You can also opt for paying using the net banking feature. Once, the payment is confirmed, you will be able to log in and view the self-paced courses in your LMS.

Mention the different modes of training offered at Besant technologies?

Besant technologies’ motto is to provide flexible training as per the needs of the learners and thus the Selenium training modes are given as classroom training, self-paced training, and online instructor-led live training.

Is it possible to arrange for an extra session if the learner request to the Course advisor?

Yes, the Course advisor gives extra classes as per the time availability. The complete knowledge is the motto behind the Selenium training course sessions and we take immense care to make up the lack of interest or lack of understanding of the learners.

Mention the benefits of self-paced Selenium training of Besant Technologies?

Self-paced Selenium Online training is designed to learn many times, to understand the concepts thoroughly with repeated views, learn at the learner’s comfortable timing, and keep the videos as a reference to manage interview questions.

How to select a project for my Selenium Course?

Besant technologies provide projects during Selenium Training which cover all the types of testing and application of many frameworks. The learner’s interest is also considered when allotting the project and trainers guide the learners to complete the best project to mention in the resume.

How to change the mode of training of Selenium online training from self-paced training to instructor-led training?

Course counselors are available at any time over a phone call and talk to them regarding the changes that are required. They will check the schedule, discuss with the trainer and arrange for the training as per the learners need during Selenium course.

What is the evaluation model and how it is beneficial to the learner after Selenium training online?

The evaluation model after Selenium online Training is project evaluation and mock interviews to help the students for the interview process. Project knowledge will enhance the practical knowledge and mock interviews will enhance the subject knowledge to the learners.

After Selenium Training is there any assurance for getting a job as a tester?

As of now, there are 24574 automation jobs available with Naukri and 1226 jobs available with indeed job portal. Automation is the industry that will never stop and there will be booming demand in Selenium. Learning Selenium Course will double the job opportunities to the learner.

How to fill the gap if I miss a class during Selenium Training?

The extra class will be arranged immediately during weekends or holidays to bridge the gap during Selenium Training Course.

What is the Interview process followed to select the faculties in Besant technologies for Selenium course?

The faculties hail from different backgrounds and domains for Selenium Training. The first process is profile matching as per the syllabus requirement, the second process is the experience of the trainer and the third point is about the teaching methodologies that are known through demo sessions. After understanding the knowledge and passion towards the teaching of the trainer they are selected in Besant technologies.

How a lab session is useful at Besant technologies during Selenium online training?

The lab session is arranged after completing the class to allow the students to practice the concepts. Every class is followed by a practical small project to give a clear explanation to the learners about Selenium Course.

How learners are connected during Selenium Training online?

Online Training is conducted through skype or GoToMeeting software as per the convenience of the learner. The Internet is the platform to get connected with the learners from different corners.

Selenium Training at Besant technologies is live classroom training or pre-recorded videos?

There are different modes of training like live instructor-led training and pre-recorded videos. As per the learning style of the learner, the Selenium training is arranged by the student counselor.

How about the first class and what are all the requirements with the system for Selenium Training?

The trainer will help for the Eclipse installation, Selenium installation, and Selenium web driver installation before Selenium Course.

What does the term ‘Global Teaching Assistance’ mean?

The global teaching assistant will help the learners to get back up classes, get learning materials, get extra classes if needed and also guide for placement assistance during Selenium Training. Counselors who serve for global assistance are called as Global teaching assistance.

It is given that Besant technologies will give 24/7 support during Selenium online training? What does it mean?

Besant technologies offer the best service to the students with 24/7 support for any queries or concerns regarding Selenium classes. As we provide multiple modes of training our students call us irrespective of IST and we are happy to guide the students.

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