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Why Selenium is So Famous Recent Days?

Why Selenium is So Famous Recent Days?

Selenium is one of the automated testing suites. It is meant for web applications that are operated over different platforms and browsers. Selenium testing is quite in limelight these days. The testing that is done using this tool is basically refers as the Selenium Testing. Selenium has much more to offer to its users, and due to this reason only, Selenium is getting a good name which is spreading more and more each day.

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Besant Technologies in Chennai runs with the latest trends and technologies. We are aware about Selenium and its present and future demand, so we are giving a professional training of this software-testing framework too. Our Selenium training includes all the aspects and components that come under Selenium. Let us first give you a briefing of Selenium so that you can get an understanding of its wider look towards its advantages and answers of the question that why it is getting famous these days and why one should opt for Selenium Training:

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  • Suite of software: It is not just a single tool; instead it is a suite of software. For different types of testing, Selenium offers different software to serve it. Four basic components fall under Selenium. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control (RC) and Selenium Grid are the names – each of these offers different services.
  • Pros of Selenium IDE: Biggest and user friendly benefit of Selenium IDE is that it don’t require the need to have any specific programming experience. So for non-techies it’s a good deal! It is an easy ride to use and install Selenium IDE.
  • Pros of Web Driver: It directly interacts with the browser, thus a more realistic and healthy browser interaction is there. Its’ execution time is quite faster.
  • Pros of Selenium RC (Remote Control): Its API is fully-grown and complete. Also it has the capability to support new browsers.
  • Pros of Selenium Grid: It implements the hub-and-nodes concept. The main advantage of it is that it simultaneously runs different tests in various environments and browsers. Thus it save lots of testing time.
  • Better than QTP: Before Selenium came into picture, QTP(which is now UFT) covered the market very well. QTP stands for Quick Test Professional. But Selenium almost mopped away QTP’s fame by covering the features which were absent from QTP. For say, QTP is strictly commercial, but Selenium is free of cost and an open-source. Unlike QTP, Selenium can test across different platforms. Selenium even supports different OSs too. Thus it is more flexible as compared to QT.
  • Playback facility: This is an another useful trait of Selenium. It is having a record facility so a user can playback the existing records whenever needed, thus discarding the need to do the same process again and again from the scratch!
  • Auto-complete trait: Another big highlight of Selenium is this one! For all common commands, auto-complete feature is there in Selenium IDE. This really makes work easy.
  • Multiple languages & GUI selection: Selenium is presently available in several programming languages so as to reach wider range of audience. Also Selenium is said to be best suited for GUI-intelligent field selection.

Apart from the above mentioned, Selenium has a lot more to offer to today’s business world, quite similar to us! And due to these reasons only, Selenium is getting famous day by day and thus market-demand for Selenium professionals is also touching the sky. We have plenty to offer to our Selenium Training in Chennai students who aspire to hit a high arrow in the field of testing. So if aiming for high in testing field and planning to pursue a promoting career in testing, come to Besant Technologies in Chennai and get started with training in Selenium!

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