Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for beginners and experts. List of frequently asked Selenium Interview Questions with answers by Besant Technologies. We hope these Selenium interview questions and answers are useful and will help you to get the best job in the networking industry. This Selenium interview questions and answers are prepared by Selenium Professionals based on MNC Companies expectation. Stay tuned we will update New Selenium Interview questions with Answers Frequently. If you want to learn Practical Selenium Training then please go through this Selenium Training in Chennai and Selenium Training in Bangalore

Best Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Besant Technologies supports the students by providing Selenium interview questions and answers for the job placements and job purposes. Selenium is the leading important course in the present situation because more job openings and the high salary pay for this Selenium and more related jobs. We provide the Selenium online training also for all students around the world through the Gangboard medium. These are top Selenium interview questions and answers, prepared by our institute experienced trainers.

Selenium interview questions and answers for the job placements

Here is the list of most frequently asked Selenium Interview Questions and Answers in technical interviews. These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. The questions are for intermediate to somewhat advanced Selenium professionals, but even if you are just a beginner or fresher you should be able to understand the answers and explanations here we give.

Q1. What is the difference between verification and validation?

Q2. What are all the Testing types we can able to perform using with Automation Testing tool?

Q3. Automation Testing Lifecycle?

Q4. What is Selenium?

Q5. List out the Selenium Components?

Q6. Difference between Selenium & QTP?

Q7. What are all the collections concepts mainly will use in selenium?

Q8. Advantages of Automation Framework?

Q9. How to handle Alerts in Selenium?

Q10. Explain about Framework using in your project?

Q11.What is TestNG Data Provider? Write a Syntax for it?

Q12. What are Exception and Error? Specify the Difference.?

Q13. Why Exception Handling important in Selenium?

Q14. Most Common Exceptions Which We Notice In Selenium WebDriver?

Q15. Explain the difference between Absolute XPath and relative XPath?

Q16. How to handle Ajax calls?

Q17. How to handle Ajax calls?

Q18. How do you execute your framework from command prompt?

Q19.Difference between WebDriver Listener and TestNG listener.

Q20. How you will find the row count and column Count in dynamic web table?

Q21. How you will get the title of the page?

Q22. How you will get the current URL of the page?

Q23.How to achieve synchronization process in Selenium WebDriver?

Q24. What are all the Wait conditions in Selenium? Difference between implicitly Wait, Explicitly Wait and Fluent Wait?

Q25. How to Handle 2 Frames?

Q26. Explain About Maven concept?

Q27. Why Jenkins and Selenium?

Q28. How to capture the color of Web Element or text color in WebDriver?

Q29. How to handle 2 windows or explain window handling.

Q30. Difference between ANT and MAVEN?

Q31. What is latest version of Selenium WebDriver?

Q32. How to Upload the file in selenium?

Q33. List out some TestNG Annotations.?

Q34. How you will share your output to managers?

Q35. How to merge all your team members’ code and how you will run?

Q36. How to read and Write the Data from Excel Sheet?

Q37. What is the difference between xpath and css selector?

Q38. Explain Testng.xml structure. ( Suite-> Test> Classes>Class)?

Q39. What are all the challenges you have faced while doing the Automation.?

Q40. WebDriver is interface or class?

Q41. Firefox Browser is interface or class?

Q42. Syntax to declare chrome browser and Gecko driver and Firefox Browser and IE browser?

Q43. Write a Syntax for Drag and Drop?

Q44. Write Syntax for Mouse Hover Element?

Q45. Write Syntax for Double Click?

Q46. Write Syntax for Right Click?

Q47. Difference between Apache POI and Jxl jar files?

Q48. What are all the element locators in Selenium?

Q49. Which is more preferable xpath or CSS?

Q50. How to find out all the links in webpage?

Q51. How we will configure the Parallel browser testing in testng.xml?

Q52. Explain about TestNG – its listeners?

Q53. Write a Syntax to take the screenshot?

Q54. How to find out all the frames in a webpage?

Q55. How to handle cookies?

Q56. What is Selenium Grid?

Q57. Difference between find elements and find element?

Q58. Explain about softAssert and HardAssert?

Q59. How to Start Jenkins in command Promt?

Q60. What is the latest version of Jenkins?

Q62. What is the default port for selenium Grid?

Q63. Selenium advantages and disadvantages?

Q64. From Which selenium version onwards –we have to use gecko driver for firefox?

Q65. How to Handle Dropdown Values in selenium. Write a syntax and types to handle the dropdpwn Box?

Q66. When will you get element not clickable exception in Selenium?

Q67. How to solve Not connected Exception – unable to connect to host in selenium webdriver?

Q68. What is Selenium?

Q69. What is Selenium IDE, WebDriver, and Grid?

Q70. What are the locators available in WebDriver?

Q71. How to launch Firefox, Chrome, IE browser using WebDriver?

Q72. How to set System Property in WebDriver?

Q73. How to find font color of Text element?

Q74. How to find size of the Image?

Q75. How to find Dynamic Web Elements?

Q76. How to skip a test case in JUnit?

Q77. How to skip a test case in TestNG?

Q78. How to find whether an element is a Multidrop down or not?

Q79. What is the difference between getText() and getAttribute() ?

Q80. How to select value in a dropdown?

Q81. What is the difference between driver.close() and driver.quit() command?

Q82. How to handle Javascript Alerts or web-based pop-ups?

Q83. How to capture screenshot in WebDriver?

Q84. Write a code to login into any site showing uthentication pop-up for username and password?

Q85. How do you send ENTER key?

Q86. How do you access Firefox profiles in WebDriver?

Q87. What are the different types of Waits or Synchrinization commands in WebDriver?

Q88. Write a syntax to scroll down a page in selenium?

Q89. How to check if text is present on a web page?

Q90. What are the different exceptions in Selenium web driver?

Q91. How to handle MouseHover?

Q92. How to handle Frames?

Q93. How to switch from child frame to parent frame?

Q94. Explain how to switch back from a frame?

Q95. What is the difference between “/” and “//”

Q96. What is the difference between Assert and Verify in Selenium?

Q97. What is the super interface of WebDriver?

Q98. How many ways can we load a web page?

Q99. How can we maximize browser window and delete cookies in Selenium?

Q100. How to handle hidden elements in Selenium WebDriver?

Q101. List some scenarios which we cannot automate using Selenium WebDriver?

Q102. How to Upload a file in Selenium WebDriver?

Q103. How to set test case priority in TestNG?

Q104. What is the default port used by Hub in Selenium Grid?

Q105. How do u get the width of the textbox?

Q106. Is WebElement an interface or a class ?

Q107. What is the default port used by Node in Selenium Grid?

Q108.What is Driver?

Q109.XPath types and its usage related to tables?

Q110.Upload and download using AutoIt?

Q111.How to handle IE popup window?

Q112.What is framework on your understanding?

Q113.How testdata are used in selenium?

Q114.How the scripts know whether the file is downloaded or not?

Q115.Why thread.sleep is not preferred?

Q116.What is MSTest & how it is different from nunit?

Q117.How screenshot are added to the failed testcases?

Q118.What is reporting in selenium?.

Q119.Is it mandatory to call assertAll() method when comparing expected and actual result in selenium.?

Q120.What happens when you add statements after calling “assertAll()” method when comparing the expected and actual results in selenium.?

Q121.How do you perform “SaveAs” operation when writing data into excel file.?

Q122.How do you perform “SaveAs” operation when writing data into excel file.?

Q123.How do u handle dynamic link without partial linkText.?

Q124.what is the difference between cssSelector and xpath.?

Q125.How do you enter the text into the current textbox or How do you find the current focused element.?

Q126.what are the different ways of clicking on a button.?

Q127.How do you handle frames.?

Q128.Can you give a selenium example for method overloading.?

Q129.How do you handle Drop down menu.?

Q130.How do you handle context menu.?

Q131. Under which package “Actions” class is present.?

Q132. Which method we must call whenever we call any method of actions class.?

Q133.what are the uses of Actions class?

Q134.Can we inspect JavaScript Pop-up.?

Q135.How do you handle the JavaScript Pop-up.?

Q136.When Hidden division pop-up is displayed.?

Q137.Give an example for hidden division pop-up.?

Q138.How do you upload the file using relative path.?

Q139.When do we get invalidElementStateException.?

Q140.What is window handle and how to get it.?

Q141.What is the difference between getWindowHandle() and getWindowHandles().?

Q142.How do you close all the browsers without using Quit method.?

Q143.From Which package SELECT class should be imported.?

Q144.How do you identify whether the list box is single select or multi select list box.?

Q145.When do we get UnsupportedOperationException.?

Q146.How to get the options from the list box.?

Q147.What is the meaning of StaleElementReferenceException.?

Q148.When do we get ?

Q149.Why do we use POM pattern in selenium.?

Q150.If you do not use initElements() method of PageFactory class, what kind of exception do you get.?

Q151.What is the syntax of initializing the elements in POM class.?

Q152.Will @FindBy Annotation allow us to use variable in place of locator value.?

Q153.How do you execute ‘AutoIT’ script from Selenium?

Q154.If we use DataProvider How many parameters accepted by the text method.?

Q155.How do you receive different types of data from DataProvider.?

Q156.what is the default execution status of testNg test method.?

Q157.How do you re-run failed test classes in TestNG.?

Q158.Which exception do we get if the Specified sheet name, row index or cell index is invalid while handling excel files.?

Q159.How do you check whether the excel cell has string/numeric value.?

Q160.How do you execute testng.xml file from pom.xml file.?

Q161.What is the difference between Java Project and Maven Project - with respective to Automation framework.?

Q162.What are the characteristic of Hidden Division Pop-up. And how do you handle it.?

Q163.Swap the given two numbers without using a third variable.?

Q164.Why automation testing is preferred rather than manual testing ?

Q165.What are types of testing which is supported by selenium

Q166.What is X path and its types?

Q167.What are the tools we can use for finding X path?

Q168. What are the browsers supported by selenium?

Q169. What are the basic web element inputs used by automation tester?

Q170. How do we launch browser using web drivers?

Q172. What are the special functions used find difficult Xpath?

Q173. What are the different components of selenium?

Q174. What are the advantages of selenium over other tools?

Q175. What are the different types of exception which is commonly found in web driver?

Q176. What is the use of JavaScriptExecutor?

Q177. Which files can be used as data source in selenium?

Q178. Who developed Selenium tool?

Q179. What are the different ways to delay the execution in selenium?

Q180. What is the difference for FindElement() and FindElements()?

Q181. Selenium grid is a performance tool or not?

Q182. How would you terminate the entire program in selenium web driver?

Q183. What are the basic commands used for navigation in web driver?

Q184. What are the basic commands used for quitting browsers?

Q185. Does keyboard events is possible in web driver?

Q186. What are the automation tools used for functional testing ?

Q187. What are the automation tools used for non-functional testing?

Q188. What is the upgrade version of selenium so far?

Q189. What is Selenese?

Q190. Automation tools to which can be integrated with CI/CD?

Q191. what do you mean by Assertion in selenium?

Q192. What are the different types of wait used in selenium?

Q193. Different types of annotations used in selenium?

Q194. What are the web drivers supported for Mobile Testing drivers?

Q195. What are the essential software for selenium?

Q196. What are the OS supported by selenium?

Q197. What are the languages supported by browsers?

Q198. How many test cases are possible to execute per day?

Q199. what is the browser supported by selenium by itself?

Q200. Open source frame work supported by selenium?

Q201. Does deleting cookies in selenium is possible?

Q202. Compare driver.close() & driver. Quit()

Q203. Advantages of page object model

Q204. How can we scroll page up and page down?

Q205. What are the different types of waits in Selenium?

Q206. What are the components in selenium?

Q207. Does Selenium supports parallel execution?

Q208. Name different browsers that supports Selenium?

Q209. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Selenium?

Q210. Can we automate captcha image using selenium?

Q211. What are the different methods to send values to the textbox?

Q212. How do we handle pop up dialog in selenium?

Q213. How can we handle mouse over actions in selenium?

Q213. How can we handle multiple tabs in Selenium?

Q214. WAP to launch the Firefox web driver?

Q215. Selenium supports Mobile Automation?

Q216. What is Selendroid?

Q217. WAP to find the number of matches for the xpath?

Q218. What is the difference between find_element and find_elements?

Q219. How can I get alert text?

Q220. How can read the title of the page in Selenium?

Q221. What are the basic navigation commands in selenium?

Q222. What is the similarity between driver.get() and

Q223. Why should we choose selenium?

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners

Q1. What are the different locators available in Selenium

Q2. Which locators do you prefer using first?

Q3. What is the difference between Absolute and Relative xpath

Q4. What are the different exceptions in Selenium – Name 5

Q5. Which version of Selenium are you currently using in your project?

Q6. What are the different kind of frameworks

Q7. What are the different xpath axes

Q8. What is the difference between Implicit,Explicit and Fluentwait

Q9. When you declare an implicit wait as X seconds, does the driver wait for X seconds for each element

Q10. What is StaleElementReference Exception and when do you get it.

Q11. What are the ways of clicking an element apart from selenium click()

Q12. How do you hover over an element in the Menu link to show sub menu

Q13. Write code for Double click and Right Click

Q14. Write code for taking Screenshot

Q15. What is WebDriverManager

Q16. How do you get into and out of a frame

Q17. How do you highlight WebElements being used?

Q19. Difference between driver.quit() and driver.close()

Q21. Write down your Framework Structure and Explain.

Q22. Difference between Abstract class and Interface

Q23. What are the OOPS concepts you used in your framework

Q24. Is catch block mandatory?

Selenium with Java Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is Java?

Q2. Why is Java a platform Independent?

Q3. Is java a pure Object-oriented?

Q4. What is a class in Java?

Q5. What do you mean by Object in Java?

Q6. What is loop in java and what are the diffrent types of loops?

Q7. What are the pillars of Object-Oriented program?

Q8. What is Inheritance?

Q9. What is Polymorphism?

Q10. What is method overloading?

Q11. What is method overriding?

Q12. What is Constructor?

Q13. What are local and class variables?

Q14. What is abstraction in Java?

Q15. What is Encapsulation?

Q16. What is an Array?

Q17. What are the diffrent Access modifiers availabe in Java?

Q18. What is the difference between Array and ArrayList?

Q19. What is FileInputStream in Java?

Q20. What is FileOutputStream in Java?

Q21. How you handle the Exception in Java?

Q22. Write a program to print Fibonacci Series up to count 10?

Q23. Write a program to add two matrices?

Q24. Write a program to swap two numbers without using the third variable?

Q25. Write a Java program to find the sum of digits?

Q26. What is Selenium?

Q27. What are the components of Selenium?

Q28. What are the limitations of Selenium?

Q29. What are the diffrent types of locators in Selenium?

Q30. What is the difference between '/' and '//' in xpath?

Q31. Why do you prefer selenium tool for automation?

Q32. What are soft assert and hard assert?

Q33. What are the exceptions you faced in Selenium?

Q34. What are the different types of waits available in Selenium?

Q35. How to get a text of a web element?

Q36. What is the difference between driver.get() and“url”)?

Q37. What are the different types of navigation commands?

Q38. How you will delete the cookies in Selenium?

Q39. How to handle multiple windows in Selenium?

Q40. What is the difference between driver.close() and driver.quit() methods?

Q41. How do you handle mousehover, doubleclick and draganddrop in Selenium?

Q42. What is TestNG?

Q43. What are the advantages of TestNG?

Q44. What are the annotations available in TestNG?

Q45. What is the use of testng.xml?

Q46. What is cucumber?

Q47. What is feature file?

Q48. What are the advantages of Cucumber?

Q49. What are the comonly used TestNG Asserts?

Q50. How do you set a priority of test cases in TestNG?

Q51. Give the example of TestRunner in Cucumber?

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