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Besant Technologies provides Blue prism training in Chennai to freshers and Working professionals. Learn Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from the Best Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai with the most experienced and Robotic Process Automation training certified expert trainers in the field. In our RPA Blue prism Training in Chennai, aspirants will undergo practical training which increases the commanding skill on the tool. In this training period, candidates will undergo complete real-time experience through practical examples and live projects.

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Best Blue prism Training in Chennai

In our RPA Blue prism Training in Chennai, aspirants will undergo practical training which increases the commanding skill on the tool. In this training period, candidates will undergo complete real-time experience through practical examples and live projects.

Other RPA tools available:

Blue Prism Technology is a unique tool developed by the Blue Prism Group which helps enterprise robotic process automation software in purging high risk, low-return, manual data entry and processing work. Blue Prism is widely recognized technology which is getting worldwide acceptance. Most of the businesses and corporate are implementing this technology because of its ability to automate any application. Also, Blue Prism can support the common platforms such as JAVA, Windows, mainframe, WPF, web etc.

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About Blue Prism Course

Blue Prism is a course that is articulately built on Microsoft.NET Framework. Knowledge of Blue Prism assists the learners to automate any random or hardcore application and provides relevant support to the platforms like Windows, Java, Web, Mainframe et cetera which is portrayed in a variety of ways like the thin client, web browser, terminal emulator, Citrix and web services. The course has been sketched with multi-environment deployment models that include test, development, staging, and production with relevantly both logical and physical access controls. Blue Prism also supports regulatory based contexts like PCI-DSS, SOX, and HIPAA with an excessively large amount of controls so as to initiate required governance and security.

The Blue Prism Training is a course in Chennai which makes the aspirant go through practical training that increases their commanding skills over the tool. During this period of training, candidates go through a thorough real-time experience by ways of practical instances or examples and live projects or assignments. In this particular course, the candidates get a thorough grip on the preparation of their resume via mock interviews and interview preparation.

What are the objectives of our Blue Prism Training?

The prime objective of pursuing the Blue Prism Training in Chennai is to make every trainee work in top class and reputed organization throughout the globe.

  • To comprehend the foundation and installation models
  • To comprehend Blue Prism workflow
  • To know how this blue crystal functions
  • Outline of the certifiable situation and lucid cases
  • Support of Specialists and affirmed software coaches
  • Letting the corporate automate their business processes quickly without shedding a hefty amount
  • Providing smart tools which allow the business analyst play a significant role in developing and changing automated processes
  • Offering enterprise RPA support, letting the businesses create robotic workforce running in data centres in a scalable, secure and manageable manner

Blue Prism offers certain key features that are all the more reliable and easy to accommodate and learn. Few of them are delineated below, have a look:

  • 24X7 hour support
  • Thorough thirty hours of a training session for every trainee who have enrolled for the course.
  • Overview of real-world scenario and articulate cases
  • Support of Experts and certified software trainers
  • All time access to the recorded audio session and videos for the trainees.

Blue Prism technology has gained tremendous popularity in the recent times because of excellent career opportunities. Therefore, several institutes have come up with Blue Prism training in chennai.

Why should you go for the Blue Prism Training?

If you are willing to learn Blue Prism technology but don’t know about the career opportunities then you must read this section. A job in Robotic Process Automation sector is said to be an excellent opportunity as it is considered quite effectual for career development. Blue Prism technology has got superb acceptance throughout the world which has created ample job opportunities. The best thing about grabbing a job as an RPA expert is that the pay packages of the skilled professionals is much higher as compared to the other fields.

However, in order to avail these excellent and highly paid job opportunities in the field of Robotic Process Automation, the aspirants need to leverage their knowledge regarding various aspects inclusive in this technology.

  • The designers can basically pick up a ton of potential, and additionally learning about the diverse phases of the Blue Prism innovation and the stream of various exercises.
  • Application demonstrating is another imperative perspective with regards to automation. Learners can upgrade their capacity on the equivalent, and additionally on the item improvement.
  • The Blue Prism training programs have an investigating procedure as their essential part and the best thing is the equivalent can simply be reinforced with this training
  • Blue Crystal certification just ensures that specialists can make utilization of blocks, stages and structures in the most ideal way. It is actually what that can fundamentally enhance the nature of results
  • Certified experts can simply apply for the employments in information type and ecological factors which is an essential requirement in the present situation automation.

Who should go for the Blue Prism Training?

  • Business Analysers
  • IT Experts
  • Business Process Administrators
  • Corporate Heads
  • Alumni’s can likewise do the course

How will Blue Prism Training help your Career?

  • You can be an expert in any areas like back, BPO, software’s, insurances and so forth.
  • You will pick up the entire hands-on learning on Blue Prism Control room, director board and framework apparatuses.
  • You can structure backend bots and send them effectively.
  • You will have the capacity to plan automation methodology utilizing control room, lines and bots
  • You will have the knowledge about Blue Prism Framework, Installing it, and Managerial administrations

What are the prerequisites for Blue Prism Training?

  • Enough understanding of System confirmation
  • Enough understanding of Windows Server Regulatory errands
  • Anybody with fundamental programming knowledge like C Dialect and Java can likewise do the Blue Prism Instructional class
  • Having .Net knowledge will be an added advantage

What Skills will you learn in Blue Prism Training?

These specialists comprehend foundation and installing models. They realize basics and also setup for the Blue Prism. The specialists get to know about Java extension bridges and Login operator. They do comprehend Blue Prism work flow as well. They also have impeccable information and abilities in Client, Jobs and consents. They can also comprehend the complexities of Blue Prism innovation and territories of RPA. The certified professionals are experts in understanding Blue Prism Framework, installing it and administrator administrations.

  • These experts understand infrastructure and installation models
  • Know essentials as well as setup for the Blue Prism
  • Have knowledge about Java access bridge and Login Agent
  • Understand Blue Prism Administration
  • Have perfect knowledge and skills in User, Roles and permissions
  • Understand the intricacies of Blue Prism technology and areas of RPA
  • Are skilled in understanding Blue Prism Infrastructure, installations and admin services

The best part is that one can find several institutes which are presently offering the best Blue Prism training in Chennai. However, not all institutes work towards enhancing knowledge amongst the Blue Prism aspirants. While choosing a training institute it is always essential to look out for experienced and dedicated professionals. If you are an aspirant then Besant technologies is definitely the best choice for you. 

Do you need programming for Blue Prism career?

Any specific programming knowledge is not necessary. If you have any fundamental IT knowledge, it should be good.

How many types of RPA tools are there?

There are three types of tools. They are:

  • Programmable RPA arrangements: Practitioners
  • Cognitive computerization: Leaders
  • Self-learning arrangements: Students

Which tool is best in RPA tools for Career?

Blue Prism is the best RPA tool because of its reusability, accessibility, and structure.

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Upcoming Batch Schedule for Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Besant Technologies provides flexible timings to all our students. Here is the Blue Prism Training in Chennai Schedule in our branches. If this schedule doesn’t match please let us know. We will try to arrange appropriate timings based on your flexible timings.

  • 27-05-2024 Mon (Mon - Fri)Weekdays Batch 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session Get Fees
  • 30-05-2024 Thu (Mon - Fri)Weekdays Batch 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session Get Fees
  • 25-05-2024 Sat (Sat - Sun)Weekend Batch 11:00 AM (IST) (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session Get Fees
Blue Prism Training in Chennai

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Syllabus of Blue Prism Course in Chennai

Basic class
  • RPA Introduction
  • RPA Future
  • RPA Tools Explanation
Introduction To Blue Prism
  • Full Installation of Blue Prism Software with the Server
  • Blue Prism Architecture
  • Blue Prism Dashboard
  • Overview of Blue Prism Modules
Hands On Training For Below Modules:
  • Process Studio
  • Object Studio
  • Control Room
  • Analytics (Dashboard)
  • Release Manager
  • System Manager
Process Studio
  • Introduction to process studio
  • Process Creation
  • Process Flow
  • Create, Edit, Save, Test, Compare, Delete Process
  • Open and Executing a Process
Stages Explanation
  • Decision and Choice
  • Calculation and multicalc Stage
  • Data Item
  • Link and Anchor Stage
  • Multiple pages and the page reference
  • Controlling Play
  • Action Stage
  • Process Stage
  • Block, Pointer, Notes stage
  • Recover, Resume and Exception Stage
Basic Operations
  • Importing VBOs in Blue Prism
  • Add and Append Rows To Collection
  • Basic Excel operation with Blue Prism
  • File manipulations
Object Studio
  • Comparison of the process and the object studio
  • Creating object with below stages
  • Read Stage
  • Write Stage
  • Code Stage
  • Wait Stage
  • Navigate Stage
  • Application Modeler
  • Local Data Item
  • Global Data Item
  • String Operations
Different Spy Modes
  • Win32 mode
  • Active Accessibility mode
  • Region mode
  • Html mode
  • UI Automation Mode
  • Creating Work Queue
  • Work Queue Features like,
  • Work Queues – Defer Item
  • Work Queues – Tag and Tag filter
  • Work Queues – Priority
  • Encrypting Work Queues
  • DATA INPUT (Writing Values) using image and the Co-ordinates method
  • DATA OUTPUT (Read Values) using OCR and Character Matching Techniques
  • How to define attributes in application modeler
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Environment Variables
  • Session Variables
  • Passing values from process to object studio
  • Attach and Detach
  • How to create package and Release
  • Exception Handling
  • Exception bubbling
  • Credential Manager
  • Encryption Scheme
  • Multibot Architecture
  • Setting up Blue Prism run time resource
  • Global Send Keys
  • Outlook Mailing
  • Login agent

Corporate E-Learning & Training

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Trainer Profile of Blue Prism Training in Chennai

  • All trainers are industry certified
  • Has experience of 10+ years in training
  • Has completed training in 500+ batches
  • Has related a hands-on experience in automation software
  • Has the necessary technical background
  • Is involved in working on different IT projects
  • Capacity to train learners at their understanding levels
  • Well versed with the latest IT trends and software’s
  • Has a thorough knowledge of certification exam patterns
  • 24/7 support

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Blue Prism Exams & Certification

Besant Technologies Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at Besant Technologies is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Blue Prism offers the following exams to support its accreditation program:

Guide for Certification

Exam Code Exam Name (language) Accreditation
AD01 Blue Prism Developer (EN, SP, JP) Developer
APD01 Blue Prism Professional Developer (EN) Professional Developer
ASD01 Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions (EN) Solution Designer
ARA01 Blue Prism ROM Architect (EN) ROM Architect
ATA01 Designing a Blue Prism (Version 5.0) Environment (EN) Technical Architect
ATA02 Designing a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment (EN) Technical Architect
AIE01 Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 5.0) Environment (EN) Installation Engineer
AIE02 Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment (EN) Installation Engineer

What is Blue Prism certification?

Giving proficient acknowledgment to your automation aptitudes can essentially give anybody a chance to change his/her career to next dimension. With regards to automation, Blue Prism is a prevalent name. Here is all that you should learn about the Blue Prism Accreditation.

Reasons for Blue Prism Certification

  • The designers can basically pick up a great deal of potential, and in addition information about the diverse phases of the Blue Prism innovation and the stream of various exercises
  • Application demonstrating is another critical angle with regards to automation. Learners can improve their capacity on the equivalent, and also on the object advancement
  • The Blue Prism preparing programs have a troubleshooting procedure as their imperative part and the best thing is the equivalent can simply be reinforced with this preparation
  • Blue Prism certification basically ensures that specialists can make utilization of blocks, stages and plans in the most ideal way. It is actually what that can altogether enhance the nature of results
  • Experts can easily apply for the employments in information type and ecological factors which is an essential area in the automation in the present situation.

Is there any certification for Blue Prism?

The Blue Prism Developer Course is the principle point to certification for the vast majority. With an approved training institute, understudies get hands-on utilization of the Blue Prism stage all through the course.

How long does it take to complete the Blue Prism course?

It can take about 30-45 hrs. to cover the Blue Prism fundamentals and complete courses.

What is the value of a Blue certification in IT?

This innovation has been created particularly for the IT and business representatives to cooperate. With the assistance of the Blue Prism innovation the mechanical automation should be possible in an adaptable, dependable and anchored way. The innovation keenly includes both IT and business and enables an association to make certain that the product robots meet the administrative necessities while the robots are as yet being fabricated and updated. As a result a certified Blue Prism expert has a lot of potential in IT field.

How many attempts do I have to pass the Blue Prism Certification exam?

There is no specific number of attempts as such. You are allowed to appear once per voucher. It means one attempt per your exam fees.

If I fail the Blue Prism Certification exam, how soon can I retake it? immediate?

There should be a minimum of one month gap between one unsuccessful attempt and a re-exam.

How hard is Blue Prism developer certification?

Blue Crystal developer accreditation isn’t that troublesome. You can easily clear it when you have an understanding of its fundamentals.

What are the prerequisites to do Blue Prism certification?

There are no obligatory technical necessities/essentials to take in any RPA apparatuses like Blue Prism. Understanding of any programming learning like .NET, C# or Java and having a programming background is an additional preferred standpoint.

Which one is better Blue Prism or UiPath?

Blue Prism and UiPath has low subjective capacities. With regards to precision, UiPath is great in Citrix condition that is intended for the reason bpo mechanization. Blue Prism is accessible for web, work area, and Citrix automation. Blue Prism, then again, has a rapid of execution.

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Key Features of Blue Prism Training in Chennai

30+ Hours Course Duration

100% Job Oriented Training

Industry Expert Faculties

Free Demo Class Available

Completed 800+ Batches

Certification Guidance

Ready to jump-start your career

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Projects of Blue Prism Training in Chennai

What are the System Requirements to attend Blue Prism Training?

Any desktop or laptop with good internet connection along with amplifiers for online classes is good enough. The system having a RAM of 8-16 GB is preferred.

How will I execute practicals during Blue Prism training?

Our Mentors will give the server access to the understudies and we guarantee pragmatic constant experience and training by giving every one of the utilities required to the top to bottom comprehension of the course.

What projects will I complete as part of the course?

You will be working at real projects wherein you can apply your insight and aptitudes that you obtained through our training. We have numerous activities that completely test your abilities and learning of different angle and segments making you splendidly industry-prepared.

Training Courses Reviews

Hi, myself Navya P, today only I have completed my Blue Prism course in Besant technologies. The course was very awesome and undertaken by Mr.Kumar Harsh…he is the best trainer and his explanation is excellent.he supported me in all perspectives. Thank you very much Hrash and thanks to Besant technologies.



I have completed my Blue Prism course in Besant Technologies. My trainer is Mr.Karthik very friendly and has very good knowledge of the subject. Nonteaching staff Mr. Prabhakaran is very supportive. Thank you.



I have completed the Blue Prism Training course. The subject matter was very informative. The trainer worked with me to apply real-world scenarios to what I have learned. I recommend this course for anyone trying to learn selenium for the first time or just trying to refresh their skills. Thanks, Besant Technologies!



Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 100% job oriented training
  • Certification guidance
  • Own course materials
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  • Affordable fees structure

Besant Technologies is the Legend in offering placement to the students. Please visit our Placed Students List on our website.

  • More than 2000+ students placed in last year.
  • We have a dedicated placement portal which caters to the needs of the students during placements.
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  • 92% percent placement record
  • 1000+ interviews organized

  • Our trainers are more than 10+ years of experience in course relavent technologies.
  • Trainers are expert level and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their industries.
  • Are working professionals working in multinational companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, Birlasoft, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Scope, Philips Technologies, etc…
  • Trained more than 2000+ students in a year.
  • Strong theoretical & practical knowledge.
  • Are certified professionals with high grade.
  • Are well connected with hiring HRs in multinational companies.

No worries. Besant technologies assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.

Besant Technologies provides many suitable modes of training to the students like

  • Classroom training
  • One to One training
  • Fast track training
  • Live Instructor LED Online training
  • Customized training

You will receive Besant Technologies globally recognized course completion certification.

Yes, Besant Technologies provides group discounts for its training programs. To get more details, visit our website and contact our support team via Call, Email, Live Chat option or drop a Quick Enquiry. Depending on the group size, we offer discounts as per the terms and conditions.

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Additional Info of Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Different Modes of Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Get enrolled for the most demanding skill in the world. Blue Prism Training in Chennai will make your career a new height. We at Besant technologies provide you with an excellent platform to learn and explore the subject from industry experts. We help students to dream high and achieve it.


Individual training is a training that is individualized to take into consideration the differences between learners. It is most suitably used in a one-to-one situation. Not like facilitated learning where the instructor takes a more passive role, with individual learning the trainer needs to consider and cater to the needs of individual participants. It doesn’t mean that students are at home they can be in a classroom and still work through things at their own pace.

Blue Prism Classroom Training

Classroom training is a live training schedule by the master Educator. The physical nearness of both the coach and the learner gives a chance to interactive learning. Such a stage encourages making a valuable exchange and enables the members to increase extra guides. Understudies and working experts can register themselves for training in the classroom, contingent upon each course’s qualification criteria.

Group Training

A reasonable batch size enables the mentor to comprehend the expertise dimension of every participant and keep up the right pace of preparing, acclimating people getting a feel of the learning

One to One Training

Here you get the opportunity to increase the mentor’s attention towards you by being attentive. Viewing your non-verbal communication like body language, a specialist mentor can distinguish if you are having any issue and can offer you help in building information and adjusting learning method with your objectives.

Fast Track Training

An intuitive session loaded with models, works out, venture-based learning manufactures an extraordinary group that encourages faster and critical thinking. It makes the learning process that much enthralling.

Blue Prism Online Training

Group Training

Through video interactive sessions, you can connect to instructors and all students online. Through this interactive online group training, you can clear all your doubts instantly by discussing it with each other. In this way, your learning process will be much quicker.

One to One Training

One-on-One Preparing framework licenses 100% customization of preparing systems and plans for individual students.

Key advantages are:

  • Better Quality
  • Coach’s complete consideration
  • Customized educational modules
  • Ideal dimension of collaboration
  • Simpler flexibility

Online Training

It solves the purpose of every individual sitting in a remote area. The course educational modules and timetable can be altered to meet your preparation parameters.

Corporate Training

One must have all the updates to flourish in this age. The preparation arrangements of Besant Technologies are organized and make your groups proactive in the work plan and its execution. The exceedingly proficient group has effective involvement and drives accomplishment in a wide range of corporate societies. Besant Technologies consistently upgrade your preparation prerequisites, method of conveyance and framework required.

Introduction to Blue Prism:

If you are planning to take Blue Prism Training in Chennai then Besant Technologies is your definite destination. Technologies like Blue Prism need proper understanding and adept knowledge which is provided by the highly experienced tutors here at Besant Technologies. The professionals ensure that the aspirants are well aware of the important terminologies and help them in getting clarity about all the intricacies.
Besant Technologies has branches which are spread across the city so that the aspirants can choose the most convenient location and batch timing. The institute offers the Best Blue Prism Training in Chennai at an affordable fee structure. So, be it real-time training, Hands-on training or Placement assistance, Besant Technologies has it all for the students.

What is Blue Prism?

  • Blue Prism assists enterprise RPA programming to dispense with low-return, high-hazard, manual information section, and handling work. Blue Prism is a comprehensive set of tools, runtime environments and libraries that are primarily meant for Robotic Process Automation.Blue Prism has inbuilt support that smartly connects the business objects with different types of application user interfaces such as Windows, HTML, mainframe applications accessed through terminals and other interfaces which are built with JAVA.
  • This technology has been crafted especially for IT as well as business people to work together. With the help of the Blue Prism technology, robotic automation can be done in a scalable, reliable and secure manner. Once this is achieved the business professionals can easily create and modify automated processes on their own. The technology cleverly involves both IT and business and allows an organization to be sure that the software robots meet the regulatory requirements while the robots are still being built and updated.

What is the use of Blue Prism?

The software robot used to robotize this business procedure. A Blue Prism approach and the three business objects it utilizes—keep running inside its very own VM.

How much does Blue Prism tool cost?

The costs of robots are approximately $15,000 yearly at the most.

What is the difference between RPA and Blue Prism?

Blue Prism requires programming abilities and RPA like UiPath gives visual plan and fast execution. The UiPath can be gotten to on mobile and also the browser, while Blue Prism has application based availability. Blue Prism is C# put together while UiPath is based with respect to Microsoft SharePoint. Blue Prism is exceptionally solid while UiPath has a satisfactory dimension of dependability. To the extent valuing is worried for both the devices, the Blue Crystal is exorbitant for the procurement reason, while UiPath gives an alluring initial costing.

What is the difference between automation and robotics?

The fundamental contrast amongst automation and robotics is that robots are a bit of hardware that can play out an assortment of errands with programming, while automation is a term that is utilized for machines utilized for specific reasons that are intended to play out an explicit assignment.

Is robotics and Artificial Intelligence same?

Robotics and AI are extremely two separate things. Robotics includes building robots through Artificial Intelligence includes programming insight.

What is the future in Blue Prism automation tool?

It will help in better, quicker group cooperation in a very smooth and efficient manner.

Click Here to Know about Blue Prism Vs UiPath

Placement Assistance after Blue Prism Training

  • We send you for interviews till you are selected
  • We prepare your Resume to go to interviews
  • Interview Readiness Support
  • Specialized Tests in writing previously going to Interviews
  • Mock Interviewing options
  • Pre-Essential: Employment Searchers, any Alumni, Developers, Fresher’s, web designers, website specialists, Web optimization experts
  • Undertakings: You Work on Live Ventures
  • Most recent and updated Course Substance according to corporate benchmarks.
  • Individual Consideration to make Understudies Web Developer Specialists
  • Constant student support

Blue Prism Job Opportunities

  • A market generated Robotic Process Automation or RPA, Blue Prism offers the learners with hands-on training in Chennai with optional mentoring and back to back follow-ups that widen their career graph.
  • Blue Prism knowledge completely provides maximum benefit to the learners and yields them with certifications and jobs in MNCs.
  • The Blue Prism industry has seen rapid growth in recent times. Several established as well as developing companies are implementing the Blue Prism Technology because of the smart features and cost-effectiveness.
  • In the past couple of years, hundreds of job opportunities have been created by various industries. Since the Blue Prism technology involves several intricacies which only qualified professionals can understand, these experts are paid hefty salaries.
  • High salaries and additional perks offered by the top-notch corporate makes Blue Prism an alluring job opportunity which is attracting several aspirants’ nowadays.

Do you aspire to become a trained and skilled Blue Prism expert? If so then you must opt for Blue Prism Training in Chennai right away! You can now choose amongst the best Blue Prism courses suiting your requirement at Besant technologies. The institute is known for offering the best courses at affordable fees structure.

Following are the major pointers that delineate the advantages of the scope of Blue Prism in the professional world:

  • The average salary for a Robotic Process Automation expert is $63000.
  • The demand for RPA experts is on the whole increasing day by day.
  • According to economic and statistical data, it has been recorded that more than five million jobs will be available by the year 2020 for the robotics and automation industry.
  • Blue Prism does not involve coding, therefore making it possible for anyone to learn.
Is Blue Prism a good career?

Certainly, it has. But for that one must grasp the fundamental concepts and have a good understanding of the subject.

What does a Blue Prism engineer do?

His job role includes 3 major responsibilities:

  • Process Designer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Production Chief

What jobs can you get after completion of Blue Prism course?

You can get several jobs like:

  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Associate
  • Process Consultant

How much does a Blue Prism engineer make?

The normal pay for Blue Prism employments is about $62,788

What are the Top Companies hiring Blue Prism Professionals?

Many renowned companies like IBM, TCS, INFOSYS, require Blue Prism Professionals from time-to-time.

How much do entry level Blue Prism engineer make?

A starting salary can be from about $29,716 to $42,353 on an average.

How do I shift my career to Blue Prism from any other domain?

Watch-out for job opportunities when the top companies are hiring. Make sure you take this opportunity to kick-start your career in this domain. Besant Technologies is always there to assist you in terms of placement.For Reference call us@996252823

Why Blue Prism Training in Chennai at Besant Technologies?

  • Blue Prism technology is attracting huge number of aspirants because of the excellent job opportunities which have been created in the IT industry in the recent past. It won’t be wrong to mention that Chennai is the IT hub in India.
  • Many of the top corporate located in Chennai have hired Blue Print experts off late. Besant Technologies is a well established institute embraced with highly qualified and experienced professionals.
  • These tutors are well aware about the intricacies of the Blue Prism technology and RPA and therefore ensure that the students get the best knowledge.
  • The tutors at Besant technologies are dedicated for providing comprehensive knowledge about each and every topic.
  • These tutors don’t just rush to wrap up the course but rather focus on clarification of doubts faced by the students.
  • The experienced trainers also believe in providing practical knowledge to the aspirants as it is considered to be the best way to give in-depth knowledge about a particular topic.
  • The students also get Hands on training, corporate training and online training here at Besant Technologies. A dedicated team of professionals help the aspirants in getting excellent Placement assistance.
  • So if you are looking for the best Blue Prism training in chennai then Besant Technologies is your ultimate destination.
  • Besant Technologies is an entrenched establishment with very qualified and experienced experts.
  • These mentors are very much aware about the complexities of the Blue Prism innovation and RPA and subsequently guarantee that the understudies get the best information.
  • The guides at Besant Technologies are committed for giving far reaching learning about every single topic. These guides don’t simply race to wrap up the course but instead spotlight on elucidation of questions faced by the understudies.
  • The accomplished mentors additionally put stress in giving practical learning to the wannabes as it is viewed as the most ideal approach to give inside and out information about a specific subject.
  • The understudies likewise get Hands on training, corporate preparing and web based preparing here at Besant Technologies.

Features of Blue Prism Training:

  • Undefined accumulations
  • Data component instatement
  • Data component Presentation
  • Casting
  • Code organize
  • Running mode
  • Initialize and cleanup
  • Attribute Match Types
  • Dynamic Qualities
  • Active Availability
  • Application chief mode
  • Global clicks and keys
  • Credentials
  • Environment Locking
  • Command Line
  • Resource PC


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