Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Here is the list of most frequently asked Blue prism Interview Questions and Answers in technical interviews. These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. The questions are for intermediate to somewhat advanced RPA professionals, but even if you are just a beginner or fresher you should be able to understand the answers and explanations here we give.

Best Blue prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue prism Interview Questions and Answers for beginners and experts. List of frequently asked Blue prism Interview Questions with answers by Besant Technologies.
We hope these Blue prism interview questions and answers are useful and will help you to get the best job in the networking industry. This Blue prism interview questions and answers are prepared by RPA Professionals based on MNC Companies expectation. Stay tuned we will update New Blue prism Interview questions with Answers Frequently. If you want to learn Practical Blue prism Training then please go through this Blue prism Training in ChennaiBlue prism Training in Bangalore.

Blue prism interview questions and answers for the job placements

Besant Technologies supports the students by providing blue prism interview questions and answers for the job placements and job purposes. Blue Prism is the leading important course in the present situation because more job openings and the high salary pay for this Blue prism developer and more related jobs. We provide the Blue Prism online training also for all students around the world through the Gangboard medium. These are top blue prism interview questions and answers, prepared by our institute experienced trainers.

Q1) What are the Spying modes in Blue prism?

Q2) Can you use the mixture of them?

Q3) What is a delivery roadmap and what are the 7 templates used for it?

Q4) What is Accessibility Mode and how do you switch between them?

Q5) Why table contents are not read properly even after using Get Table? and what are the solutions for it?

Q6) How would you handle Pop-up windows?

Q7) ‘Parent URL ‘ option in application modeler should be checked or unchecked and why?

Q8) what are the run modes? specify.

Q9) Why is The Stop? a decision is necessary while working with work queues?

Q10) What are session variables?

Q11)What will happen If 2 instances of the same process are running at the same time?

Q12) Where Session variables are defined?

Q13) What are the states of queue items?

Q14) What CircledWord denotes in Page Segmentation Mode settings?

Q15) To ignore all non-numeric characters, which of the following should be used?

Q16) OCR can result in a ‘false positive’ or a ‘false negative’.explain how?

Q17) The contents of a package can be made up of

Q18) Components can be added to a package by dragging, but how they are removed from a package?

Q19) What do you think is an excellent feature of Release Manager?

Q20) Similarity and Difference between Global Send keys and Global Send Key events?

Q21) What is the Difference Between Process studio and Object studio?

Q22) Can we run Multiple robots in the same Resources, at a Time?

Q23) What Is the purpose of a calendar?

Q24) what are the credential manager and how will you get credential?

Q25) how to find specific excel file in folder?

Q26) what are the exceptions? What is the use of resume and recovery stage?

Q27) What is the Difference Between Environment variable and session Variable?

Q28) what is Queues Management? What is the different status in queues management?

Q29) What are collections Do we have any collections VBO?

Q30) What Is the Surface Automation? Which mode will be Use?

Q31) What is match Index/Match Reverse?

Q32) what is the use of Login Agent?

Q33) What are the different types of controlling plays in Blue prism?

Q34) How do you refer to collection fields?

Q35) when the robot is reading data from an application and files what will be the default data type?

Q36) What will be the expression for 90th day from today?

Q37) Which part of BluePrism has an application modeler to interact with an application?

Q38) Does objects will be available in the control room after publishing?

Q39)How many times we will be able to run a session?

Q40) When the screens were changing in an application in which type of waits is used?

Q41) How many recover stages required to handle all exceptions in one process?

Q42) How will you move work from one database to another?

Q43) What is the blue prism?

Q44) Infrastructure of the blue prism?

Q45) Blue prism tiles?

Q46) Difference between the data item and collections?

Q47) How many types of exposure have in blue prism?

Q48) How to unhide data item from other pages?

Q49) What is calculation stage?

Q50) List the languages which we can use in blue prism?

Q51) Data types available in blue prism?

Q52) What are spy modes available in blue prism?

Q53) What is the use of the decision stage?

Q54) What is the use of block stage?

Q55) What is resume and recovery stage?

Q56) What is exception stage?

Q57) What is alert stage?

Q58) What is action stage?

Q59) How to create user?

Q60) How to assign user roles?

Q61) How to create environment variables?

Q62) What is work queue?

Q63) What is difference between schedule and scheduler?

Q64) What is a pool?

Q65) What is casting?

Q66) What are the run modes available in blue prism?

Q67) Difference between global send keys and global send key events?

Q68) What is region mode?

Q69) What is startup parameters?

Q70) What is application modular?

Q71) What is the key name in work queue?

Q72) What differs queue?

Q73) What is dynamic values?

Q74) What is environment locking?

Q75) Difference between global mouse click and global mouse click center?

Q76) What is login agent?

Q77) Difference between thick client and thin client?

Q78) How to scroll page down in web page?

Q79) How to automate web page?

Q80) How to automate citrix based application?

Q81) Ocr concept in blue prism?

Q82) How to call web services in blue prism?

Q83) What is surface automation technique in blue prism?

Q84) What is object studio?

Q85) What is process studio?

Q86) What is font smoothing?

Q87) What is log viewer?

Q88) What is stage logging?

Q89) Difference between UIpath and blue prism?

Q90)What is Work queue in Blue Prism?

Q91)What are Credentials in Blue Prism?

Q92)Write a Log in Agent steps?

Q93)What is Schedular in Blue Prism?

Q94)What is Bot?

Q95)What are Environmental variable in Blue Prism

Q96)What is a Tag in Blue Prism?

Q97)Configuration for Code Stage Usage in Blue Prism.

Q98)What are different Spy modes

Q99) what is uses of Environment/Session variable?

Q100)What is UAI Mode

Q101)How do we release in Blue Prism.

Q102)What are stages that are present in object studio and not in process studio?

Q103)Why do we use priority ?

Q103)Why do we use key Name in Work Queue?

Q104)When do you use Image Recognition?

Q105)Can we automate using Google Chrome?

Q106)What is Exception Bubbling?

Q107)How does control room look like?

Q108)What are different Data types?

Q109)When do you use Login Agent,Tell me a scenario where you have used Login Agent?

Q110)What are the Best Practices that we follow in Process and Object?

Q111)What are Queue Encryption and Decryption?

Q112)How do we give url in Appliation Modeller

Q113)What are thick and Thin Clients?

Q114)When do we use Schedulers?

Q115)When do we use Multibot?

Q116)What do you do when a bot is corrupted and we have large no of machines involved?

Q117)What are session Variables?

Q118)What stage can evaluate a series of expressions rather than just one in blue prism?

Q119) In Blue Prism the Queue Contents list can be exported as what extension?

Q120)What is Set Data Action (Internal-Work Queues Business Object) in blue prism?

Q121)What is used to measure process performance and for generating MI (Management Information)?

Q122)What is the use of the process in blue prism?

Q123)What will be attached to an application, when it is launched?

Q124)How do you check if the object is attached to the application?

Q125) By default what pages are there in Business objects?

Q126) How can you export and import a process or business objects in Blue Prism?

Q127)Explain about use of block?

Q128)What is exception bubling?

Q129)What is thin & thik client?

Q130) what’s handle in Excel vbo.

Q131)Can custom role be created under user Management?

Q132)how will Runtime Resource be allocated ,when Blue prism Application is not Running?

Q133) what are the way to run a Blue prism process in backend?

Q134)What is a block in blue prism?

Q135)What are the stages in RPA Life cycle?

Q136)Where do you Set the Priority for a Work Queue item is done in Blue Prism?

Q137)What are the New features of Surface automation?

Q138)List down the solution layers in blue prism

Q139)What is environmental lock?

Q140)Environment Variables

Q141) Roles of Release Manager

Q142)Session Variables

Q143)Template Session Variables

Q144)List down the Application Modeller Attributes

Q145)Avoid Using Arbitary Wait stages in objects. True/False

Q146)Can we call published actions from within an object

Q147)List down 5 actions available in MS Excel VBO

Q148) Types of Exception in Blue Prism

Q149)Exception Bubbling

Q150)Internal Exception

Q151)Resume Mode

Q152)Function name to get the exception type and detail

Q153)Preserve the type and detail of the current exception

Q154)Control Room

Q155)Resources in Control Room

Q156)Methods used to Stop the running process

Q157)Different states of queue

Q158)Ways to run the process

Q159)Mention 3 internal objects available in Blue Prism

Q160)Mention 5 VBO Objects available in Blue prism

Q161)Blue Prism Object used to work on Emails

Q162)Blue Prism’s Release Manager

Q163)Release Manager functionality

Q164)Release Manager Tasks

Q165)Creating and Modifying a Package

Q166)Global Send keys

Q167)Global Send Key events

Q168) When to use Send Keys or Send Key Events

Q169)Mention the mnemonics to indicate for the Shift, Control and Alt keys Shift: +

Q170)Blue Prism - Data OLEDB

Q171)Actions available in Data OLEDB

Q172)Java Access Bridge (JAB)

Q173)List Java Element Attributes

Q174)Log Settings

Q175)Stage logging options

Q176)Object: stage logging options

Q177)Process: stage logging options

Q178) Standard MAPIEx Actions

Q179)Workqueue - Tags

Q180)Filtering by Tags in Control Room

Q181)Work Queue - Item Status

Q182)Workqueue - Setting the Status

Q183) Workqueue - Priorities

Q184)Encrypting Work Queues

Q185) What is the use of initiliaze page in the object?

Q186) How can i copy only the values from one excel to other excel?

Q187) What do you mean by an active queue?

Q188) What might be first step to do while changing the code in production?

Q189) How many clients can be connected to one app server?

Q190) What is naming format of the credential name for login agent?

Q191) What are the prerequisites to be done while automating SAP Application?

Q192) How to create a release?

Q193) Difference between step in, step over and step out?

Q194) What is a global variable?

Q195) What should be taken care of while using a global variable?

Q196) How to handle the pop ups?

Q197) 'No elements match the supplied query terms', have you ever faced this error?

Q198) Difference between match index and ordinal

Q199) How to export queue reports?

Q200) What happens if an exception occurs in the recovery mode?

Q201) what is purpose of retry option in mark as exception stage of workqueues?

Q202) How many start stages can a page accommodate?

Q203) How many end stages can a page accommodate?

Q204) If you are using more than one end stage in a page, how can you send the output parameter from that stage?

Q205) Can i use resume with out recovery in a page?

Q206) Where will the username and password of the credential will be stored?

Q207) How can we attach to an application or window?

Q208) What action can i use in excel vbo to copy data from one workbook to another?

Q209) What is memory leakage?

Q210) How to work with wait in process and object?

Q211) When to use environment locking?

Q212) How to schedule a process based on requirement?

Q213) Difference between mapiex and pop3?

Q214) How to integrate webservices with BP?

Q215) What is the bot in the blue prism?

Q216) What is the App Store in Blue Prism?

Q217) What is the procedure studio in Blue Prism?

Q218) What is the job sequence in Blue Prism?

Q219) What is the credential in Blue Prism?

Q220) What is Sachedular in Blue Prism?

Q221) What is QR Manager in Blue Prism?

Q222) What is the safety of Blue Prism?

Q223) What is the environmental variation in the blue prism?

Q224) What is a tag in the blue spray?

Q225) Is the Prize for work order in the Blue Prism?

Q226) The Blue Prism BP process recommends that the template is based on all the processes created.

Q227) The attempts at the Blue Prism apply to exclusions only - can not be reconsidered again.

Q228) What is the blue brill line, what is the extension?

Q229) Most exception handling should be done at the level of the material in the Blue Prism. Is this report true or false

Q230) No exceptions were made for the exceptional phase in the Blue Prism.

Q231) There may be several blocks on one side until they are united in Blue Prism. Is this true or false?

Q231) How do you expel spy mode in Blue Prism?

Q232) In Blue Prism, you know how to stop a stop request.

Q233)Exceptional functions like ExceptionDetail () and ExceptionType () are used in Blu-ray.

Q234) Data1 current value is 132 if the formula (Data1)<> 123 returns to reality.

Q235) Waiting without any condition is usually referred to in the Blue Prism.

Q236) Only one session can run once; A new session should be created in the Blue Prism to conduct a re-operation.

Q237) Blue Prism Best Practices We recommend what level of activity each start.

Q238) What should be your main page on Blue Prism?

Q262) What is used to measure efficiency performance and create MI (management information)?

Q240) Any stage available in the Blue Prism Process Studio.

Q241) When creating your own cycles, always create a counter and throw exceptions if you are rotating in blue brace. Is this true?

Q242) What is the exception in the Blue Prism?

Q243) If an exception is made, the business meaning or procedure is said to be in the Blue Prism.

Q244) Do not review anything in the Blue Prism. Is this true?

Q245) In Blue Prism, exceptions can not be used in recovery mode, such as ExceptionDetail () and ExceptionType (). Is this true?

Q246) At which stage should the 'Breswere' check be used only at the Powell Press?

Q247) No matter where you are at hand, hand over a meter to restore a page.

Q248) What is a collection in the Blue Prism?

Q249) Which step is followed by a blue hormone with a subtext?

Q250) In the control room, an unemployment or outstanding item is represented by a symbol in the Blue Prism?

Q251) When an item works, it is locked, so no one else can work in blue pearl. Is this true?

Q252) Everything in the work line has its own _______ to hold the blue seal data.

Q253) If the next item fails to get one item, there is no work on the blue background.

Q254) When tasks are higher than 1, is the task of reconsidering any exceptions in the blue color?

Q255) Mark's exceptional function can be repeatedly used by the input parameter can be used to override Max's efforts in Max Blue Terminal.

Q256) How can you build a secure stop in your operation by using what features on the blue bass?

Q257) Except for any position, a continuous expression can be evaluated.

Q258) By default, the conditions used in Object Studio are logged in and the processing studio is not in blue color. Is this true or false?

Q259) Which service can you manage from a service in Blue Prism?

Q260) An XML file can be exported to a process or business object in the Blue Split. Is this a false fact?

Q261) What is the data action set in the Blue Prism (What is the Industrial-Work Row Trade Object)?

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