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Interview Questions

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

Automation Anywhere training in Chennai is having a huge market because of this there are so many institutes have been started. Besant Technologies is ranked and preferred as the best and top Automation Anywhere training institute in Chennai. We provide all sorts of exam related automation anywhere questions and answers for getting certified and also for the job-related interview questions are given to the students. Automation Anywhere interview questions and answers are completely prepared in the top MNC interview basis questions and few interview questions are given below for you to get knowledge about Automation Anywhere.

Best Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

The top 10 automation anywhere interview questions and answers are given and these are extremely important and in every top MNC companies prefer these type of tough and hard questions.

Q1). Two systems which are having different OS. For one system, AA should do module1 in the task and another system AA should do module2 in the task. How can we resolve this scenario?

There is a system variable called ‘OS Name’. If OS Name is for the first system, then do module 1 else do module 2.

Q2). How can we assign an output of a command to a variable for next steps?

Using variable operation command.

Eg: Variable operation: $V1$ + $V2$ To $V3

Here we can take V1+V2 as a command and the output is assigning to V3 using Variable operation.

Q3). Citrix automation is a challenge or not? If it so why and how to overcome?

Yes. Of course. There are two types of citrix. Thick and Thin. To overcome the challenge, AA to be installed inside citrix for better performance. Then only all functionalities like object cloning, web recoding, windows actions etc. we can use. All applications which required for automation should be inside citrix for better performance.

Q4). Which command is good ‘Delay’ or ‘Wait’?

Wait is good. Because there are two options.

  • Wait for window and
  • Wait for screen change

In delay command, we can give only an amount for delay after or before a command performs as a random or regular.

Q5). 100 % automation for a process is possible or not using AA?

Depends on the process it will vary whether it is feasible for automation or not. If any human decision capability is required, then the process will not be feasible for automation. Structured and ruled based processes are automatable as 100%.

Q6). A scenario, in which we need to automate a website and object ids for the website will change always. Then how can you automate?

We can use object cloning even if the id is changing. Find all properties which are not changing and changing properties should delete from the properties described in the object cloning window.

Q7). How to create time stamps for AA task?

We can use system variables like Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and Second.

Q8). How to schedule a task from control room?
  • Open task manager
  • Go to services tab
  • Check the service (AASchedulerService) is running or not.
  • If service is not working then restart the service manually.
  • Now schedule a task from client and wait for execution.
Q9). How to interchange two variables without using another variable?

Create 2 variables called v1 & v2 with values. Then do the below steps then the values will interchange.

  • Assign value of variable $v1$ to clipboard
  • Variable operation: $V2$ to $V1$
  • Variable operation: $clipboard$ to $V2$
Q10). A string ‘’v1@v22@v3@v4” has to spit as “v1” and “v22@v3@v4”. How can you do?

Use split string operation and set limit as 2.

Q11) What is difference between RPA and Automation Testing

RPA Tools are meant to automate processes in the organization.
They are user friendly and no need of programming experience
They have inbuilt scheduler and deployment features
They support web, desktop, DB and many other application automation
Where as Automation Testing tools are used for Testing or verification/validation purpose.
No inbuilt schedule/ deployment mechanism.
Coding/scripting knowledge required

Q12) difference between Attended Automation vs Unattended Automation?

Attended Automation – BOTS will execute the task before the user/developer and manual intervention/input might be required from user.
Unattended Automation – BOTS will execute the tasks in background and its designed to work without users help

Q13) different type of Recorders available in Automation Anywhere?

Web Recorder
Smart Recorder
Basic Recorder

Q14) How to assign a new set of permissions to a group of users in Automation Anywhere?

We need to open Web Control Room and go to Users Management Tab and we will be able to give different permissions to a user like, Develop/Execute/Admin/etc to individual user.
Go to Security Tab to set the permission to different user groups.

Q15) Short cut to access variable from anywhere in Automation Anywhere


Q16) Explain about Automation Anywhere Architecture?

Its following Client server architecture
Once server (control Room) can have multiple clients (Automation Anywhere task editor window, bots, task runner)

Q17) What are the commands used in Automation Anywhere & what all commands are you using in your project/work?

Object Cloning
PDF Integration
Web recorder
Key stroke
Excel commands
Message box
Loop controls
If condition
Call to Script/ Run Script
Insert keystroke/mouse click
Manage windows controls
Open Program/File
Email commands
DB commands
Metabots call

Q18) Difference between Manage Windows/Web controls and Object Cloning?

Manage windows – lets you minimize/maximize/activate/close desktop-based application windows
Web Controls – lets you to perform operations like click some elements/set some values in text boxes/extract values from web elements and to open close browsers/navigate to URL. Basically its completely interacts only with web applications
Object cloning – lets you to perform operations like click some elements/set some values in text boxes/extract values from elements of both web and desktop applications

Q19) Explain about Automation Anywhere Credential Vault?

Automation Anywhere credential vault basically gives you the facility to securely store password kind of secure data and use it at run time in BOTS.
These variables can be access through F2/variable only in the places like password field.

Q20) Automation Anywhere Web Control Room’s Dashboard Component displays the number of registered clients what does this indicate?

It indicates the number of development environments/ AA Task editors/ Task runners currently using the servers/control rooms features or working as part of client server architecture.

Q21) Explain the steps to send and read the email using your Automation Anywhere Enterprise client?

There is a command SEND EMAIL.
We need to double click or drag and drop to our task editor first
Then we need to set the FROM, TO, CC&BCC(optional), Mail Body, Mail Subject, Attachments if Any(optional)
When the bots execute and when it arrives to this command step, Mail will be automatically sent.

Q22) How can I connect to database in Automation Anywhere and explain different Automation Anywhere Database commands?

There is command DATABASE.
Use it to set the connection string with the database user id/password/and domain/project and fire the SQL query.
The results can be store in CSV file

Q23) How can we read CSV Files through Automation Anywhere?

The is a command OPEN PROGRAM/FILE
With that we can open CSV file or Text file by providing the location of the file.
Then use Read CSV/Text File command to read a CSV.
CSV files can be separate / read with delimiters like comma, Semi colon or pipe symbols

Q24) How to add/remove Clients in Automation Anywhere Control Room?

Go to user Management Tab in AA Control Room and then either delete or deactivate any client by selecting appropriate option under actions.

Q25) How to assign a new set of permissions to a group of users in Automation Anywhere?

Go to Security Tab to set the permission to user groups.
We can edit or create new permissions to user group.

Q26) How to call a Bot Inside a Bot?

There is a command TASKS to open another Task BOT inside other BOTS.
If we want to use META BOTS. Need to drag and drop the available meta bots into our task editor
Same way to use IQ BOTS there is a IQ BOTS command. This has to be purchased separately.

Q27) How to do logs in Automation Anywhere?

There is a command LOGTOFILE, which can be used to print the logs to an external file of your choice, either by replacing or appending with time stamp.

Q28) Type of license in Automation Anywhere?

Developer License
Run Time – Only to execute

Q29) How will you connect or read two or more different excel files in a same Automation Anywhere Tasks?

We can open multiple files/excel files at same time in AA.
We need to differentiate them by providing the unique/different session names.

Q30) In Web CR, what does the number of active users reflect in Dashboard?

It states the number of Task editor or Task runner being executed at any particular time

Q31) Is it possible to read PDF through Automation Anywhere and if yes, please explain the steps?

Yes. There is a command PDF integration which can be used to read pdf of single or multiple pages, extract values, merge two pdf and many more.

Q32) What all Subversion Versions are supported by Automation Anywherere?

Automation Anywhere uses SVN internally to manage versions.
When ever we upload a task or resource to server from a client. They all maintained as different version automatically as long there is a different between current and old file.

Q33) What are looping commands are available in Automation Anywhere?

Start Loop
End Loop
Exit Loop
Continue Loop
Loop for:
Number of Time/N times
Loop on List (of values)
Each row in a text file/CSV
Each row in a web table
Each file in a folder
Each folder in a folder
Each recorder in DB
Each row in excel sheet
Each node in XML

Q34) What are the different types of variables available in the Task editor?


Q35) What are the important factors that must be taken care of while planning Automation anywhere?

All the application used in the process can be automated using AA or not
Whether the application/ process needs manual interventions?
Automation scripts taking more time than manual work?
Type of work environment like VM/Citrix
Type of OS Windows/Linux/Mac OS

Q36) What are the various options available for error handling when an error occurs?

Err Number – to give error number which is uniquely tell the error type
Err Description – gives the description of the error
Continue/exit task
Take snapshot
Send email
Variable assignment
Run another task

Q37) What are the various ways to capture errors in your Automation Anywhere?

Log to File with error number or error description
Capture screen shots

Q38) What is App Integration commands in Automation Anywhere?

App Integration provides option to work with multiple and different applications like
Java Applet
Unix shell and more

Q39) What is Automation Anywhere Development and Run Time Client?

Development client is basically Task editor where we can edit and modify or run the tasks
Run Time client is task editor where we an run existing BOTS/tasks.

Q40) What is Control Room in Automation Anywhere?

Control Room is centralized web application which controls the users, clients and execution / scheduling of the BOTS

Q41) What is default value of System variable ‘ErrorLineNumber’, in case of error is not occurred?


Q42) What is the Automation Anywhere MetaBot file extension?


Q43) What is the Automation Anywhere TaskBot file extension?


Q44) What is the Automation Anywhere Workflow file extension?


Q45) What is Workflow Designer?

Work flow designer lets the developer uses the BOTS/Tasks to execute in a flow based on some condition.

Q46) What kind of Scripts Automation Anywhere supports?

AA supports VBScript and JScript

Q47) What types of different systems/OS Automation Anywhere supports??

AA supports only windows operating system now.
If we want to automate different OS application, we can use citrix or image based automation commands to carry out automation but windows is the ideal OS

Q48) How to lock, shutdown and restart machine using AA?

There is a command SYSTEM, in the sub menu we have option to do a lock , shutdown or restart the system.

Q49) Which of the Web CR options allows to view the list of all client machines along with their status in read-only form?

Clients Tab

Q50) Which one of the command is ‘highly’ not recommended to use if the application is local and offers full support of objects for automation?

Citrix or Image based automation

Q51) Which System variable is used to read the data from your CSV/ Text File?

File Data Column()

Q52) Which version of Automation Anywhere you have used?

Have used windows 10.3 / 10.5 / 10.7

Q53) While system variable is used to extract a cell value from a excel sheet?

Excel Columns ()

Q54) What all options available under Wait/Delay?

• Delay
Regular delay (fixed wait time)
Random delay (wait for time in given range)
• Wait for Window
To Close
To Appear
• Wait for Screen Change

Q55) Types of Web scraping / Extraction available in AA?

Regular Data Extraction
Pattern based Data Extraction

Q56) What is OCR and what all options available in it?

OCR is a feature to read/recognize the objects like (character or image) by optical character recognition.
It uses third party OCR engines to carry out the character recognition
Options available in OCR are,
Capture window
Capture Area
Capture image by path
Capture image by URL

Q57) What all OCR engines supported by AA?

MODI – Microsoft Object Document Imaging
TOCR – Tesseract OCR

Q58) Give a brief explanation about Sub-Commands under Terminal Emulator?

• Connect- Use this command to remotely connect to a terminal by specifying connection details for any of the terminal types:
2. VT100
3. TN3270
4. TN5250
• Disconnect- Use this command to disconnect from an existing terminal connection.
• Send Text- Use this command to specify text and send that text to the terminal. You can also send encrypted text by selecting the Encrypt Text check box.
• Get Text- Use this command to receive text from the terminal. The user can select following options:
1. Last Line
2. All Lines
3. Line From-To
4. Lines with Column Range
• Set Field- Use this command to set field either by Index or Name for the terminal types TN3270 and TN5250. Setting data through field for such type of terminals enhances automation for them.
• Get Field- Use this command to get a field value by Index or Name and assign it to a variable for the terminal types TN3270 and TN5250.
• Get All Fields- Use this command to get value of all fields and assign them to array variables for the terminal types TN3270 and TN5250.
• Wait- Use this command to insert a Wait command. Inserting a Wait command helps you to automate and trigger another action in your automated task based on the terminal status.
• Control- Use this command to control how the terminal is viewed.

Q59) Currently are you working on which version in AA?

Current version 10.3

Next version is 10.5(upgrading)

Q60) What is RPA?


Q61) What is PGP?


Q62) What is the use of PGP?

It is used to ENCRYPT and DECRYPT the file by assigning the PASSPHARSE

Q63) Can you able to Run Scripts?


Q64) What type of Scripts you can Run?



Q65) Which command will you use to run script?

Run script command will available in commands.

Q66) What are the types of recorders?


In version 10.3 names have changed

  • Screen recorder
  • Smart recorder
  • Web recorder
Q67) What are email automation commands?

Email Automation

Send Email

We have to configure with SMTP server setting

Q68) What is BOT?

Set of commands used to automate task is called Bot

Q69) What are the different types of bots?

Task Bot(.atmx)

META BOT(.mbot)


Chat Bots

Q70) What are the commands located in client room?

Client room where we develop the bot

.new           .Reports    .Properties

.record       .Trigger

.run             .ROI

.workflow  .MY TASKS

.repository .Tasks

Q71) How to set email setting and smtp server?

In Client Room

Go to tools and options you will find email notifications – fill all your details

Email setting :- Host, Port no, User ID, password

Q72) Can you able to integrate with other application with other application with AA?

yes we can integrate using App integration command

Q73) What is workflow Designer?

It is graphical representation way of coding, where condition decision base task are added for whole process requirement.

Q74) How to log in AA?

By using log to file command we can log into file.

Q75) Can we read csv files through AA?


Q76) Is it possible to read PDF through AA?

Yes we have PDF commands read PDF data

Q77) How to do excel integration in AA?

Using excel command and reading data in loop through each row in excel dataset commands.

Q78) can I connect to database in AA?

Yes Using database command we can connect/disconnect DB

Q79) What is Manage Web Control Command?

To capture image links, radio buttons, text boxes, check boxes and other web control automation anywhere web recorder – Manage web controls allows capture of  web control and assign them variables.

Q80) what is the use and meaning of wildcards?

no need to provide entire window title or text. End of *will help to identification.

Q81) How many types variables are there in AA?

There are two types:-

  1. System Variable
  2. Local variable or User defined variable.
Q82) How you pass the variable data in program or in code?

press F2 key where you have to pass the value.

Q83) How will you connect or read two or more different excel files in AA task?

Open spreadsheet command is available to read or connect one or more excel files in AA by giving different session names.

Q84) How will get the AA Array element row and column count?

Using system variables of array rows and array columns we will get the count of an array.

Q85) What are the different types of variable available in the Task Editor?

There are 4 types of variables available in Automation Anywhere are:-

  • List
  • Random
  • Value
  • Array
Q86) What are the different types of variable available in the MetaBot?

There are 3 types of variables available in Megabit are:-

  •  Value
  •  Array
  •  password
Q87) What is the AA workflow file Extension?


Q88) What is the AA Report designer file Extension?


Q89) What is the AA bot creator file Extension?


Q90) In a looping, What is the starting initial value of counter system variable?


Q91) Which one of the commands is highly not recommended to use if the applications is local and offers full support of objects for automation?
  • Insert Mouse Move
  • Insert Mouse click
  • Insert Mouse Scroll
Q92) Which command is used to connect Mainframe Applications through AA?

Terminal emulator is used to interact with Mainframe applications.

Q93) What are the various operations available for Error Handling when an Error occurs?
  • Take Snapshot
  • TaskRun
  • LogData into File
  • Send Email.
  • Variable Assignment
Q94) What is Object Cloning?

Object Cloning command is used to recognize objects and a various Properties including name,type,path and value.

Q95) How to get table from PDF?

Extract Data from PDF and Using Manage windows controls.

Q96) What is the important checks we need to do when using AA web Record command?


Q97) How to access the API interaction in AA?


Q98) Is it any command to interact XML website in AA?

Using XML Command

Q99) Which of the WebCR options allows to view the list of all client machines along with their status in read-only form?

User details can be spread to a CSV file for data sharing by the Control Room administrator or a User with User Creation permission.

Q100) Which one of the command is ‘highly’ not recommended to use if the application is local and offers full support of objects for automation?
  • Insert Mouse click
  • Insert Mouse scroll
  • Insert Mouse Move
Q101) Which ROI setting can we able to modify?

ROI settings can be modified according to Hourly rate .

Q102) which system variable format can be changed?

Date variable can be modified

Q103) Which System variable is used to read the data from your CSV/ Text File?

FileDataColumn .

Q104) While editing a task, the screenshots are not appearing under Visualize Tab. What could be the possible reason?

In control room settings if the secure recording option is enabled .

Q105) What is the difference between thin client and thick client?

Thin client:

Any application that we can’t get the quality properties while spying using any automation tools.

Ex: Any virtual environment

Thick client:

Any application that we get pretty handful of attribute features using automation tools

Ex: calculator, IE

Q106) Explain AA Credential Vault.

The Credential Manager is a centralized location for securely creating and storing sensitive information that is included in automation tasks in the form of Credentials.

Q107) How does the Client communicate with Server?

In the Client window click on Repository tab to communicate with the server.
we directly download ,upload or compare any task on the server with the one on the client.

Q108) What is SnapPoint in Automation Anywhere?

In AA Premier when a task is verified the images of all mouse clicks and keystrokes are captured automatically. SnapPoint allows you to capture images on demand, just enable SnapPoint and set it for the commands that you want.

Q109) Which AA version you have worked on?

Worked on Client 10.7 version and Control room 10.5.

Q110) Can we pass the variables from one task to another.

Yes , it is possible by mapping the variable when calling the tasks.

Q111) How does the Client communicate with Server?

In Client window click on Repository tab to communicate with the server.
we can directly download ,upload or compare any task on the server with the one on the client.

Q112) Does it matter if the window size and locations of my applications change between recording and running?

No. Automation Anywhere’s SMART Automation Technology automatically adjust to changes of window size and location.

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