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Selenium Installation

Selenium Installation

We all know that Selenium Webdriver is an Automation testing tool, But do you know In what the Tool is available, Let’s discuss that in the context of Java flavor. (Because Selenium web driver can be used with different languages such as Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby, etc).

For creating Java Project you would be needing an IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Eclipse IDE

We might need Java to be installed which can be used by IDE to create java Project.


Once above are installed we can make use of available Selenium Jars to create the first Selenium WebDriver Test.

Let’s start with the Installation,

Java Installation


Launch the below URL:


To Download Java. Java 8 is advisable to proceed with Java Installation.

Java Installation

Step 2:

Once Downloaded please follow the below steps,

Step 3:

Click the downloaded file to start the installation,

Step 4:

Once the file is installed launch the below System Properties Screen,

System Properties Screen

Step 5:

Click on the Advanced System Settings, And then add the Environment variable “JAVA_HOME”  and add the path of the JDK File, that presents in your system.

For e.g.: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_181

Advanced System Setting

Step 6:

Once the above step is done, you can verify the java installation in Command Prompt.

C:\java -version

This would confirm our java installation. Now, you can start with Eclipse Installation

Eclipse Installation

Step 1:

Launch the URL “https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/2019-09/r” and select the below highlighted Eclipse flavor to download.

Eclipse Installation

Step 2:

Extract the downloaded file and install the .exe file to complete the installation. Once downloaded you can launch the Eclipse IDE.

Step 3:

Create a Java Project.

Create Java Project

Step 4:

And after clicking Next,

Click Next Button

Step 5:

And click on Finish to create a Java Project.

Click Finish Button

Step 6:

You would need above List of Jars to be Referenced to your Project along with Browser Driver to Start with Selenium WebDriver, below are the links using which we can download the Jars. http://www.seleniumhq.org/

Download Jar File

Step 7:

Then you should scroll down the page to download selenium Java client,

Download Selenium JavaPoint

Step 8:

At least you have to download Chrome Driver for Google chrome or Gecko Driver for Mozilla Firefox or IEDriver for Internet Explorer. Once these are downloaded we can good to start our selenium Test Automation.

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