Interview Questions

Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions December 29, 2018
Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

Power BI Interview Questions and answers for beginners and experts. List of frequently asked  Power BI Interview Questions with answers by Besant Technologies. We hope these Power BI Interview Questions and answers are useful and will help you to get the best job in the networking industry. This Power BI Interview Questions and answers are prepared by Power BI Professionals based on MNC Companies expectation. Stay tuned we will update New Power BI Interview questions with Answers Frequently. If you want to learn Practical Power BI Training then please go through this Power BI Training in Chennai and Power BI Training in Bangalore 

Best Power BI Interview Questions and answers

Besant Technologies supports the students by providing Power BI Interview Questions and answers for the job placements and job purposes. Power BI is the leading important course in the present situation because more job openings and the high salary pay for this Power BI and more related jobs. We provide the Power BI online training also for all students around the world through the Gangboard medium. These are top Power BI Interview Questions and answers, prepared by our institute experienced trainers.

Power BI Interview Questions and answers for the job placements

Here is the list of most frequently asked Power BI Interview Questions and answers in technical interviews. These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. The questions are for intermediate to somewhat advanced Power BI professionals, but even if you are just a beginner or fresher you should be able to understand the answers and explanations here we give.

Q1) What is Power BI Desktop application?

Power BI Desktop is an application that can be installed. This works nicely with Power BI by providing data exploration and shaping and creating report with quality visualization. You can save your work to a file and publish your reports in Power BI site.

Q2) What data sources can Power BI connect with for data exploration?

Files(XLSX & CSV)

Content Packs

Connectors to databases and other datasets such as Azure & SQL etc.

Q3) What are content packs?

They are collection of related documents and files that are stored as in a set.

Q4) What are all the types of Content packs?

Two types of content packs.

Services providers like Google Analytics, Marketo.

Salesforce Shared by other users in your organization.

Q5) What are Building Blocks in Power BI?
  • Visualizations
  • Datasets
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Tiles
Q6) What is Visualization?

Visualization is a visual representation of dataset that extracts information from the data based on the business.

Q7) What is report in Power BI?

Report is basically a collection of visualization charts that appear together on one or more pages within power BI.

Q8) What is Dashboard in power BI?

Dashboard is single layer presentation sheet of multiple visualizations reports.

Q9) What is Tiles in power BI?

Tiles is basically a single visualization in a report or on a power BI dashboard.

Q10) What are all the different types of filters available in Power BI Reports?
  • Visual-level Filters
  • Page-level Filters
  • Report-level Filters
Q11) What is Visual level filter?

Visual level filters works on only an individual/single visualization, reducing the amount of data that the visualization can see in power BI.

Q12) What is page level filter?

Page level filters work at the report-page level in power BI. Multiple pages in the same report can have multiple page-level filters.

Q13) What is report level filter?

Report level filters work on the entire report within power BI project. Filtering all pages and visualizations will include within the report.

Q14) What are all the parts of Power BI?
  • Power BI is a cloud-based business service.
  • Excel  BI Tool Kit
  • Power Query
  • Power Pivot
  • Power View
  • Power Map
Q15) What is Power BI is a cloud-based business service?

Power BI is a cloud-based business service enables the client to interpret information with higher efficiency and execution.

Q16) What is Excel BI Tool Kit?

The Excel BI Toolkit comprises of Excel and four add-ins that enable us to do the transfer function, shape transform, create, and to show our analyses.

Q17) What are all the types of Data Refresh Options available in Power BI?
  • Package refresh
  • Model or data refresh
  • Tile refresh
  • Visual container refresh
Q18) What is DAX in power BI?

DAX(Data Analysis Expression) do basic calculation and data analysis on data in power pivot. DAX is a formula language used to compute calculated column and calculated field within power BI.

Q19) Where we can apply DAX functions?
  • DAX works on column level values.
  • DAX can’t modify or insert data.
  • DAX can create calculated column
Q20) Mention some of the most common DAX Functions used?
  • SUM
  • MIN
  • MAX
  • AVG
  • IF
  • AND
  • OR
Q21) What is unique about the CALCULATE functions?

This is the only function that allows us to modify filter context of measures or tables.

Q22) What is the default visual interaction?
  • The DVI is “Drill Mode On”. In the event, we keep it off, we need to change those settings without fail. Rather set the Default to ‘Drill Mode On’.
  • Drilling Mode will be on, if the aggregates are at initial level.
Q23) What are all the connectivity modes available?
  • Import
  • DirectQuery
Q24) What is Power Pivot?

Power Pivot helps in analysing our data. It empowers users to import large scale of data from numerous data sources into a single Excel sheet for better users interface.

Q25) What are all the benefits of using variables?

Variables will make unconstrained DAX expressions which are consistent to interpret with data. Variables can’t be shared among queries or be characterized at the model level.

Q26) what are the ways to create a bar chart?

Drag any one measure into the worksheet and drag one more dimension along it. Now you go to the show me pane, and choose the bar chart tile.. it can be both vertical and horizontal

Q27) What are the types of Data Refresh in Power BI?

By choice there are 4 different types of refresh that can happen. They are,

  • Package refresh
  • Model or data refresh
  • Tile refresh
  • Visual container refresh
Q28) What is DAX ?

For basic calculation and data analysis on data in power pivot we can use DAX. It is a formula language to compute calculated columns and calculated fields.

  • Pros and cons of Dax
  • Dax works on multiple column values and Dax cannot modify or insert data
  • We can calculate calculated column and measures, but we cannot calculate using rows.
Q29) Write a Sample formula for DAX syntax:

For the measure named Total Sales, calculate = SUM of values in the [SalesAmount ] column.

  • Measures
  • equal signs
  • DAX syntax
  • Parenthesis
  • Reference Table and
  • Column name
Q30) Do I need to sign up with my work email?

It does not support email addresses provided by regular email services or telecommunications providers. So you should sign up using your professional address.

List the work email addresses that are supported.

Working email addresses ending in .edu and .org are always supported.

Those ending in .gov are not currently supported.

Q31) What is xVelocity in-memory analytics engine?

The main engine, xVelocity in-memory analytics engine. This machine can handle large amount of data as it stores data in columnar databases and in enhances memory analytics which results in faster processing of data as it loads all data to RAM memory.

Q32) Is Power BI available within campus?

No, Power BI is not available as a private or an internal cloud service. However, with Power BI and Power BI Desktop you can connect to your own on-premises data sources. With the On campus Data Gateway, you can connect to your on campus SQL Server Analysis Services server as well.

Q33) Where else can we view on-premises?
  • SQL Server with the Power BI iOS.
  • SQL Server on the iPhone.
  • SQL Server on the iPad.
Q34) What are the Power BI mobile devices?

Power BI has its own apps for Android phones, iOS devices, and Windows 10 devices. Download Power BI apps from below:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play and
  • Windows Store
Q35) What are the Connectors to databases and other datasets?

Azure SQL Database and

SQL Server Analysis Services.

Q36) What are the Organizational content packs?

BI professions and system integrators use this tool to build their own content packs to share purpose-built dashboards, reports, and datasets within their organization.

Q37) What are the different BI add ins?
  • Power Query
  • Power Pivot
  • Power View
  • Power Map
Q38) What do I need to install in order to use Power BI?

Just a Web browser and email.

You can use Power BI Desktop for free up to 60 days.

Q39) Where can you download the Power BI mobile apps?
  • App Store
  • Google Play and
  • Windows Store
Q40) What are the policies for on-premises?

Power BI Desktop’s use rights do not limit you to one copy of Power BI Desktop for each individual user at the company may install and use one copy on their premises.

Q41) Where do I get started with Power BI?
  • Power BI Blogs
  • Seminars
  • Getting started videos on YouTube Channels
  • Join a community and ask questions
Q42) How can I buy Power BI?

You can purchase Power BI licenses directly at

Q43) Does Power BI meet national, regional, and industry-specific compliance requirements?

Without a doubt, and to learn more about Power BI compliance, at the Microsoft Trust Centre.

Q44) What has happened to the Power BI Office 365 experience?

It has been dropped.

Q45) How can we create a dashboard?

First upload a dataset and then upload the same, create multiple reports and infuse everything together as an appealing dashboard.

Q46) What do you know about Power BI?

Power BI provides a cloud based data sharing platform, developed by Microsoft Corporation. Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool which is capable of converting data from several sources of data and places it in the user interface, dashboard and also prepares business intelligence reports. Power BI is a multiple utility services software; it can provide multiple amount of software, services and connectors, Power BI mobile applications for various environments, Power BI cloud service based on SaaS and Power BI desktop. Power BI is basically used in commercial application specifically by business people who need to create BI reports.

Q47) How Power BI is different from Excel BI toolkit?

Through an Excel BI toolkit, one can get data from various sources to create user interactable report. As per the requirements in the report, the user has to model the data. Power BI allows the user support solutions online, through which the user can share the queries and the interactable reports which is built through the Excel BI toolkit.

Q48) What do you know about Power BI Desktop

Power BI desktop is an application supported by Power BI tool which is used for report creations basically. Power BI Desktop is made available to the users in 32 and 64 bit versions. Power BI is readily available as open source to all the users.  With the enhanced support from Power BI service, Power BI desktop lets user to explore the data, to model, to shape and to create reports with good interactable visualization feature. Users can save their work or they are allowed to post their data and reports to Power BI suite to share the posted information with others.

Q49)Name the basic building blocks of Power BI?” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]

Dashboards, Datasets, Reports, Data visualization, Tiles, power BI desktop, Power map, power pivot, power query and power view.

Q50) What is the need for Power BI?

Power BI has a wide variety of features. We need Power BI because of the following things:

  • In a single platform, business intelligence and self servicing needs were met
  • To build interactable data visualization in data centres.
  • To establish connection for Excel queries and dash boards of Power BI for fast analysis and business data sharing to others.
  • For accurate and quick solutions.
Q51) State the features of Power BI.

The features of Power BI are stated below:

  • Power BI possesses advanced data driven platform which lets users for interactive data visualization.
  • Assures enhanced security and inbuilt control features for business organizations
  • Not only ensures well organized and faster custom application creation but also automates the workflow to improve the productivity of business.
Q52) State the advantages of Power BI.

The advantages of Power BI are stated below:

  • User can create their data sources too easily and quickly to visualize data.
  • Serves for multiple purposes such as data visualization, personalized reports, decision support engines to business organizations and groups.
  • Establishes faster connection with local DB or to excel spread sheets.
Q53) What do you mean by Self Service Business Intelligence?
  • It is a system for well organized and systematic data analytics which allows business individuals or organizations to analyze, filter and segment data without any deep technical understanding in math operations and business intelligence.
  • This system enables a user with basic knowledge of data analytics to build reports in dashboard and share data to others.
  • Allows users to access their own data and to build several visuals to obtain better knowledge in their business.
Q54) What are the data sources supported by Power BI? Explain

Power BI supports wide variety of data sources and users can choose data source from the available data source connections from Get data option. Power BI allows connections with Azure Cloud, SQL DB, various flat files etc., It also supports various web and mobile platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook etc., It in fact allows the very old ODBC connections as well.

Q55) Explain Content pack in Power BI.

Content pack is an inbuilt service available in Power BI. Content packs enables their users to view their dashboards where their personalized data is stored and can create reports for the data. Microsoft supports content packs for widely used services and Power BI is one among them. Some of the other services which contains inbuilt content pack are Azure Mobile engagement, Marketo, Adobe Analytics, etc., Content packs provides tools to support organizations, business professionals  and system integrating professionals to create their own content packs and can share data in dashboards and to create reports and datasets.

Q56) What is the use of filters in Power BI reports? Explain.

Filters are used to perform several functions to filter data, report and visualization. There are various filters available to perform these functions. They are:

  • Page-level filters: Page-level filters perform its tasks at the page level in reports. So, every page in a report will contain a page level filter.
  • Visual level filters: Visual level filters are used for visualization through an individual’s dash board and is used to reduce the amount of data in the visualization. Moreover, this filter is used to filter not only data but calculations as well.
  • Report level filters: Unlike page level filters, these filters perform filtering over the complete report individually. It filters all pages and also visualizations present in the report.
Q57) State the differences between Power BI and Tableau.

Tableau is a widely used and most famous tool in Business intelligence. Though Power BI provides tough competition to Tableau, Power BI has certain limitations.

TableauPower BI
Tableau allows access not only to simple but to strong visualizations as well. It is one of the best data visualization tools in the BI market.Power BI produce strong data manipulation in backend but provides access only to simple visualizations.
In case of Tableau, it allows the user to connect larger datasets.In free version, Power BI lets the user to only 1 GB data.
Tableau is the best available tool in the BI market. It supports wide variety of data sources to visualize data. It allows the user to select a dataset in the dataset to visualize data for a selected dataset.Power BI allows several data sources supported by Tableau. With the integration of Office 365 suite, it allows connection with Share point. Power BI also allows online support to the user for direct visualization through Search Engines but is limited to Bling alone.
Tableau is costlier while compared to Power BI but provides a better price for small and medium scale companies.There is a free version available in Power BI which lets the user to 1GB data set limit. Pro Software is paid but is cheaper in the market while compared to other BI tools.
Q58) State the differences between Direct Query method and Import method.
Direct Query methodImport method
Data manipulation is much limited in this method and the data will be present in the SQL DB.Import method also does data transformation and manipulation tasks. If the data is published in PBI, it is limited to 1 GB. Here the data will be present in Power BI Azure.
As the name implies, the queries are direct and does not requires refresh scheduling.Import method requires to schedule refresh and has to be refreshed 8 times in a day.
Q59) State the advantages of Direct query method.

Following are the advantages of Direct query method:

  • User can build larger data sets data visualizations through Direct query method, but Power BI desktop supports data visualizations on smaller data sets alone.
  • There is no dataset limit for Direct query method and 1 GB dataset limit is not applicable in this method.
  • User can visualize current data report alone while using direct query.
Q60) State the limitations of Direct query method.

Following are the limitations present in Direct query method:

  • User can perform data aggregation for unlimited number of rows but returning data is limited to 1 million rows alone.
  • All the tables have to come from a single data base only.
  • While using complex queries, the query editor returns an error. This error has to be removed before running a new query.
  • Relationship filtering can be allowed only in one direction while using Direct query method.
  • There is no support for special treatments in direct query method for time related data present in the tables.
Q61) Tell me about Power pivot.

Power pivot is a technique used in data model and analysis. It is available as an add on to be used with Excel 2010. Because of this feature, millions of rows of data from various data sources can be imported to one Excel work book. Power pivot helps the user to build relationship to heterogeneous data, to build the computed columns and measures through formulas and to build pivot charts and pivot tables. It also enables the user in data analysis through which the business people can take decisions on time independently without any support from IT professionals.

Q62) What do you know about Power Pivot data model?

Power pivot data model is a data model composed of tables, columns, data types and table relations. Generally, this data model is built to hold data for business operations. It could be either for an individual to a business organization.

Q63) What do you mean by DAX?

DAX is the Data Analysis Expression which is used to perform data analysis and primary calculations of data in the Power pivot. DAX performs math computing through formulas. It works on column values and calculated field but cannot work on rows. Also, DAX will not alter a data or insert a new data.

Q64) State the differences between Power BI and SSRS.
Power BISQL Server Reporting Services
Power BI gives strong data manipulation feature in its backend but provides access only to simple visualizations.SQL server Reporting Services is generally used to make pixel perfect reports and provides limited dash board options.
In free version, Power BI limits the use 1 GB data.SSRS does not have any limit. Also, it allows users to connect larger data sets, which is not possible in Power BI.
Power BI allows several data sources supported by Tableau. With the integration of Office 365 suite, it allows connection with Share point. Power BI also allows online support to the user for direct visualization through Search Engines but is limited to Bling search.SSRS also allows various data sources for connections to make business intelligence reports.
There is a free version available in Power BI which allows the user to 1GB data set limit. Pro Software is paid but is cheaper in the market while compared to other BI tools.Upon request, the cost details are exposed to the user.
Power BI is free version and Power Pro is paid. Pro is available to the user at a cost of 9.99USD/month with 10 GB data limit and 1 million rows/hour data streaming.This software license is available on request and is available on cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS and some other major platforms.
Implementation process in Power BI is quite simple. It uses cloud storage.Compared to Power BI, SSRS contains complex implementation process.
Q65) State the differences between Power BI and Power BI PRO.
Power BIPower BI Pro
Is a free version with storage limited up to 1GB for data.Is a paid version with more storage capacity options
Power BI is a basic tool for beginners to get started and to search data.Pro software added with bunch of features through which user can refresh data daily, more storage option, direct and live data sources including interaction option etc.,
Q66) Explain about data modeling in Power BI.

Power BI provides yet another feature called Data modeling, which allows the users to connect several data sources in the business intelligence (BI) tool through a relationship. Relationship explains the way data sources were connected to one another and build interactable data visualizations over various data sources. Data modeling also lets the user to create customized math calculations in the existing table using formulas. The columns in the tables were transferred live to Power BI for interactive data visualization. Because of this feature, business people could be able to define new metrics so as to do customized math calculations for the defined metrics.

Q67) How do you create calculated columns in Power BI?

By joining two or more elements present in the existing data, users can build calculated columns in Power BI. Users are allowed to define new metrics by stating math calculations in an existing column. They are also allowed to join two columns to make it as one single column.

Q68) How do you define a dataset?

Data set can be defined as a collection of various information (data) through which representations can be made by Power BI. For Example, Microsoft Excel Work book, SQL server table etc.,

Q69) What do you mean by dashboards in Power BI?

Dashboards in Power BI are used to visualize data, reports etc., Dashboard makes several perceptions to make it single.

Q70) How do you create dash boards in Power BI?

Users can create their own dash boards in Power BI by attaching the visualizations available in Business intelligence reports. The visualizations built from these reports through Power BI service are accessible for attaching to build dashboards.

Q71) What do you mean by reports in Power BI?

Report contains various data collected from various sources. Several data are grouped on page in a report. For example, data collected for products profit, sales of a company, data from a city etc.,

Q72) What do you mean by tiles in Power BI dashboard?

Tile is one more feature available in Power BI service. It is said to be a data snap shot which can be attached to your dashboard. It is a single visualization present in a report or on individual’s dashboard.

Q73) What do you know about Power Query?

Power Query is an ETL tool which means extract, transform, load three data base functions in one tool. Through this tool, user can pull data out from one data base and can place that data in another data base. The method of reading a data is called as Extract. The method of transforming the data, i.e changing data from the existing form to a new form as per the need is called as Transform. The method of writingQ45) the data to the target database is called Load. This extract, transform and load function can be done through interfaces and does not require any script. Using Power Query, user can import data from several sources, can combine, append data from several sources and can shape the data as per their requirement.

Q74) What is the language used in Power query to perform ETL?

Power query uses M-code, a recent programming language among developers. Since this language is quite simple to learn and similar to other existing programming languages, users started to use this language.

Q75) Explain Focus mode present in Power BI dash board.

Focus mode is an enhanced feature in the Power BI dash board, which lets the user to focus their dash board, i.e., they can visualize their dashboards too closer. In case, multiple values were present in the dash board, this focus mode option enables the user to have a close view. User can also view columns in tables closely through focus mode.  User can closely view all the data or report in the dashboard through focus mode. Focus mode also allows the user to attach a visual to some other dashboard through PIN icon present in the dashboard.

Q76) As per your knowledge, tell me the platforms which Power BI application supports?

Power BI application is available for the following platforms:

  • i-phone and i-pad
  • Android platform
  • Windows platform – windows desktop and tablets
Q77) Tell me about Data Gateway in Power BI service.

Data gateway enables the user to connect in built data sources to the Power BI service. Data gateway allows any other version without any admin configuration to connect with. It is also called a Personal Gateway. Through logging on the Power BI service, user can set up this personal gateway service.

Q78) Explain how to create visualizations in Power BI.

Power BI allows the user to create simple visualizations alone. Visualizations help users to view their data and to help them to interact with the dashboard. Visualizations present users to view data too effectively. It is the basic and important building block to any BI tool. Several data visualization components were available in Power BI such as bar charts, maps, pie charts and complex components like gauges, funnels, waterfalls etc., and various other components.

Q79) What do you mean by Combination charts in Power BI?

Combination charts are charts supported by Power BI which can plot various measures over a single chart. These charts plot all the measure values. Any requirement of different measure can be plotted using combination chart. Stacked column charts and Line charts are the widely used combination chart types in Power BI.

Q80) How do you modify colors in charts?

Users are allowed to alter the chart colors in Power BI. There will be an option to change the color while selecting any visualization. This color change option will be present under the Format tab in the visualization dash board. Some of the options in the format tab are: Data colors, Legend, Title, Detail label, Border, Background, General and Lock aspects.

Q81) How will you add shapes, images and text box to your visualization in Power BI?

To provide enhanced visualizations to users measures, there is a need to add text, images and shapes. If user needs to add some messages, to add header or footer, any signatures to data visualization, user can use this option. This option is available to user in their Power BI dashboard to add shapes, images and text box. User is allowed to add different shapes in data visualization. User can enter anything in the text box and edit the text using rich text editor. This text box is available in user’s report canvas. Images can also be added to add images, logos etc., to data visualization. Any image can be selected by browsing your system. Also user is allowed to resize selected images.

Q82) Is it possible to create duplicate reports? If yes, how?

Some situations require the usage of same visuals and same layout for various pages. There is an option available in Power BI to duplicate a page. Power BI has a duplicate page option, and if you use it, a fresh page will be created with similar visuals and layout like the original page. To create a duplicate page, from the dash board menu, right click on the page and select duplicate page option.

Q83) How do you integrate Microsoft Excel to Power BI?

Power BI allows users to integrate excel workbook to Power BI. User can import data present in excel sheets from the local disk of a system to Power BI. But, user has to check whether every column in excel work book contain proper name before importing data from excel to Power BI.

Q84) How do you share reports through Power BI Desktop?

Power BI desktop allows the user to share their data and reports to other business users. Users can share data, dashboards and business intelligence reports with other business people, individuals and to their colleagues who were present in their organization.

Q85) What do you know about Power BI designer?

Power BI designer is a mix of Power view, Power query and Power pivot. It is a stand- alone application which allows the users of power BI to build Power BI reports. The created report is further uploaded to Power BI designer does not require Microsoft Excel.

Q86) What are the DAX functions available in Power BI?

Power BI allows its users to use various function types to examine data and to create new metrics, new columns. These functions are available from several categories such as: text, date, aggregate, counting, logical and information. User can easily view the list of all these available functions. If you type something in the formula space, you can view the list of available functions for the typed character. This option is similar to find a contact option from a mobile device.

Q87) State the list of aggregate functions and counting functions in DAX?

Some of the aggregate functions present in DAX are: Average, Min, Max, Sum and SumX. Some of the counting functions available are: Count, Distinct Count, Count Rows, Count Blank and CountA.

Q88) What are the calculation types available in DAX?

Power BI allows the users to build two basic calculations using DAX: Calculated measures and Calculated Columns.

Q89) What are the logical and date functions available in DAX?

Logical functions:  AND, OR, NOT, IF and IF ERROR

Date functions: Hour, Date, Weekday, EOMonth and Now.

Q90) What are the information and text functions available in DAX?


Text Functions: Search, Fixed, upper, concatenate and Replace.

Q91) How do you select admin role in Power BI?

For those who need admin privileges to access the BI admin portal without office 365 suite access, admin role is granted to Power BI. Users who require admin access can follow the following steps.

  • Go to Office 365 Suite Admin Center
  • Choose Users option, further choose Active users
  • Go to Roles tab and click on the Edit option
  • Then, go to the customized administrator tab and then select the option Power BI administrator.
Q92) What are the Power BI versions available and how about the pricings?
  •  Power BI is a open source tool, available at free of cost but is limited to 1GB data and can make 10k rows/hour.
  •  Power BI Pro is freely available for 60 days as a trial version and further, user can pay 9.99USD/month and /user. User is allowed for 10GB data storage and can make 1 million rows/hour.
  •  Power BI also contain a premium version for premium users. Premium version contains a flexible pricing as per node/month.
  •  Power BI contains an on-premises report server which is capable of publishing reports. In this option, user can change their cloud platform whenever they need.
Q93) Tell me about REST API and its association with Power BI.

REST APIs are used to operate the data present in Power BI in real time environments. With the combination of REST API with Power BI, user can build dashboards, datasets, add/delete rows and can receive groups. This Power BI REST API can be built through many technologies. Some of them are :

  • Ruby
  • .Net
  • JQuery

Users require Azure active directory token to get access applications in Power BI dashboards.

Q94) Explain the security level of Power BI.

Power BI requires Azure active directory (AAD) access for every user who uses Power BI service. Users require login credentials to build their BI account, which could be also an email account. Users need a unique username to access this account. Azure cloud actually provides security to Power BI. It includes various levels of security. They are:

  • AAD Based Security
  • Multi-tenant platform Security
  • Networking Security
Q95) What are the repositories available in Power BI data storage?

There are two types of repositories available in Power BI for data storage. They are:

  • Azure BLOB storage and
  • Azure SQL DB

To upload users data, Azure Blob storage is used and to store system data, Azure SQL database is used. Azure cloud is responsible to provide authentication, data and network security to the Power BI users.

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Besant Technologies - Siruseri Branch

No. 4/76, Ambedkar Street, OMR Road, Egatoor, Navallur,

Siruseri, Chennai 600130

Tamil Nadu, India

Landmark - Near Navallur Toll Gate, Next to Yamaha Showroom

  +91-8099 770 770

Besant Technologies - Maraimalai Nagar Branch

No.37, Ground Floor, Thiruvalluvar Salai,

Maraimalai Nagar,Chennai 603209

Tamil Nadu, India

Landmark - Near to Maraimalai Nagar Arch

  +91-8099 770 770

Besant Technologies - BTM Layout Branch

No 2, Ground floor, 29th Main Road,

Kuvempu Nagar,BTM Layout 2nd Coming from Silkboard,

AXA company signal, Stage, Bangalore - 560 076

Karnataka, India

Landmark - Next to OI Play School

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - Marathahalli Branch

No. 43/2, 2nd Floor, VMR Arcade,

Varthur Main Road, Silver Springs Layout,

Munnekollal, Marathahalli, Bengaluru - 560037

Karnataka, India

Landmark - Near Kundalahalli Gate Signal

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - Rajaji Nagar Branch

No. 309/43, JRS Ecstasy, First Floor,

59th Cross, 3rd Block, Bashyam Circle,

Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore - 560 010

Karnataka, India

Landmark - Near Bashyam Circle

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - Jaya Nagar Branch

No. 2nd Floor,1575,11th Main Road,

4th T-Block, Pattabhirama Nagar,

Jaya Nagar, Bangalore - 560 041

Karnataka, India

Landmark - Opposite to Shanthi Nursing Home

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - Kalyan Nagar Branch

No.513, 4th Cross Rd

2nd Block, HRBR Layout,

Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560 043

Karnataka, India

Landmark - Opposite to kalayan nagar Axis Bank

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - Electronic City Branch

No. 7, 3rd Floor, Ganga Enclave,

Neeladri Road, Karuna Nagar, Doddathoguru Village,

Electronics City Phase 1, Electronic City,

Bangalore - 560100, karnataka, India

Landmark - Adjacent to HDFC Bank and State Bank Of India

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - Indira Nagar Branch

No.54, 1st Floor,

5th Main kodihalli,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008, India

Landmark - Behind Leela Palace Hotel,

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - HSR Layout Branch

Plot No. 2799 & 2800, 27th Main,

1st Sector, HSR Layout,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, India

  +91-8767 260 270

Besant Technologies - Hebbal Branch

No.29, 2nd Floor, SN Complex,

14th Main Road, E-Block Extention, Sahakara Nagar,

Bengaluru, Karnataka -560092, India

  +91-8767 260 270

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