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What is Salesforce?

What is Salesforce?


The recent decade has seen rapid growth in ‘Cloud Computing Technologies’. Salesforce has turned out to be one of the most effective and efficient software, which has proven influential in the world of ‘Cloud Computing’. By the end of this blog, you will be aware of what is Salesforce, why SalesForce, its Benefits, also about companies that use Salesforce and Salesforce realtime projects.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the service offered with cloud technology for supporting case management, task management, and backup of the events related to sales. As it is SAAS based service it deals with designing, development, and customization. No need to think about the infrastructure or server management.

Apex, visual force and Lightning platform are the different tools that support the development and designing of the salesforce application.

The categories of CRM under salesforce are sales cloud, commerce cloud, data cloud, analytics cloud, App cloud, service cloud, Salesforce IoT and community cloud.

Salesforce Over View

History of Salesforce

It began way back in 1999, Salesforce is the brainchild of former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez who had the vision of revolutionizing Cloud CRM Model and today SalesForce has come a long way, is the fifth-largest software company in the world. Salesforce in layman’s term is an automotive CRM, that brings Companies and Customers together. The secret of the success of Salesforce is quite simple! Before SalesForce, companies had to build their own CRM Solutions, just image the time and money it would’ve consumed!

Salesforce became an ‘Instant hit’, with the complexity being nullified. It was cost-effective and the lengthy installation and operation were entirely moved to the Internet. SalesForce built an easily affordable CRM Software and delivered it fully online with a subscription fee of just 50 dollars per month.

Why Salesforce?

The goals and the tasks of the CRM are customer-centric. The customer data are productively used for the analysis and the processes with the customers are also automated. Software as a service is one of the cloud technology which offers the readymade software for the operations and alongside provides the security for the software.

Increased internet connection, multiple device environment, and standardized devices are the reasons for increased usage of SAAS. SaaS is the best option for getting access to work from remote places. Salesforce falls under SAAS service among other services such as IAAS and PAAS.

CRM is the technology developed to build a relationship with the customers. Connectivity through interactions and follow up calls are very important to streamline the business process and increase profitability. CRM is the best option for grouping customers as per their tastes and preferences. With a better understanding, it is easy to understand the preferences of the customers.

To know why Salesforce is used, you should know what salesforce has changed?

Earlier business’ has to build complex software, buy and set up hardware, define user access, setup reporting and analytics, build security and so on and on. With SalesForce your business idea could be easily converted to an application(App) or software.

SalesForce is the fastest way to implement your business idea. With SalesForce you can save an unimaginable amount of money and of course a lot of time.

You should consider Salesforce primarily for the 3 vital reasons

  • Rapidity – When the traditional method of CRM takes months and years to deploy. Salesforce does that in a few week’s time.
  • Feasibility – Salesforce is in the cloud, you can access it from any corner of the world! It can also be easily integrated with the third-party apps and could be easily modified according to your needs.
  • Effectiveness – Salesforce is vital in gathering leads, conversions and is up to date. It is easily scalable and more convenient to deploy.

Here are some solid reasons why you should go for Salesforce:

  • Each Customer could be analyzed in terms of service, marketing, and sales when Salesforce is used.
  • You get a higher return on Investment when Salesforce is employed
  • Salesforce keeps you adapted to changing business trends which makes your business more stable.
  • CRM is shifting towards cloud computing and Salesforce has already made way into it.

Difference between on-premises and cloud-based platform

The traditional model is installing the server privately and the on-premise model CRM requires only the host vendor. System design, server management, and infrastructure are taken care of by the company in case of the on-premises model. In the case of the cloud-based CRM application hosting and the technical areas are taken care of by the company. Hosting data is helps create mobile CRM and customization is easy to do with the cloud services. Software related improvement is left with the customer and CRM related changes are the responsibility of the vendor.

Salesforce Products and Services

Salesforce Product and Services


CRM is one of the services of SAAS and PAAS which is offered by salesforce. The Salesforce platform is open for multiple users to build custom applications. Using Salesforce one can develop apps to match the requirement of the company, maintain a good relationship with companies, process automation, store a large amount of data, use cloud service to retrieve data, and aid for managing the work of many persons.

Salesforce helps the companies to understand the real-time thinking of the customers and catch the customers at the right time. The areas of development after the implementation of salesforce are sales revenue, lead conversion, customer satisfaction, and deployment with less time. Salesforce provides the cloud service which is called SaaS the best delivery system.

Sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud, salesforce platform, salesforce Einstein, salesforce collaboration, salesforce commerce cloud, salesforce industry products, and salesforce integration cloud are the different types of cloud products in salesforce. Let me see all these products in detail.

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 Sales Cloud

The Sales team needs the CRM platform to manage B2B sales and B2C sales. The decisions in every department depend upon the data and the data derived are incorporated as in-line intelligence. The Sales processes are the process that is more related to the mood of the customers.

Yes, the mood which the season and the new things bring to our life stay in the mind for a short period. Catching the customer at the right time with the follow-up calls and creative information makes the process of sales easy. Sales Cloud is suitable for the sales professionals who deal with clients through on-line and off-line for regular interactions.

Marketing cloud

Providing information through e-mails, social media, and mobile phones creates trust among regular customers which is the ultimate goal of marketing. This cloud is suitable for digital marketers as they use multiple channels for marketing and also track the data as analytics to find out which marketing channel is effective.

Commerce Cloud

The commerce cloud is using commerce concepts like price ranges, product recommendations, and new product details through online and offline mode. This cloud makes the shopping experience a real experience than a digitalized experience. Mobile accessibility will give all the information’s about the store performance and customers get the information anywhere.

Analytical cloud

Visualization and data analytics are paired with the salesforce analytics cloud. Handling large data files, charts, graphs, and other forms of representations of sales data are used for business intelligence. Analytics Cloud is integrated with other clouds like sales cloud and marketing cloud to get better plans towards sales.

App cloud

Some businesses require a custom application to integrate with the sales force and they are force.com, Heroku, Salesforce thunder, AppExchange, and salesforce sandbox. Force.com is for creating applications with the main application of salesforce.com. Admins and developers need customized apps as websites and applications. AppExchange is used to integrate third-party applications with the force.com platform.

Heroku is the app which supports the developers to use the languages and tools with flexibility. Salesforce thunder is the processing engine that is used to analyze the big data, events associated with the data, and finally, take personalized actions. Salesforce sandbox is for the process of testing and it makes the testing process with safety and quality. The Testing process is done using isolated development.

Service cloud

The service cloud is the platform that supports the operations of customer service. The customer service is all about tacking the demands of the customers, building relationships through the social network, and analytics. The problems of the customers are solved with the service cloud.

IoT cloud

Salesforce IOT cloud is tailored to use the IoT data. The data produced by the websites, devices, sensors, customers, applications, and partners are integrated through the Salesforce IoT cloud.

Community cloud

Community cloud increases customer satisfaction by creating communities in which the customers show interest and creating connections among partners and customers for the information. If the customers are identified with communities then the information sharing becomes interesting.

Salesforce Technologies

Force.com is a combination of declarative tools, lightning, and Apex. Apex is the object-oriented programming language that aids in the flow and controls the statements to the server. It handles the conjunction with calls from the API of Force.com. Visualforce is the framework of salesforce which builds the user interface to host on the lightning platform.

Salesforce Technologies


The structure of Apex programming language is dot notation, curly brackets, object-oriented language, case insensitive language and strongly typed language. Apex code deal with business logic and functions. Apex model of the packaging looks like Java and this code is reusable.

The scalability, compatibility, and maintenance are the benefits of the salesforce Apex application. Coding is for the functionalities and Apex is not used for the interactions with users. The customization with the user interface of salesforce is handled with Apex. New fields, workflow, objects, approval processes, delete, update data and data manipulation with soap API are some of the areas where customization is demanded when developing an application.

If the prebuilt application of Salesforce is not suitable for the process of the specific business then the salesforce developer uses Apex for customization. The usage of Apex is designed as per the requirement of business for data access, data process, and data manipulation. The release notes from the salesforce platform provide information about the new features added to Apex.

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Visual force

Visualforce is the UI framework of force.com which is like HTML and MVC model. To connect the database objects the MVC model is used. Visual force is Features of visual force are Ajax interactions, PDF generations, and mobile reachability for supporting the designing part of the application.

The different tags of visual force have a user interface that can be used with HTML, java libraries and CSS. Visualforce page is created by the developer and demanded by the user. If the visual force is requested by the end-user then the server takes the page from the metadata repository and then the page is processed with visual force renderer to convert the page into HTML.

Visual force is user-friendly, works with few lines of code, other web-based technologies are integrated with visual force and help for the quick fixes with the application.

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Lightning is the framework of Salesforce which supports the mobile app. The lighting components are used in building applications with drag and drop options. The knowledge of coding is not essential for using the lightning framework.

GUI with high speed, app builder, aids for creating a connection with a third-party tool, reusability of components with component framework, partner components with App builder, Lightning connect is the tool which is used for using the external data with OData specification, and design system is the guide for best practices of app development. It is said from the sales force that the lightning experience will be used as a rolling basis from the year 2020.

The users can use either salesforce lightning experience or salesforce classic. The future innovations of salesforce are associated with lightning experience and the customers of salesforce lightning say that productivity is more with salesforce lightning. The re-imagination of the classic features of salesforce will improve productivity through lightning experience to the users.

Use Custom apps, access to tools in utility bar, efficient layout for functions and view, list view help for filtering the data, dashboards with columns and rows for efficient usage, and sleek view of reports aid for seeing the important data are some of the benefits of using the lightning framework.

Companies using salesforce

All the aspects required for customer interface are grouped into a single platform which is called as salesforce. This software is used to save valuable information regarding customers like addresses, phone numbers, email, and names. It is easy to track the old and new customers with information like the phone number, website, and e-mail from the customers. Let us see some of the companies which have a proven record of using salesforce.

Financial services:

Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, and Informatics are the companies in financial services with CRM.

Health care:

IQVIA, Torrent consulting, Accenture and Simplus are the companies using salesforce for healthcare.


NY Times, NBC Universal, Viacom, and Wall Street journal are some of the Media companies using Salesforce.

There many well-known Corporates who fall under this cader, who uses salesforce in the business, which is successful globally. Over 150,000 companies both big and small use salesforce to enhance their productivity.

Some examples are:


Coco-Cola enterprise uses Salesforce for various business services globally, to connect people and Information.


Sony uses Salesforce cloud services to connect with its customers and serve them to its best.


Loreal utilizes salesforce in marketing where their stylists and PR plan activities in social media and reach the right audience.


HCL Technologies employed Salesforce in data entry, to promote data integrity.

Some of the other well-known companies that use salesforce are Pizza Hut, United Breweries, Genesys, Inmobi, Western Union, Urban Ladder, American Express, etc.

Salesforce Real-Time Project

You have seen the various companies that implement salesforce in order to grow their productivity and solve issues. Let’s have a look on how ‘Hindustan Computers Limited’ (HCL) used Salesforce to combat its business challenges. At the outset, HCL wanted to evolve to the rapidly changing trends in the industry and secondly, HCL wanted to overcome data redundancy and inconsistency in its operations.

HCL identified that using Salesforce would be the right solution in terms of security, collaboration, integration, and governance and decided to implement SFA using salesforce.com

HCL took into consideration the following aspects to smoothen its operation such as:

  • Lead Management
  • Account Management
  • Data Management
  • Customer Management
  • App Integration Management

Using Salesforce HCL was able to validate data and this enabled HCL to achieve an accuracy of 90% in data management. Moreover, it resulted in 92% of user adoption with an increase in 3-4% productivity of integration with third-party applications.

Benefits of SalesForce

Through SalesForce you can access a wide range of functional areas of your business in the cloud. The benefits of using salesforce are listed down as follows:

SalesForce in Marketing

Salesforce in your marketing team aids in the creation and tracking of your marketing campaigns and to measure conversion and automate leads to your marketing team.

SalesForce in Management

With a variety of report analyzing and dashboard features. Salesforce gives you a wider vicinage of how different team works.

SalesForce is also extensively utilized in Customer Support, Commerce, Analytics, Community, Training, App Integration and so on.

Benefits of Salesforce adoption

  • Flexibility concerning designing the page layout, work processes, and time availability.
  • Salesforce is easy to manage with domain knowledge and certification is very useful in procuring high-level jobs.
  • Tested API links are available with salesforce which can be integrated with salesforce.
  • Salesforce is the number one CRM and world’s best platform for web-based applications.
  • CRM is good at saving time.
  • CRM motivates employees to promote sales
  • It is easy to compare the conversions and identify the trends of the CRM.
  • CRM aids for data-driven decisions.
  • Enhances internal communication and internal processes.
  • Create a focus on customers and find out the risk elements among the customers.


Today, SalesForce has won overall its competitor and has established itself as #1 CRM globally. In short, salesforce brings companies and their customers together. Salesforce CRM has grown exponentially in the online CRM market and with its adaptations, it is expected to grow even more! We urge you to look into our Salesforce video to have a better understanding of how it works and why it is a must to incorporate salesforce in your business and be salesforce certified.

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