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What is Full Stack Developer?

What is Full Stack Developer?

When it comes to professional versatility, a full-stack developer is a versatile professional who is well versed in backend and front-end web development. Full-stack developers are engineers who handle every work of clients, system engineering servers, and databases. Let me make you understand with an example.

Imagine you are using your social network like Instagram or Facebook. Whenever you refresh the social page, new content gets displayed top of the screen. You can also add new photos, like other photos, search for different profiles, and do more. The users feel simple to use these social networks but there are a lot of things going behind the backend. HTTP requests are sent to the social network servers to load and retrieve data. Backend frameworks are the main reason for it. Every application holds the database, the backend, and the front-end.

When it comes to the role of the full-stack developer, it’s associated with creating an application from starting to the end. Both the front end and backend of the application are designed by the full stack developer ensuring its reliability, efficiency, and other important features.

Importance of a Full-stack developer

Below are some reasons you need to know why a full stack developer is important for your company.

  • Full-stack developers aid everyone in the team and decrease the technical cost and time of team communication.
  • A full-stack developer helps in keeping every system part running smoothly.
  • When one plays distinct roles, it saves operational cost, infrastructure, and personnel of your company.

Skills of Full Stack Developers

Below are some of the full stack developer skills you need to know.

Front end technology

Full-stack developers should be well versed in different front-end technologies including JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. Apart from this some desirable factors that the full stack developer should know include knowledge of ReactJS, AngularJS, LESS, jQuery, and other third-party libraries.

Cache and database

A full-stack developer should possess knowledge of different DBMS technologies. SQLServer, Oracle, MongoDB, and MySQL are used mostly for this purpose. Apart from this knowing caching mechanisms like Redis, Memcached, and varnish is also a plus.


The full stack developer should know how to handline Nginx or Apache servers. Linux background is also desirable.

Working with API

The full-stack developer should hold the knowledge of API (REST & SOAP) and Web services are important. Knowledge of consumption of REST and SOAP and creations is important.

Development languages

Every full-stack developer should be an expert in any one of the server-side programming languages namely .Net, Ruby, Python, and Java.

Basic design knowledge

The knowledge of design is important and the full stack developer should know about basic UIS/UX design and prototype design.


A Version Control System enables the full stack developers to tracks all the alterations made in the codebase. When the full stack developer is well versed in Git, they can easily understand how to update the code part, how to get the latest codes, and how to make changes without breaking things in the developer code.

Soft Skills:

A full-stack developer should also get to know some soft skills including creativity, strategic planning, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and time management skills.

Full-Stack Developer Responsibilities

Some of the top responsibilities of full stack developer include

  • Front-end development
  • Create servers and databases
  • API development
  • Design the backend of different application
  • Ensure cross-platform compatibility
  • Meet all consumer and technical requirements.

Full Stack Developer Salary in India

According to PayScale.com, the average salary received by a full stack developer in India is about Rs. 585,547 per annum.

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