AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers for beginners and experts. List of frequently asked AngularJS Questions with answers by Besant Technologies.
We hope these AngularJS interview questions and answers are useful and will help you to get the best job in the networking industry. This AngularJS interview questions and answers are prepared by AngularJS Professionals based on MNC Companies expectation. Stay tuned we will update New AngularJS Interview questions with Answers Frequently. If you want to learn Practical AngularJS Training then please go through this Angular JS Training in Chennai

Besant Technologies supports the students by providing AngularJS interview questions and answers for the job placements and job purposes. AngularJS is the leading important course in the present situation because more job openings and the high salary pay for this AngularJS and more related jobs. We provide the AngularJS online training also for all students around the world through the Gangboard medium. These are top AngularJS interview questions and answers, prepared by our institute experienced trainers.

Best AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

Here is the list of most frequently asked AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers in technical interviews. These Angular JS questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. The AngularJS questions are for intermediate to somewhat advanced AngularJS professionals, but even if you are just a beginner or fresher you should be able to understand the AngularJS answers and explanations here we give.

In this post, you will get the most important and top AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers, which will be very helpful and useful to those who are preparing for jobs.

AngularJS is the open source JavaScript framework and mainly used for front-end web applications and it’s completely used for Single Page Applications. AngularJS training in Chennai by Besant Technologies is the best training Institute and having more than 15+ branches. Besant Technologies has most experienced trainers and IT professional tutors who are having work experience as the developer, designers, and debuggers. Our trainers have prepared this top and best AngularJS interview questions and Answers.

These AngularJS interview questions and answers are mainly and completely prepared with complete analysis and these questions are very much important and also these are the questions which were asked in the interview in top MNC companies.

Q1) What is AngularJS?

Q2) Modules

Q3) Components

Q4) The most important properties are

Q5) Angular has three set of view classes

Q6) Angular Libraries

Q7) What are the Directives?

Q8) What is @Inputs and @Output in Angular 5?

Q9) How do components communicate with each other?

Q10) What is router-outlet directive in Angular 5?

Q11) Explain component life cycle in Angular?

Q12) List the types of Data Binding supported by Angular5?

Q13) Explain Webpack?

Q14) Explain NPM

Q15) What is Angular CLI? List the command to install Angular CLI?

Q16) How to create a new project in angular js using CLI?

Q17) What are Decorators?

Q18) List the types of Data Binding supported by Angular5?

Q19) How to run Angular5 application locally during development?

Q20) What an Angular5 component made of? How do you generate a new component?

Q21) How do we import a module in Angular5?

Q22) Explain $event in Angular5?

Q23) What do double curly brackets are used in Angular5?

Q24) What is *ngFor directive used for?

Q25) What is transpiling?

Q26) What is HttpClient?

Q27) What is two different type of HTTP requests by supporting by modern browsers?

Q28) What is Routing in Angular 5?

Q29) What is Router Configuration?

Q30) What is Router Outlet?

Q31) What is Router Link?

Q32) What is Router State?

Q33) What is Active Route?

Q34) What is Properties of Active Router?

Q35)What is Router Events?

Q36) What are the types of Router Events?

Q37) What is DI (Dependency Injection) ?

Q38) What is Hierarchical Dependency Injectors?

Q39) What is Angular 5?

Q40) What is name of a special function of class which gets called when object is created and it’s syntax in Typescript?

Q41) _____ keyword is used to access class’s member variables and functions inside class member function.

Q42) In Angular, you can pass data from parent component to child component using

Q43) In Angular, you can pass data from child component to parent component using

Q44) Write a syntax for ngFor with < li > example

Q45) We must import ____________ module to use (ngModel)

Q46) Import ____________ module to use reactive form

Q47) How to create local HTML reference variable

Q48) In routing, which tag is used to show selected route component dynamically

Q49) Which method of RouterModule for providing all routes in AppModule

Q50) Write an example to define custom event

Q51) Write a syntax to bind custom CSS class

Q52) What is angualr cli, how to install it

Q53) What Is Modules

Q54) What is component?

Q55) What is Dependency Injection?

Q56) What is service?

Q57) What Is HttpClient in Angular?

Q58) How To Angular 5 generate Component?

Q59) How To Angular 5 generate Directive?

Q60) How To Angular 5 generate Pipe?

Q61) How To Angular 5 generate Service?

Q62) How To Angular 5 generate Class?

Q63) How To Angular 5 generate Module?

Q64) What Is the Angular Compiler?

Q65) Some of the the life cycle hooks of Angular 5 application?

Q66) What is Lazy Loading and How to enable Lazy Loading

Q67) What are the core differences between Observables and Promises?

Q68) What are differences between Constructors and OnInit?

Q69) Explain package.json file.

Q70) What is routing?

Q71) What is the difference between Angular 5 components and directives?

Q72) What are Pipes in Angular 5?

Q73) What Are Inbuilt Pipes in Angular?

Q74) What Is Chaining Pipe?

Q75) Optional parameter syntax?

Q76) Directive can listen to host/target events?

Q77) wild card for page not found route?

Q78) To use HttpClient component you need to import below module

Q79) What is ViewEncapsulation?

Q80) What does a Subscribe method do in Angular?

Q81) What is Observable?

Q82) What is Rxjs?

Q83) What will be the output of below program?
function fun(input: boolean) {
let a = 100;
if (input) {
let b = a + 1;
return b;
return b;

Q84) What is Semantic Versioning and Package-Lock JSON?

Q85) What are difference between Angular 2 and 4 in HTTP module declaration?

Q86) What are different developer tools available to debug UI application?

Q87) Name all Angular life cycle hooks in sequential based on initial component loading?

Q88) What is service and component, key differences between them?

Q89) What is ChangeDetector in Angular, will it call implicitly or explicitly?

Q90) What is Angular material design?

Q91) How compile-time and runtime configuration works in Angular?

Q92) What are the new changes in looping implementation?

Q93) What are different ways to communicate between the components?

Q94) What are different building blocks of Angular?

Q95) What are different ways to save data locally in Angular?

Q96) Which hook will call first while loading angular component?

Q97) How to implement custom pipes in Angular2?

Q98) What is difference between directive and component?

Q99) What are different frameworks used for unit testing in Angular?

Q100) How to inject a service in Angular Component?

Q101) What are frequently used methods to convert JSON data?

Q102) Can we use multiple modules in Angular 1 for the same project, justify your explanation?

Q103) What are different status in Angular Forms?

Q104) How to use JQUERY in Angular 2?

Q105) What are the main key features in Angular 7?

Q106) How can we identify the version of your Angular code?

Q107) How do you implement routing in Angular 1?

Q108) How to upgrade Angular to the latest version?

Q109) What are typings and define its usage?

Q110) What is NgModule and how to declare different components and services in Module?

Q111) Can I have multiple directives in one view?

Q112) Can I develop the mobile friendly site using Angular?

Q113) Name key features of Angular 4, 5 and 6?

Q114) What is version control and explain version control which you used in your project?

Q115) What are the new Router Life cycle events introduced in Angular 5?

Q116) What is AOT in Angular?

Q117) What are node modules in Angular?

Q118) Which Angular version is better for developer to start and why?

Q119) What are advantages of Lazy Loading in Angular 6?

Q120) How you overcome bug fixes when upgrading latest Angular?

Q121) Can I use JavaScript instead of TypeScript in Angular?

Q122) How to check backend database compatibility for Angular?

Q123) Which directive need to use for one way data binding in Angular Js?

Q124) What Angular.copy will do ?

Q125) What we use to validate the form input?

Q126) What is the migration change for Angular 1.4 -Angular 1.5 ?

Q127) What is interceptor in AngularJS?

Q128) How will you declare $watch?

Q129) what is the use of $apply?

Q130) what is @inject?

Q131) Does AngularJS application expressions are pure JavaScript expressions?

Q132) what is rootscope?

Q133) How can we create AngularJS module?

Q134) Does Scope contains the model data in AngularJS.

Q135) what is ng-app?

Q136) which directive that can be used to include HTML fragments from other files into the view of HTML template?

Q137) What are the types to create custom directive?

Q138) Can we have nested controllers in AngularJS?

Q139) Do AngularJS provide reusable components?

Q140) what is $injector ?

Q141) what is dirty checking in Angular?

Q142) What is ngRoute?

Q143) What is $routeprovider?

Q144) What we use to transmit data between parent controller to child controller?

Q145) what is $emit?

Q146) what is $on?

Q147) Definition scope in AngularJS?

Q148) What is the controller function in AngularJS?

Q149) Explain about from Bootstrapping in Angular Js?

Q150) Explain about from the basic steps to set up an AngularJS app?

Q151) Difference between ng-routing and UI-routing?

Q152) How to different AngularJs and JQuery?

Q153) Explain about from the Angular implement two-way binding?

Q154) What is the provider in Angular JS?

Q156) How is it different from the scope?

Q157) Definition of $rootscope?

Q158) What is the use of Template in AngularJS?

Q159) Defined by is Angular JS?

Q160) How to create an isolate scape value?

Q161) What are the means by internationalization in Angularjs?

Q162) How to format a date value in Angular js?

Q163) What is a locale ID in Angularjs?

Q164) Explain about from the architecture of AngularJS?

Q165) Explain from the Routing in Angular Js?

Q166) Explain from the Angular’s prefixes $ and $$?

Q167) What is AOT compilation?

Q168) What about the template in Angular 2?

Q169) Define by the transition between two states in Angular?

Q170) How the module does is required for every Angular 2 app?

Q171) List some advantages of Angular 2 over Angular1.

Q172) What is IVY Renderer using Angularjs 7?

Q173) How to IVY Renderer is supported into by Angular 7?

Q174) How can you create a decorator in Angular?

Q175) How to generate a class in Angular 7 using CLI?

Q176) Explain about from AngularJS digest cycle?

Q177) What's new in Angular 7?

Q178) Explain about from Bazel?

Q179) What is ng-directives?

Q180) What are the various types of directives?

Q181) what do you mean by component in ANGULAR?

Q182)What is data binding?

Q183)What is Metadata?

Q184)What are modules?

Q185)What is ROUTING?

Q186)What is Template?

Q187)What is angular material?

Q188)What is Data binding types?

Q189) What is Transpiling?

Q190) What are the advantages of Angular?

Q191) How string interpolation is achieved in Angular?

Q192) What are the types of life cycle in angular?

Q193) How to do animation in Angular?

Q194) What are some features added in ES6 JavaScript?

Q195) What is the difference between var, let and const?

Q196) By declaring an object using const, is the values inside the object changeable?

Q197) How is arrow functions different from normal functions?

Q198) How do you remove duplicates in an array?

Q199) What is notation?

Q200) How can a multi-dimensional array be converted to normal array?

Q201) How does inheritance work in JavaScript and give us an example?

Q202) What is a closure in JavaScript?

Q203) Reduce is used to sum up all the elements in an array?

Q204) What are import and Export in JavaScript?

Q205) what is the difference between map, reduce and filter in JavaScript?

Q206) In Angular, you can pass data from parent component to child component using?

Q207) In Angular, you can pass data from child component to parent component using?

Q208) When Should You Use Json Web Tokens?

Q209) What is decorator?

Q210) What ‘s the basic syntax of a Decorator in Angular?

Q211) What is (ngModel) used for?

Q212) Difference between JavaScript and angular?

Q213) What modules should you import in Angular to use (ngModel) and reactive forms?

Q214) What is AOT compilation in Angular?

Q215) What is View Encapsulation in Angular?

Q216) What are the advantages of SSR in Angular?

Q217) How to Generate class and Component by using angular-cli?

Q218) Difference between constructor and ngOnInit in angular component lifecycle?

Q219) ow many ways we can communicate between two components?

Q221) How to update the angular 6 projects to angular 7?

Q222) What is the difference between Angular1.x and Angular2+?

Q223) What is the use of trackBy in Angular *ngFor?

Q224) How to handle events in angular2+ ?

Q225) What is component?

Q226) Difference between promise and obserables?

Q227) What is string interpolation?

Q228) Difference between constructor and ngOninit?

Besant Technologies trainers are fully focused on the topic an syllabus, also supporting in all interview based purposes and certification related queries and confusions. Do read and go through this AngularJS interview questions and answers, because these are prepared by complete research and analysis from all top companies.

We hope and believe that these AngularJS interview question and answers will help you completely to have detailed knowledge in all topics and make you get placed and have a job in best companies as most wanted front-end developer.

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