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Interview Questions

IoT Interview Questions and Answers

IoT Interview Questions and Answers

IOT Interview Questions and Answers

Internet of Things is the best thing from the year of 2016, because of more sensors, internet-connected devices where launched and in use. IoT is being and always important topic and course, which has widely more job openings and more jobs in a field like Mobile develop, Cars, Household use products and everywhere there is connected with the Internet. In this article, we Besant Technologies has picked up the best and top 50 IoT interview questions and answers.

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Q1). What are the most used sensors types in IoT
  • Temperature sensors
  • Proximity sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Gas sensor
  • Smoke sensor
  • IR sensors
  • Motion detection sensors
Q2). How did you detect fire, which sensor is suitable?

I will use a smoke sensor which detects fire and smoke

Q3). How did you measure the voltage using sensors?

I will use Thermocouples which is used for measuring the voltage.

Q4). How did the Thermocouples work?

It will be measuring the temperature with a change in voltage if temperature increases thermocouples output voltage will be increased

Q5). What are the sensors can be used in Agriculture?

1.soil moisture sensor

2.Airflow sensors

3.Electrochemical sensors

Q6). What is the purpose of Airflow sensors?

It used to measure the air level in the soil, we can measure it from the one location or dynamically get from multiple places from the garden.

Q7). How to did you make small radar? is it possible?

Yes its possible, by using ultrasonic sensor we can make our own radar, which is detected object presence and distance

Q8). How did you check the quality of water?

Using Water quality sensors, I can detect the quality of water.

Q9). Can you list out some of the water sensors?

1.Total organic carbon sensor

2.Turbidity sensor

3.Conductivity sensor

4.pH sensor

Q10). Do you have a better idea for the saving electricity?

Yes I have, by using light detecting sensors we can switch off street light automatically, which saves a lot of electricity

Q11). What are suitable databases for IoT?
  1. influxDB,
  2. MongoDB,
  3. RethinkDB,
  4. SQLite
  5. Apache Cassandra

and some more databases available, but these are the most used suitably for IOT

Q12). What are the features of influxDB?

–>Great support visualization tools

–>Distributed time series database

–>No external dependencies

Q13). What is mean by Arduino?

It’s a programmable my controller, it used to sense and control the electronic devices programmatically.

Q14). What is mean by Raspberry Pi?

It’s a credit card size computer, it portable we can bring everywhere. It’s run completely on open source software and nice devices for IoT projects.

Q15). Difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

Arduino: A Openly programmable USB microController, it can execute only one program at a time.

Raspberry Pi: A credit card sized computer, we can run multiple programs at a time and it has more computing power compared to Arduino.

Q16). What is mean by Raspberry pi zero?

Pi zero is the latest minimized version of Raspberry Pi, it costs is only 5$.

Q17). Mostly used protocols in IOT?
  • MQTT protocol
  • XMPP
  • AMQP
  • Data Distribution Service (DDS)
  • Simple Text Oriented Messaging Protocol(STOMP)
  • Very Simple Control Protocol (VSCP)
  • Zigbee
  • wifi
Q18). What is the abbreviation of MQTT?

MQTT – Message Queue Telemetry Transport.

Q19). What is the Purpose of MQTT protocol?

Its provide the connectivity between application and middleware from net side networks to another side networks.

Q20). What is the role of publishers in IOT?

Publishers are the lightweight sensor that sends the Real-time data to middleware or intermediate devices.

Q21). Who are subscribers in IOT?

Subscribers are the application which is interested in collected real-time data from the sensors.

Q22). How did you program the Arduino?

By using Arduino IDE, I can program the Arduino. And another method I can use Node.js Johny five module to control Arduino

Q23). If its possible to control the keyboard using Arduino?

Yes, it’s possible to control the keyboard by using specialized inbuild keyboard Arduino library.

Q24). What is mean by a library in Arduino?

A library is the collection of code, which is already written for controlling the sensor or module.

Q25). How did you install a new library in Arduino?

In Arduino Select Include library from the Sketch option in Toolbar, It will open File Explorer, select library install from the location. That’s it.

Q26). Meaning of Sketch in Arduino?

In Arduino, each unit of code called as Sketch which is uploaded and run on the Board.

Q27). Its possible reduce the size of my sketch?

Yes its possible, by Removing unused libraries from the top of the code and make our code very simple and short, Then only we can reduce the size of the sketch.

Q28). How did you control the Arduino using python?

By connecting the serial port of Arduino we can control the Arduino using python. To connect the serial port we need to import a serial module in python.

Q29). List some of wearable Arduino boards?
  • Lilypad Arduino simple
  • Lilypad Arduino main board
  • Lilypad Arduino USB
  • Lilypad Arduino simple snap
Q30). How is host the web server using Arduino?

Using the Arduino Ethernet shield we can host the web server in Arduino.

Q31). What are the available models in Raspberry Pi?
  • Raspberry Pi 1 model B
  • Raspberry Pi 1 model A
  • Raspberry Pi 1 model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 1model A+
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3 model B
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
Q32). Real-Time usage of Raspberry Pi?
  • Home Automation
  • Internet Radio
  • Portable web server
  • Manipulating the robots
Q33). What is default operating system of Raspberry Pi, May I use any other operating systems?

Raspbian is the Default operating system os Pi, Yes we can use windows and any Linux operating systems mainly designed for Arm based devices.

Q34). Is windows support for Raspberry Pi?

Yes, windows give support for raspberry, with specially designed windows 10 IOT core.

Q35). What is the GPIO?

GPIO – General purpose input/output. Its programmable pins which may input or output pins, During runtime user, control these pin programmatically. for more details https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General-purpose_input/output

Q36). Which module is used to control the gpio in python?

Gpiozero is used to control the gpio pins in Raspberry Pi. By using this we can control button, LED, Robot and more things are possible.

Q37). Why should I prepare MongoDB for IOT compared to other databases?

Its the document model based storage database. Hence its faster compared to other databases, Rather than that its support more than 20 programming language support for integration.

Q38). What is the programming language supported by MongoDB?

Actionscript info,C,C#,C++,Clojure info,ColdFusion info,D info,Dart info,Delphi info,Erlang,Go info,Groovy info,Haskell,Java,JavaScript,Lisp info,Lua info,MatLab info,Perl,PHP,PowerShell info,Prolog info,Python,R info,Ruby,Scala,Smalltalk.

Q39). What is mean by aggregation in MongoDB?

Its process of data and return the computed values. for more information: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/core/map-reduce/

Q40). Explain about sharding?

Sharding is Split data into multiple collections and store it in the multiple machines.

Q41). Explain about replication?

Replication is the act of sync data between multiple servers, which makes MongoDB as high availability.

Q42). Explain how did you store the High volume file like video or audio files into Arduino?

Using Gridfs is the specification used for storing and retrieving the audio or video file from MongoDB.

Q43). Can you write a query to insert the data into MongoDB?

db.yourIOTcollectionname.insert({location:”india”, count:”123″});

Here YourIOTcollectionname is the name of your collection.

Q44). Explain how did you insert bulk data in MongoDB, can write the query for that?


var huge= db.iotCollection.initializeUnorderedBulkOp();

huge.insert({location:”India”, count:456,  polls:456});

huge.insert({location:”Russia:, count:567, polls:567});

huge.insert({location:”China”, count:789,  polls:789});

huge.insert({location:”USA”, count:123, polls:123});


Q45). What is DB command?

DB command mentions the currently selected database name in MongoDB;

Q46). What are the layers of OSI?
  • Physical layer
  • Data link layer
  • Network layer
  • Transport layer
  • Session layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Application layer
Q47). List some Advance IOT projects?

Control the robot by Hand gesture (like an iron man)

Office theft prevention system

Facial recognition based intruder alert system.

Q48). What is the layout GPIO pins?

For layout:https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/usage/gpio/

Q49). How many pins are available in Arduino UNO board?

Totally 28 pins are available, for pin names please find at this link https://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/PinMapping168

Q50). Which Latest model of Raspberry pi now? and it’s features?

Raspberry Pi 3 B+. for its features please refer this link http://socialcompare.com/en/review/raspberry-pi-3-b-plus.

Q51). What is IOT?

Ans: IOT is nothing but Internet Of Things .It huge interconnected network between the objects to detect the different scenarios. It can be possible in local servers and global servers with respect to the IP/TCP Protocols

Q52). What are the Examples of IOT?

Ans: More applications are there in IOT technology few are i.e. Health Care domain , Auto Mobile ,Embedded, Agriculture ,Industrial etc.

Q53). How many types we can consider IOT?

Ans: IOT Majorly divided into two types they are
Internet Of Things: It will create the business in regular use like gadgets
Industrial Internet Of Things: It will create the business in industrial like Agriculture

Q54). What is the impact of IOT in our Regular Life?

Ans: The Impact of IOT Regular life Smart Phones, Clever Grid , Road ways, sewage, Water Transport and health care.

Q55). What is the Major role plays in IOT?

Ans: As name suggest internet network plays an important in IOT implementation to connect the millions of the objects to each other

Q56). Is it IOT will success in coming decades?

Ans: Yes, Because of as per telecommunication era is becoming extra broadband, giant and efficient internet broadly available, The hardware cost become less expensive.

Q57). What are the requirements to IOT?

Ans:Hardware: This will makes the normal devices as intelligent and smart devices, read the data in time
Software: Process the collected and store data from the device and it manipulate as the requirement
Infrastructure: Here it more essential communication infrastructure which are Technology and protocols to exchange the data.

Q58). What are the popular hardware proto types are using in IOT?

Ans: More hardware prototype devices are in implementation of IOT i.e. Arduino ,Raspberry Pi,ARM Cortex Family etc.

Q59). What is the popular software IDEs are using in IoT?

Ans: Each and every prototype device family having their own development IDEs I.e Arduino IDE, Keil Id, Gcc compilers etc.

Q60). What are the Organizations Support the IoT?

Ans: Almost all well-known companies are supporting to development of IoT applications in various application such that the companies are IBM, GOOGLE, AMAZON, GE, HONEYWELL, etc.

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