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CCNA online course from Besant Technologies helps students to install, operate, troubleshoot, and configure WAN, LAN, and dial access services for all sized networks. The CCNA Online Training also assists the students to describe various data network operations. CCNA certification training from Besant Technologies is the best-suited course for network engineers that enables then to troubleshoot, control, and install networks.

Best CCNA Online Course

The Online CCNA Certification Training Course is an associate-level certificate provided by the Cisco Systems. The CCNA online training will help the students to get a good understanding of the basic networking, WAN, LAN, TCP/IP technologies using Cisco switches and routers. The students will be able to troubleshoot, configure, and implement Cisco networks quickly once they complete the CCNA online course from us.

The CCNA Online Course curriculum is crafted by experts who have experience in the CCNA, other relevant fields, and also who stay updated on the latest trends and technologies. With our CCNA certification course, the students will get prepared to attend and crack the CCNA certification exam. The students will get to know how the data in getting easily transmitted through switches and routers with our CCNA online training course. The trainers make use of both practical and theoretical classes so that the students get to know about the CCNA course concepts quickly, and therefore they can easily clear any type of complicated interviews and exams without much hassle.

About the CCNA Course

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is one useful IT field certification provided by Cisco that offers you the basic knowledge of how the complete infrastructure of the network works efficiently throughout the world. With our CCNA online training course, the students will be able to get a good knowledge of how IPv4 and IPv6 work.

The students will also be able to build networks with the routing protocols after completing our CCNA online course certification. Some of the important concepts included in our online CCNA certification training course are switching collision, configuring and verifying switch configuration, boot process of CISCO IOS routers, broadcast, domains CAM Table, configure default, and static routing, detecting essential NAT operation, and configure DHCP.

What are the objectives of CCNA Training?

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is one useful entry-level certificates to enter higher-level certifications like Cisco Certified Internet Work Expert (CCIE) and Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP). Our CCNA online training course helps students to know how to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot switched, and medium-size routed networks. Here are some of the objectives of our CCNA online course.

  • Practical knowledge of different networking devices and tools.
  • Earn real-time knowledge on broadcast, verify switch configuration, boot process of CISCO IOS routers, and more.
  • Know about the different breadth of topics, including security fundamentals, network fundamentals, IP connectivity, programmability and automation, network access, and IP services.
  • Describe threat countermeasures and mitigation methods.
  • Implement and support Access Control Lists and Network Address Translation in branch office networks.

Why should you go for the CCNA Course?

There are many benefits the students gain by learning CCNA online course training from Besant Technologies. Here are some of the available facts you need to know about the importance of CCNA online training.

  • CCNA certification is highly evolving IT certification programs that help networking professionals and add values to make their career the best.
  • The employment opportunities for CCNA are expected to increase by 12% in 2022 for system administrators and networking technicians.
  • Networking professionals who have excellent CISCO networking administration skills are expected to earn 9% higher than the average salaries in the IT industry.
  • According to PayScale.com, the average salary received by professionals with CCNA skills is around $72,500 per year.

There are more than 500 million job opportunities available at present for CCNA networking professionals. CCNA network administrator, Cisco network engineer, Network support specialist are some of the CCNA job roles with high scope in the industry.

Who can take the Besant Technologies CCNA Online Course Training?

The people with the following profession can make use of the Besant Technologies CCNA online training and certification course.

  1. Network Engineers and network consultants
  2. System Engineers
  3. IT technicians and system integrators
  4. Entry-Level Engineers
  5. Network administrators and network specialists
  6. Network support specialists

What are the prerequisites for CCNA Training Course?

There is no formal eligibility required for learning CCNA online training course. Having the following prerequisites is considered to be an added advantage.

  • Basic understanding of IP addressing and network fundamentals
  • One plus year of experience in administering and implementing Cisco solutions.

Though the students don’t hold the above prerequisites, our trainers will help them to attain knowledge and also make them get prepared for multiple interviews and exams.

What skills will you learn in CCNA Certification Course Training?

The main goal of the CCNA certification course training is to provide the complete coverage of switch configuration and Cisco router procedures. CCNA certified experts can make integrations with remote sites through WAN (Wide Area Networks), understand basic terminologies and networking concepts, and mitigate fundamental network security threats. The following are the skills the students will learn from our CCNA online course.

  • Describe the function and role of different network components like routers, next-generation servers, and firewalls, L2, and L3 switches.
  • Comparing cabling types and physical interface along with cable issues and identification to interfaces like speed, mismatch duplex, errors, and collisions.
  • Verifying and configuring layer 2, 3, Ether Channel, discovery protocols, and more.
  • Getting familiar with WLAN security, advanced WLAN settings, creation, QoS profiles, and more.
  • Understanding, troubleshooting, and configuring layer three protocols like NAT, PPP, HDLC, Frame Relay, and more.

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CCNA Training Syllabus

CCNA 200-301- Syllabus


  • Basic Knowledge of Computer


If You are Planning to learn the Network technologies & want to know that how to Build them. This will give you a Better understanding for all the concepts, Which is required for passing the New CCNA exam.

In this course, you will:

– Better understanding the requirement for a specific technology.

– Learning with the concepts behind the technology and how to implement them on a Cisco Router / Switches.

– Implementing Technology with step by step approach.

– Build the skills and confidence to not only CCNA 200-301, Even in the CCNA 200-125 exam but also be prepared for the Real life Practice.

– Use the knowledge and skills to quickstart your networking career.

Who this course is for:

  • Working Professional who wanted to build in career with Networking Technologies.
  • Students that want to achieve the highly coveted New Cisco CCNA Certification

What you’ll learn (Course Duration- 40:00 Hrs)

  • Introduction to Networking using the New CCNA course outline from Cisco Systems
  • CCNA Routing & Switching – 200-301
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Introduction to Cisco Router IOS
  • Understanding and Implementing WAN Technologies
  • Routing – Static Routing and OSPF
  • IPv6 Addressing and Routing
  • Security – ACLs
  • Security – VPNs
  • Security – Switch Security
  • Cisco Switching Technologies
  • Cisco Wireless Technologies
  • IP Services – DHCP, DNS, NTP, FHRP, NAT, CDP, LLDP
  • Router Maintenance
  • Overview of Automation and Network Programmability

Module-1 Overview of Networking : 01:30 hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand the main components of Networking like Types of Network, network devices.


  • Introduction to Networks
  • Preview
  • Network Types
  • Preview
  • The Internet and the DNS Server
  • Preview


  • Overview of a Networking like Types of Network, network devices etc.
  • Overview of Internet and Role of DNS Server

Module-2 IP Addressing [Classes, Private Addressing, Subnetting] 04:20hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand the Classes of IP Addresses and What is the Difference between Public and Private IP.


  • IP Addressing
  • IP Address Classes
  • Private Addressing
  • Subnetting
  • Class C – Subnetting Examples
  • Class B – Subnetting Examples
  • Class A – Subnetting Examples
  • Supernetting
  • Supernetting Examples


  • Overview of Subnetting and Different Classes Subnet etc.
  • Overview of IP Addressing, Public and Private IP’s.

Module-3 Reference Models [OSI and IP Model] & TCP / UDP Protocols   01:10hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand use of Reference Models [OSI and IP Model] & TCP / UDP Protocols.


  • Networking Models


  • Overview of OSI and TCP/IP Models and It’s Layers etc.
  • Overview of TCP and UDP Protocols.

Module-4 Initializing a Cisco Router  02:00 hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will Learn Router Components and Basic router configurations.


  • Router Components
  • Basic Router Configuration
  • Initial Configurations
  • Configuring Terminal history
  • Configuring a Router Banner
  • Working with the Configuration Files
  • Securing the Router Console Access
  • Configuring Alias


  • Overview of Routers and It’s Configuration etc.

Module-5 WAN Connections [PPP, Authentication, MLPP] 01:15hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand the PPP, Authentication, MLPP.


  • Serial Interface Protocols
  • Configuring and Verifying Point-to-point HDLC Connections
  • Configuring and Verifying Point-to-point PPP Connections
  • Configuring PPP Authentication using PAP
  • Configuring PPP Authentication using CHAP
  • Configuring PPP Multilink


  • Overview of WAN Technologies and their protocols etc.
  • Overview of PPP, Authentication, MLPP Protocols.

Module-6 Remote Management [Telnet SSH] 01:00 hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand about the Telnet SSH Protocols and Remote Management.


  • Remote Management
  • Configuring Telnet using a Password
  • Configuring Telnet using an Username and Password
  • Configuring SSH using an Username and Password


  • Overview of Remote protocols Like Telnet SSH and it’s Configurations.

Module-7 IP Routing 06:30hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand about the Telnet SSH Protocols and Remote Management.


  • Routing Basics
  • Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • Link State Routing Protocol
  • Configuring Static Routes
  • Configuring Default Routes
  • Configuring Floating Static
  • OSPF Overview
  • Configuring OSPF in a Single Area on a Point – To – Point Link
  • Configuring OSPF in a Single Area on a Ethernet Link
  • OSPF – Calculating Metrics
  • OSPF Multi-Area Overview
  • Configuring OSPF is a Multi-Area Network
  • FHRP Services
  • HSRP
  • VRRP


  • Overview of Routing protocols Like : Distance Vector Routing Protocol, Link State Routing Protocol
  • Configuring of Routing Protocols.

Module-8 IPv6 [Addressing, Static Routes, OSPFv3] 02:00hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand IPv6 [Addressing, Static Routes, OSPFv3]


  • IPv6 Addressing
  • IPv6 Addressing Types
  • IPv6 Address Assignments from ISP and Subnetting
  • IPv6 Address Assignment using Manual Mechanism
  • IPv6 Address Assignment using SLAAC
  • Configuring IPv6 Static Routes
  • Configuring IPv6 Default Route
  • Configuring OSPFv3


  • Overview of IPv6 [Addressing, Static Routes, OSPFv3] and it’s Configurations.

Module-9 LAN Switching 05:15hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand IPv6 [Addressing, Static Routes, OSPFv3]


  • Switching Overview
  • VLANs & Port Types
  • VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
  • VLAN, VTP & Port Types Lab
  • Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Physical – To – Logical Mapping
  • Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP)
  • STP Root Switch
  • STP PortFast
  • STP BPDU Guard
  • STP BPDU Guard Lab
  • EtherChannels – Port Channels
  • EtherChannel – Static Mode
  • EtherChannel – LACP


  • Overview of LAN Switching Technologies and their protocols etc.
  • Overview of STP, VTP, VLAN Protocols.

Module-10 Infrastructure / IP Services [DNS, DHCP Server, NTP, QoS] 03:30hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will understand IPv6 [Addressing, Static Routes, OSPFv3]


  • DHCP Server
  • Configuring a Router as a DHCP Server
  • Configure a Router as a DHCP Relay Agent
  • Configuring a Router as a HTTP-HTTPS Server
  • Configuring a Router as a DNS Server
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Dynamic NAT
  • Static NAT
  • Dynamic PAT
  • Static PAT
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Network Time Protocol Lab
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Qos – Policing
  • Qos – Bandwidth Reservation & Prioritization


  • Overview of Infrastructure / IP Services [DNS, DHCP Server, NTP, QoS].

Module-11 Router Maintenance  20:00min

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will learn About the Router Maintenance.


  • Backing up configuration to a TFTP Server
  • Restoring configuration from a TFTP Server


  • Overview of Router Maintenance and TFTP Server.

Module-12 Wireless Networking 01:00hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will learn About the Wireless Networking.


  • Wireless Networking Overview
  • Initializing the WLC from the CLI
  • Configuring a Controller-based WLAN


  • Overview of Wireless Networking.

Module-13 Security Fundamentals 04:50hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will learn About the WAN Technologies and their protocols.

Overview of PPP, Authentication, MLPP Protocols.


  • Overview of Site – To – Site VPNs using Crypto Maps
  • GRE Site – To – Site VPN
  • GRE Over IPSec
  • Tunnel-Interface Based IPSec – S-VTI
  • Access Control Lists Overview
  • Standard Numbered ACL
  • Standard Named ACL
  • Extended Numbered ACL
  • Extended Named ACL
  • Time-based ACL
  • IPv6 Access Lists
  • Port Security
  • Port Security – Lab
  • Configuring DHCP Snooping
  • Configuring ARP Inspection


  • Overview of WAN Technologies and their protocols etc.
  • Overview of PPP, Authentication, MLPP Protocols.

Module-14 Additional Labs 05:45hrs

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will learn Hands on Lab for all Routing and Switching Protocols.


  • RIPv2 Overview
  • Configuring Basic RIP v2
  • RIP v2 – Passive Interfaces
  • RIP v2 – Auto-Summarization
  • EIGRP Overview
  • Configuring Basic EIGRP
  • EIGRP – Passive Interfaces
  • EIGRP – Auto-Summarization
  • Calculating EIGRP Metrics
  • EIGRP – Load Balancing
  • BGP Overview
  • Configuring eBGP
  • WAN Technologies Overview
  • MPLS Unicast Routing
  • Multi-Point GRE- DMVPN
  • PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE)


  • In This Module you will learn Hands on Labs for above Topics.

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Siva Kumar

When I joined Besant Technologies, I didn’t really expect a lot from it, to be extremely honest. But as time went by, I realised I got from Besant Technologies exactly what I wanted- a healthy environment for learning. Cordial teachers and their valuable lectures make understanding things so much easy. I thank Besant for having been so supportive throughout the course.



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Student's Testimonials

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