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What is Python?

What is Python?

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used in different methodologies. It can be used to develop any modes of applications which include any complex functions. In our day to day life, we move through the search engine giant, Google, which is developed using Python. Also, it is a common programming paradigm for many more business enterprises. Being a high-level language, Python allows the programmers to write in simple understandable language to create simple to complex programs.

During the late 1980s, Guido van Rossum initiated to create this integrated language. Later it was developed by Python Software Foundation and now also it is led by the. A python programmer can use the object-oriented concept, reflexive, imperative or functional depending on his wish since the language is multi-paradigm.

The syntax of Python is so simple so that the increase in readability reduces the cost of maintenance. It supports modularity and packages which allow code reuse. Its extensive library is free of cost for many platforms. As there is no compilation step here, the edit – test – debug steps are very faster.

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages and plays a lead role in this modern digital era. It was created by Guido van Rossum in the year 1991.

It is used in diverse fields such as:

  • Web Application
  • Internet of Things
  • Scripting
  • Software Development

Python can support various platforms such as

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Micro Boards like Raspberry Pi, etc

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What is Python and what is it used for?

Python is an interpreted and high-level language of computer programming. In 1989, Guido Van Rossum created this language. In 1991, it was released first. Python programming language is a general purpose and a good language for the development of frameworks, web applications and desktop software.

Those persons who are expert in C++ or Java found Python computer language very simple to use and easier to code. Python is a dynamic language of computer programming. It is simple to learn and offers strong typing. The style of code of Python is highly natural. It is simple to understand and read. This is due to absence of braces and semicolons. The computer programming language “Python” works on various platforms like Solaris, Macintosh, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Why Python is so popular?

Due to its simplicity, Python is a popular language of computer programming. Given below the highlights of the Python.

  1. It is best for different platforms.
  2. Python is ideal for rapid application development and scripting.
  3. Its nature is interpreted.
  4. Dynamic and elegant typing.
  5. Excellent manipulation of string.
  6. Reduced exceptions syntactic.
  7. Attractive visual layout.
  8. Highly readable computer programming language.

Why do developers love python?

  • Python is a simple language and can be coded with fewer lines when compared with other programming languages.
  • It has simpler syntax and makes coding easier.
  • It is structured and object oriented language.
  • It’s quicker in execution as it runs on an interpreter system.

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Version and IDE’s?

  • The latest version of python is 3.6. But Python 2 is the most popular one
  • The most popularly used IDE’S are Thonny, Pycharm, Netbeans or Eclipse.

These are the few glimpses of python and its popularity in software development. Let’s deep dive into the Python language now and let’s start exploring it.


Before trying to install python, check if python is already installed in your machine. To check if python is installed, run the following command in your command window. You can find the command window in the start bar.

Python  –version

If python is not installed in your computer, you can download the python version of your choice from the following link https://www.python.org/

In Linux OS, python can also be installed from the terminal command using the following command

For Debian based OS, use apt:

  • sudo apt-get install python3

On Red Hat and derivatives, use yum :

  • sudo yum install python

Once you have installed python, check if it is successfully installed by running the already mentioned version command.

Did you like it. Yeahhh!!! It’s as simple as that!!! And now let’s move forward with a small sample piece of code. And I’m sure that you will keep enjoying the coding in python.

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Comparing Python with other programming languages

Python is faster than many programming languages because it won’t compile the code before execution and the same time it will be compiled in the background since it is an interpreted language. Python focuses on abstractions and hence the coding will be easy so that anyone can understand it easily.

Python and Ruby:

Both are interpreted and high-level languages which resembles in many programming aspects. The major differences that can be noted in these languages are flexibility and readability. Ruby by its nature, it is difficult to read. One who is studying it may ask how it is being like.  While Python is following a standard code which is easily understandable. This makes the programmer comfier since he can use what he likes and when other programmer goes through the project, he can easily understand what it is.

Python and Perl:

Python is a simple and readable language, it can be used in a team where many programmers are evolved. But Perl is not as readable as Python. If someone writes some code and if another person goes through it, it will take great effort to understand. Python is so faster than in terms of programming and execution. As the same operation can be done in minimum codes, python decreases the execution time which gives the product faster. Python has got a very extensive library and repository pre-written code as in MVC.NET.

Python and Java:

Both are object-oriented programming languages that have prewritten codes in a repository but has a great difference in the implementation. Java is both interpreted and compiled language and hence while compiling, it compiled to bytecode. During running, this bytecode enters to java runtime environment that in turn machine which is readable by the machine. Java codes cannot be modified when it is converted to bytecode.

In Python, the compilation takes place during the running phase. At that time code is converted to machine-readable format. No other intermediate stage is occurring here.

Python and PHP:

The syntax of PHP is too hard to understand. If a programmer writes PHP code by using his ideologies, then another person who read the same won’t understand it easily. PHP is more web-oriented programming language rather than system level. We can create a web server in Python that can read PHP. But we cannot make a web server using PHP which can read Python. A python is an object-oriented programming language, but PHP is not.

Defining a function

As in other programming languages, the function definition will obey the syntax. Here the keyword def will be the starting followed by function name and parentheses. The arguments can be placed in between along with the definition. The code block should start with a colon (:).

Calling a function

Defining a function will give the name and the parameters. After defining it, we can call it from another function or by using the Python prompt. We can call using these formal arguments:

  • Required Argument
  • Keyword Argument
  • Default Arguments
  • Variable-length arguments

Anonymous functions are those which are not declared in the standard manner by using def Keyword.

Why is Python language important?

  • Python is a highly popular dynamic language of computer programming similar to Ruby, PHP, Tcl, and Perl. Some experts considered it as a language of scripting, but similar to Smalltalk or Lisp, it is a general-purpose language of computer programming.
  • From big scalable web servers, which offers uninterrupted services round the clock to throw-away scripts, Python has multiple uses. It is deployed for application testing, server and client-side web programming, as well as database and GUI programming. Scientists used Python for creating applications for fastest super computers in the world.
  • For the beginners, Python is a fantastic computer programming language. it is simple to maintain and very easy to learn. A statement of Python is very simple like: Print “Hello World”. Writing a code of 4 lines with syntax is not needed for this programming language.

What is Python best for?

  • To learn the Python programming language, you require only two days. If you deeply go into packages like Matplotlib, SciPy packages and machine learning packages, then it is very vast. It requires some time to be an expert in Python.
  • The main strength of Python is that most of its library is portable. There are millions of users across the globe working on this language and also making significant contributions for the development of this language.
  • Python is an open source language. if you install Python in your computer and write a package, then you need to submit this package for approval. If your package is good, then it is included in the Python.
  • Python is a server-side, and high-level language of computer programming for mobile apps and the websites. For developers of all types, Python is the ideal choice. Because of its dense syntax, and readability, developers can define a concept easily as compared to some other languages.

What is the purpose of python?

  • Web applications like Rdio, Pinterest and Instagram are powered by the Python via the Python associated web framework, Django. NASA, Yahoo and Google also use Python. In the rankings of the RedMonk programming language, the rank of Python is 5th.
  • The best benefit of learning Python for the certification of big data is the extra efficiency of deploying one language of computer programming across various applications. Across the functions, Python is deployed. Therefore, data professionals can handle any query related to the data.
  • As an architect of Big Data, it is essential that you should be versatile. The platforms which you designed must be compatible with various platforms such as Map Reduce, NoSQL, Storm, Hadoop, and Python.

What is the purpose of python?

  • For the analysts, Python is simple to use and learn. It is also capable of handling a wide variety of issues in any domain. Python is a platform independent language and integrates easily with existing infrastructure of the IT.
  • As there are various languages of computer programming, solutions which are based on Python are wonderful in terms of project execution. According to the index of TIOBE, Python is highly popular and preferred computer programming language and it is above Ruby, JavaScript and Perl by a good margin.

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