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What is iOS?

What is iOS?

Table of Content

1. What is iOS?

Mac iPhone and iPad items have become the standard benchmark of versatile cell phones and tablets. Apple Watch is one of the masterpieces from Apple which is most-sold smartwatches on the planet. These Apple gadgets are controlled by Apple’s working framework and iOS operating system. IOS is the operating system introduced by Apple which is straight forward and communicates with the hardware for the different software applications. There are four layers in the IOS operating system and they are the OS layer, services layer, media layer, and cocoa touch layer. OS layer has been used to communicate with the external hardware and provides frameworks to emphasize security.

The services layer is for designing the services that the upper layer or user demands. The media layer is for handling the media like video, audio, and graphics. The touch layer is the place where frameworks are present and created when applications are created. The top App stores for IOS apps are App Store, Cyndia, GetJar, and Appland. International Olympiad of science conduct IOS exam for class 1 to 12 and there are so many best institutes offering courses for IOS development. From lower classes till advance level research subject IOS development is the trending subject. Objective-C and Swift are the popular languages used for IOS development.

2. What does iOS do?

iOS Features

3. Hardware Architecture of IOS

iOS Architecture

There are three types of apps in case of mobile development and they are native apps, hybrid apps, and mobile apps. The SDK pack of IOS gives programming backing to making applications for IOS working framework. The SDK comprises devices for creating the application, testing applications, installing applications and running applications. The improvement pack comprises of X Code instruments, IDE, graphical apparatus for the formation of UI, and help for investigating the run time execution with the assistance of the troubleshooting device. C++, C, Objective-C and quick are the dialects utilized for IOS advancement.

Objective C is the fundamental information required to comprehend the ideas identified with IOS. Objective C begins with Oop’s idea yet it is unique about C and Java. Swift is the next level language for building up the application. IDE is where the coding and interface manufacturer is set.

So in the wake of getting coding information, it is fundamental to become familiar with the utilization of IDE. Cocoa Touch, Ionic, AVFoundation, PhoneGap and CloudKit are the various frameworks utilized for IOS advancement. Let us find in insight regarding programming languages and frameworks utilized for IOS development.

4. Programming languages used for IOS development

Programming languages used for ios development

Native apps, mobile apps, and hybrid apps require different programming languages as the functionalities differ depending upon the user requirement. C#, C++, Python, HTML5, Swift, and Objective-C are the different programming languages used for IOS development. Learners with C++ knowledge can learn IOS development as there are several libraries available for IOS development using C++. C++ is used for backend tasks and creating APIS for android development.

C# is the language for mobile apps, web apps, back end systems, windows clients, and consoles. Professionals with C# knowledge can use Xamarin which is the tool with C# code and visual studio for native applications using Android and iOS languages. Swift and kotlin are the other languages like Xamarin used for the native applications.

Python is the other language that is popularly known for supporting machine learning and data science. Python also supports creating functions, back end processing tasks and libraries using IOS development. Python supports imperative, object-oriented, procedural and functional development paradigms.

Hybrid apps of IOS can be developed with the help of HTML5. As HTML5 imposes browser control through HTML and CSS it communicates with the browser for hybrid apps.

Message access among objects is the main feature of objective-C and it is similar to C language in primitive types, syntax, and flow control statements. It supports language support and manages the object graph with dynamic typing during run-time.

Swift is launched in the year 2014. Swift is a modern language that supports multiple devices and multiple features. The notable features of swift are late binding, extensibility, safe and dynamic. Swift supports devices like Linux, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and z/OS. Under Swift 4 the topics covered are AR Kit, App Design, and CoreML.

5. Frameworks used for IOS

Cocoa Touch is a software program that aids in building software that runs on IOS. The devices which it supports include iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, tvOS, Apple Watch, and iPad. This framework follows MVC architecture and written in Objective-C. Some of the features developed using Cocoa Touch are Document picker, Handoff, App extension, Textkit, Airdrop, UIKit Dynamics, Auto Layout, multitasking, storyboards, Apple push notification service, Gesture recognizers, and local notifications. Ionic framework is designed for hybrid mobile and developed using Angular JS.

This framework supports modern web development with HTML5, CSS, and SAAS. The ionic studio is for Ionic IDE operations. Ionic support for IOS 10 version and Android 4.4 version. AV Foundation is for high-level services that work with Objective-C and Swift. PhoneGap is for creating apps with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This framework supports native and hybrid apps. Cloud Kit is the framework that supports for macOS, API of IOS and web app to empower iCloud.

6. What is the history of IOS?

Apple Inc. made the world small and dynamic with its compact pocket computer with a smart screen and dynamic features. Apple Inc. created the IOS operating system for empowering many devices like the iPhone, IPad, and iPod Touch. iPhone OS was created by Steve Jobs in the year 2005. This iPhone is released officially with Mac World Conference & Expo on 9th January 2007. More than 2.1 million different IOS applications are listed in the App store of Apple to support the IOS device users.

The position which IOS holds among the world market for mobile devices is the second position and the first position is dominated by Android. In the year 2007 IOS take over the Apple devices of iPod touch. Consecutively in the year 2010, the IOS operating system supported for iPad.

The gestures for the communication with the IOS operating system include tap, swipe, reverse pinch, and pinch. IOS 13 is the recent version of the IOS operating system which was published in the year 2019 of September. IOS 13 is designed for the devices which possess more than 2 GB of RAM. So, IOS 13 is not suitable for iPhone 5, iPod Touch (6th generation), iphone6 plus and iPhone6. It is supported for the exclusive devices with required RAM and the devices are iPod touch, iPhone and iPad OS.

7. List of IOS devices

iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and 11 Pro Max are the different models in IOS.

8. Different Versions of IOS

Different Versions of iOS

Multitasking, Social Media, ICloud, In-App purchase, Game Centre, Accelerometer, Notification Centre, Powerful APIs, Gyroscope, High-level processor, GPS, Bluetooth, Accessibility, Camera integration, Orientations, Maps, Location services, Email, contacts, web pages, and messages are the different features available with IOS operating system. Each new version of IOS is associated with new features to satisfy competition and user satisfaction.

Here we provide the information about the previous versions to take the readers a tour about the development and changes associated with the IOS operating system. The long journey of the IOS operating system entails the preferences and bottlenecks which users experience.

The key features of IOS 1 are visual voicemail, music app and interface with multi-touch options. The attributes to IOS 2 are Map Apps, Exchange support from Microsoft, and access to the App store. The best features to note from IOS 3 version are spotlight search, video recording, and the option for copy and paste. IOS version 4 is enhanced with new models like FaceTime, retina display, multitasking, Airplay, personal hotspot, and Air print. IOS 5 version increased the independence of functioning and supported wireless functioning. The features which IOS 5 brought in are iCloud, Notification center, I Message, iTunes and Wi-Fi Sync.

The memorable features of the IOS 6 version are Apple maps, Wallet, Photo streams, integration with Facebook. Features known from IOS 7 are control center, Multitasking, iTunes Radio, Airdrop, and Activation Lock. Apple Music, Quick Type, upgrading Messages, family sharing, and Apple play are some of the aesthetic elements from the IOS 8 version. IOS 9 version is empowered with features like power mode with less power, Wallet, News, 3D touch in iPhone 6S and 3D design changes with 6S plus. IOS version 10 is designed with I Message App, lock screen with a new redesign, Music App with a new design.

The interface changes associated with IOS 11 are Drag and drop, Apple pay Cash, New App Store, and Control center with changes. IOS 12.3.1. is the version with bug fixes, added Apple TV, new Animojis are added to the new version, 300 Magazines and newspapers are added to Apple News plus, and minor control over the design tweaks. FaceTime with a group is the newly added, and these features make the devices running with IOS as faster.

IOS 13 is launched to the developers through 2019 worldwide developer’s conference on June 3rd of 2019. With this version the new changes implemented are updating regarding app times are increased, the launch time for the apps are two times faster, download size for the apps is reduced to 50 percent and Face ID is now designed with 30 percent faster. Editing of video and photo is updated with IOS 13. The view option for maps, reminders app, data limits for location, and Apple sign-in are the new additions to Apple IOS.

How to update a new version in the IOS device?

The settings option in IOS is used to update the device to the latest version. Click the settings then select general then click software update and finally tap automatic updates for updating the operating system to the latest version.

9. Features for security in the IOS Operating System

USB restriction mode, Version update with automatic updates settings, Find My iPhone option, lock screen options, using VPN when using public Wi-Fi, using iTunes with computers aid for encryption of data, track the privacy settings of the apps before installing, set the numeric passcode with strong security, set two security checks like voiceprint, fingerprint and two types of passwords, use the dual options of face ID and touch ID, change the reused password frequently, and check the screen lock of your phone works with right speed are some of the features in IOS which protects the device and the data with the device.

10. Why IOS apps are the best for competitive businesses?

From a business perspective, IOS is the best way to communicate with the users and stay ahead of the competition. Mobile app development companies provide the latest trends to the companies depending upon the requirement of the company. Let us detail some advantages of IOS for the different businesses.

iOS apps are the best for competitive businesses

Tech-savvy users

The users of IOS device have always been tech-savvy and new customer or international customer is a very efficient way of building the brand name. To take the business to the international market IOS development is one of the crucial factors.


Security is the prime reason for choosing IOS devices. IOS operating system provides a strong shield against malware and viruses for the devices. In the case of a business where sensitive data is used for serving the customers, the IOS app provides security to the data. Especially for financial transactions and on-line sales, the app should be free from hacking and provide encryption to its users. In the digital era where online sales and online bank transactions are increasing IOS is the best fit for the businesses.

Less time for development and Testing

When comparing with the Android operating system the number of devices and the number of versions are comparatively less for IOS. This is advantageous in terms of developing the app and testing the app. The work process becomes simple but the return on investment or expectation is more for IOS. Investment worthy business apps focus on IOS development as there are opportunities for huge revenue from IOS apps.

User experience

The average cost which android users pay for the android app is $3.79 whereas it is $2.01 in case of IOS. IOS app users are ready to pay more for the app as the consumer experience is high. Android is an open-source system which is also one of the reasons for its usage. Customer satisfaction is given more importance during IOS development. The brand name of Apple is popular for the perfect hardware, flawless software, and excellent service to the customers.

The market competition of IOS by country wise

The latest announcement from Apple Inc. is it has plans to set up Research and development centers in China. The market share for IOS is huge in the USA, China, Europe, Japan and then other parts of the world. The USA is holding the highest demand when compared to the other countries in using IOS phones in general.

Particularly in the year 2018 to 19 IOS market sales shows that it had received the highest sales in Argentina and the second highest sales are from Australia. In the UK there is a 0.32 % difference between IOS and Android consumption. Indian buyers prefer for cheaper prices and that is the reason for the drop in the IOS market in India.

Moreover, the Indian government is encouraging the smartphone manufacturers to import the components for local assembly in India with the policy of making it as duty-free. The import duties of smartphones are high in India as the government wants to encourage smartphone manufacturing in India.

The older iPhones are sold at big discounts in India and Apple is not chasing the volumes. The judgemental argument from one side regarding Apple’s strategies for India is that volume is given more importance than profitability.

11. Comparison of Android and IOS

Android Vs iOS

In terms of production and demand, Android and IOS compete with each other. Especially Samsung which is the biggest tech corporation company is the competitor for Apple in smartphone production. Tablets and televisions of Samsung are available at an inexpensive rate which gives perfect competition to Apple TVS and I pads. Android design is more like a PC with customizable features and IOS design is user-friendly with a licensed source model.

The latest version of Android is 10 and IOS latest version is 13.2.3. Biometrics like Face recognition and fingerprint recognition is available in both models. Photos and files can be transferred with USB in the case of Android. In the case of IOS operating system files are transferred using iTunes. USB is used if the files are transferred without apps. The lock screen is mechanical and other options are not mechanical in the case of Android. The notification center provides the details of the services in the case of IOS.

Android supports any browser app and IOS support for the only safari. If any other browser is required for IOS then it can be changed with settings but not as a default option. Android supports for Facebook messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo, and Discord. IOS support for Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Discord, Skype, and WhatsApp, I Message and FaceTime. Regarding cloud storage apps available are Google drive, OneDrive, Amazon photos and Dropbox for Android and IOS.

The tariff goes as 15 GB free, 1TB for $10, and 100GB for $2 per month for Android. The tariff for IOS is 5GB free, 200GB for $3 per month and $1 for one month.

Learning IOS development provokes creativity and opens doors to a heap a number of opportunities to the learners. The evolution of smartphones transformed its functional usage into telecommunications to internet application service provider. The research and invention in IOS development would make smartphones as a powerful tool for business and communication.

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