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Split function in Python

Split function in Python

What is the String?

The string is one of the data types of Python which is used to give the group of Characters, to define string we need give with quotes (‘) like single, double and even triple quotes is allowable. We had a lot of Inbuilt functions in the string which is known as Methods, here to get the list of in build functions we are applying directories (dir).


The Split is the function available in string dir.

What is Split Function?

Split Function is In-Build function of Python String Data Type, The Main purpose of split data type is to separate the string into different elements, and the separated string will actually store in the format of List datatype. This String will give the list datatype based on a user-defined separator.

Why we need Split?

The split is used to cut the larger string into the small one. Where we having join method to convert smaller string to larger string, here the split is converting larger size of the string to small size.

So Simply the string split function is making our work easier about analyzing and finding the particular word from the larger string

Types of split function in Python:

To Separate the string python method having different options

We are having 3 different types of split method in python:

  • split
  • rsplit
  • splitlines


the split which is used to split the string sequence, breaks the string.

Split needs Two arguments (separator and Maximum split)

str.split(separator, maximum split)


Mandatory, the python separate our sequence based on the mentioned option, we can give any separator as per our need, if the user didn’t specify the separator then it will get the default one nothing but whitespace or newline

maximum split

it’s Optional, how much separate you want based on this python gives the sequence

let’s have an Example

Str Split

Here we give s is a variable name which holds the string

We gave an empty space in the split argument so the list is split to separate words based on the white space

Str Split Example

In the above example, we are having split which is separate the words based on ‘o’ so the output o got removed before o is one element and after that another element

Here we having two ‘o’ so the split function separates the string like ‘pyth’ as one word, ‘n pr’ as another word last ‘grammming’ as another word

For the above string Let’s apply the maxsplit argument also

maxsplit argument

Where in the above example we have two ‘o’ but based on maxsplit argument we give one so the first o only got separated

Maxsplit Arguments

In this above Example we are giving the split based on comma so all the words in the string is separate on the Comma In next we gave 2 which is maximum split which is used to separate with only two-part

Separate Two Parts

The Colon ‘:’ is used to separate the sequence based on the default method here ‘:’ is separating on “,”

Applying the split in Loops:

Split Loops

Applying the Python split in List Comprehensive, in the above example we have string which stored in the variable word, Expression we gave word [i:i+3] this is the slicing and I is the variable given inside the loop, the range value consider as I so (start, stop, step) range starts with 0 and ends with len(b) so here len of b is 18 so 18 times loop will apply to the List, but the output will be printed in the 3 steps.

Applying Loop with and without split()

Applying Loop

The Split function in Loop actually used to split the string into words but normal for loop will apply the iteration and printed as a separate string


This rsplit which is used to apply in reverse direction, rsplit actually part of the list, python is an interpreter and when we are applying split and want to split based on o and for only one time the first o will be got split but when we are applying rsplit that is reverse split will apply in the reverse direction.


So in the above example when we are applying split with white space separator its’s separates the string based on the white space. So each and every word which contains white space it separated In the second we gave maxsplit=2 so it will split for only 2 sequences. And the reverse split rsplit is applying the split in the reverse direction so from the right side the string got separated.


The Splitlines which is used to split the sequence based on the new lines. This is another way to split the sequence into the list


In the above example, we have x variable with \n which is used to give the string in different lines while printing

Str.splitlines which is used to give the list sequence based on the new line.

So the list objects we will be getting based on new Line

New Line

In this example we are having string with different lines, when we are applying the splitlines function python will give the list sequence based on the new lines

So split is used to convert large sequence of string in to smaller sequence it may be a paragraph and single word, rsplit which is used to split based on the reverse direction, split lines which is used to create the list sequence based on the lines the string has on it.

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