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Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Amazon Elastic MapReduce is an online service to give us a properly organized structure. it is used for running date proceeding structures like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and presto in a very simple, at affordable prices and secure and decent way. We utilize it to examining the data, for indicating the web, data warehouse, commercial examines, and scientific reproduction.

Sign in AWS Account

Method to set up Amazon EMR

First step

  • First sign in to your AWS account
  • Then go to the management console and choose Amazon EMR

Second step

  • Now generate Amazon S3 bucket for cluster record and output data.

Third Step

  • Begin Amazon EMR cluster
  • Open Amazon cluster
  • Now chooses “create the cluster
  • Then go to the “configuration page and fill the information very carefully
  • Go ahead and leave the option of “tag section”
  • And go further
  • Go to the “software configuration” option and mark the option like the default
  • Then go to the “file system configuration” option and leave it for EMRFS to set it by default.
  • EMRFS is the application of HDFS and permits Amazon EMR clusters to save the data on Amazon S3

Save Data on Amazon s3

  • Now go the option of “Hardware configuration
  • And choose m3.xlarge in EC2 example type box
  • Please leave all other settings to set up as a default
  • Now click the “next “option
  • Then go to the “security

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