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What should be the first tag in any HTML document

What should be the first tag in any HTML document?

As we all know that HTML is a hypertext markup language that is the structure and backbone of all web development and one of the most basic technologies used in front-end web development. It’s a client-side programming language. In 2021, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML programming that allows sufficient management of the web application or the website contents.

In HTML, the first tag is defining your html document with the tags and version you used. all browsers will acknowledge with their standard markup language versions. .

<html> is the initial/first tag which can be used in any HTML document which represents the starting of html document and the version of html that used in coding.







This <html> tag should always be the first tag in any HTML document. It contains all the other tags except <!DOCTYPE> tag) because this is not a tag, just a declaration to the browser and telling them that it’s an HTML document so that the browser recognizes it as an HTML document.

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