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Java Vs C Sharp

Java Vs C Sharp

Java Vs C#

Java and C# (pronounced as C sharp) are both modern day High level programming languages which can be used for designing and developing applications ranging from simple to advance. These computer programming language have full support of Object Oriented programming features. Java and C# are easy to understand but hard to master because of the complicated syntax’s and program executions. It is somewhat less recommended by the programming experts that one should start by learning Java or C# in the beginning of his programming career as these languages can’t easily teach you the fundamentals and basics of the programming techniques.

Python is the best option of starting with if you are willing to begin as programmer and learn programming. So, we can also say that Java and C# are somewhat professional like languages and it is obvious because these programming languages are implemented in the development of some of the most advanced programs. Android apps and games can be designed and developed using Java programming language. Moreover it can support GUI (Graphic User Interface) and Networking.

C# is a complex language, you should know all the fundamentals and basics of programming before learning it. Good concept of some programming languages like C, C++, Python and Java is required in order to perfectly understand the C# syntax’s. If a programmer wants high concurrency and professionalism in programming of software, applications etc then he or she should go for Java or C#.

To know which the best out of it is and also to know their similarities you should at first know the basics of computer programming, types and more about object oriented programming.

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What is Computer Programming? 

The process of designing and developing executable programs for computers which can accomplish some specific tasks programmed in it is known as programming. Programming languages (like C#, C++, ,Java, Python, PHP, Scala etc) are used for programming. Programming languages can not only be used for developing executable programs, there are many other advanced languages which can be used for the works like data extraction, data manipulation, networking, database management (like Structured Query Language), website development (like CSS, XML, HTML 5. PHP) and much more.

The role of programming language is also in the field of Ethical Hacking. Java is the most commonly used programming language for developing Android applications but some new programming languages like Kotlin are introduced which can be used for developing Android applications. Each programming language has its own rules for the syntax. Just like every language in real world has their symbols the same concept implies in the computer programming languages.

Different programming languages contain different ways to represent their working of syntax. Some maybe simple while some can be bit difficult to adapt. All the things which we experience in the Internet or on our computers only exist because of programming languages. The softwares, video games, applications, system drivers, operating systems and much more are developed using programming languages.

The old programming languages which were known as Machine language were very hard to learn. Simple tasks required a lot of programming and even the chances of error and mistakes were very much. After the development of High Level programming languages the Information Technology world experienced a sudden increment in the number of computer programmers as the programming experience has become now very much interesting and easy as compared to that time when the computers were first introduced.

Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS)

Object oriented programming system (OOPS) was a later concept and Simula was the first programming language which had Object Oriented programming features. It was a revolutionary thing in the programming world. The Object Oriented Programming has the features like inheritance, data hiding, data encapsulation, reusability and polymorphism. Both the programming languages which we are going to discuss here are Object Oriented Programming language.


Object oriented programming language Java has always remained in the list of the most popular and commonly used programming languages. Java is the most used programming language for developing Android applications. It also favors development of Internet of Things (IoT).

The Java programming language was developed in order to get a programming language similar to C++ but the coding in it should be easier than that. Java is invented by James Gosling and was released in the year 1995 by the Sun Microsystems. The main initiative behind the development of this programming language is to give the programmers the access to Write Once and Read Anywhere (WORA).

The Java compiled codes can be read and used in various platforms which have the support of Java. It reduces the time wasted in the recompilation which hence increases the efficiency of the work.

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C# (pronounced as “C sharp”) is used mainly to create Windows applications and web applications. It is an Object Oriented Programming language developed by Microsoft and particularly designed to run on the .NET platform of Microsoft. C# is quite similar to C++ but there is something which makes them different. In C# you will experience automatic memory management which is not present in C++ programming language. So now you don’t have to work with pointers hence your work’s productivity increases.

C# (pronounced as “C sharp”) was established by Anders Hejlsberg and his other team members at the event of .NET Framework. C# is a Microsoft product and ISO (International Standards Organization) has approved it. The C# programming language is based on the Common Language Infrastructure .It has many features of Object Oriented Programming concept and uses highly assorted High Level language.

Comparison Between Java and C#

Major Java Projects Major C# Projects
Google Visual Studio
Facebook Banshee
Amazon Paint.net
LinkedIn Colectica
eBay Ubuntu

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