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Interview Questions

Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Here is the list of most frequently asked Blue prism Interview Questions and Answers in technical interviews. These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. The questions are for intermediate to somewhat advanced RPA professionals, but even if you are just a beginner or fresher you should be able to understand the answers and explanations here we give.

Best Blue prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue prism Interview Questions and Answers for beginners and experts. List of frequently asked Blue prism Interview Questions with answers by Besant Technologies.

We hope these Blue prism interview questions and answers are useful and will help you to get the best job in the networking industry. This Blue prism interview questions and answers are prepared by RPA Professionals based on MNC Companies expectation. Stay tuned we will update New Blue prism Interview questions with Answers Frequently. If you want to learn Practical Blue prism Training then please go through this Blue prism Training in ChennaiBlue prism Training in Bangalore.

Blue prism interview questions and answers for the job placements

Besant Technologies supports the students by providing blue prism interview questions and answers for the job placements and job purposes. Blue Prism is the leading important course in the present situation because more job openings and the high salary pay for this Blue prism developer and more related jobs. We provide the Blue Prism online training also for all students around the world through the Gangboard medium. These are top blue prism interview questions and answers, prepared by our institute experienced trainers.

Q1) What are the Spying modes in Blue prism?

Basically Four Types

  1. Mode, 2. Win32 mode, 3) accessibility Mode, 4) Region Mode
Q2) Can you use the mixture of them?

Yes, we can use the mixture of them depending upon their applications in an element tree.

Q3) What is a delivery roadmap and what are the 7 templates used for it?

The Blue Prism Framework is a combination of the Technical Infrastructure (including Security and Governance), and the Operating Model (including Process Management, Delivery Management, and Operational Support). The delivery documentation utilizes seven Blue Prism templates. These are not mandatory across all process implementations. They illustrate the various content and detail required at each phase of delivery. Documents are as follows-

  • Initial Process Analysis (IPA)
  • Process Definition Document (PDD)
  • Functional Requirement Questionnaire (FRQ)
  • Solution Design Document (SDD)
  • Operational Impact Document (OID)
  • Process Design Instruction (PDI)
  • Object Design Instruction (ODI)
Q4) What is Accessibility Mode and how do you switch between them?

It is a spying mode like Win32 and HTML mode. It is an interface originally created for screen reading and speaking applications to assist Windows application users with disabilities, for changing to accessibility simply press the “ALT” key until spy tool turns blue.

Q5) Why table contents are not read properly even after using Get Table? and what are the solutions for it?

It could be that the values held within the HTML code are not stored directly in table tags, because more HTML code is being held within the table cell.
For example: <td><div>data</div></td>
If Get Table doesn’t work you could try reading the HTML code of the table and use string  manipulation to extract the values another way is to use counters for each row and column of the table and read each cell individually.

Q6) How would you handle Pop-up windows?

Create a separate business object to interface with a popup window.

Q7) ‘Parent URL ‘ option in application modeler should be checked or unchecked and why?

The Parent URL of an element may not be consistent. It is usually helpful to un-tick the Match column for the Parent URL attribute of the speed element in Application Modeller. If checked errors may get generated while using element once parent URL of the element has changed.

Q8) what are the run modes? specify.

Foreground, Background and Exclusive.

Q9) Why is The Stop? a decision is necessary while working with work queues?

The Stop? decision evaluates session variables after each Work Queue item has been worked. The Controller can now easily alter the running of a process session from within Control Room.

Q10) What are session variables?

Session Variables are exposed outside the diagram, and as the name suggests, are applicable to sessions, i.e. running Processes

Q11) What will happen If 2 instances of the same process are running at the same time?

They will both have the same Session Variables but the Session Variables may have different values.

Q12) Where Session variables are defined?

Session Variables are defined during the process build in Process Studio.

Q13) What are the states of queue items?

Pending / Deferred, Locked, Completed, Exception.

Q14) What CircledWord denotes in Page Segmentation Mode settings?

It denotes Treat the image as a single word in a circle.

Q15) To ignore all non-numeric characters, which of the following should be used?enter “1234567890” or enter “0987123456”

The order of characters does not matter, “1234567890” works as well as “0987123456”

Q16) OCR can result in a ‘false positive’ or a ‘false negative’.explain how?

An example of a false positive is when the OCR incorrectly determines that some text value exists on the screen when in reality it does not. A false-negative would be where OCR mistakenly decides that a value does not exist, when in fact it does.

Q17) The contents of a package can be made up of
  • Processes
  • Visual Business Objects
  • Web Service Definitions
  • Process Groups
  • Environment Variables
  • Credentials
  • Work Queues
  • Schedules
  • Fonts
Q18) Components can be added to a package by dragging, but how they are removed from a package?

Components can be removed from a package by doing the converse – i.e. by dragging their entries from the right pane back into the left pane.

Q19) What do you think is an excellent feature of Release Manager?

A Process might employ a range other Processes, Business Objects, and Work Queues.To migrate all of these parts individually would be an error-prone task requiring careful attention to detail and conscientious use of checklists. For this reason, Blue Prism provides the Release Manager which allows users to create checklists known as Packages.

Q20) Similarity and Difference between Global Send keys and Global Send Key events?

Send Keys and Send Key Events are part of the interface techniques that make up the Blue Prism Surface Automation interface. Send Keys will work for most applications and should be tried before Send Key Events. It is a higher-level interface that sends keystrokes to the active application. Send Key Events will work for all applications and is the text sending method recommended for Citrix applications. It is a lower-level interface.

Q21) What is the Difference Between Process studio and Object studio?

In Object Studio main purpose spy the elements of theUsing Automate the windows and java and web and SAP and Mainframe Application using Application Modular. In this No Alert stage. In Process Studio All pages call in Main Page.

Q22) Can we run Multiple robots in the same Resources, at a Time?

Yes, It’s Run It Schedule Robots at same Time.

Q23) What Is the purpose of a calendar?

When We develop any Robot. The schedule that robot For a specific day we can use the calendar.

Q24) what are the credential manager and how will you get credential?
First, create the credential in the system and deploy vbo of credentials and use get credentials

Q25) how to find specific excel file in folder?

Using file Utility management vbo in this using Get File  and write condition in decision stage

Q26) what are the exceptions? What is the use of resume and recovery stage?

In this different types of exception. Internal exception– It is default by blue prism tool
Business Exception- we can write as per business requirement details.
IN any exceptions Raises in the Process we can use Resume and then followed By Recovery stage. Between Resume and Recovery Write conditions also stages

Q27) What is the Difference Between Environment variable and session Variable?

In Environmental Variables Create the System Tab. We can use anywhere. Session variables create at the process time we can show the variables at Control Room

Q28) what is Queues Management? What is the different status in queues management?

The main purpose of using a Large amount of data is loaded and test with Different robots.
Four Different staus available. Pending,in-process, exceptions, completed.

Q29) What are collections Do we have any collections VBO?

The Multiple Values Stores In the form of row and columns. This Collections Vbo Not any Import  File Default in the tool

Q30) What Is the Surface Automation? Which mode will be Use?

When Not access live it Example(AWS) we can capture the Image, using Region Mode

Q31) What is match Index/Match Reverse?

We cany Spy the Any element we can use Match Index of the filed. In this Match Reverse using True or false Only

Q32) what is the use of Login Agent?

In this Vbo use Find Out the system IS lock and change the password, different actions available there.

Q33) What are the different types of controlling plays in Blue prism?
  1. Fast
  2. Medium
  3. Slow
Q34) How do you refer to collection fields?

Dot notation is used to refer collection fields like Collection Name. Field Name

Q35) when the robot is reading data from an application and files what will be the default data type?


Q36) What will be the expression for 90th day from today?


Q37) Which part of BluePrism has an application modeler to interact with an application?

Object Studio and one object can interact with only one application.

Q38) Does objects will be available in the control room after publishing?

No, because objects always are used with processes.

Q39) How many times we will be able to run a session?

Only one time per session.  To run the process again need to create the new session.

Q40) When the screens were changing in an application in which type of waits is used?

Conditional wait or intelligent wait

Q41) How many recover stages required to handle all exceptions in one process?

One recover stage

Q42) How will you move work from one database to another?

By exporting and importing releases
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Q43) What is the blue prism?

Blue Prism is one of the tools used to automate windows, web, Java, mainframe, sap and Citrix based applications, the blue prism is rule-based and repetitive tasks.

Q44) Infrastructure of the blue prism?

Home: to see workforce availability total automation like how many objects and process created and total queues volume.
Studio: in the studio, we have two main components which are

  1. Process studio
  2. Object studio

Process studio: will integrate all the object into the process to design end-to-end flow for the complete project.
Object studio: using this will interact with the end-user application and capture all the elements in the application-modeler.
Control room: This is the core component in BP tool.
Session management: Once published the process we have an option to run the process from control-room by assigning to dedicated Resource PC or Robot or VDI.
Queue Management: It’s like BP DB, initially through BP will load all the work cases into BP Work Queues. In the process, the robot will pick a case by case and starts to execute all the cases which were in the queue.
Schedulers: By using this will schedule the robots in fixed times. So that, the robot will start to run within the particular time.
Dashboard: to see the reports for workforce availability, total automation, queues.
Releases: to export and import the blue prism release files
System: Go to this tab and check all the tabs like create the queues and environment variables, user roles, user creation …etc.,

Q45) Blue prism tiles?

In blue prism, tiles are nothing but libraries in which we can see total automation, workforce availability and average handling time.

Q46) Difference between the data item and collections?

Data item stores a single value with the single datatype, whereas collections store multiple rows with multiple data types.

Q47) How many types of exposure have in blue prism?

There are 4 types of exposure in the data item

  1. None
  2. Statistics —- stores the content of this data item in data base used for reporting purpose.
  3. Environment —– read the corresponding variable from system manager.
  4. Session —- this will exposure data item to control room.
Q48) How to unhide data item from other pages?

In data item uncheck visibility —-hide from other pages in the process.

Q49) What is calculation stage?

Calculation stage is used for calculation manipulations.

Q50) List the languages which we can use in blue prism?

Visual basic, c#, visual j#

Q51) Data types available in blue prism?

Number, text, date, date time, flag, password, time, timespan, image, binary.

Q52) What are spy modes available in blue prism?

Windows, web, accessibility, java, mainframe, sap, html, region.

Q53) What is the use of the decision stage?

Decision stage will check whether given expression is true or false.

Q54) What is the use of block stage?

To handle the exception on studio we use block stage, if we won’t use more recovery stage then we use block stage.

Q55) What is resume and recovery stage?

Using resume and recovery stage we will handle exceptions in process and object.

Q56) What is exception stage?

To handle errors and messages to display to the user we use exception stage
System exception
Business exception
Internal exception
Data validation exception

Q57) What is alert stage?

When alert message executed it send specific message to an operational user when the process is running.

Q58) What is action stage?

Action stage is used to call vbo’s and other object into processor object.

Q59) How to create user?

Go to systemàsystem manager-> click create user.

Q60) How to assign user roles?

While creating user you can assign roles to user or u can edit by going system tabà system manager-à click users and edit.

Q61) How to create environment variables?

Go to system-àprocessà environment variables. Once created environment variables you can use in any process.

Q62) What is work queue?

Work queue is list of records executed one by one .

Q63) What is difference between schedule and scheduler?

Schedule means assign some fixed time and scheduler means this is BP tool feature to schedule the robots with the fixed timings to run the process for avoiding manual interventions.

Q64) What is a pool?

In blue prism we can run only one executable at a time when we create pool we can run as many as executable.

Q65) What is casting?

Converting one data type to other data type ex:- text to number.

Q66) What are the run modes available in blue prism?

We have three run modes available executable, foreground, background
Executable: if the bot is executable mode we can run only one and we can not run any foreground and background.
Foreground: you can run only one foreground and as many as background.
Background: you can run as many as background and only one foreground.

Q67) Difference between global send keys and global send key events?

Global send Keys- Send keys may not behave as expected when debugging a process.
Global send key events- Send Key Events should work properly while in debugging mode also. The only syntax is different for both send keys and events and also based upon mnemonics keyboard you have to follow the keys or events.

Q68) What is region mode?

When working in citrix based application some times windows and accessibility will not work that time we go for region mode.

Q69) What is startup parameters?

We can pass the variable values in start parameters, which were help to pass the values from process to object and then to end user application dynamically while running the process.

Q70) What is application modular?

In object studio, application modeler is used to create the objects by capturing the end user elements using different spy modes depends upon the application type.
Tell about unique attributes for each spying mode

Q71) What is the key name in work queue?

Key Name is unique field to work with the input cases. This key name is encrypted and stored in Blue prism application server, so that it will provide more security.

Q72) What differs queue?

Deferred items are temporarily frozen in the Work Queue until the deferred date time has passed.

Q73) What is dynamic values?

To handle dynamic values or pages will use dynamic attributes to avoid spying issues (use wildcard for dynamic)—Go through best practices document

Q74) What is environment locking?

To avoid deadlocks will use locks.
Ex: having process A and process B, for these if we have Common process.
Process A trying consume the common process and at the same time process B also trying to consuming then will get deadlock errors so use environmental locks. so that process A will releases the lock then only process B will acquire and consume thee common process.

Q75) Difference between global mouse click and global mouse click center?

Global mouse clicks: Once we spied the element based upon coordinates it will click         Global mouse click center: There is no co-ordinates are there just it will click on center.

Q76) What is login agent?

y using Login Agent, we can securely be logging in to windows desktop pc to execute blue prism processes.
Using Login agent, we can check the current state of the resource logged in or notIf the resource pc password expires through login agent it can resets the password or change the password.
If the windows locked, then by using login agent we can unlock the system.

Q77) Difference between thick client and thin client?

Thin client is any application that we cannot get the attribute properties while spying using any RPA tools. For eg , Citrix or any virtual environment, and thick client is any application that we get pretty handful of attribute properties using RPA tools eg calculator, Internet explorer

Q78) How to scroll page down in web page?

First spy the whole page then use navigation stage for click center after that pass send keys “paged own”

Q79) How to automate web page?

While creating objects, In the Application Modeler we should select the type of application as: Browser-based application and then provide path for that respective application.
Then we have to spy the elements using different modes.
Here, generally for browser-based preferred mode is: HTML mode, if HTML not workouts then will go with other modes like AA Mode, Win32 for IE-pop-ups and Region Mode

Q80) How to automate citrix based application?

To work with Citrix applications, if we are able to spy using win32 or AA modes for few elements then try to spy the fields.
Generally, at maximum cases to interact with thin – client applications the only option is: Region Mode in the surface automation technique’s.

Q81) Ocr concept in blue prism?

Optical character recognition(OCR), this is the concept which is used to spy or read some difficult elements, which we can’t be spy normal modes.Through OCR will get the option to capture elements which are in image format or handwritten pdf documents.

Q82) How to call web services in blue prism?

We can create the web-services in the object’s and processes then expose the web-services so that will consumes based upon requirement.
Even we have an option to consume third-party web services in to BP but here make sure that as both inputs and output variable’s should be match.
Go through the Web-Services document in the portal.

Q83) What is surface automation technique in blue prism?

Surface automation can be done with region mode to handle the thin client applications.

Q84) What is object studio?

By using object studio, we can interact with end user applications through application modeler and define all features of object studio like application decisions and rules defining etc.,

Q85) What is process studio?

By using process studio, we can integrate all the objects into process studio to design start to end flow and integrate all business rules and decisions and do exception handling into process studio.

Q86) What is font smoothing?

When working in region mode for citrix application’s, first we have to switch off the font smoothing in the system. so that it can’t effect for different fonts otherwise citrix applications can’t work.To switch off font smoothing in Windows 7, navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings.Select the Visual Effects tab and from the list presented uncheck the

Smooth edges of screen fonts option.

Q87) What is log viewer?

While running the process we have an option to check the log for each and every step, this is available in control room—session management—environment –right click on process —log viewer.In the UAT and production environment we cannot able see the background application screens so by using log viewer will check each steps execution.

Q88) What is stage logging?

For stages we have option as Stage Logging: Enable only, disable only and Errors only (preferred mode for the client: Errors only) – describe in detailed way if required.

Q89) Difference between UIpath and blue prism?

UiPath and Blue Prism both the tools have their respective software/Studio and they are very good. UI and BP both have visual process designers for developing the solutions.

  • Blue Prism Uses C# for coding
  • UiPath uses VB for coding

UI path

  • UiPath control room – The Orchestrator – is web-based, you can access it from the browser or mobile.
  • BP have client based servers, accessible only through their apps.
  • Lower cost of development
  • Easier to learn and operate
  • you can learn by your self
  • study materials are easily available on the internet

Blue prism

  • Good for mass scale deployment of large number of robots
  • the higher cost of acquiring and using BP
  • limited training available as the only source of training is BP
  • training cost of Blue Prism is too high
Q90) What is Work queue in Blue Prism?

Work Queues provide a mechanism for modelling the queueing, locking and reporting of work items within a Blue Prism environment.

Q91) What are Credentials in Blue Prism?

Credential Manager is used for loggin g in the application for safe usage.

Q92) Write a Log in Agent steps?

Save credentials as

“windows login:<name>”

Install login agent.exe

Import login agent:vbo

Run login agent

Q93)What is Schedular in Blue Prism?

Scheduler is used to schedule the tasks or process to function as per our required time.

Q94) What is Bot?

Bot is the process that we make.

Q95) What are Environmental variable in Blue Prism?

Environment Variables available to all those Business Objects and Processes . Data Items exposed as Environment Variables are read-only. In Blue Prism The name and type of the Data Item must match the Environment Variable.

Q96) What is a Tag in Blue Prism?

Tag is used to filter work Queues data.

Q97) Configuration for Code Stage Usage in Blue Prism.

Change the language of the code in Initalize of the object. And then add the dlls if required.

Q98) What are different Spy modes?
  • AA mode
  • Win32
  • Region
  • HTML
Q99) what is uses of Environment/Session variable?

Session variable can be changeable @run time

Q100) What is UAI Mode?

This is a new mode implemented in version 6.1 above

Q101) How do we release in Blue Prism?

From Release tab we release the file m aking .bprelease file

Q102) What are stages that are present in object studio and not in process studio?


Q103) Why do we use priority?

Priority we set for taking the data on the basis of priority so where 0 is the first priority and 1- will be the second.

Q104) When do you use Image Recognition?

We use OCR functionality for this

Q105) Can we automate using Google Chrome?

Earlier we were not able to,but from version 6.2 above ,bp supports chrome,Earlier it was compatible only with IE

Q106) What is Exception Bubbling?

Throwing the exception from lower level to the highest  level  means from object to process. [/toggle_content

Q107) How does control room look like?

We need to tell about the look alike of control room.

Q108) What are different Data types?


Q109) When do you use Login Agent,Tell me a scenario where you have used Login Agent?

We use login Agent generally where we have lots of machines involved.

Q110) What are the Best Practices that we follow in Process and Object?

Ensure the wait stages,Proper Execptions.

Q111) What are Queue Encryption and Decryption?

We use the VBO work queue Encrypt and Decrypt.

Q112) How do we give url in Appliation Modeller?

We use environment variable for this.

Q113) What are thick and Thin Clients?

The term Thin Client is used to a describe an application, that did’t run on the local machine and uses a client/server architecture. A thick client is a application is one that is installed directly on the local machine, like Blue Prism itself.

Q114) When do we use Schedulers?

We use schedulers to schedule the process which avoids manual effort.

Q115) When do we use Multibot?

For faster processing, we use more than one bot for functioning of data.

Q116) What do you do when a bot is corrupted and we have large no of machines involved?

We need to use Login Agent for logging in the machine .

Q117) What are session Variables?

Session Variables are specific to that instance of the Process. If two instances of the same process are running at the same time, they will both have the same Session Variables but the Session Variables will have different values.

Q118) What stage can evaluate a series of expressions rather than just one in blue prism?

Choice stage can evaluate a series of expressions rather than just one.

Q119) In Blue Prism the Queue Contents list can be exported as what extension?


Q120) What is Set Data Action (Internal-Work Queues Business Object) in blue prism?

We use the Set Data Action (Internal-Work Queues Business Object) to save the updated data collection back to the queue.

Q121) What is used to measure process performance and for generating MI (Management Information)?

Object data is used to measure a process performance and for generating MI.

Q122) What is the use of the process in blue prism?

A process contains the logic involved in the process it includes all the logics.

Q123) What will be attached to an application, when it is launched?

Launching an application attaches the business object automatically.

Q124) How do you check if the object is attached to the application?

use the root element in the application model and select the ‘Is Connected’ read operation.

Q125) By default what pages are there in Business objects?

Business objects have two default pages named Cleanup and Initialize, and these pages cannot be published or removed. They are intended to provide opportunity to execute logic at the start and end of life cycle of a Business Object.

Q126) How can you export and import a process or business objects in Blue Prism?

A Business Object or Process can be exported as an XML file, and similarly an exported file can be imported into Blue Prism.

Q127) Explain about use of block?

To handle Exception only inside a specific region.

Q128) What is exception bubling?

Exception bubbling is a carry forward of exception from lower object layer to upper object/process layer.

Q129) What is thin & thik client?

RPA tool & Application to be automated on same machine in thick client.Thin client is nothing but Remote automation, where attributes will not be handly.

Q130) what’s handle in Excel vbo.?

Just a session for each excel getting handled

Q131) Can custom role be created under user Management?


Q132) how will Runtime Resource be allocated ,when Blue prism Application is not Running?

By Running Automate.exe with Switch as,



Q133) what are the way to run a Blue prism process in backend?
  • Scheduled
  • Command prompt with Automate c.exe
  • Rest + Soup UI
Q134) What is a block in blue prism?

In Blue prism, Block is a mechanism for isolating exception handling to a specific area and is a good way to prevent an infinite loop.

Q135) What are the stages in RPA Life cycle?

There are four stages in RPA life cycle,

  • Bot Development
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Deployment & Maintenance
Q136) Where do you Set the Priority for a Work Queue item is done in Blue Prism?

Priority is set to prioritize the items 0-is the first priority,1-will be the second priority.

Q137) What are the New features of Surface automation?
  • Location Method
  • Search Padding
  • Region Location
  • Image Matching Tolerance
Q138) List down the solution layers in blue prism
  • Process
  • Object
  • Application
Q139) What is environmental lock?

Environment Locks are a Blue Prism feature that enable a ‘permission’ to be shared between processes (and


Q140) Environment Variables

Environment variables should be used to store any process or application information required to work the

business process that may be subject to change environments (development/test/production) or over time.

Q141) Roles of Release Manager

Releasing the process to different environments.

Creating Environmental Variable, Credentials and managing the pacakages

Q142) Session Variables

Session variables are data items that can be modified at run time from Control Room. Any configuration that may

need changing whist a process session is running can unprotected as a Session variable.

Q143) Template Session Variables

The standard Process Template that should be the basis for all Blue Prism processes includes a Stop? decision that

after each work item is completed decides if the process should stop.

Q144) List down the Application Modeller Attributes
  • Match Index
  • Ordinal
  • ID
  • Class
  • Match Reverse
Q145) Avoid Using Arbitary Wait stages in objects. True/False

True. Arbitrary waits should only be used if a screen change cannot be waited for.

Q146) Can we call published actions from within an object


Q147) List down 5 actions available in MS Excel VBO
  • Create workbook
  • Open Workbook
  • Create Instance
  • Write collection
  • Close Instance
  • Close Workbook
Q148) Types of Exception in Blue Prism

System Exception

Business Exception

Validation Exception

Q149) Exception Bubbling

In its current state the business object generates an exception when it tries to attach to a nonexistent

Notepad application. Remember if left unimpeded, an exception will bubble upwards towards

the main page of the paternal process, eventually bringing the process to a stop.

Q150) Internal Exception

It is the type of exception that isn’t created by an exception stage. In simple terms, the internal exception is used by Blue Prism say” there is a problem and I can’t do this part”.

Q151) Resume Mode

The Resume stage kills off  or neutrali zes, the exception and moves the process out of

Recovery Mode. Once past the Recover stage, the process is again back into normal  running mode.

Q152) Function name to get the exception type and detail



Q153) Preserve the type and detail of the current exception

When the checkbox is not ticked in exception control, the exception stage generates a new exception, and

importantly, keeps the current exception alive. This means that by misusing the ‘preserve’

checkbox can lead to problems.

Q154) Control Room

The Control Room area of Blue Prism allows processes to be started and stopped and their current status


Q155) Resources in Control Room

The resources view shows a list of all resources, or PCs which are available as platforms on which to run

business processes

Q156) Methods used to Stop the running process

Immediate Stop

Request Stop

Q157) Different states of queue





Q158) Ways to run the process

Using the scheduler

As a Sub process

Commandline interface

Q159) Mention 3 internal objects available in Blue Prism




Q160) Mention 5 VBO Objects available in Blue prism

Utility – Environment

Utility – File Management

Utility – Collection Manipulation

Utility – General

MS Excel VBO


Q161) Blue Prism Object used to work on Emails


Q162) Blue Prism’s Release Manager

Blue Prism contains a mechanism by which components making up the configuration of Blue Prism can be

transferred between different Blue Prism environments.

Q163) Release Manager functionality

managing the import and export of configuration packages

Provides visibility of the packages that have been created

Provides the capability to manage updates to either new or existing processes

Q164) Release Manager Tasks

New Package

  • Modify Package
  • Delete Package
  • New Release
  • Import Release
  • Verify Release
Q165) Creating and Modifying a Package

A package provides a mechanism for collecting a list of elements which should make up a release. It is created

within the Release Manager in the Blue Prism client.

A package consists of a name and description, and its contents. The contents of a package can be made up of any

or all of the following components:

  • Processes
  • Visual Business Objects
  • Web Service Definitions
  • Process Groups
  • Environment Variables
  • Credentials
  • Work Queues
  • Schedules
  • Fonts

Once a package has been created, you can create a release from it.

Packages can be modified or deleted from within Release Manager.

If a package contains a component which is deleted, the reference to that component is removed from the release

Q166) Global Send keys

Send Keys will work for maximum applications and must be tried earlier Send Key Events. Global send keys is a higher level

interface that sends keystrokes to the active application.

Q167) Global Send Key events

It will work for all applications and is the text sending method suggested for Citrix applications. Global send key is a lower level interface that mimics keyboard keystrokes in the operating system.

Q168) When to use Send Keys or Send Key Events?

Global keystrokes would be used when other methods of inputting text do not work, moreover a thin client

technology such as Citrix is used, because the element within an application either cannot be identified by

application modeler or doesn’t accept the use of a write stage

Q169)Mention the mnemonics to indicate for the Shift, Control and Alt keys Shift: +
  • Control: ^
  • Alt: %
Q170) Blue Prism – Data OLEDB

The OLEDB libraries allow interaction with a number of target data files (including text, CSV, Excel, and Access) via a subset of

SQL. This has advantages in both speed and in efficiencies in file handling without fully loading the file into memory

at any given time.

Q171) Actions available in Data OLEDB
  • Set Connection
  • Open Connection
  • Get Collection
  • Execute
  • Close Connection
Q172) Java Access Bridge (JAB)

The Java Access Bridge is a technology that exposes accessibility information about Java

applications and applets to external applications such as Blue Prism.

Q173) List Java Element Attributes
  • Match Index
  • Match Reverse
  • Ancestor Count
  • Showing
Q174) Log Settings

By default, stages used in Process Studio are logged and those in Object Studio are not. This can easily be changed

by modifying the properties of a stage, selection of stages or all stages.

Q175) Stage logging options


  • Disabled
  • Errors Only
Q176) Object: stage logging options
  • Disabled: no information about the stage’s activity will be logged
  • Errors Only: no information will be logged unless the actions produce an error condition
Q177) Process: stage logging options
  • Disabled: no information about the stage’s activity will be logged
  • Errors Only: no information will be logged unless the actions produce an error condition
  • Don’t log parameters on this stage: toggles logging of data parameters used by the stage on or off (e.g. Business data)
Q178) Standard MAPIEx Actions
  • Configure
  • Delete EMail
  • Get Contacts
  • Move Email
  • Reply to Email
  • Send Email
Q179) Workqueue – Tags

A Tag is a keyword of term assigned to a Work Queue item as a method of categorising or

grouping that item

Q180) Filtering by Tags in Control Room

Searching for items with a tag:

Searching for items without a tag

Searching for items with multiple tags assigned/unassigned

Using Wildcards

Q181) Work Queue – Item Status

Each Work Queue item has a status. Item status can be used as a method of recording what

work has been done on a Work Queue item.

Q182) Workqueue – Setting the Status

Setting the Status for a Work Queue item simply requires the use of an Action stage. The

following steps will be required:

Q183) Workqueue – Priorities

When designing an automated solution, you should consider if any different work types or

scenarios within the process should be worked before other worked items.

Q184)Encrypting Work Queues

The data held by each work item is stored in plain text on the database by default. The queue

can be configured to encrypt the data automatically when it is saved to the queue, and decrypt

it automatically when it is retrieved from the queue.

Q185) What is the use of initiliaze page in the object?

It is used to reset the page,we can run a process its automatically starts to run from the initiliaze page.

Q186) How can i copy only the values from one excel to other excel?

First you have to select the range of the cells ,In ms excel vbo option copy is used. we need to select paste action in ms excel vbo and give true in the values only input

Q187) What do you mean by an active queue?

Active queue is one of the option is in to create the workqueue .Active queues to the particuler process with resource.

Q188) What might be first step to do while changing the code in production?

Retire the schedules

Q189) How many clients can be connected to one app server?

Number of Clients can be connected to one application server. 100 clients can be connected to one app server

Q190) What is naming format of the credential name for login agent?

Windowslogin:machine name

Q191) What are the prerequisites to be done while automating SAP Application?

Change scripting access in client side and server side.

Q192) How to create a release?

First we have to create a package ,next we have to release that package some steps with the file extention “.bprelease” .

Q193) Difference between step in, step over and step out?

We can see the inside actions in a stage is step in. Leave the inside actions we can only see the stage by stage is step over. If you are inside the any Stage you can outside the stage can use the step out.

Q194) What is a global variable?

We can use anywere in a variable is known as a global variable.

Q195) What should be taken care of while using a global variable?

Care should be taken while using a global variable in different pages because it over writes the previous value.

Q196) How to handle the pop ups?

We can create a separate business object to handle the pop ups.

Q197) ‘No elements match the supplied query terms’, have you ever faced this error?

Yes. If element is not found that time the this error is appeared.

Q198) Difference between match index and ordinal

We can spy any element we can use the match index and ordinal is used to pass the dynamic pameters.

Q199) How to export queue reports?

Select queue items, give a right click and select export current view as csv

Q200) What happens if an exception occurs in the recovery mode?

process will terminate

Q201) what is purpose of retry option in mark as exception stage of workqueues?

If the web service is slow or small problems are occurred in net.

If retry is set to true and no. of queue attempts is not reached then the item will be tried again.

If retry is set to false, then the item will not be tried again, irrespective of queue attempts

Q202) How many start stages can a page accommodate?

Only one start stage in a page.

Q203) How many end stages can a page accommodate?

Number of end stages can a page.

Q204) If you are using more than one end stage in a page, how can you send the output parameter from that stage?

If we add any output parameter in one end stage that will be reflected in all the end stages.

Q205) Can i use resume with out recovery in a page?


Q206) Where will the username and password of the credential will be stored?

Credential management in the database

Q207) How can we attach to an application or window?

We have an option in a Navigate Stage.

Q208) What action can i use in excel vbo to copy data from one workbook to another?

In excel vbo Copy action is used to copy the data.

Q209) What is memory leakage?

Correct use of data items and collections and setting them as global wherever necessary instead of using the same dataitems in all pages.

Q210) How to work with wait in process and object?

we can use wait stage in object and in process we can use sleep action in utility environment object.

Q211) When to use environment locking?

We can run the multi BOTs to avoid the deadlocks that can we use the environment locking.

Q212) How to schedule a process based on requirement?

In control room under scheduler we have an option schedule, Right click to the schedule click on new , we can give the field name ,description ,new task and filled the all .click apply button to create the scheduler.

Q213) Difference between mapiex and pop3?

For mapiex we need to install mapiex library, for pop3 we just need to change the security settings in the gmail.

Q214) How to integrate webservices with BP?

In object Studio,By using application modeler we interact with the other applications. In system manager under objects we can see an option called webservices,we can add the WSDL link there and can use the webservice as business object.

Q215) What is the bot in the blue prism?

Robot software to get information.

Q216) What is the App Store in Blue Prism?

Is used to communicate with external applications.

Q217) What is the procedure studio in Blue Prism?

Develop software to run external application.

Q218) What is the job sequence in Blue Prism?

Using a single bundle we can carry out many things.

Q219) What is the credential in Blue Prism?

It is used to store password and user information.

Q220) What is Sachedular in Blue Prism?

The item is used to complete its work according to its preferences.

Q221) What is QR Manager in Blue Prism?

Is used to manage items in order.

Q222) What is the safety of Blue Prism?

There are 3 security types, such as:

  • User: To assign new user information, we can assign accordingly
  • Testimonials: Save secret infos
  • Options: Rules for password settings
Q223) What is the environmental variation in the blue prism?

Eco vairables are used with the variable value of the variable and can be used anytime.

Q224) What is a tag in the blue spray?

The word assigned to the task sequence is important.

Q225) Is the Prize for work order in the Blue Prism?

Setting priority in the task sequence in the control center.

Q226) The Blue Prism BP process recommends that the template is based on all the processes created.

The truth

Q227) The attempts at the Blue Prism apply to exclusions only – can not be reconsidered again.

The truth

Q228) What is the blue brill line, what is the extension?


Q229) Most exception handling should be done at the level of the material in the Blue Prism. Is this report true or false

The truth

Q230) No exceptions were made for the exceptional phase in the Blue Prism.

business exception

Q231) There may be several blocks on one side until they are united in Blue Prism. Is this true or false?


Q232) In Blue Prism, you know how to stop a stop request.

It will always stop at 3 stages

Q233)Exceptional functions like ExceptionDetail () and ExceptionType () are used in Blu-ray.

At one point we can use exception functions like ExceptionDetail () and ExceptionType ().

Q234) Data1 current value is 132 if the formula (Data1)<> 123 returns to reality.


Q235) Waiting without any condition is usually referred to in the Blue Prism.

Waiting without any conditions is generally referred to as the throttle in the Blue Prism.

Q236) Only one session can run once; A new session should be created in the Blue Prism to conduct a re-operation.


Q237) Blue Prism Best Practices We recommend what level of activity each start.

A wait status is recommended at the beginning of each process.

Q238) What should be your main page on Blue Prism?

Main Page must have high level actions.

Q239) What is used to measure efficiency performance and create MI (management information)?

used data to measure performance efficiency and to develop MI (management information).

Q240) Any stage available in the Blue Prism Process Studio.?

There is a way to navigate through the process studio.

Q241) When creating your own cycles, always create a counter and throw exceptions if you are rotating in blue brace. Is this true?


Q242) What is the exception in the Blue Prism?

Stage reappears or receives exceptions in the Blue Prism.

Q243) If an exception is made, the business meaning or procedure is said to be in the Blue Prism.

If an exception is taken, the business substance or process is said to be an exception block.

Q244) Do not review anything in the Blue Prism. Is this true?


Q245) In Blue Prism, exceptions can not be used in recovery mode, such as ExceptionDetail () and ExceptionType (). Is this true?

The truth

Q246) At which stage should the ‘Breswere’ check be used only at the Powell Press?

“Protect” test box should only be used after review.

Q247) No matter where you are at hand, hand over a meter to restore a page.

Without exception, the recovery status will be handled by any exception on that page

Q248) What is a collection in the Blue Prism?

A collection of jobs is a list of jobs, or a set of cases.

Q249) Which step is followed by a blue hormone with a subtext?

Stay tuned to continue the next item.

Q250) In the control room, an unemployment or outstanding item is represented by a symbol in the Blue Prism?

In the control room an unem” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” class=””]ployed or pending item is indicated by three blue points.

Q251) When an item works, it is locked, so no one else can work in blue pearl. Is this true?


Q252) Everything in the work line has its own _______ to hold the blue seal data.

Everything in the task sequence has its own meaning to hold data.

Q253) If the next item fails to get one item, there is no work on the blue background.


Q254) When tasks are higher than 1, is the task of reconsidering any exceptions in the blue color?

Clone a new item and insert it into the queue.

Q255) Mark’s exceptional function can be repeatedly used by the input parameter can be used to override Max’s efforts in Max Blue Terminal.


Q256) How can you build a secure stop in your operation by using what features on the blue bass?

Instant Stop feature.

Q257) Except for any position, a continuous expression can be evaluated.

Switch platform can evaluate continuous expressions more than one

Q258) By default, the conditions used in Object Studio are logged in and the processing studio is not in blue color. Is this true or false?


Q259) Which service can you manage from a service in Blue Prism?

Yes, we can manage web services from the application server.

Q260) An XML file can be exported to a process or business object in the Blue Split. Is this a false fact?


Q261) What is the data action set in the Blue Prism (What is the Industrial-Work Row Trade Object)?

Use Database Operation (Internal-Work Merchandise) to retrieve the updated data collection line.

Q262) Why do we use key Name in Work Queue?

It is the primary key for the data.

Q263) How do you expel spy mode in Blue Prism?

ctrl + left click

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