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A Beginner’s Guide to Software Testing

A Beginner’s Guide to Software Testing

What is Software Testing?

Software testing needs no introduction and is an effective activity performed to test a software against its quality to the stakeholders. The ultimate aim of testing activity is to ensure that the software meets the agreed requirement and works as expected. It is also to ensure that it doesn’t contains any bug. Knowing the rapid growth of software testing in IT sector there are many Software Testing Training in Chennai were emerged. Validation and Verification are the terms which were used with software testing.

Validation is the process of cross checking the units which were provided by the client. Verification is nothing but checking the process to make sure the consistency is maintained. Software testing and Debugging is two different process which should not be confused. Debugging is the process of locating the bugs which differs from the process of software testing. In fact debugging supports software testing. In IT field testing has no pitfalls and a proper Software Testing Training can take you to good heights.

Software Testing Types

Software Testing can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing

Black Box Testing is commonly a high level testing process which doesn’t look into the internal components of the software and how it interacts with each other. White Box Testing looks into each component working and their interaction with the other components.

There also involved several other software testing types and test methods involved. Different software training involves varying methods in the session. Each company is different from others in using the testing methods and tools.

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Software Testing Techniques

The technique involved in Software Testing is to identify the defects and reduce the number of combinations. However testing everything is not possible as there are many test methods available that can be executed against the given application.

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When to start and stop testing

Early testing process helps in reduces the cost and time to avoid re-work. In Software Development Life Cycle which is SDLC Software testing can be started from gathering the requirements and ended till the deployment of the software. Testing can be done in different forms through the phases of SDLC.

Even reviewing the design in the designing phase is also considered as testing that helps in improving the design.

When to stop the testing process? There is no definite answer for this. Software testing process is endless and no one claim that the software is 100% tested. Few factors can be considered to stop the software testing process that includes testing deadlines, test case execution, reduction in bug rate and of course management decision.

Myths in Software Testing

Below are some of the myths that is plying around in testing:

  • Expensive
  • Time-Consuming
  • Complete Testing is possible
  • Tested software could be bug free

Software Testing Tools

Selenium, Silk Test, TestComplete, WinRunner, LoadRunner, Visual Studio Test Professional, IBM Rational Functional Tester, WATIR are few among the software testing tools available.

Software testing is considered to be a mandatory process in software development. Reap the benefits with Software Testing Training in Chennai to make your impression.

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