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7 Laws Anyone Working in Software Testing Should Know

7 Laws Anyone Working in Software Testing Should Know


There are laws and principles guiding any procedure in life. For anyone working on software testing, there are some basic principles that must be put in place before a meaningful achievement can be achieved. Software Testing Training in Chennai is highly recommended because through it a light will be shown which will guide towards a successful session of testing.

There is also a process of Software Testing Online Training through which you can learn the knotty gritty of the process. There are laws guiding software testing which you ought to know. We are going to consider seven of these laws. These seven are a must before you take the step into Software Testing.

Analyses of the Test Results

Analyze all the results obtained thoroughly. If the final test result is fail; make a bold effort to analyze this result and a possible solution will be gotten if the analysis is patiently done.

Maximise your Test Coverage

Though it may seem practically impossible to achieve 100% coverage, yet, you can aim at that. There is wisdom in maximizing your test coverage any time you test software.

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Keep Developers Away from Test Environment

There are times when problems occur in configuration changes missing in release or deployment document. It is caused by developers. To nip this in the bud, then you have to keep developers away so that they will not do such changes accidentally.

Involve Testers Right from Software Requirement and Design Phase

This is a good practice that will enable testers to get a thorough knowledge of the dependability of the software gotten through detailed test coverage. If you have no inputs in this development cycle; it is strongly advised that you call the attention of your lead to involve your team in the process. Your testing team must be involved in all the meetings.

Conversion is Key

There should be no room for communication gap. Keep talking to your developer so that you will be abreast all the going on in the development process. Have a one on one conversation to resolve all disputes as they come up. All your communications should be written or through e-mails. Verbal communication is of no effect here.


This is a perishable commodity and must be properly managed. You must never ever run out of time. The wisdom is that you plan your time and utilize it to the optimum. Here, you have to prioritize your testing from high to low and manage your time judiciously well. Analyze all the risks in other to be able to prioritize your testing.

Clear Report

Your final report is not a test of your ability in the use of words; it is not an essay in English. This is a technical report and it must be written in clear language. There must be a clear interface between you and the reader whom the report is meant to serve. Your language should be simple; and straight to the point. Avoid all forms of ambiguity.


All the laws stated above and more can be gotten through Software Testing Training in Chennai & Selenium Online Training.

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