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What’s the difference between Scripting and Programming Languages?

What’s the difference between Scripting and Programming Languages?

Almost all scripting languages are considered programming languages. All scripting languages do not require the compilation step and interpretation. In programming language we need to save the program then compile and then run it, but in script language like javascript we have to save the code and then directly run it we need not compile the script language program.

What is a Scripting language?

A scripting language is a general-purpose procedural language that directs interaction with the microprocessor and computer resources, but it runs a set of commands in a preset environment, e.g. JavaScript in a browser environment, BASH on a Linux command prompt, Perl, PHP in their own environments and so on.

A scripting language is used to control an application’s behavior. JavaScript is used to control the behavior of the web browser. Python controlled the command line of a Terminal strategy. PHP‘s main task to focus on the behavior of a web server. In the above cases, you need to run a script to make the application behave the way you expect.

What is a Programming language?

A programming language usually refers to a language that is used to program a computer itself, i.e. send a set of instructions to the microprocessor to make it do numerous things, interact with the memory and other system resources.

The no. of instructions that are used to execute an algorithm over the system. Basically, there are two types: procedural and oops.(c,c++, java, PHP, c#)

In a programming language, you can do anything which a computer allows you to do.

Difference between Scripting and Programming Language?

  • Scripting language is written in an interpretation and manual-typed language which may be somewhat limited in its abilities (for example, you might not be able to make system calls, or can only access such facilities through external programs)
  • Scripting languages are often run by a host environment of some sort – shell, for instance, and classes, or an application program into which the script language interpreter is integrated.
  • Scripting Language probably not fully structured: the whole thing might be just a single program flow from start to finish
  • Script languages are possibly contained in only a single file, instead of having been spread over in multiple modules
  • In Script languages, possibly not having any personal User Interface, save for some way to provide the call parameters.

Programming Language is more often:

  • Programming Language is written in a compiled and possibly strongly-typed language – may be compiled to the native machine code of the host CPU.
  • Programming Language might well have a UI
  • Programming language is Structured based language
  • It’s organized in independent files/modules
  • Able to access most services and APIs the Operating system has to deliver
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