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Types of Java Applications

Types of Java Applications

Basics of Java Technology

Java is a high level secured object oriented programming language. Java has developed by sun micro-systems and latterly hand over to the oracle corporation. Java is widely used in mobile phones to enterprise servers, computing platforms. Java is platform independent software that is which can work every platform.

Types of Java Applications

Java applications has to classified into

  • Standalone applications
  • Web applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Mobile applications

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Standalone Applications

A program is run by as separate computer process without adding an existing files process is known as standalone application. And also it does not require operating systems process. AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit) and swing are used to create stand alone application.

Web Applications

Web application is a client server software application which is run by the client. Web application includes mail, online retail sales, Wikipedia information’s. Servlet, jsp, jsf which are used to create web applications.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise application is related to middle ware applications. To enable software application and hardware systems we are using technologies and services across the enterprises. So we are calling it as enterprise application. Enterprise applications are mainly designed for corporate sides such as banking business systems.

Mobile Application

Mobile application is developed for run the mobile phones and tablets.

Uses of Java Applications

  • Web developed applications
  • Mobiles games development
  • Smart card
  • Embedded systems
  • Enterprises systems

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