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Java vs Python in 2021 Detail Comparison – Which One to Choose?

Java vs Python in 2021 Detail Comparison – Which One to Choose?

In the Programming Era, Both Java and Python are the most popular, highly demanded and competitive OOP programming languages in 2021. Java is the simple basic fundamental programming language that develops software and applications for multiple platforms and machine-independent i.e. platform-independent and can be written once and run on other platforms. On the other hand, Python is a high-level front and backend programming language and programmers fall in love with it because of its increased productivity and best backward compatibility.

Brief Introduction: Java vs Python 2021

Introduction of Java:

Java is a programming language that is aimed at the creation of web applications and software. Because of its stability, major software firms are using it. It’s not that hard to learn Java, and it’s a really common language for programming.

Popular websites designed by the JAVA framework

The list of top popular websites and apps built by java is here:

  • Stack Overflow
  • Java World
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Amazon

Introduction of Python:

Python is one of the best languages in 2021 because it is easy to learn because of its readability. And it’s also a free, top open-source programming language in 2021.

Popular websites designed by the PYTHON framework

The list of top popular websites and apps built by python is here:

  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram

Scalability: Java vs Python 2021

Python is less scalable in terms of performance and execution speed than Java

Java’s fixed typing comes in handy while scaling the system in terms of adding more features (lines of code). Java is a more lengthy language with tough rules and restrictions of coding and also contains a type of security system that produces exceptional errors at runtime.

Python is a dynamically organized OOP language. This characteristic does not suit well when the team grows or the lines of code increase significantly, as developers find more runtime errors.

Learning Difficulty: Java vs Python 2021

There is a huge difference in coding and syntax methods in both programming languages. In Python, you need to write a single-line code to print alphanumeric words.

Example: Code is written in Python

print(“Hello, World”)

In this example, you can see how it’s too easy to write and execute a program in Python without adding extra lines of code.

In Java, the coding structure is opposite to the python programming language. In the given example you see we need to write or type extra lines or codes to run and execute a program or a task.

Example: Code Written in Java

public class HelloWorld {

public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println(“Hello, World”);



After seeing the coding and learning difficulties in java language we can say that Python is easy to learn and execute a program.

Large Community: Java vs Python 2021

Java and Python both languages having more than 10,000 users working together on more than 2.5 million repositories on Github social media app. Based on GitHub’s 2021 universe report, Python and Java are the top, second and third most used languages on Github.

On Stack Overflow community-based social apps, the phrases “Java” and “Python” are tagged in more than two million questions, illustrating extremely strong and active organizations for both languages.

Python and Java both have strong offline presences and highly demanded skills too. There are many Java User Groups and Python User Groups where all senior and junior developers can meet and work on the same language, share its resources and solutions and discuss the news of the latest and greatest development.

Jobs and Salaries: Java vs Python 2021

Nowadays, many top software companies are using Java for their large application or enterprise-level solutions. Java is also widely adopted by Android applications so it’s high in demand in the employment market. Many top MNC companies like Uber, TCS, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Linkedin, and many others use Java in their IT tech batch. It’s easy to find a job as a Java developer in India. Web development in python language is also a demanding job because it is obtained by many startups for creating web and mobile applications. Fortunately, you have many job opportunities to enter various application areas of the Python web developer career.

Pros and Cons: Java vs Python 2021

Pros (Java)

  • Java has a wide collection of open-source libraries.
  • Java supports the classes and objects of OOPs
  • Java is stable, reliable and supports multi-threading.


  • storage of memory is costly in Java.
  • The lack of model’s regulations on the development of high-quality data hierarchies.


  • Python Language supports multiple frameworks and platforms.
  • Python has extended funding for its libraries.
  • In this, you can scale complicated applications without too much difficulty.


  • It’s not ideal for mobile computing programming
  • It’s quieter to be an encoded programming language.
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