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Python Applications

Python Applications

Python Applications

Python is famous for the general purpose behavior that makes it applicable in almost every domain of software development. Let us check out the various applications areas where python can be deployed.

Top 10 Python Applications

  •  Web Applications
  •  Desktop GUI Applications
  •  Software Development
  • Scientific and Numeric
  • Business Applications
  • Console Based Application
  • Audio or Video based Applications
  •  3D CAD Applications
  •  Enterprise Applications
  •  Applications for Images

Web Applications

With a reliable library, support python is preferred by many for web applications in order to handle internet protocols such as JSON, HTML, and XML. It also provides a framework such as a tornado for designing and deploying many web applications.

Desktop GUI Applications

Multi-platform friendly toolkits such as Tkinter and Kivy are accessible in a very supportive GUI library.

Software Development Applications

Python facilitates in multiple stages of software development like management, control, and testing stages.

Scientific and Numeric Applications

Some of the libraries and package are SciPy, Pandas, IPython that are widely used in scientific and numeric computing.

Business Applications

In the building of e-commerce websites, a key role is played by python which is very relevant in the current market demand.

Console Based Application

We can use it to develop console-based applications. example: IPython.

Audio or Video based Applications

Works great in the development of multimedia applications due to the ability to perform multiple tasks.

3D CAD Applications

For creating CAD application Fandango is a real application which provides full features of CAD.

Enterprise Applications

Real-time applications such as OpenERP, Tryton, etc can be created using  Python which is beneficial for enterprises and organizations.

Applications for Images

It is handy in the development of image application.

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