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Errors in Java

Errors in Java

Types of Errors in Java

Multiple types are errors are there in java. They are

  • Compile(Statical) time errors
  • Run(Dynamic) time errors

Compile(Statical) time errors:

These are errors are occured at compile time. These are again divided Multiple Types , They are

  • Syntactical errors
  • Logic errors
  • Linking Errors

Syntactical errors:

These errors are occured when not used the proper syntax.


Missing the paranthesis for system.out.println,missing the semicolon etc

Logic errors:

These are the errors are occured while implementing the application.


Inproper using of operators means not followed the precedence of operators,Missing the count increment ,Inproper typecasting of data types etc.

Linking Errors:

These errors are osccured while the function defination are not found ,but code has been succesfully some times.


For print the data on console we can use system.out.println,linking error will happen if you use  system.out.prin in case of  system.out.println

Run(Dynamic) time errors:

Ans:These errors are occured when we runnig the application or programs.These are again divied multiple types they are

  • Segmentation fault
  • Bus errors
  • Exception

Segmentation Fault:

These errors are occured when we trying to access the unauthorised memory location in memory.

Ex:Accessing the uninitialized array index

Bus errors:

These error is occurred when the programmer to access the memory still it is not existing.


These kind of errors causes to distrub the application.

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