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Java Clone Object

Java Clone Object

Java Clone Object

The clone() methodology saves the additional process task for making the precise copy of Associate in Nursing object. If we have a tendency to perform it by victimization the new keyword, it’ll take tons of time interval to be performed that’s why we have a tendency to use object biological research.

What are the Object Cloning Advantage?

Object clone methodology having some style problems however it’s still a well-liked and simple means of repetition objects. Following may be a list of benefits of exploitation clone() method:

In Object methodology no need to write repetitive codes  , lengthy codes. Just use associate abstract category with a Four- or five line long clone() methodology.

Cloning methodology is the best and best means for repetition objects, particularly if we have a tendency to apply to it associate done  already or associate recent project. Just create a super  class, it will create a conable object in it, make available for use the definition of the clone() methodology and work will be done.

Clone() methodology  is the fastest way to copy array.


Int Bsrollno; 
String BS_name; 
BStudent420(int Bsrollno,String BS_name){ 
public Object clone()throws CloneNotSupportedException{ 
public static void main(String args[]){ 
BStudent420 BSObj1=new BStudent420(240,"sachin"); 
BStudent420 BSObj2=(BStudent420)BSObj1.clone(); 
System.out.println(BSObj1.Bsrollno+" "+BSObj1.BS_name); 
System.out.println(BSObj2.Bsrollno+" "+BSObj2.BS_name); 
}catch(CloneNotSupportedException c){} 

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