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Importance and Benefits of Android

Importance and Benefits of Android

People started using smartphones in an ever-increasing manner. In fact people own more than one smartphone these days. With that note android phones have spread across the planet with no time. Also Android app development plays an important role in business world. It has to be accepted that operating system became a deciding factor to buy smartphones. Having said that Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems in the world. People tend to buy Android smartphones in greater number.

Also there are number of android applications being developed and released in play store. In today’s trend it is wise that every business should have a mobile app as people are more interested towards smartphones rather than using desktop. Nowadays companies are looking Android developers with proper Android Training. Knowing the fact Android Training in Chennai is receiving greater response.

Benefits of Android Operating System:

Android-Linus based operating system has become more popular over the past few years. The benefits of Android Operating System is more when it comes to usage of apps. In recent times, Android based devices has received greater response. One such main feature about android is the integration of Google products and services like Gmail, YouTube and more. Also it is well known for the feature of running multiple apps at the same time. No matter if you change the device also, android lets you synchronize with the phone.

In Customer’s Aspects:

Nowadays every companies are coming up with mobile app that reflects their business. This facility let their customers to interact with the companies directly and easily. With the help of these kind of interactive type of apps, customers can raise ticket in case of any issue with the service or products. Also websites can also be made mobile friendly that increases customer convenience.

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Sales & Revenue Improvement:

The trend of people using smartphone is increasing exponentially. Also people prefer shopping on their mobile phones than walking into stores. This in turn increases the sales graph as well. People will tend to continue mobile shopping until you make the user experience smoother. Adding the product to their cart and finish payment in a single step saves time and energy. Hence sales increases because of mobile app shopping which in turn improves the revenue as well.

Promotional Benefits:

Any business can be spotlighted only if the marketing strategies holds a better position. Android applications could be used for marketing purposes too. For example if you are focussing on product sales through your application, in addition to it you can also promote other products and customer at the other end can receive latest promotions. You could also send coupons on discount through the mobile application.


It is very important that any business should be made identified by the customers. A proper branding for the services could save you in this aspect. The icons of android application also holds a special place that reflects your business. People tend to decide about your business on seeing the app icon also. Android application system has easy features that could be employed to improve the visibility of any business.

Career Development with Android:

There is no place to doubt about the career growth with Android in today’s trend. There are number of Android Training in Chennai are raising up as there is more demand for Android developers.

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