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How Essential is Hadoop Training

How Essential is Hadoop Training

Hadoop-the open source root reaching great heights in today’s trend. It has the unique way of data processing that includes data storage, process and analysis. Hadoop becomes the most preferable option for data processing among the leading companies.

The graph of Hadoop implementation in market is in growing phase. Many companies have realized the importance and feasibility of Hadoop and the demand for Hadoop professionals have increased exponentially. Knowing the trend Hadoop training centres are also increasing. However a survey in 2013 revealed that there is a skill gap in Hadoop implementation which can be setback to the form with proper Hadoop Training.

Need for Hadoop Training

Fewer Skilled Professionals:

The implementation of Hadoop has resulted a grand success. Though there is huge demand for Hadoop the number of professionals in Hadoop implementation is still fewer. This drawback of this new technology could be minimized by proper Hadoop Training in Chennai from trained and skilled experts.

Essential for Career Growth:

It is evident that many professionals are switching their career from Java, Mainframe and even testing background to Hadoop. This is because of the growing trend and the comfort zone. Hadoop takes over the precedence in success compared to other technologies.

Demand for Hadoop Professionals:

The recent release of Hadoop 2.0 version has received an overwhelming response. The updated version has improved features to be answered for today’s needs. It acts a bridge to support the lack in big data requirements.

Hadoop training in Chennai

Increased Opportunities:

Hadoop will definitely play an important role in your professional growth. In most of the companies professionals who are trained in Hadoop implementation are given preferences compared to others. Companies like Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay are looking for trained Hadoop professionals as data processing is a mandatory activity.

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Hadoop Certification:

A proper certifications acts as assurance making you a trained and reliable professionals. Companies are looking for these kind of certification in place of assurance before hiring the professionals. The certification acts as a proof of capability.

Hadoop Certification-Benefits:

Recruiters are looking for professionals with proper certification that also acts as an advantage over other candidates. There is also advantage in terms of pay scale compared to other candidates. It also acts as n authentication for your hands-on experience and verifies that you are aware of the latest features in Hadoop.

How to Get Certified:

There are a number of Hadoop Training in Chennai who offer the best in-class training to ramp your career. Anyone who are looking to upgrade their skill and make their profile stronger could be highly benefitted by proper certification.

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