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Amazon Web Services WorkSpaces

Amazon Web Services WorkSpaces

Introducing AWS WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces offer Desktop-as-a-Service solution to overcome the common challenges companies face while delivering desktop services to their clients. Unlike the traditional means of offering desktop services, where OS, VDI, hardware inventories are difficult to manage and maintain, with Amazon Workspaces companies can now scale up and provide clients with Windows or Linux desktops in a cost-efficient manner worldwide. Thus, the end-users can now access any document or application from their choice of devices (Laptops/Kindle Fire/iPad/Android tablets). Amazon WorkSpaces has thus effectively accomplished the goal of meeting the needs of cloud-based DaaS solution.

Working Procedure of AWS WorkSpaces

All the WorkSpaces are provisioned with a persistent Windows Server 2008 R2 instance, which is much similar to Windows 7. The Windows Server 2008 R2 instance is hosted on the Amazon Web Server cloud. These desktops are then broadcasted and streamlined to the end-users through the PCoIP. All data is backed up every twelve hours. All this takes place in the desktop provider end. As far as the end-user segment is concerned, one would require a stable internet connection assisted by TCP and UDP open ports. The end-user would have to also download the client application version of Amazon WorkSpaces for their device.

Creation of Amazon WorkSpaces

Step 1

  • Creation and configuration of the VPAC

Step 2

Creation of AD directory

  • Click here to be directed to the Amazon WorkSpaces Console
  • Select the Directories as per requirement and then in the navigation panel choose the Setup Directory
  • In the new page that you’ve navigated to, click on the “Create Simple AD” button
  • Fill all the details in the dialogue box that appears
  • Fill in the VPC details in the VPC section and then click on the Next Step button
  • You would be directed to a review page wherein you would be asked to review the provided information
  • Make the necessary changes if you’d by mistake entered wrong information
  • Then click on the “Create Simple AD” button

Step 3

Creation of WorkSpace

  • Click here to be directed to the Amazon WorkSpaces Console
  • Click on the WorkSpaces option and in the navigation panel launch the WorkSpaces action
  • Choose the desired cloud directory
  • Fill all the asked details pertaining to the new user
  • Then click on the “Create Users” button
  • Once the new user has been created and appears on the WorkSpaces list, click on the Next button
  • A message dialogue box would appear wherein you would be asked to confirm the newly created account
  • Upon confirming you can access the WorkSpaces

Step 4

Testing the Newly Created WorkSpaces Account

  • Click here to download and thereby install the Amazon WorkSpaces client application on your device
  • Begin by running the downloaded application
  • In order to register for the first time, you need to enter the registration code that you would have received via email
  • With the provided username and the password connect to your WorkSpaces account and sign in
  • The WorkSpaces desktop would be displayed
  • On your web browser, click on the hyperlink or the link here: http://aws.amazon.com/workspaces/
  • Thus, you can navigate and verify the working of your WorkSpace desktop when pages are feasible to be viewed
  • As you receive a message saying Congratulations you can be assured that you have successfully created your WorkSpace and that it is functioning correctly with seamless internet access

Benefits of Amazon WorkSpaces

1. Desktop Delivery Service Made Simple

The general admirative responsibilities of traditional means of desktop services, such as, desktop lifecycle management which includes a provision, deployment, maintenance, and desktop recycling have been eliminated. Also, Amazon WorkSpaces reduces the complexity involved in the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and hardware inventory deployments.

2.Cost Efficiency

In the traditional methods, you would have to roll out much cash in overbuying laptop and desktop resources. But with Amazon WorkSpaces this difficulty is overcome through the provision of access to cloud desktops. Many techies are thus benefitted from the wide variety of storage, memory, and compute resources that come as one package in the Amazon WorkSpaces to meet the end-user’s performance demands.

3.Data Security

With the provision of Amazon Virtual Private Network in the Amazon WorkSpaces, all users are given access to consistent and encrypted storage in the Amazon Web Services Cloud. This accessibility is also integrated with the Amazon Web Services Key Management Service. Therefore, not a single byte of data is stored on a local device rather they are all secure in the cloud. This feature of Amazon WorkSpace thus improves data security.

4.Desktop Services for Multiple Devices

One of the key benefits of the Amazon WorkSpaces is that its desktop services can be accessed from all supported devices by the end-users. Be it Windows or Mac computers, be it iPads or Fire/Android tablets, be it Firefox or Chrome browsers, from all supported devices the desktop delivery is made possible. The client WorkSpaces application can be downloaded once the WorkSpace has been provisioned, to access the desktop service from the desired device.

5.Upscale Worldwide Desktop Deployment

In around thirteen Amazon Web Services region the Amazon WorkSpace has been made available. This also provides peak performance to your team on the cloud desktops. Thus, all work can be carried out efficiently at any time, anywhere. From the Amazon Web Services console, service providers can also procure global range WorkSpace deployment. In concordance with your workforce, you can provision and also de-provision the desktops.

Final Notes

The Amazon WorkSpaces is an incredible AWS that has been tailor-made to primarily offer secure cloud desktops that can be accessed by employees who work on a remote/mobile/contract basis. With promises on BYOD, Bring Your Own Devices, the IT sector can now empower their employees by offering secure access to data over a wide range of devices through WorkSpaces. Also, WorkSpaces enhances the educational field by offering students wholesome desktops and through Amazon AppStream 2.0, course instructors can now deliver particular applications designed for the unique requirements of their classes. Thus, WorkSpaces offers folks from all domains of industries an enhanced and secure work performance.


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