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15 Unbelievable Facts about Java

15 Unbelievable Facts about Java

Java, the programming language needs no introduction and is ultimately popular in IT world. The high-level programming language has become an overwhelming force among the software developers. Java is a simple and secured programming language which makes it unique. We provide you the best Java Training in Chennai to make you shine in this field.

Check out Some Interesting Facts about Java.

Java-Oak At The beginning

The original name for Java was said to be Oak, named by the Java legend. Later the name was changed to Java by Sun’s marketing department. The reason behind this that there was already a computer company with registered name Oak.

Java Stands For

Java doesn’t have any abbreviations. Java is rich aromatic coffee seed.

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It was an accident

James Gosling, the creator of Java programming language was working at Sun Labs. Gosling and his team were working on Set-Up box by cleaning up C++ and ended up with new programming language thus leads to the origin of Java.

Java-The Highly Paid Language

In todays’ trend Java developers and programmers are getting paid a huge sum of money. And the number of Java developers and Java training centres are rapidly increasing across the world. Ramp up your career with best Java training from us to enrich the benefit.

Most Popular Language after C

It is evident that Java is the most popular programming language after C. From the recent reports, it has been declared that Java holds the #2 position among the programming languages.

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The top used Java technology in recent times is JUnit testing framework.

Java among the Organizations

About 95% of the organizations are using Java than other programming languages. Knowing the fact Java Training in Chennai is also getting more spotlights.

Latest Java Version

The latest Java version is Java Standard Edition 8 with significant features like improved productivity and app performances.

The Combo of Android & Java

Java runs on more than a billion smartphones since Google’s android operating system uses Java APIs’.

No Printf-like function

There is no printf function in Java. But it was there which was then fixed in Java 5 edition.

Popular Java Based Apps

Some of the popular apps that run on Java include Google Maps, Skype and the famous game app Angry Birds.

Java Basic Syntax

The basic syntax of Java involves four components object, class, methods and instant variables.

Types of Built-In Data

Java includes different type of built-in data like strings, numbers, integers and boolens.

Java in Different Platforms

The immensely popular programming language is used in different platforms like education, embedded system, application programming and more. The main advantage of Java is making it easy to use across numerous settings.

Go from Basic to Advanced level

Before learning the advanced level of Java, it is important to proceed from core Java. A proper Java Training involves all these basic concepts of core Java that makes you master the language.

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