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15 Features Of Python That Make Everyone Love It

15 Features Of Python That Make Everyone Love It

Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum and is derived from many other languages like C, C++, SmallTalk and more. The high level language is now maintained by the core development team under the direction of Guido Van Rossum.

It reflects the growing trends in software development and the importance for Python Training in Chennai is also gaining spotlight and Python training centres are emerging greatly.

Let’s have a look at the main features of Python below


Python-the high-level programming language is very simple to use and experts says that he language is much simple like reading English. The main feature about the language is its pseudo code nature. It helps you to concentrate on solution rather than the language.

Free & Open Source:

Python is a free and open source in which the copies of the software can be freely distributed and the pieces can be used in the new programs. It is more like a community where knowledge is being shared. And the community is still updating to provide the better solutions.

High Level Language:

Since Python is a high level language we need not to worry about the low level details like managing memory.

Easy to Maintain:

Python source codes are easy to maintain.

Easy to Learn:

Python is not only easy to use and maintain but also easy to learn. It is also well known for its simple syntax. We provide you the best Python Training in Chennai with simple steps and unique ways.


Python provides a perfect interface to all commercial databases.


Python can be used on Linux, Windows, Solaris, PlayStation, Sharp Zaurus and more. The open source nature makes it portable and can be ported to many platforms without requiring any changes.


The high level programming language provides better structure and support.

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Python doesn’t require compilation to binary. When you run the program, python converts the source code to an intermediate form names byte codes and then converts to the binary language which is understandable to the computer.
On the other hand running the programs in C and C++ needs a complier to convert the source code to the language which is understandable to the computer.

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Python lets the developers to interact with the interpreter directly to write programs.

Object Oriented:

Python greatly supports object oriented programs, in which the programs were built around objects that combines data and functionality. When compared to C, C++ and Java, Python is very powerful in running object oriented programs.

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The language has 21 statements that makes it unique from rest of the programming languages.


Another interesting fact about using Python is that if you want any piece of code or algorithm not to be opened, we can write them in C or C++ and use the same from Python program.

Embeddable with C or C++:

We can embed Python with C or C++ programs.


Wherever Python is installed, extensive library is available for better support. It also acts as a support in Python training for developers.

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