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10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Dot net

10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Dot net

Dot net is a software framework that runs on the Microsoft windows. The software has been developed by Microsoft and has a large class library that is named as framework Class library. This provides language interoperability across several languages. This provides services like exception handling, memory management security, etc. the dot net domains are sold for cash. They are much popular after the .com domain extensions. If you are thinking of undertaking Dot Net Training in Chennai then you should know some uncommon facts about dot net. They are described in the following points:

The First One

This is the first domain name that ever existed. But very few people know that. Most believe that Symbolics.com was the first one but it was actually Nordu.net. There are several domains that are registered with the top level domains. Those of them immediately buy a dot net site.

Number of Registered Domains

Today there are over 15 million registered domains mentions Besant Technologies. These are roughly 10 times more than the domains that were there in 2000. This is because 2000 had about 1.5 million registered domains. Thus, this has also led to doubling of the sites from 2006.

Used With Other Languages

If you are a coder, then you can code dot net platform using the Java codes. The disadvantage is that you can never code the java platform by using the dot net codes. Thus, it is very much clear that in dot net the coders have the choice of languages. It is thus more powerful technically.

Faster Speed

With dot net, the speed is more because they run at native speed. Like Java, it uses Just in Time compilation.thi is actually a little slow. The speed is more as they also use Ahead of Time compilation. This eliminates the startup delays.

Clean Process

The native process is very clean. The dot net framework uses a native function from a specific library just by declaring the calling of the function. One can start working with it immediately.

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Rich Language

The dot net language is rich in the sense that it uses object-oriented features like delegates, properties, and generics, etc.

Easy To Develop Programs

There are several programs that are easy to develop with dot net than any other languages. This is the reason why 3D game engines, compilers like vb.net and Mono’s c#, etc. are developed in the dot net framework.

Revolutionary Language

Besant Technologies says Dot net has brought a revolution on the Linux desktops in the form of Mono. They have presented great applications like tomboy, beagle, diva, banshee, iFolder, etc.

Open Source

The CLI or the command line interface in dot net is open source. It is maintained by the independent and standard organizations and is not governed by any single organization. Thus, the source code is available to all and can also be modified according to the needs of a specific user.

Widgets Are Helpful

Unlike the Java widgets, the dot net widgets do not look out of place. The GUI programs make it easier for use.
All, the above things make dot net easy and user-friendly. If you want to learn dot net you can enroll in the Dot Net Training Courses. They will help you learn dot net systematically.

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