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10 Best Jobs in India for 2017

10 Best Jobs in India for 2017

“The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.” – Steve Ballmer

Current IT Scenario

Today, if we move our head and see the things around, we would be finding that we are surrounded by so many technologies that are there to make our life easier and better! And out of these technologies, most came from Information Technology house! The business magnates of IT organisations and chains are filling up their homes with gold. Also a service class IT employee can also bring in a hefty amount by opting a write path and technology.

According to recent Forbes list, here are the top 10 IT jobs that will help you in harvesting more: –

  • Software Architect: Software Architecture is a field that is constantly growing up due to its feature of combining the technical and engineering knowledge. They are at the top in this list due to the criticality of their work and level of intelligence this role requires. They need to be proficient in engineering, computer science and mathematics all simultaneously so as to design computer programs & applications. Average annual salary for this role is $116,267
  • Data Scientist: A magician who have the capability as well as the authority to play with data. He knows how to interpret the data. Data comes from different sources and modes and in various formats so it’s always gruelling to get the exact and needed content from the data. A data scientist uses both methods and tools. They are pocketing a hefty amount of $109399 annually on an average.
  • DevOps Engineer: This is third best IT job. They look the delivery chain with strategies. Their other main skill is process re-engineering. So for having a bat-eye observance and other scripting skills, they are being paid around $106,045 annually.
  • Software Engineer: They sum up the techniques, principles, mathematical analysis to develop the applications and software’s. Also, there is a wide range of profiles under Software Engineer role itself – like testing, development, support analyst, designing and much more. For such a multitasker, IT is paying them $98,304 annually on an average.

10 best Jobs in India 2017

  • Java Developer: Usually, IT and Java are used simultaneously. Java developers should have a good hold over this programming language called Java. Java is having such a huge scope and long list of technical benefits that no firm is there that don’t have its share of Java projects in this world! Talking about almost all celebrated websites or the Android phones, all have Java as their base. Annually a Java Developer is getting $98,304.
  • Mobile Developer: From UI to UX, a mobile developer have to take care of each such role while developing a mobile app. Also they have to choose the correct mobile platform, i.e. OS before beginning the development. They annual pay is around $96,133 according to the Forbes study.
  • Frontend Developer: These techies are accountable for the implementation of visual elements – these are the elements that users see and interact in an application. They are getting a whooping amount of $92,133 annually!
  • Software Developer: They are also known with another name – Computer programmer. They play a vital role in designing, developing, testing and maintaining the software systems. This makes them capable enough to get $87,185.
  • Database admin: DBAs prime responsibilities includes the maintenance of integrity, security and performance of a Database. And we all are cognizant of the fact what importance database holds in IT world. Their base salary in US dollars is $87,025 annually.
  • Dotnet Developer: .Net needs no introduction even if you don’t belongs to IT background! A Dotnet developer role is to design, write, modify and implement software programming applications. They are taking in $83,936 salary annually or even more than this!

Though the we here talk about the best 10 IT jobs in India but the salary figures mentioned in dollar speaks itself that same is the scenario outside India too!

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