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Learn Free Python Programming Language in-class or online with hands-on classes. In this course, you will understand how to develop and integrate data, as well as generate useful statistics and visualizations. Inconclusive, online python sessions classes will be focused on using linear regression to make predictions from data and make decisions.

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This course contains

  • Beginner Skill Level

  • 30 Hours Duration

  • 2250 Learners Total Learners

  • 15 Hours Assignments

Python Training Course Overview

What is Python?

Don’t miss this Time! Keep your programming skills in an outstanding position with our hands-on instructor-led Online Free Python training courses in India. Follow online or in-class python classes and obtain your programming goals. Whether you are a newbie to Python programming and looking to jump into the fundamentals or basic knowledge, or an advanced programmer wanting to enforce the best strategies and design structures, we have the Free Python course to fit with your needs.

Python is a general-purpose programming language used to build frontend and backend programming. This Free Online Python Course helps you to learn to design(HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and more), writing code, debugging errors, and run programs encoded in the Python language. It’s known as the world’s fastest-growing programming language. It’s a powerful and adaptable language with a tremendous number of open-source libraries and frameworks, but the big driver of Python adoption is its use in data science, AI and machine learning.

Sharpening Skills within Online Free Python Course sets you up for significant work in two particular fields in IT sectors: development and data. Python Developers focus on designing and building websites or software and handling its frameworks to create both the front and back end of web pages. Data Scientists careers fully depend on Python to analyze and access data, make predictions for future leads and beneficial insights, and create data structures.

Python language Free Course with Certificate details

Python is fundamentally used for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing, all of which are key for seeking high demand jobs and IT careers.

You will use our best free e-learning site in India without the need to visit the university to earn this skill. We include best practicing training and over 20+ hands-on training to enhance programming skills, quizzes and chapter wise assessments, and pre-final and final tests to scale understanding.

During the learning period, you learn different concepts of the Python language like Python Data Science, Python Programming, or Python Machine Learning. Within Python, you can focus your learning on a specific topic, including Python Data Science, Python Programming, Python Machine Learning, Python for Finance, and more. All these topics will directly enhance, supplement, or support your learning in Python Developer Career.

Python Course content:

  • Expand a working knowledge of how computers operate and how computer programs are executed.
  • Fully Hands on practice and Skills Development with our Experienced Subject Matter Expert
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills using an algorithmic procedure.
  • Learn about the various programmer’s roles in the software development life process (SDLP)
  • Translate real-world issues into computer-solvable problems.
  • Connect with the python developer community worldwide.
  • Access to a rich library of resources and further training material, specifically focused on the actuary.
  • Doing online practically and in your own time and own place
  • Assignments and Certification option available
  • Become an expert in Backend and Frontend Programming Language

Python Course Content

Introduction to Python


In this module, you will get a basic understanding of python programming, Virtual environment, Package manager, version differences of python programming and detailed knowledge about the python installation and environment setup for working with python.


  • Python programming history & features
  • Python compiler and IDE installation
  • Virtual Environment
  • Pip – Package Manager


How to set up an environment for python development.

Basics of Python


In this module, you will get a basic understanding of python Syntax and a detailed understanding of Input/Output [I/O] operations, Variables, Operators Datatypes and Data structure.


  • Python Syntax Overview, Indentation, comments
  • Variable declaration
  • Datatypes and data structure
    • Primitive
    • Non-primitive
  • Operators in python


How to write a basic Python code, variable declaration datatypes, and operators usage.

Program flow/Data flow of Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of conditional statements, looping, control statements of python.


  • Conditional Statements
    • if statement
    • if … else statement
    • if … elif… else statement
  • Looping
    • for loop
    • for with else statement
    • while loop
    • while with else statement
  • Control Statements
    • break
    • Continue
    • pass
  • Assert Statement


How to use conditional, looping and control statements in python.

Function in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of writing function, the scope of variables, function with arguments, keyword arguments, lambda functions and Modules in python.


  • Syntax of Function
  • Function with *args & **kwargs
  • Scope of variables
  • Lambda function with map, filter, reduce method
  • DocString
  • Modules and standard Modules


How to create and use functions and different types of argument, lambda function, and modules in python.

File Handling in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of file concepts like create, read, write, update, delete operation of file with python.


  • File Opening modes
  • Context Manager in python
  • File Operations
    • Open
    • Create
    • Read
    • Write
    • Update
    • Delete


How to create and use file operation in python.

Exception Handling in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of exception handling and creating your own exception classes in python.


  • Types of Errors in python
  • Exception handling with
    • try … except
    • try … except… finally
    • try … except… else
  • Multiple Exception
  • Raising Exception
  • User-defined Exception


How to create and use built-in and user-defined exception handling in python.

Oops in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of Object-Oriented Programming Concepts in python.


  • Oops Concepts with programming syntax
    • Class
    • Object
    • Polymorphism
    • Encapsulation
    • Inheritance
  • Types of Methods in python


How to use Object-oriented programming concepts in python.

Core Concepts in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of iterators, generators, decorators, in python.


  • Iterator
  • Generator
  • Decorator


How to use core concepts and application of core concepts in python.

Comprehension in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of List, Dictionary comprehension and specialized sorts in python.


  • Comprehensions
    • List
    • Nested List
      •  if statement
      •  if … else statement
      •  Nested if … else statement
  • Dictionary
  • Sorting
    •  List
    •  Dictionary


How to use comprehensions and sorting in python.

Thread and Date Time in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of multi-threading concepts, datetime module alone with sleep and execution of code in python.


  • Terms in threading
    • process
    • thread
    • multithreading
    • Time complexity
  • Thread Life cycle
  • Programming with Threading & Multithreading
  • Synchronization
  • Sleep and execution time of code
  • DateTime module


How to use threading and data time concepts in python.

Advanced data Structure/collections in Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of advanced data structures in python.


  • Deque
  • namedtuple
  • ChainMap
  • Counter
  • Ordered Dictionary
  • Default Dictionary


How to use advanced data structure in python.

MySQL with Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of SQL statements and database connection along with CRUD operation using python.


  • SQL statements & Operations
    • Create
    • Read
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Python – SQL connector package installation
  • Python with CRUD Operations
  • Commit & Rollback
  • SQL Related Exception Handling


How to use and manipulate data in a database using python.

Network programming with Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of Network programming, Client & server concepts with python.


  • Terms and Basics of network programming
  • The architecture of data transmission between sender and receiver using python
  • Getting data from the remote server
  • Client & Server-side programming


How to use and networking module of python, data transmission between client to server and server to client python.

Regular Expression with Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of writing Regex with python.


  • Regex Syntax
    • Quantifiers
    • Metacharacters
    • Special Sequences
    • Sets
  • Python re module
  • Methods with regex usage


How to use and write regex in python.

GUI programming with Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of developing the GUI application using the PyQt5 module with python.


  • Introduction
  • Components and Events
  • An Example GUI
  • Widgets
  • Layout Management
  • Signals & Slots
  • QMessagesBox, QDialog
  • Database Handling


How to develop a GUI application with PyQt5 and python.

API access with Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of accessing open APIs using python.


  • Google Text to Speech
  • Google Speech to Text
  • OpenWeatherMap


How to use open APIs using python.

Django with Python


In this module, you will get a detailed understanding of Web app development using the Django framework and python.


  • Creating a simple web app
  • Application structure
  • Personal Website Creation


How to develop Web-application with python.

Data Science with Python


In this module, you will get a Basic understanding of data science modules in python.


  • Pandas – Series and Dataframe
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib


How to use data science modules of python.

The project with Python


In this module, you are going to develop an application for own scenario.


  • Creating own application with any one of the frameworks
    • Django App
    • PyQt5 App
    • Console oriented Core app


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Who Can enroll on this course?

No prior programming knowledge is required. This course starts from the very basics and fundamental concepts step by step until you become talented at solving more complex problems as a Python Developer.

Online Python Course in India is targeted to those aspirants who wish to start from basic or improve their Python skill level or developers, system executives want to be skilled to improve, automate, and test applications and strategies using Python.

Candidates with a prior programming background and being knowledgeable with basic concepts of C/C++ is beneficial.

What are the Python Programming Certification Career Paths we will Cover in this training?

Python is becoming an increasingly in-demand multi-purpose programming language in 2021 used across data science, machine learning, software development, Artificial Intelligence and more that is fundamental to a variety of career paths in the IT industry. Here we listed some popular positions that require Python as a skill and the average salaries in India according to Indeed as of July 2021.

Back End Developer: 12-15lakhs annual salary, 6.76% below the national average

Data Engineer: 10-15lakhs annual salary

Machine Learning Engineer: 14-20lakhs annual salary

Data Scientist: 20+ lakhs annual salary, 18.41% below the national average

Python Developer: Upto 10 lakhs annual salary, 17.72% below the national average

What happens when I miss a class?

It’s advisable that you attend the classes regularly so as not to miss out on anything important. However, if you still happen to miss a class due to some unavoidable reason, we will help you match pace with the rest of the class.

What are the modes of training at Besant?

Besant offers both Online and Offline Training, suited for all. You can choose what suits youbest as per your convenience.

Are the classes theory dominant?

No. In fact, our classes are practical heavy. To learn a subject like Python, you need more hands-on training than theoretical learnings. With regular practical sessions, our students do great as industry professionals after they pass out.

Does Besant Technologies offers placement guidance?

At Beasant, we help you choose the best career opportunity for yourself. You will be regularly assessed based on your theoretical and practical knowledge. Besides, we hold mock interviews, so that you can feel confident while facing your potential employers. What else? We offer guidance at a personal level.

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