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AWS Training Course for Solutions Architect Certification

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Training Types:

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  • We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Experts level.
  • Course will be 30hrs to 45 hrs duration with real-time projects and working models.
  • We have already finished 1000+ Batches with 100% course completion record.
  • Trainers will provide you the assignments according to your skill sets and needs.
  • We are having 24/7 Support team to clear students needs and doubts.

Upcoming Batch Schedule for AWS Online Training

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Best AWS Online Training Course

In case of IT companies one software product or project requires multiple services from AWS like for networking VPC, Route53, Cloudfront, and API Gateway, for computing EC2, ECS, EMR, ELBs, Lambda, and auto-scaling, for storage RDS, S3, Redshift, Dynamo dB, for automation and deployment services are cloud formation, code deploys, for integration SNS, SQS, SWF, and Kafka. To handle a single product or project multiple demands of services from AWS are wanted. The use cases from the AWS Training path comprises using the different services of AWS through different applications.

After the successful completion of the AWS Training online, we guide the learners to apply for the different AWS Certifications which are listed below. AWS training for developers is suitable for Professionals who possess programming experience and they can change their career as a cloud specialist or SySops admin. The certification process for Developer is an essentials certificate, developer associate certificate, systems operations associate, and professional level AWS certified DevOps engineer certificate.

AWS Solution Architect Training

AWS Training solution architect is one of the popular AWS Certification Training as an associate-level and professional level. AWS solution architect certificate is highly valued in Canada and the United States as they get $130,883 salary. If the learner gets AWS solution architect professional then salary is the best in the industry with $148,456. AWS Training solution architect train the concepts such as designs, deployment process, requirement analysis, migration of the on-premises application to AWS.

AWS solution architect is the exam which replaces the CSA exam at the associate level. From 2018 new services are added and the question paper format is also been changed. Architectural designs are needed to manage customer requirements and use best practices for the life cycle of the project. To keep with the right pace and groom with the right skills join AWS Training solution architect. New topics added by the year 2018 to AWS Training Solution Architect are Aurora, ECS, API Gateway and Lambda. A

AWS Course Certification which we recommend for professionals with administration experience can go for networking certificates like cloud practitioner certification, AWS certified advanced networking certificate, and AWS certified security specialist certificate. AWS Online Training certification is conducted to reach the global audience with updated educational content.

AWS Certification Training

AWS Training near me is conducted to satisfy the on-demand skills to build the business application, migrate the business application and manage the data center needs with the cloud. Knowledge about every component of AWS like VPC, SWF, SQS, SNS, ELB, EC2, S3, and EBS are explained with practical lab sessions which make the AWS training the best way to clear the AWS certification.

After the AWS training and AWS certification training, one becomes proficient in handling the best practices of AWS, design fault-tolerant systems, create highly scalable systems, migrate the on-premises application, understand coding practices and understand the requirement of AWS based application. AWS Certification course is required to validate the cloud knowledge and increase the credibility of high-level competition. Job opportunities will knock the door as organizations emphasize on AWS certificate to adopt the skills.

Our AWS Training Certification is followed by the associate level, professional level, and specialty certificates to place the learners in the MNC companies. 55 Multiple questions related to are to be answered in 80 minutes. If you want to know about AWS Training near me then search for our institute location near your city. We are available in every nook and corner to gauge the success of the students as promoters to support learning demands. In the cloud era and data era, Amazon AWS Training is very important to progress in the profession.

AWS offers 100 plus services and it is very essential to know the connection between these services to use it wisely. Join the AWS Certification Course to know how every certificate is helpful for the different processes of the business. After completing the advantageous AWS Certification Training the learners know how to use the services of AWS and also keep them updated with the AWS learning community.

About Amazon AWS Certification Training Course

Being the top demanded Certification, AWS Training and Certifications will impart the knowledge to handle the concepts like Mapping web servers, firewalls, caches and load balancers to AWS services, understand the core concept of loose coupling in cloud computing, learn about the AWS RDS such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Aurora, compare the different models of AWS services, use the security features of AWS, design large operations distributed systems, implement Access control, NAT, firewalls, DNS and route tables, understand elasticity, network concepts, scalability concepts, EC2 fundamentals, Lambda features, Route 53, S3, DevOps tools, VPC, Cloudwatch for Amazon DynamoDB, AWS IoT Core, EC2 support towards Microsoft SQL server 2019,  and procure knowledge about deployment tools such as ops works, CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk. AWS Training cost depends upon the basic level or advanced level course which the learners prefer.

What do you learn from this AWS Certification and Training Course?

AWS acts as the major player in the industry of cloud services. AWS Certification training from Besant Technologies is developed to offer complete knowledge about the AWS services. The trainers help the candidate to leverage various AWS services and principles to make the AWS infrastructure highly available, reliable, and scalable. Our AWS online training is developed based on the latest industry requirements and specifications. You will learn the following aspects in this AWS Certification training online.

  • Enables you to identify the compliance and security advantages with AWS Cloud.
  • Learn about different methods included in data encryption to secure all sensitive information.
  • Learn to secure network security through AWS services.
  • Explain the AWS assurance and compliance programs
  • Enables you to understand the AWS management features and access control.
  • Grab the knowledge about the effective steps for controlling different AWS resources.
  • Get the knowledge of auditing the AWS environment.
  • Learn the AWS architectural practices and solutions
  • Formulate AWS solution plans.
  • Prepare for the AWS Cloud Certification program and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam.

Who are eligible for the AWS training certification course?

AWS Training from Besant Technologies is designed for learners who want to focus on the specific functions of AWS or administrative functions or development related activities in AWS.

Amazon AWS Cloud Certification is best for the following candidates.

  • Absolute Beginners who don’t have any experience in Amazon Web Services.
  • Candidates who have good experience in Cloud Architect.
  • Candidates who have an interest in hosting fault-tolerant and highly scalable applications like Joomla, WordPress, etc on the AWS cloud.
  • Developers who are technically specialized in software development, IT infrastructure optimization, and maintenance.
  • Managers and IT managers who run or get involved as a part of digital business.
  • DevOps, CTO, Full-Stack Developer, and System Admin.
  • Systems Operations Admin
  • People who are interested to host services, websites, create applications, serverless computing.
  • Any graduate who has basic skills of programming in any language like Python, Java, or C.

Programmers and Solution Architect who prefer to build PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS apps.

Why should you go for the AWS Certification Course?

There are many reasons to go with Amazon Web Service Certification training. Here are some of them.

  • A recent Forbes article in 2018 states that 83% of the workloads in the enterprise will happen in the cloud by 2020.
  • Gartner, the top-notch research and advisory company has come up with a report that, IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) market is seeing a huge improvement for the past few years in which AWS held 53.7% of the IAAS market. It indicates, AWS is going to be the leader of IAAS Cloud computing.
  • According to Forbes, the number 1 certification program is AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate in 2019. Apart from that, they have also analyzed that AWS certifications help to earn higher pay in excess of $100,000.
  • Amazon AWS Certification helps to make you fit for the Subject Matter Expert Program.
  • There are 1819 jobs posted in 2019 on Indeed that requires Amazon Web Service Certification and AWS Solution Architect skills.
  • There are more than 1264 companies at present who are in need of AWS certified solution architect.
  • The increase of 14% has been noticed for the Amazon AWS certification since March 2019.
  • 1011 respondents of 12,271 IT professionals participated in the survey of Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary had AWS Certification.
  • Amazon AWS course holds three places in the top 10 highest paying North America Certifications.
  • AWS tops in companies that have invested in AWS services and tools.

What is the knowledge base required to learn AWS training and certification?

Learners with zero knowledge about AWS and professionals with administration or development experience are eligible to learn this AWS Online Training. One year of cloud experience is mandatory to appear for AWS Course Certification from AWS.

What are the reasons to go for the best AWS training course and certification?

We provide projects to understand the concepts to the fullest through the Latest in AWS Training and Certification and such projects are tools to deliver the websites, SDK with many languages are tested with mobile applications and web applications that we use for our projects, Designing games with the toolset of AWS, Use big data services with warehousing, streaming, relational databases and NoSQL with database that we provide for project, and handle the tasks related to data center with AWS cloud through our projects. We provide the websites, mobile application, and database which is suitable for an experiment which is the AWS Online Training objective. Besant Technologies turn the inputs of knowledge into powerful practical knowledge through Best AWS Training and certifications.

What are the Key features AWS Certification Training?

There is plenty of reason why you should choose Besant Technologies for the best AWS Certification Training Course Online. Below are some of the top-notch features included in our Amazon AWS certification online training.

  1. 24/7 Support
  2. Highly qualified and professional DevOps experts
  3. DevOps online training curriculum with the latest industry standards
  4. 100% hands-on Online DevOps training.
  5. Lifetime access to self-paced learning.
  6. Weekend Mentoring Sessions
  7. Flexible Schedule to choose their preferred classes
  8. 100% job assistance and DevOps certification
  9. Real-time projects with exercises and project work.
  10. Self paces videos & Instructor-Led Training

What are the prerequisites for Online AWS Certification Training?

  1. Basic Networking knowledge
  2. Basic Linux Knowledge
  3. Good basic coding skills in programming languages like Java, Python, Shell Scripting, or PHP.
  4. Experience in working with any cloud computing platforms like AWS Cloud is an added benefit.

Even though you are not eligible with the above prerequisites, our AWS course trainers will help you in training the AWS certification from the basics and make you a professional AWS certified solution architect

AWS Course Content

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS
  • Database services
  • Object Storage
  • Auto-scaling and load balancing
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Application services, AWS Lambda and CLI
  • IAM and monitoring
  • Configuration management and automation

Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS

Cloud computing is the wide range of services applicable to the different requirements of the client and available for global accessibility. AWS is the leader among the cloud computing services and AWS Training online has a high range of global market demand. These services are available at low cost which helps the small companies to grow. It is difficult to compare the multiple cloud vendors of cloud such as AWS, Azure and Google cloud. Every cloud vendor has their strengths like the service which makes AWS proud is it provides service irrespective of the size of the organization, Google is good at data management, and the advantage of Azure is it easily integrates with other products of Microsoft.

Database services

RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon DocumentDB are the different types of the open-source engine with AWS database services. Different types of database to manage the traffic, transactions, fraud detection, and content management falls under relational type, in-memory-type, key-value type, graph type, document type, time-series type, and ledger type.

Object Storage

Amazon’s simple storage service (S3) and Amazon Glacier are the services of AWS explained during AWS Online Training which offers application interface to store pools of data from businesses.

Auto-scaling and load balancing

Auto-scaling and load balancing features of AWS are explained with a Load balancer is the traffic balancer to redirect the traffic to the particular route. Registration with a load balancer is very important to route the traffic. The classic load balancer routes the load to the transport layer, the application layer. Application load balancer routes the load to the application layer with registered targets, and the network load balancer handle traffic bursts and balances the load at the transport layer. EC2 auto scaling is connected to elastic load balancing to use load balancers to an existing auto-scaling group. The benefits of using Auto-scaling and load-balancing are explained with live performance analysis during the lab session of the AWS Course.

Virtual Private Cloud

VPC of AWS is like the traditional model of the data center with a defined network and the scalability of AWS is used with Amazon virtual private cloud. The process of creating a virtual private cloud is selecting security groups, give a name for the security with description and after all, settings go to yes to create. The process of creating VPC and the different uses of VPC are explained with clear examples during AWS Course.

Application services, AWS Lambda and CLI

AWS Lambda is the service from AWS run code and events without server. It manages the resources without a server. AWS CLI or AWS SDK consists of all the code for Lambda functions. The process to set up CLI is presented to the students with the help of the AWS account which they use for practice during AWS Training online.

IAM and monitoring

IAM is the service of AWS taught during AWS Course to enhance the security of the application. It safeguards the details of resource usage and service APIs.

Configuration management and automation

AWS uses Chef and puppet tools for automation and for configuration management AWS Opsworks is used. Opsworks aid for deployment, management, and configuration of Amazon EC2 instances with chef and puppet.

Key Features

  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Course Duration 30 Hours
  • Total Learners 2360 Learners
  • Assignment Duration 15 Hours
  • Support 24 / 7 Support

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