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Angular Certification Training Course in Visakhapatnam from Besant Technologies helps to quicken your development with Angular, the JavaScript framework to build web applications.  Angular training in Visakhapatnam gives detailed teaching on how to split up your project into modules, working process with services like animation, $routeProvider & $http and how to set up navigation & deep linking. You will get complete learning on major topics like Angular CLI, TypeScript, Angular Components, Bootstrap, Dependency Injection, Routing, Directives, HTTP promises and many more that covers the whole syllabus.

Angular Training Course in Visakhapatnam

On successful completion of the Angular Certification course in Visakhapatnam, effortlessly you can clear the certification exams on Angular 8 Course, Front-end: Angular certification, Single Page Web application – Angular certification, Angular & NodeJS, Angular Crash Course, Vue JS 2, etc. One of the main reasons for gaining this much popularity for this Angular training in Visakhapatnam is the entire coaching team is hardworking and all of them are well-experienced teachers. If completing the Angular course in this best Angular training in Visakhapatnam, you can easily get a job from renowned companies. The starting salary for an Angular Developer would be approximately $76,000 and it can be extended upon $114,000 for experienced candidates.

About Angular training online course in Visakhapatnam

Angular Training Online Courses in Visakhapatnam are having a wonderful list of all the mandatory topics which are suitable for any level of the learner. The topmost concepts handled over here are Angular introduction, Display Data, Handling Events, Directives, Template Driven Forms, Navigation, Routing, Libraries, Angular Life cycle, Event Binding, Promises & Observables, Angular CLI commands, Angular Security, Authentication with JWT and many more to list out. Travel applications, Review websites, Video streaming applications, and content websites are some of the major industries that use Angular efficiently for their business.

What you will learn in this Angular Training in Visakhapatnam?

Angular training in Visakhapatnam from Besant Technologies provides detailed information, learning, and sessions in order to equip all the learners thoroughly in the given topic. The available Angular tools are made available for the students to make then get a proper hands-on training and real-time training. Below are some of the skills that you will get from Angular training course in Visakhapatnam:

  • Introduction to Angular and what are the benefits of Angular
  • How to develop complex, latest and responsive web applications using Angular 8
  • How to create Angular applications without any dependency on device
  • The process of consuming REST services
  • Usage of template-driven forms to capture and validate data
  • What are the unit processes available in Angular
  • Understand the usage of Ivy
  • Knowledge on how to use Angular CLI and Augury
  • Process of debugging Angular apps with vscode and chrome

Objectives of Angular Course in Visakhapatnam

Objectives of Angular course in Visakhapatnam is to cover all the technical course content along with flexible options making available for the students. 24 hours of interactions are possible with the training institute teaching faculties to get their 24/7 live support from anywhere in the world. Below are some of the crucial objectives of Angular Course in Visakhapatnam:

  • Live Online Training and Live classroom training are offered across the world
  • Angular classes are always handled by live instructors to pay attention to placement-oriented training, and job-oriented training
  • For any project or assignments on Angular technology, the team is ready to give full project support
  • For clearing the certification exams and interview questions, study materials, demos, and recorded sessions are handed over to the students
  • Live experience and active projects are assigned to the students to end up in 100% job guarantee

Who should attend this Angular Certification Course in Visakhapatnam?

The angular Certification course in Visakhapatnam is booming in the current technology world because of its easy use of commands. Hence, many businesses and companies are obtaining the advantages of Angular and hiring many Angular developers. Below are some of the roles who need to perform their learning in Angular and acquire the best job:

  • Web Developer
  • UI Developer
  • Freshers
  • Frontend Developer
  • Software Developer

What are the prerequisites for learning Angular Training Course Visakhapatnam?

There are no specific prerequisites to apply for the Angular Training Course in Visakhapatnam. Anyone zero knowledge person can also apply and join the training course as they will become a master finally with the whole training syllabus. Knowledge of Objected Oriented concepts and familiar with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript can help the learners in one or the other way while in the training.

What are the Angular job opportunities in Visakhapatnam?

Angular job opportunities in Visakhapatnam is not limited to one or two. A huge number of companies are hiring Angular Developer in order to create suitable and simple web applications. Infosys, Google, PayPal, HBO, Nike, Sony, Upwork, and General Motors are some of the top companies using Angular. Below are the most demanded roles for Angular technology:

  • Senior Angular UI Developer
  • Front end development Angular
  • JavaScript Programmer
  • NodeJS Software Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer

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Angular Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to Angular8                                               (Duration: 1.5Hrs)

Learning Objective:

First things first! What is Angular? Why would you want to learn it? This session helps with to answer this question. So many Angular versions! What’s up with them and which version does this course cover? Enough of the talking, let’s create our first Angular project and view our first app in the browser.

  • What is Angular?
  • Angular vs Angular 2 vs Angular 8
  • CLI Deep Dive & Troubleshooting
  • Project Setup and First App
  • What is TypeScript?
  • Tools we use in Angular 8

Creating our first Angular 8 app and modify it.

Data Bindings, ng-for, style management, pipes, build in Directives                                                   (Duration: 3Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how angular 8 use data binding, uses of build-in directives, pipes.

  • Creating a Dashboard
  • ngFor & Nested ngFor
  • Overview of Data Bindings & Working with All Types of Binding
  • Style Handling & ngClass
  • ngIf & ngIf-else & ng-template
  • Built-in Pipes & Date Formats
  • ngSwitch
  • How to use build-in Directives, build in pipes, style handling.
 Modules and Services                                      (Duration: 3Hrs)
Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how to create custom modules , services and dependency injunction.

  • Creating Custom Modules
  • Creating Services & Dependency Injection

Hands-on exercises:

  • creating custom modules & services and how we can use dependency injunction.

Authentication and security                            (Duration:  2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand why we use jwt in angular and what is jwt. Why Authentication and security is important.


  • User Authentication in Asp.Net Core Mvc
  • User Authentication in Angular
  • Understanding JWT
  • JWT Authentication in Asp.Net Core Mvc
  • JWT Authentication in Angular
  • Http Interceptors
  • Catching 401 UnAuthorized Responses using Interceptors
  • can activate Guard
  • Role-Based Authentication
  • Prevent XSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)
  • prevent XSS(cross-site scripting)
Hands-on Lab:
  • how to use jwt in angular and XSRF and XSS.

Template Driven Forms                     (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand what is template-driven forms and how to create it and how to validate it.

  • Adding CheckBox, RadioButton, DropDownList with Foreign Key
  • Validations in Template Driven Forms
  • Custom Validations in Template Driven Forms
  • Cross Field Custom Validations in Template Driven Forms
  • Async Custom Validations in Template Driven Forms with REST-API Calls
  • Create Template-driven form
  • validate forms.

Reactive Forms                                                          (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how Reactive Forms work. Adding components in reactive forms and validation of forms.

  • Understanding Reactive Forms & Creating SignUp Form using Reactive Forms
  • Adding Radio Buttons to Reactive Forms
  • Adding Dynamic Radio Buttons to Reactive Forms
  • Adding Dynamic DropDownList to Reactive Forms
  • Adding CheckBox to Reactive Forms
  • Subscribing to value changes Observable
  • setValue, patchValue, reset
  • Nested Form Groups
  • Form Arrays
  • Form Builder
  • Validations in Reactive Forms
  • Adding Validation Error Messages
  • Custom Validations
  • Cross Field Validations
  • Submitting SignUp Form using REST API Call
  • Async Validations with REST API Call
  • Create a simple form with input and output.

Component Communication                 (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how the parent component communicates with child component & component communication using services.

  • Parent To Child Communication – using Input Binding
  • Child To Parent Communication – using Output Binding with Custom Events
  • Parent to Child – using ViewChild
  • Adding Dynamic DropDownList to Reactive Forms
  • Parent to Child – using ViewChildren
  • Component Communication using Services
  • Custom RxJS Observables
  • RxJS Subject
  • RxJS BehaviorSubject
  • Passing Content from Parent to Child
  • Child to Grand Child – using ContentChild
  • Child to Grand Child – using ContentChildren
  • ElementRef
  • How two-component communicate. Rxjs Codes.

Debugging and Auto  Deployment                                                              (Duration: 1.5Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how to debug angular.

  • Debugging the Angular Code
  • Using Gulp for Continuous Deployment
  • How To debug the code.

Life Cycle Hooks                                                         (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand the lifecycle hooks.

  • Overview of Life Cycle Hooks
  • ngOnChanges
  • ngOnInit
  • ngDoCheck
  • ngAfterContentInit and ngAfterContentChecked
  • ngAfterViewInit, ngAfterViewChecked
  • ngOnDestroy
  • The flow of Lifecycle using code.

Pipes – Deep Dive                                                       (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how to debug angular.

  • Creating a Simple Custom Pipe
  • Parameterized Custom Pipe
  • Creating Complex Custom Pipe
  • Pure Pipes (vs) Inpure Pipes
  • Client-Side Paging using Custom Pipe
  • Async Pipe
  • How To use pipes.

Directives – Deep Dive                                                           (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand Deep Dive into Directives.

  • Attribute Directives (vs) Structural Directives
  • Custom Directives
  • Receiving Parameters using Input Properties in Directives
  • HostListener
  • HostBinding
  • Renderer2
  • Creating Custom Structural Directive
  • Deep dive on directives using code.

Advanced Routing                                                     (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand Routing.

  • Route Parameters
  • Child Routes
  • Nested Routes in AdminModule
  • Router Events
  • Server-Side Logging using Router Events
  • Routes with Examples.

Animations                                                     (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand how can be use animation in Angular.

  • Introduction to Animations
  • Fade Animation
  • Slide-Up Animation
  • Zoom-Up Animation
  • Zoom-Left Animation
  • Slide-Left or Right Animation
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Hands-on:
  • Understand animation with example.

Dynamic Components                                                           (Duration: 2Hrs)

Learning Objective:

This session will help you understand the Dynamic Component in depth.

  • Preparing for Dynamic Components
  • Preparing Masters Menu Dynamically
  • Loading Components Dynamically into Tabs
  • Data Binding to Dynamic Components
  • Destroying Dynamic Components
  • creating dynamic components and how to use dynamic components.

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Training Courses Reviews

I have enrolled for the Angular Certification Training course in Visakhapatnam from Besant Technologies. I found Besant Technologies to be the best training institute with the best training courses and full help and support. I am very happy to do my course here and also planning to join other courses also from Besant Technologies. Thank you Besant Technologies.


Rohit vernekar

I have completed Angular Certification Training in Visakhapatnam from Besant Technologies. Very nice course content, good faculty, and support people always ready to help you to solve your issues. It’s too much user-friendly and doesn’t require much time to load and start learning. It will give you a good heads-up to your career.



I have completed the Angular Certification course in Visakhapatnam from Mohan and it had been a good experience. It was well structured and detailed. The classes were interactive and we discussed our doubts/thoughts very well. Thanks to Mohan and Besant Technologies for the experience



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