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Selenium Training

Best Software Training Institute in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai

If you are in the look-out for the Best Selenium Training in Chennai to sharpen your skills then make the right choice by joining Besant Technologies. Call +91 9962528293 / 9962528294 to know further.

Importance of selenium Training

Selenium is a widely used open source web automation tool developed by Thoughtworks. It is a type of automation testing which is currently trending in market. Since Selenium is based on JavaScript, it can be operated from multiple-platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS along with the supported web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. The free availability and rapidly increasing community of Selenium is making it the tool of choice for automation purpose. Moreover Selenium also supports languages like Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl and PHP. All the web-based applications can be tested effectively by employing the Selenium automation testing framework.

Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid are the prominent versions. Selenium IDE only works in Mozilla Firefox whereas Selenium RC and Selenium Grid support all browsers. Selenium IDE and Selenium RC do not support listeners and cannot be used to test iPhone/Android applications but whereas Selenium Grid can be used.

Owing to all these factors, Selenium is the most sought-after automation tool in the market today. Making your choice to learn Selenium training would be the apt thing to do to meet the industry demands. Join Besant Technologies as we have the best team of Selenium professionals and Selenium certified experts in town to train you in the Selenium course in the best possible way.

Upcoming Batches

Weekdays Batch

Starts Duration Days Time (IST)
09th Oct 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 07:30AM – 09:00AM
11th Oct 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 09:00AM – 10:30AM
16th Oct 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 07:00PM – 08:30PM
18th Oct 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 07:30AM – 09:00AM
23rd Oct 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 09:00AM – 10:30AM
25th Oct 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 07:00PM – 08:30PM
30th Oct 4 Weeks Mon – Fri 07:00PM – 08:30PM
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Weekend Batch

Starts Duration Days Time (IST)
07th Oct 6 Weeks Sat & Sun 10:30AM – 01:00PM
14th Oct 6 Weeks Sat & Sun 09:00AM – 11:00AM
21st Oct 6 Weeks Sat & Sun 11:00AM – 01:30PM
28th Oct 6 Weeks Sat & Sun 02:00PM – 04:30PM
Schedule does not suit you, contact us @9962528293 | Want to take one-on-one training, contact us now!

Why choose Besant Technologies?

We have a carefully drafted syllabus and a skilled team to imbibe all the important concepts like Selenium components, Selenium web-drivers and grid, TestNG framework and other frameworks for Selenium testing, overview of Selenium RC and Maven in our Selenium certification course.

  • Besant technologies will teach you the Selenium applications with real time scenarios and practical oriented training.
  • Experienced and corporate trainers will share their Selenium testing knowledge during the classes.
  • All the Selenium corporate trainers will have more than 8+ years of experience.
  • Syllabus has been structured to provide the complete learning process of Selenium.
  • Practical tests and periodic exercises will be provided to enrich the programming skills related to Selenium.
  • Industry exposure is guaranteed to all our students who join our Selenium classes.
  • You will be able to provide solutions for a real world scenario in end of the Selenium training with your programming skill.

Selenium training in Chennai at Besant Technologies

Selenium training classes in Chennai which was opened by us about a decade back is now majorly successful with the trust of over thousands of students. We have our branches offering Selenium course put up in various locations such as Old Mahabalipuram road, Velachery, Tambaram and Bangalore.

Our Selenium Training Institute in Chennai helps you to keep in par with the trending technology. We work with a single-handed determination to make you enriched in Selenium knowledge and provide value for your bucks! We ensure 100% placement for all our students. Also, there are tremendous job opportunities available now in the market for all those who have taken up Selenium course and have knowledge in the field. Why still surf here? Give us a call and make yourself a part of the Best Selenium Training in Chennai.

Selenium Web Driver 3.0 Training Course Syllabus

SECTION : 1 – Introduction to Automation

    Topics :
  • What is Automation testing?
  • Drawbacks of Manual Testing
  • Advantage and disadvantage of Automation testing
  • What test cases can be automated?
  • What test cases cannot be automated?
  • Things to be done before automation testing
  • Types of Automation Tools

SECTION : 2 – Different Components of Selenium

    Topics :
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium-RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium-Grid

SECTION : 3 – Selenium IDE Introduction:

    Topics :
  • Introduction to Selenium IDE
  • Installing Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE icons
  • Create and Execute Basic Scripts o Recording Tests
  • Running a Test
  • Selenium Concepts
  • Element Locators
  • Selenium Commands Actions
  • Asserts
  • Accessors
  • Pattern Matches
  • Element Locators
  • Locating elements by ID
  • Locating elements by name
  • Locating elements by link text
  • Locating elements by XPath
  • Locating Elements by using CSS
  • Summary
  • Useful Selenium Tools
  • Firebug for Firefox & Chrome
  • Firepath for xpath generation
  • IE developer tool bar
  • TestSuite
  • What is Test suite?
  • Creating Test Suite Using Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE Overview
  • Selenium IDE General Options
  • Selenium Menu Items
  • Format

SECTION 4 : – Core Java

    Topics :
  • Introduction To Core Java
  • Environment variable configuration
  • What is oops?
  • What is a class and object?
  • What is a main method?
  • Basic Example
  • Datatypes
  • variables
  • Operators
  • Arrays
  • Conditions
  • If
  • If-else
  • If –else –If
  • Nested If
  • Select Case
  • Looping Conditions
  • For – Next
  • Do – loop
  • While –loop
  • For Each loop
  • Branching statements
  • Break Statement
  • Return Statement
  • Continue statement
  • Java Built in methods
  • String Methods
  • Math object methods
  • Date & time methods
  • Oops Concepts
  • Introduction
  • Class
  • Object
  • Keywords
  • This Key Word
  • Inheritance
  • Super Key Word
  • Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)
  • Abstraction
  • Constructors
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstract Classes
  • Static
  • Interfaces
  • Working with regular expressions
  • What is regular expression
  • Where we will use
  • Regular expression syntax
  • Examples on regular expression
  • Working with files
  • Working with Files and I/O
  • Working with Excel files
  • Working with Property files
  • Java Exceptions

SECTION 5 : – WebDriver (Selenium3.0) with Project Implementation

    Topics :
  • WebDriver Introduction
  • What is WebDriver?
  • Why WebDriver?
  • Difference between WebDriver and Selenium RC
  • Architecture of selenium webDriver
  • Configuring WebDriver in Eclipse
  • Downloading WebDriver Jars and configuring in eclipse
  • WebDriver Drivers introduction
  • HTML Driver
  • Firefox (OR) GeckoDriver
  • IE (OR) Microsoft Edge Driver
  • Chrome Driver
  • Working with IE Driver
  • Downloading IE driver Server
  • Configuring IE Driver Server
  • Basic Example on IE Browser
  • Working with Chrome Driver Downloading Chrome driver Server
  • Configuring Chrome Driver Server
  • Basic Example on Chrome Browser
  • Concept of firefox profile
  • What is Firefox profile
  • Why we need firefox Profile
  • Basic WebDriver Example
  • WebDriver Concepts
  • WebDriver Locators
  • Locating elements by ID
  • Locating elements by Class
  • Locating elements by Tag
  • Locating elements by Name
  • Locating elements by Link Text
  • Locating elements by Partial Link Text
  • Locating elements by XPath
  • Locating Elements by using CSS
  • Working with web page elements using WebDriver
  • Textbox
  • Links
  • Buttons
  • Check Box
  • Radio Button
  • List Box
  • Drop Down
  • Selenium-WebDriver API Commands and Operations
  • Driver commands like
  • get(“url”);
  • getTitle();
  • getWindowHandle();
  • getWindowHandles();
  • close();
  • quit(); ..etc
  • Child element commands like
  • clear();
  • sendKeys(“Data”);
  • click();
  • getAttribute(“arg”);
  • getTagName();
  • getText();
  • isDisplayed();
  • isEnabled();
  • isSelected(); ….etc.
  • Webdriver all other commands.
  • WebDriver Advanced Concepts
  • Importing webDriver documentation in eclipse
  • WebDriver DesiredCapabilities Class
  • Proxy settings with webdriver/Working with proxy Servers
  • HTMLUnit driver and desired capabilities
  • Handling Links with WebDriver
  • Handling WebList
  • Dynamic objects
  • Extracting links and other webelements
  • Capturing screenshots with WebDriver
  • Window handles
  • Tabbed browsing with WebDriver
  • Example of Tabbed browsing
  • Pop up handling in Selenium
  • Example of Pop up handling
  • Introducing Implicit wait and Explicit wait commands
  • WebDriverWait Class

SECTION : 6 – Introducing Actions class Usage

    Topics :
  • Simulating the Keyboard Keypress event
  • Simulating Pressing Enter Button of Keyboard
  • Simulating ClickAndHold event
  • Simulating MoveToElement/Mouse Over event
  • Simulating Doubleclickevent ..etc
  • Simulating Drag and Drop event
  • Working withWebTable
  • How to get row count
  • How to get data from specific cell
  • Dynamic WebTable Handling
  • Attaching files with Selenium
  • Working with Calender using Selenium
  • Setting the page load timeout- WebDriver.Timeout Interface
  • Handling Frames in Web Page
  • Handling cookies
  • Simulating front and back button click on
  • Listeners- Using WebDriverEventListener
  • Moving a mouse on a Object and right clicking on it
  • Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
  • Remote webdriver

SECTION : 7 – TestNG Framework

    Topics :
  • Introduction to TestNG
  • Difference between Junit and TestNG
  • Why TestNG
  • InstallingTestNG in Eclipse
  • Advantages of TestNG over Junit
  • Exploring TestNG Features
  • TestNG annotations
  • How to Use TestNG Annotations for Selenium programming.
  • TestNG Annotations Complete Usage and Limitations
  • TestNG Assert commands
  • Automate tests using TestNG.
  • xml file for suite.
  • How to create testSuite for selenium tests.
  • TestNG Execution Report
  • TestNG Results output folder walkthrough
  • TestNG Reporting features

SECTION : 8 – AutoIT

    Topics :
  • Installing Auto IT
  • Auto IT Overview
  • Why Auto IT?
  • AutoIT components
  • AutoIT commands
  • Auto IT Script Examples
  • Compiling Auto IT scripts
  • Write autoit programs in Eclipse

SECTION : 9 – Automation Framework

    Topics :
  • What is Automation Framework
  • Advantages of automation framework
  • Types of automation framework
  • Modular Driven Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Hybrid driven framework

SECTION : 10 – Modular Driven Framework

    Topics :
  • What is modular driven framework
  • Create reusable code as methods
  • Create test scripts by importing methods

SECTION : 11 – Data Driven Framework

    Topics :
  • What is parameterization?
  • Types of parameterization
  • Parameterization using Excel
  • Parameterization using Property files.
  • Random number parameterization

SECTION : 12 – Hybrid Driven Framework

    Topics :
  • What is Hybrid Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Driven Framework Implementation
  • Create Config files
  • Create Locators
  • Create libraries files
  • Create application methods
  • Create Global variables
  • Create Test scripts using TestNG Annotations
  • Create Test Suite using TestNG XML files
  • Generate Reports
  • Create Builds using Maven

SECTION : 13 – Selenium Grid

  • What is Selenium Grid?
  • Use of Selenium Grid?
  • When to Use It
  • Selenium-Grid 2.0
  • Difference between Selenium-Grid 1.0 and Selenium and 2.0
  • How Selenium-Grid Works–With a Hub and Nodes
  • Installation
  • Starting Selenium-Grid
  • Configuring Selenium-Grid
  • Hub Configuration
  • Node Configuration
  • Getting Command-Line Help
  • Common Errors
  • Troubleshooting
  • Executing tests using Selenium- Grid

SECTION : 14 – Selenium RC Overview

    Topics :
  • Introduction
  • How Selenium RC Works
  • Installation
  • From Selenese to a Program
  • Programming Your Test
  • Learning the API
  • Reporting Results
  • Adding Some Spice to Your Tests
  • Server Options
  • Specifying the Path to a Specific Browser
  • Selenium RC Architecture

SECTION : 15 – Maven and Jenkins

    Topics :
  • What is Maven
  • Difference between ANT and Maven
  • Why Maven
  • Maven installation
  • Maven run commands
  • Maven dependencies
  • All plugins installationsCreate builds using Maven
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • How to integrate Selenium and Jenkins

SECTION : 17 – Real Time Process for Automation Testing

    Topics :
  • Introduction About Framework
  • What is feasibility study
  • Tool Selection criteria
  • What is POC
  • Hybrid frame work creation
  • Automate Test Cases
  • Name Conventions
  • Local Scope Variables
  • Global Scope Variables
  • Constants variables
  • General methods
  • Object Repository Files
  • Application methods
  • Coding & Commenting Code
  • Test Scripts Creation
  • Test Suite Creation.

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